Doom Eternal: Unfinished

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    Brad is back from HELL and is ready to tell us all about his trip!
    Doom Eternal: Unfinished
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    1. Le_Quartermaster

      They seem so- unenthusiastic about it?

    2. locastmincer

      I'm literally weeping tears of joy, this game looks perfect :')

    3. 3err0

      looks kind of cartoonish..a lots of bright colors,,compared to doom1,. kind of like diablo 2 vs doablo 3

    4. Ceburik

      i forgot about this game and i got reccomendet from youtube and now cant get out of my fucking mind

    5. Daniel Edmonds

      i like that the classic armor set from the original cover is in this. The one that shows doom guys abs

    6. Squid Balls

      What can you do with the game currency when you max out everything? You should be able to spend it on consumables that are fun and not over-powered, like confetti bombs.

    7. Jd hurd

      the unmaker is not a sword

    8. Joshua Jonathan

      BRUH. Metroid Prime 4 can take soooooo much from this game

    9. Kevin Thompson

      Anyone who criticizes the existence of platforming in this game should consider the alternatives and ask whether they can think of anything better. Having one giant arena be the entire level would be tiring and wasteful (because you wouldn't have the time to let anything sink in) and having to mostly walk between arenas like you did in Doom 2016 was kind of boring (though not as bad as other games). I personally believe that this platforming is the only realistic way to keep the player engaged while allowing them to breathe in the environment and process what's going on.

    10. Stavi_Deluxe

      Really dislike the way they fuhzted with all the weapon aeshetics, the machinegun and basic shotgun looked great in the first game, now they look goofy and although i am aware it was unpopular i loved the way the plasma rifle looked in the first game.

    11. Odie Esty

      replaying doom 2016 there's a lot of small hallways you walk down they like to put enemies in, so replacing those with more involved platforming seems like a huge plus to me.

    12. EventHorizonSingularityIsReal

      When did Super Mario Galaxy get so fucking hardcore?

    13. MATEO

      This is so cool

    14. holitinne

      “Please avoid contacting Doom Guy at this time...” They said his real name!

      1. Crazy Valentine

        And yet some peoples still doubt they are one and the same. Is there still peoples who thinks that the Slayer is still the Betrayer tho, even after they actually shown him in a cutscene?

    15. ArtemisTheGreat

      19:10 just to note that's a Ballistae, the BFG 9000 is way bigger

    16. ArtemisTheGreat

      Is it just me or does it look like the Doomslayer moves slower here? Maybe it's just in comparison to the dashing that makes it look slow but I just can't shake the feeling that the base movement is kinda sluggish.

    17. LightningLee

      gameplay is all i ever wanted but damn that UI in the menus looks really weird. Looked way better in 2016

      1. LightningLee

        @FeelsTravMan as long as the gameplay is good i'm happy. would be worse the other way around haha

      2. FeelsTravMan

        You get used to it, at least in my experience... But its also fully customizable so theres probably an option that works for you!

    18. Judah Morenz

      If they don’t add any micro transactions then this game will be absolutely amazing, idk about dlcs or something

    19. jim gem

      Why ruin a perfectly good shooter with platfroming shite' Why try to fix something that isn't broken..

      1. Gaming Mafia

        Platforming while you fight demon. Git gud bruh. We ain't on a straight road gunning Demon anymore, MOVE. We need to use our rabbit skill on this one. This isn't borderlands lol.

    20. Gin Geek

      I mean it is fine to have platforming but I sometimes feel like it being not that serious and all idk I'll play and see for myself

    21. Nick holiday

      😂 These dudes.... Come back when it s done.. Yeah... Hmmm... Yeah....

    22. Patrick Day

      Come on did you have to make that title so click baity.

      1. Learning Makes Me Happy

        It is the name of the series. Lol

    23. mike M

      They let Malfoy from Harry Potter play doom? He's gotten fat.

    24. Huawei Layhill

      8:03 Brad at Games, eh?

    25. g0dbel0w

      Wait a tick, Giant Bomb using a PC?!! Are you guys feeling OK?


      If someone would write a Doom book it would be made of metal!

    27. CrispyPie

      haha I won't be able to run this haha i wanna die haha :)

    28. CessNight5672

      As of today (26-01-2020) Hugo Martin has stated there won't be microtransactions as he did some months ago in a fb group

    29. Creasing Drip40

      I can't stand that these guys got so much surface level stuff wrong so quickly

    30. Springlocker25

      The only thing that I think should really be changed is the movement speed. Too slow.

      1. Gaming Mafia

        Wrong. The demon were way faster this time lol. That's why he looks "slow".

      2. Jooztin

        I see people say he looks slow here and there, and I honestly don't see why people think this.. It looks like the exact same speed, and to top it off you have a double dash that makes him even Faster. Plus they have stated that the movement speed is the exact same from Doom 2016.

    31. ytmandrake

      I dont like it, its basically Duke Nukem and Serious Sam spliced together, very sad for Doom

      1. Jooztin

        To each is own I guess, but I hate this mentality that you say "oh very sad for Doom.. Hmm, Doom bad now because I don't like this.." If you don't like it that's entirely fine. I respect that, but what my point is don't try to splatter your hate on the game with such a high statement like it's true.

      2. ytmandrake

        @Super Deluxe Kid Just wait and see ;)

      3. Super Deluxe Kid

        @ytmandrake oh, no wonder you hate it lmao. "its not my doom" i hope im not like you when im 36.

      4. ytmandrake

        @Nick I am 36 and I have played the first doom on dads 286

      5. Nick

        Clearly you have never played DOOM

    32. Mykal Kelley


    33. Hélio Rodrigues

      this clips prove it! Doom slayer its the doom guy!

    34. Casey Goddard

      OMG! Doom Guy was Mario all along!!

    35. DarkPhantomSky

      Great video, guys!

    36. Gordan Banks

      Not sure why FP platforming gets so much hate, Metroid Prime did it well right? Doom seems to have taken inspiration from that game and I hope Metroid Prime 4 takes inspiration from Doom to be honest.

    37. moon dragon

      I have never been more hyped for a game in years, i hope that i dont regret it.

    38. / vetray /

      25:34 MICROTRANSACTIONS ???!!!

      1. / vetray /

        @Revan 1313 As Hugo Martin recently said there is "no store" in the game, but he had not say that there is "no microtransactions" in the game.

      2. Revan 1313

        the game does not have microtransations

    39. Brandon Hines

      the unmaker isn't a sword fam, unmaker is from doom 2 I believe? (if someone hasn't said this)

      1. Brandon Hines

        @Armin00 shit that's right:P

      2. Armin00

        Brandon Hines Doom 64* But you’re right, not a sword ;)

    40. Neo Te Aika

      battle pass boosters huh? idk how i feel about that

    41. Luci ferr

      put a f**kin hat on N**ga

    42. Rupert Jung

      WTF is this. Hell with spinning fire sticks an floating platforms? What kind of hell is that? A nightmare of Mario?

    43. Shredder Orokusaki


    44. Romy Webster

      Doom 2 *was* 14 floppy discs.

    45. Petr Lazar

      Battle Pass? Are you kidding me?

    46. 3err0

      too bad there is no side dodge, and dodge off the wall, like in ut2004

    47. JT Synge

      Only thing I'm not super into is the art style, which I understand is a lot closer to the original games, but I was a big fan of how the demons and Hell looked in 2016

    48. Andrey Makarov

      7:50 This whole game seems like it is... layers So Doom Eternal is like onion?

      1. clit crusader

        Haha shrek funny

    49. Trinexx360

      To pro doomers this isn't going to be hard on ultra violence especially since they probably changed nothing about the amount of damage each enemy does through out the series. In fact I would say it seems a little easy. The one thing that made Doom and Doom 2 difficult was the hordes of enemies. Doom 64 was the best of the series in my opinion.

      1. Gaming Mafia

        Pro Doomers =/= Ultra Violence. Pro Doomers = Nightmare/Master Level.

      2. Crazy Valentine

        Pro Doomer here, i and peoples like Decino are actually looking forward to this game. it has been confirmed the behavior of the enemies and damages changes with the difficulty. Also DOOM 64 is my favorite as well. You have good taste.

      3. Jooztin

        The only way someone would say such a bold statement is someone who had hands on experience. So did you play it? Or are you just going off on what you see.

      4. Super Deluxe Kid

        how tf do you even know that without playing. i bet your old af lmao "pro doomers" you gotta be pushing 40, right?

    50. SiegeBallista

      Clickbait Title.

    51. Tounushi

      So they take Doom, sprinkle it with a little bit of Mario and stuff it with Metroid Prime. That's enough to get my 90€.

    52. akuskus

      This game is an instabuy.

    53. Alan Garner

      Do you still unlock the map if you find a terminal or do you start with a full map

    54. / Bleu /

      Tbh I wish they didn’t make the skill shot on the cacodemon a one hit kill. Feels cheap and it looks too easy. Honestly the only time you’ll kill a cacodemon not doing the skill shot is by accident.

    55. Midnox

      The unmaker returns? Glad Doom 64 is getting more love at last

    56. Poodleinacan

      After games have mainly gone for realism and stuff, DOOM brings a breath old refreshing air.

      1. Deadsnake989

        I have to play the game before I make a definitive judgement. But right now I have some mixed feelings about the current ideas. I'm fine with a game that embraces the fact that it's a video game and just goes absurd. I'm also fine with a game trying to be a realistic world to tell a story. Doom Eternal kinda seems like it's trying to be a video game ass video game, and tell me a story, and I don't know if that's going to work as well as they think it will. It's going to seem odd when you have some character spouting exposition about the deep plots and lore to you. Then 10 seconds later you're swinging through the air collecting 1-ups and quad damage.

    57. Daysn Lucas

      Good to see that the OG green Doom Guy suit returns. Now we have all the original colors!

    58. Prime Hustla

      1 ups. Seems you haven't played the original. Down voted

    59. Cecil Whinter

      Still dont like the new Doom & this Doom Ethernal...feels too easy with those assisted kills & the game looks more like a fantasy game with high jumps & platforms than a hardcore shooter ...its too bad really...oh & I forgot ''Fuck those mirco transaction urgh DLC & Micro transaction needs to die seriously

    60. Eduardo Díaz

      If I were a demon, the last thing I'd do is attack the freaking Doom Guy's castle. I mean, I assume even demons have some basic survival instinct.

      1. Black Ice

        Maybe they will at some point in the story. But I would shit my pants if I were one of the demons that got sent to attack his ship.