Doom Eternal: 7 Demons Having the Worst Day Possible in Doom Eternal Gameplay


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    It’s a rough gig being a hard-working Doom demon, just trying to get through the day, and then along comes the Doom Slayer. In Doom Eternal gameplay, the Slayer has more ways than ever to make sure hell's minions don’t get home tonight to see their hell families. Consider these seven demon schmucks having the worst day imaginable in new Doom Eternal gameplay. Subscribe for more Doom Eternal on Outside Xbox!
    Doom Eternal comes out on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 on release date 20 March 2020.
    The Doom Eternal gameplay footage in the video was captured on the PC version of the game, along with additional gameplay footage provided by publisher Bethesda.
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    1. schmolly3

      yes the terrifying spider demons are back properly! i am excited to be terrified!

    2. Eat your cereal

      Poor steve

    3. anti bully

      Something you missed: You dont have to kill the Revenant you controlled, you can just leave him there.

    4. jay lee

      There is worse then calling your teacher mom ... like your teacher actually being your mom 😐

    5. Mason Goad


    6. Daltman

      Demon be like “hold it, I just fucking Bruh moment”

    7. The Random Artist

      “Feeling tired yet slayer?” *chuckles in heavy metal*

    8. Killer X

      that revanant spinning around tho

    9. Zudu Happy Tree FriendsTM

      1:43 the iron maiden didn't actually have spikes in it. That was something the archaeologists that found the special looking coffin made up and made look real by attaching spikes

    10. john best videos

      When I get the I will not harm the cue ball

    11. Ty_Does

      Haven’t been keeping up much with Doom Eternal, but seeing this I gotta cop it now.

    12. redacted Ducks

      You should know demons fight demons, especially the revenant.


      I might play doom I’m not sure

    14. Jack Nedry

      2:28, Do you HAVE TO kill it?

    15. Salad Tongs

      I'd say the 7 demons having the worst day have to be the 7 last demons waiting to be ripped and torn. The Slayer has entered the facility.

    16. Emir Awadi

      epic and metal!

    17. David Delany

      Revenant Stevil

    18. Reaper Leviathan

      I think the Mancubus has it the worse out of all of the 7 demons since the Slayer just rips it's own heart out and forces it down it's throat before exploding

    19. David

      Jesus christ... the games not even out yet and you’re already milking it....

    20. Jack Handsome

      No mercy for evil

    21. Coffee & Doom


    22. what

      wait you possess a revenant in the game?? this is awesome

    23. Those two Guys In One Head

      Demons just have really nice days but doom guy walks around

    24. Zbionix / Caleb H.

      Jane your voice is so overly cheery in this. Idk just seems like its too scripted. Otherwise you guys do great work! Love the channel. (no pun intended)

    25. C. R. G

      This video has tons of fun! Loved it :)

    26. Salem Baraka

      You're not funny

    27. AphexTwin

      Do not recommend channel

    28. me atball

      stop being sorry for literal demons

    29. Way of the master lord

      Did... did the DOOM Slayer just do the glory kill equivalent of cow tipping on that arachnotron? I CANT WAIT!!!!!

    30. Overkill_M41

      The cueball demon is practically just a red barrel

    31. FallenSwan

      *goes to google how it is possible Bethesda didn't screw up Doom (Eternal)*

    32. MadAlice

      Oh Lenny, see this is what happens when you keep wandering away from Arthur. R.I.P. "LLLEEENNYYY"! *As part of the user agreement for RDRD2 all players are required by international law to shout the name Lenny as a drunk Arthur Morgan regardless of the context or locale. Rockstar wil not be held liable for loss of job, relationships or questions of your sanity, per article 17 section L(for LENNY) of the user agreement. Should've read the fine print guys.

    33. ಠ_ಠ


    34. Sasha Romano

      Demons : Swing low sweet chaaaarieeeeoooot TT_TT

    35. Tophat Clan

      0:29 that’s a war crime

    36. Patrick Isles

      What does Alex Jones think of this game?

    37. Mark 3691

      You can see the terror in the demon 0:35

    38. ShadowDrakken

      10 minute ad disguised as a top 7 video... nice

    39. Jdatboi

      When this game comes out I’m totally calling the possessed Revenant “Steve”

    40. TDWL2

      “How dare you say that these fellows are getting ‘ripped apart by a man literally too angry to die’! They are just mortally challenged!”

    41. rasketbasket i I feel bad

    42. Gary the legend jones

      Demon + they watch demon+

    43. Doom Slayer

      *They’re all having a bad time*

    44. Onion Cutting Ninja

      Demons:Here he comes again

    45. Ellery Kinsley

      This brings a whole new meaning to Human Resources!

    46. Cole Kiefer

      Me (hears Vega for the first time since doom 2016): OH HOW I HAVE MISSED YOU!

    47. Quazar dos Animes

      R.I.P. Lenny He was a good zombieman

    48. Samantha Harris

      Poor, poor Mancubus Greg. F

    49. Prosack Metheus

      The hell you talkin' about? Getting slayed is part of the job. You ain't a true Demonic being until the Doomslayer rips your horn and stabs you in the head with it.

    50. Knight_Artorias141

      I'm going to play it cause I preordered it - I've been waiting for this since before it's original release date

    51. defenseive kobra

      I would but parents also the gore gets in the way of the slayin'

    52. Jon Grassbaugh

      That poor revenant. Is killing him part of a cutscene, or a choice? Also, I never kill cueballs. They dont hurt you, so why do you have to?

      1. MadAlice

        I think it's a choice. Another commenter mentioned that they'd seen other channels play this portion and sparing Revenant Steve. Luke is cjaos incarnate and with Jane as the Eldritch devil on his shoulder, I can't say I'm surprised they blasted the poor traitor boy. F for Revenant Steve.

    53. israel banks

      Came here just to unlike the video

      1. MadAlice


    54. Justsomeperson

      Actually the use hellu

    55. Local Dingus

      shield guys where dicks in doom 2016 so I don’t feel bad at all for them.

    56. Dondlo

      f u want to play it and i dont have a good pc

    57. Metroplex

      2:34 If I play Doom eternal I would let him be

    58. Lackus Shock

      The idea of Demons regularly watching The Witcher on Netflix is ironic in of it self.

    59. not sorry

      Im probably going to save that revenant that gives you the super shotgun

    60. Christian Gottsacker

      Revenant steve Nice