Doom Eternal - The Game Awards 2019 Trailer



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    Doom Eternal - The Game Awards 2019 Trailer
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    1. Stephen Zammit

      Did anyone notice that the cyberdmons eyes were red in the pre order trailer?

    2. KNZ Sfinx

      This rivals Skyrim teaser as one of the best game trailers :)

    3. Sportytoast4510

      We need a doom eternal AR game that spawns demons in your home that you have to fight off. It would literally be hell on earth

    4. David W. Smiecinski

      When you have to kill demons at 9:00 but want to quit vaping at 10:00

    5. نو نيم

      The great return of the FP games in all its flavors The Fps:Doom Eternal FP RPG: Cyberpunk 2077 VR: Half Life Alyx Multiplayer: Halo Infinite

    6. Marcus Green

      My only problem is that this game is gonna be out when the spring semester comes around again... fuck I don't got time lmao

    7. David Bonte

      That lovely mix from Doom 3 Intro (Arrival on Mars City) and Mick Gordon killer music. I'll be waiting.

    8. Anon Unknown

      I get the tingly feel that they are starting to become greedy with Doom

      1. Donovan

        What do you mean

    9. AlienWarForce

      Did anyone else notice that the music is the DOOM 3 intro music?

    10. AA Barbone

      This game is basically preparing us for when CERN opens up. Get tooled up. Inside all of us is a Doomslayer.

    11. Tarush Singh


    12. The Presence

      awwww shiiieettt. I kno what i want for my bday

    13. Stefan Milojević

      Can someone please subtitle me this, i can't hear him everything he said?

      1. ItzEndy27

        Im pretty sure this is what the voice says: "Against all the evil that hell can conjure, all the wickedness that mankind can produce, we will send unto them.. only you."

    14. The Mask

      The fuck is that ending?

    15. Hamim Avalon

      Doom Slayer : Time to show what I am made up of....

    16. Chermelo

      we heard

    17. mintydog06

      Yes! I hope the Cyberdemon is just shoved in as another enemy to fight among everything else. Also we need a level with a Cyberdemon and a Spider Mastermind together so we can get them to fight each other.

    18. Jack Miller

      Once this game releases, unleashing the bloodthirsty is the perfect song to rip demons apart to

    19. Banditmax20

      Cyberdemon as a normal enemy... Just how I like it!

    20. Jack Reynolds

      who will win. an endless horde of demons or one angry boi

    21. pubes in your chocomilk

      The fact they have Cyberpunk and this STILL manages to win best action game and best shooter is good news

      1. Zack Harlow

        All that other shit is temporary. Only DOOM is Eternal.

    22. Ramon Chuleta

      I wasn't prepared for the dog at the end

    23. Doom Master

      I'm just waiting for Mick's version of the music that plays in Doom3 when the game is paused. We had the theme and now the intro, we can go for one more

    24. StoneBoy 007

      WE HEARD

    25. ArkhamGhost24

      FPS Game of 2020 is my most accurate prediction I would bet on if Doom Eternal was nominated in TGA 2020. It's going to be a steep climb against the other great games coming out next year (FF7 Remake, Cyberpunk 2077, The Last of Us Part 2, etc.) but the Doom Slayer is always ready for a challenge. 😈

    26. zogmorp

      anyone else worried that Doom Eternal is going to have "demon coins" or something that you buy with real money to unlock emotes and other crap? Bethesda is in control of ID afterall....

      1. Donovan

        Bethesda and Zenimax know better, What they have placed in restrictions. As in no longer open sourcing Idtech Is about all they're going to touch with existing franchises. They make more money leaving ID To their devices making doom then they will putting Things like micro transaction in as a thing.

      2. Neko Nip

        Bethesda knows not to touch this game. I think ID would LEAVE if they were forced to make micros for MOTHA FOOKIN DOOM.

      3. APT Planet

        They gave id more creative freedom so its unlikely that they will ruin it rng microtransactions.. Plus its id they're not going to mess up their icon

    27. DooMero

      it is Hayden’s voice?

      1. Brandon Phillips

        Nah, if you listen closely it's the same voice as the one from the story trailer. Also, this has a British accent.

    28. Dawa 420


    29. Crowbar _

      "Against all the evil that hell can conjure...all the wickedness that mankind can produce, we will send unto them...only you."

    30. glonglon

      "Against all the illegal migrants Mexico can conjure, all the wokeness democrats can produce, we will send unto them ... only TRUMP!"

    31. Panagiotis Veioglanis

      We heard you may want to quit c.o.d.

    32. Panagiotis Veioglanis

      The music that plays is from doom 3, at the beginning of the campaign...

    33. Ari-Sketoboy

      This has to win Game of the Year in 2020

    34. Pollo DiGomma

      is the Pug the final boss?

    35. Random Name

      Why do the graphics look worse?

      1. APT Planet

        Hey you sure you're video quality isn't stuck at 144p

      2. Random Name

        I love Doom, already have this pre-ordered. I was just wondering why this looks worse than the reveal trailer. Still going to play it though lol

      3. fahadtheslayer

        Yeah, cuz graphics = good game, right? Then explain why minecraft is successful?

      4. RX7821979

        Random Name why do you look worse?

    36. VVitchaven - profil poboczny

      "the best shooter of 2019" - game is going to be released in 2020... FUCK BETHESDA! AND FUCK YOUR AWARDS!!!!

    37. Dragonstorm 1000

      Believe me pug, the only thing I’m gonna be smoking are these demons... when the game releases anyway.

    38. Cactus Vega

      those cyborg zombie may be my new favorite doom enemy. They absolutely nailed it with the cybernetics in this one. It looks just like the original doom cybernetics with the exposed wires and machinery. This game is just one big fan service, and so far they deserve every penny they make. Edit: that mancubus and cyberdemon guys and gals.

      1. fahadtheslayer

        The cyborg zombies almost reminds me of T-800. And speaking of pure fan service, this music sounds so similar to doom 3 intro. When you arrive at mars....

    39. Nat Knutson

      is it even out yet?

      1. Nat Knutson

        @Zed I'm 23 you spoiled brat. Get a life.

      2. Zed

        @Nat Knutson Boomer alert

      3. Nat Knutson

        @Vulkan It should still have been very obvious.

      4. Vulkan

        @Nat Knutson Sarcasm doesn't translate well in text form.

    40. Ibrahim Dafalla

      GOTY 2020 ,every other game is irrelevant 😊

      1. Ibrahim Dafalla

        @Duck You ????

      2. Duck You

        Hey man just take it easy

      3. Ben Prins

        Doom Eternal and Cyberpunk 2077 will be my most played games of 2020😊 followed by Hollow Knight Silksong and Dying Light 2

      4. rockkiller124

        Cyberpunk 2077 seems like a good competitor, but Doom Eternal still will be my GOTY 2020 and possibly GOTD

    41. Hamida Shaker4غت0

      Only you! Epic and metal!

    42. Hitman Ryder

      This game won rewards already without the game even release yet. 0_0

      1. Dominic's Creative Films

        Games also get awards during events like E3 including "best of the show" for example.

      2. Ibrahim Dafalla

        @Fuckface The Almighty thats him lol

      3. Fungusamongus

        I guess there’s playable preview versions of the game or something Ike that they sent to reviewers

      4. Fuckface The Almighty

        Ibrahim Dafalla AKindAleWar?

      5. Ibrahim Dafalla

        As some youtuber once said the trailer alone is game of the year , when it comes out it can get Nobel prize 😂

    43. Doom Slayer

      It may start like this

    44. DoomGuy

      Bring it on!

      1. Zed

        Hurt me plenty!

      2. DoomGuy

        Ok Doomer

      3. DOOM GUY

        DoomGuy I’m doom guy not you

    45. CloudyMcSwirl Z

      Long have I waited... to RIP N TEAR

    46. Murzyn

      Can someone with good english write what this voice at the beginning talking? I'll be grateful

      1. Murzyn

        @Sir Shitpost Big respect

      2. Sir Shitpost

        Against all evil that hell can conjure, all the wickedness man can produce, we will send unto them, only you

    47. ShadesMan

      Only YOU can prevent Hellfires!" - Kahn Makyr, to Smokey the Doomslayer

      1. Deizor The Omnislayer

        LMAO!!! Edit:Kahn makyr is not with the good guys

    48. hagen scherbel


    49. Janice Barton

      Well I’m ready for doom eternal!

      1. Vega’s Doom

        All hail DOOM SLAYER DOOM ETERNAL hell yeah. I’m just glad id wasn’t willing to rush it’s release.

    50. mileswwe

      the current release date had better stay on march 20 2020. if its not and i have to wait for god knows how many months, CGI demons aren't the only thing i am going to rip and tear.

      1. Grim's Retro Life Style

        Actually id Software is owned my Zenimax Media, Bethesda just publishes the games

      2. bookle

        ID is owned by Bethesda. If they wanna delay for bug fixes, then just do that.

    51. Fuckface The Almighty

      GOTY 2020 pretty much decided now

      1. Mahendren Vathanan

        Maybe Cyber Punk 2077 but it will be like Game of the Year Gun Nominees

      2. Zed

        @Raven you never know

      3. Raven

        Nah it'll be good but no chance it'll become goty

    52. FACF201535

      Holy pieces of sacks of shit... This game is gonna be the best ever.

      1. Alexy Tousignant

        That's more than this but stay in ignorance :)

      2. canberk çavuşoğlu

        @Rogue AI well... Doom is a fast paced first person shooter game with demons and thats pretty much it

      3. rockkiller124

        @Rogue AI Of the decade or century.

      4. Rogue AI

        Best shooter?

    53. Robespierre

      We heard you may want to quit vaping

      1. Meme Machine

        @Omanimi Tokanimi look at the subtitles

      2. KA- BOOM!!!


      3. Omanimi Tokanimi

        I only heard we heard.

      4. ELITE1405


      5. Deizor The Omnislayer

        What is that ad really?

    54. Venom Twister

      I love this game

    55. rockkiller124

      My most anticipated game ever, can't wait

      1. dodo2208

        @rockkiller124 sure it will but not full fledged expansions with more than 10 hours worth of content

      2. rockkiller124

        @dodo2208 btw, Doom Eternal will also have single player DLC

      3. rockkiller124

        @dodo2208 k

      4. dodo2208

        @rockkiller124 doom is over after the campagne but cyberpunk will get huge expansions

      5. rockkiller124

        @dodo2208 Preordered both long time ago, but Doom is eternal.

    56. Whiteshirtman

      This looks like the game

    57. FunIsInfinite 06

      cough, pug.

    58. engie?

      When in the stream did this play?

      1. STALKER_ MG42

        By the end

      2. Modern Yin

        They played this twice I forgot when tho

      3. engie?

        @BooMBoX 569 appreciated

      4. BooMBoX 569

        engie? 1 hour 59 minutes past the ps4 vr part

    59. Mason Edmiston

      We heard

      1. Spore

        @Gennaro Severo The pug is the producer and he wanted to be in a commercial.

      2. Gennaro Severo

        Spore hey now, don’t blame the pug, blame the people who made him be in the stupid commercial

      3. Spore

        stupid pug