Doom Eternal Revenant Possession! Let's Play New Doom Eternal Gameplay - MAXIMUM AGGRESSION

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    Doom Eternal gameplay: Jane and Luke play 15 minutes of rip-and-tear-em-up Doom Eternal, find the Super Shotgun, try out new glory kills and assume direct control of poor Revenant Steve.
    Doom Eternal release date is 20 March for Xbox One, PS4 & PC, with a Nintendo Switch release planned for later.
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    1. Outside Xtra

      Luke and Jane assume direct control of a Revenant in Doom Eternal 👿

      1. AJXSJS

        I'm pretty sure you guys misspelled Doom: Maternal, and what happened to my promised papoose from the E3 2019 live stream

      2. MrUkraider

        rip and tear, rip and tear, yes luke and Jane

      3. reach9111

        We are Revenant Steve. We are your eviseration.

      4. Sebastian Cintron

        Hey, what are the controls for this on console? Since you guys played it on console it kinda gives an idea of what to expect for PS4 controls

      5. Drake and Lucia Grimberg

        Is this a demo?

    2. Bogdan 96

      no female option...sad I will pass this game too

    3. docette2015

      Oooooh man -- Doom Eternal looks like a TRULY worthy successor to the new Doom. Yeessss, give me all the demon-killing, shotgun-loading, flamethrower-spewing ACTION! :D And Revenant Steve too, of course. w000000! :D

    4. Jordan Janney

      I don't know enough about doom to know if this is completely viable but it would be amazing if doom guy pulled a Samus and turned out to be a lady.

    5. Oliver Pearce

      All mortally challenged personnel, please proceed with agression. I love this game

    6. six

      Oh its the snake imps from freedoom

    7. Taha Pournosrat

      "all mortally challenged personnel, the slayer is in the facility, please proceed with aggression" that was pure gold :D

    8. Денис God

      Doom Eternal это просто большое DLC для Doom!

    9. Jill Wiegand

      The only reason the possession worked is because the revenant was too scared to fight Doom Slayer

    10. Parbruek

      3:00 Puts a whole new meaning to head canon. Then they visit a nice world. Wait... A nice world? This is Doom. No such thing.

    11. Hellwyck

      I am the one, Arachnotron, the outstretched, grasping hand.

    12. E4-M0NN gaming

      7:42 this reminds me of the section in Bioshock 2 where you possess a little sister.

    13. Arghya Raihan

      The resource management looks really complicated. Does it become more intuitive as the game goes on? Real-time resource management through brutal, fast-paced combat is definitely something new at least.

    14. Adam Cook

      Jane: “Get his head cannon!” Me: “Yeah, Link ISN’T Doom Guy! Take that, headcanon!”

    15. LoyalOpposition

      Even more proof? HE. CAN. NOW. CLIMB! XD

    16. Ivin3690

      Ok but can you Doot as the Revenant?

    17. burnouttx

      This "Game play" looks like a compilation of other videos…. just saying

    18. Master Sergeant Jo jam


    19. Ajay

      We worship the Holy Objective Marker! The Holy Objective Marker gives us purpose!

    20. Maz015 A-W

      Doom eternal more like Doom internals

    21. The Claw

      Hopefully there will some day be a game where Jayne does the AI Voice. Offering sensible tips like; "Maximum Agression", "Fire Fire Fire", "Feed him a grenade or something" etc...

    22. Steven Louton

      Fantastic, thanks so much guys! Take care.

    23. K Collier

      Jane unknowingly reveals newest Spider-Man villain for Spider-Man 2- Maximum Violence!

    24. joe schmo

      Luke: “I could stand to set something on fire.” Also Luke: uses every other weapon except the flamethrower while Jane keeps demanding that he burn things.

    25. David Moberly

      if i had to guess what revenant steve was goin thru, i imagine he would be semi-conscious the whole time, able to remember only bits and pieces like a fragmented memory of a dream that happens three or four days prior. the sub-conscious being highly suggestible in that state, means he can do nothing except feel adverse to situations happening at the time, like if he doesnt want to do it but cant express that during the moment because of the possession takin place, even the way words and phrases are used influence the state. during the possession he can function without limiters and inhibitions and it is dangerous to himself in this state because pain sensors can be turned way down and quite possibly off, and he wouldnt know until he woke up and was like oh shit i got stung by a bee and didnt feel it. true story there. stung me in my side for a test, but i set it up to show them what the tool was capable of. during this state the sub-conscious can be taken as an ocean, one that has collected all sensory experience for the individuals life, so any net cast and dragged thru will come up with things that belong to the persons life experience in the first person, and u will get things that come from others life experience if steve was around and overheard or read it or saw it in media. these things can also combine together to create a sensory experience that never existed, kinda like a made up scenario. poor steve, misinterpreted by those who wield the tools, if only they would devote this energy to understand the tool and not use steve to fight steve. is that what u guys got from this? i need to talk psychology with someone lol im so backed up with nonsense to blabber lol.

    26. CTG

      Lol why are they both talking non stop

    27. DerpyBerb

      How long has Doom Guy known spider climb?

    28. InfernalLawyer

      TBH I'm now curious as to whether you can spare that revenant that 'helps' you. Poor guy is so terrified.

    29. Stephen Litten

      Gorgeous! Maximum mayhem! Commentary was delightful I rate this 5 graveyards out of a pallbearer

    30. Joy Fetters

      Luke still believes that Doom Guy is Link, but at 13:59 couldn't he also be Kratos? I mean, he *is* climbing up the spinny blade towers... ;)

    31. Syajam 123

      There need to be a "Maximum agression" t-shirt👕

    32. John Sharplin


    33. Danny Adams

      Ahh what a fun game to watch! And at that you guys are a fun, quirky duo! I had many laughs :)

    34. Tom Dabek

      4 years for a game that looks exactly the same?

    35. Nathan Williamson

      Guys, you got the title wrong! It is *DOOM Maternal* A story of a strong gun toting mother saving her son from a terrible place.

    36. Darrell G

      I'm pumped

    37. Caleb Wolfenden

      You should make a video of villains turned heroes/ who saw their wrongdoings



    39. E White

      That looks like fun..

    40. Leonardo Velasco

      The fake reactions are priceless lmaooo

    41. MikeBardan

      It looks amazing.... @.@

    42. James Dean

      Oh my god, imagine if you could posses a hell knight, or a baron. Absolute carnage

    43. eathen albrecht

      I want it I want it I want it I want it I want it I want it I want it I want it I want it I want it I want it I want it I want it I want it I want it I want it I want it I want it I want it I want it I want it I want it I want it I want it I want it I want it I want it I want it I want it I want it I want it I want it I want it I want it I want it I want it I want it I want it I want it I want it I want it I want it I want it I want it I want it I want it I want it I want it I want it I want it I want it I want it I want it I want it I want it I want it I want it I want it I want it I want it I want it I want it want it I want it

    44. Dan Schreimann

      Luke, have you noticed that when you're holding on to a wall it's the same as link with the hook shot? Just saying dash seems a lot like hook shot

    45. Jack M

      Thanks FRsel recommendations for the spoiler...

    46. Kassandra

      i love how this video was just 15 minutes of frantic joyful demon murder

    47. laser8389

      1: in this video we see the transition from Jane to Prudence. 2: I can hardly wait for the ChexQuest version to come out.

    48. Lordpooz09

      Jane: "Go with your gut" Me: "Not like so many of the demons you killed who's guys left them"

    49. Voltzoen

      The good kind of the cultists are the ones who go lads lads lads.

    50. Jordan Johns

      Luke really summed up this game expertly at 4:05. It should be called Doom: Now What's Going On?

    51. Clariño D. Marc

      Luke: About to kill all of the cultists. Jane: "Leave one alive..." Me: "Has Jane found mercy in her life?!" Jane: "... to tell the story to the other cultists!" Me: "Nevermind..."

    52. Amy Ferguson

      "What objective marker do you worship?" My new favorite version of "Where do you see yourself in 5 years?"

    53. Nakker

      Those few notes Jane hummed better be the Terminator music as that's what I was humming most of the way through this music

    54. josephskiles

      Jane is a treasure ♥️ and what ever she's getting paid needs to be doubled immediately.

    55. pvtspoon

      Jeez, Jane brings out the worst in Luke. Also, I’m starting to believe Luke’s Doom guy theory.

    56. D3VTH GRlPS

      “Revenant Steve” should’ve been your lil helper buddy R.I.P Revenant Steve 🙏🏾

    57. CantankerousDave

      This is the most English playthrough of the world's most metal game...

    58. Jamison Edwards

      I couldn't help humming "It's Time" from Evil Dead The Musical....

    59. Ben Brown

      Damn I had to like this video before the preview was even over.. now what I do at the end??

    60. Snowburn

      Offed Revenant Steve like he was a weighted companion cube.

      1. Mjoellnir1984

        That sounds like something for an epic rap battle between Chell and Doom Guy.😁