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    DOOM Eternal is a game about tearing apart monsters like rather gory piñatas, and today, I get to share a bit of it with you.
    But not that much, so how about a few guest games too?
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    1. Feed Backing

      I’m sorry, did he say the original Doom was from 2016?

    2. CallMeAlex

      9:17 man they really downgraded the Doom Eternal graphics since the reveal haven't they?

    3. TyRex12

      Does it piss off anyone else that he calls Oblivion & Morrowind Skyrim

    4. King Raven

      i will pay you jon to play oblivion and give commentary with dat sexy voice of yours

    5. Joseph

      With all the new game-play mechanics its reminding me of Ratchet and clank

    6. KeK StrayHALO_MAN

      I love this video with the TES jokes.

    7. fishpop

      All the guns in this game are meaty except for the Plasma Rifle, or "Blueberry Launcher" as i call it. It just sounds weak for such a testosterone-fuelled game. Saying Blueberry Launcher made me imagine a gun that "Violet Beauregarde"s people... Some people would like that, especially if it's used on women. :3

    8. trautsj

      Why does it look so cartoony? I remember the 2016 one being far more visceral looking. Am I just misremembering becacuse it was like 4 years ago now or is this new graphics style odd? Also the very colorful health/armor drops and UI just don't fit IMHO blue and green were jarring in the last one but this has pink and purple and oh my...

    9. niko furry

      "i'm not sure if we're in hell" Everything is red and on fire and you're walking on a floor of corpses i'm pretty sure you're in hell.

    10. Lolo Trololo

      26:11 WTF is this?.. I see why release date moved.

    11. Charles Rogers

      More 'low res Skyrim' please Jon. Spoiler alert: in Morrowind you can fly....

    12. HusbandoAndWaifu

      So many bright colors. My eyes!

    13. peter charron

      I have all of those versions of Skyrim too!! :p

    14. Deltoros1000

      my advice for your gameplay: go up close and personal, dont waste big shots on aoe packs, use more glory kills as asap and you can almost always chainsaw small ones for ammo. after a while you ignore the shotgun for no reason but its pretty useful... aha and that purple thing was quad damage aka onslaught. makes your weapons do insane damage, use that time what you have to spray as many demons as possible. and big demons can be chainsawed aswell... just need 3 charges

    15. None Business

      Can I just say that if you decide to make a series of Morrowind(please do!) you should check out OpenMW. It's an open source remake of the original Morrowind engine, and among other things, it adds support for 16:9 resolution(and generally works better on modern systems).

    16. David McDermott

      OMG, FINALLY! Jon's playing Oblivion! 😍

    17. Spiderous

      I love that he repeatedly uses his flame thrower on nothing.

    18. Σcκz

      my god morrowind was awful.

    19. Mud Crab

      Was mildly disappointed Jon stopped at Morrowind.

    20. Lock Jaw

      Whats a Skyrim?

    21. Matt Evans

      Now this just confirms Jon fakes his lack of perception. He's always known what game he is playing.

    22. Xarestrill

      Personally, I'd rather see Oblivion/Morrowind instead of the new Doom.

    23. Justin Brockway

      This is so so so great

    24. Rowan thewise

      If you ever play Morrowind again I recommend a spear early-game because you can attack enemies and they can't attack you if you just constantly walk backwards.

    25. wolfqueen137

      LOL omg amazing XD

    26. Fluff Greybeard

      Is this classed as a sponsored deal?

    27. Russell Lindsey

      I guess it was hammer time after all.

    28. Halit Erez

      Jon, I love you 😂

    29. NamesNetworkNic

      That Doom Eternal nonsense looks exuasting, can we have more Skyrim?

      1. NamesNetworkNic

        Derek La I'll take that.

      2. Derek La

        The only thing nonsensical is your taste it games.

    30. Nick Hailstone

      I never really got the hang of oblivion. The levelling system seemed warped and everything suddenly one-shot me after I went to sleep. I also accidentally became an assassin. In didn’t want to be an assassin, they seemed like dicks.

    31. Matayas

      That Morrowind segment was only missing MLG memes every time Jon killed anything

    32. Tim Mustill

      “This must be Hell... Speak of the devil” Jon 2020

    33. Joe Mather

      Petition for Jon to make an Oblivion series

    34. pieoverlord

      "the game was bloody vicious in these days..." Teehee, he broke character.

    35. Oisin Creaner

      Aww, I was hoping to see things get seriously retro as we went back through Daggerfall and Arena...

    36. J. Martinni

      Wait, you never played Morrowind before? Wow.

    37. Spooky_Basil

      Certainly one of your most creative videos 👍 Although now you owe us a full series of Oblivion!

    38. Kate Jones

      Funny, Skyrim's graphics have really deteriorated, is Todd trying to ruin Elder Scrolls as well?? Yes to another 'Skyrim' play through, Jon!

    39. Liam Marsh

      I never expected to hear the word "Balmoral" so many times in a video about DOOM. Perhaps you've been over-saturated with news coverage about the monarchy?

    40. Break Wind

      Aaahhh...Oblivion and Morrowind, from back when Bethesda still had a soul

      1. Christiaan Prinsloo

        oblivion didn't have any soul

    41. Silver Fox Delta

      14:36 that's what the hentai character said

    42. Silver Fox Delta

      oh, silly little jon, you're playing oblivion and morrowind, not skyrim. -100 perception for you

    43. Tom Chaney

      I'm curious if the attacks just missing is n artefact of Skyrim's low graphics setting coming from a time when CRPGs were just starting to move away from tabletop-esque mechanics into taking elements from action games, and in this crossover period, while it looks like you get to manually aim,whether the attack hits is still being determined behind the scenes by a dice roll?

    44. Cameron Mcintyre

      Cant believe jon is so stupid he doesn't even realise that's not skyrim, and he calls himself a fan of the elder scrolls.....sorry but you just lost a subscriber!!!😡

    45. The Ancient Gamer

      I completely agree Jon.

    46. romeinprogress

      "Damnit, Todd" never ever stops being funny

    47. shakybeeves

      MATD loved your channel for years. Fallout brought me your way :) Keep rocking, from a brother from ye olde England too!

    48. Boreland Crisofffados


    49. DankMcStank

      Me: *playing doom eternal* *dies* *screen fades to black* *wakes up on a carriage in the middle of the woods* "Hey you! You're finally awake!" Me: GODDAMNIT TOD LEAVE ME ALONE.

    50. Golem Golden

      Dodging is over rated for jon i guess.

    51. Wolfie Cascade

      The Doom Scrolls V: Skyrim Eternal: Oblivion Edition

    52. alex belke

      OMG Morrowind. You made my day jon, the game of my high school years.

      1. alex belke

        just in case anyone isn't familiar with this game, the reason Jon was missing so much is that his character had like 5/100 skill in the weapons he was using. His class should be using long swords not daggers or two-handed weapons.

    53. QTeafunny

      If only Jon's computer wasn't too good for Dark Messiah of Might and Magic. That game has the true dance-like combat. (plays Rabbit's Respawn's "I love this game")

    54. LimeTree AppleTree

      This is an absolute tease. Please if you actually managed to get the intermission games to work at least do a live stream or something! Also Doom. Doom is cool.

    55. Ellanion

      I liked the part in Morrowind where you ran up to a random border fort and thought it was the second largest settlement in the game

    56. Arthur Bygmann

      I would love seeing Jon do an oblivion or Morrowind series

    57. Xenotric

      What's happening... I'm scared, is Jon ok?!?

    58. LobbyZ

      This is one amusing video

    59. White Tiger Gaming

      I see DooM went hentai with the tentacles. :D Yes, yes, I know, tentacles aren't exclusively hentai but the thought that DooM went there is amusing.:D

    60. Iain Debono

      Doom kindof looks mindlessly boring for me, glad you enjoyed it jon