DOOM (2016) OST - BFG Division



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    This tracked is ripped from the game files. The music for DOOM is composed by the brilliant Mick Gordon, who also did the score to Wolfenstein & Killer Instinct. All rights belong to ZeniMax & id, no infringement intended.

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    1. Late Wizard

      It's Nerf or nothing!

    2. Matheus de Melo

      D O O T

    3. NaganoharaMio


    4. JustANormalGuy Y'know?

      My favorite type of music _Testosterone_

    5. Sad Cat

      Когда увидел свободное место в маршрутке и махаешься за него с бабками начинает играть именно эта песня

    6. Ryan Kronenberger

      *Gets a melee kill to conserve ammo* Everyone else at the Nerf battle: 😐

    7. Joshua Gumbs

      Mhw: Iceborne switch axe be like...

    8. FrickerMan23

      Me when im playin nerf with my friends, they get the puny guns, i pull up with armor A BIG FUCKING GUN and a sword.

    9. This Is Heaven

      Ok guys, who's getting drafted into the space force this century?

    10. Just Another Person

      This isn’t the theme of a epic battle between the forces of light and darkness. This is the theme of a one sided genocide.

    11. chikitabowow

      "I am Bofgurg, the scourge of worlds. For millennia i have roamed the blasted hellscape we call home, instilling fear in every sort of entity imaginable. And you will ob... Why did Heavy Metal just randomly start playing? Wait, oh shit, oh shitshitshit"

    12. Martin Saxegård Olsen

      Ah, Doom Rave

    13. itamarot

      Am I the only one who thinks that DOOM 2016's soundtrack is better than DOOM ETERNAL's?

    14. wad rom

      Окуенный саунд, как говорил мик фаны doom не фаны диснея если не понравится они придут и сожгут твой дом.

    15. The Equaliz3r

      I remember listening to this on the buss home after work, It was more or less packed with people because of work day ending. Was standing up and my headphone jack went out and accedently my phone play button got pressed while in my pocket and 03:12 came on. Hard and loud. The faces on that buss hahaha, They thought i would probably rip and tear them all apart hahah.

    16. Sbratto Realtà


    17. wizzzer1337

      too angry to die squad where you at?!

    18. Jamey oldschool

      this is the sound of my brother when he finds me in his room playing his xbox

    19. Red Wolf

      If I ever get drafted for WW3, this is the music right there. Like imagine killing Russian, Chinese, North Korean or Iranian soldiers while BFG Division or RIP and Tear starts playing.

    20. VVish

      This modern christian choir definitelly attacts more people into a proper religion.

    21. Heavy .M.

      this one slaps the hardest. i swear

    22. TheArtsMan Cody

      All those poor instruments

    23. Ethan Cofer

      Roses are red Violets are blue DOOM SLAYER IS HERE... AND HE'S COMING FOR YOU!!!

    24. alex

      No stupid lyrics, no pig squealing just pure Carnage!

    25. Zel

      goty 2020

    26. Jack Mackay

      i'm a simple man, i see BFG division. i click.

    27. Ryan Lennox

      Is it just me but do liberals hate this song?

      1. Ryan Lennox

        @Mostly Pixels because they said doom was too hateful

      2. Mostly Pixels

        What don't they hate?


      *Ww3 starts* Me:

    29. Magus

      *New Objective: SURVIVE*

    30. Cadagan Evans

      All of the comments are about how badass DoomGuy is.

    31. Fyodor Kojevin

      Is these demon with tube on the background?

    32. Adam Larkin

      Trying to get to the bathroom on the way home from Taco Bell be like

    33. Astralbody13

      Abused and neglected male reader, please I can explain!

    34. RauserCraft525

      1 minute in and the testosterone level is over the foken roof

    35. Ethan Arnold

      This song make want to go to hell and slaughter every demon I can find. WITH MY RAW ANGER.


      Why does demon in background have trumpet ?

    37. TheHumanDirigible

      Dante: So you're a demon killer? I'm a demon killer myself! Doomguy: Hah, that's cute.

    38. Saccan yeolde

      Doomguy isint trapped in hell with demons, the demons are trapped in hell with doomguy.

    39. FranStudios

      i really like the screams

    40. Poop Nugget

      I put this in my moms truck and bkasted it up all the way and when she turned it on you should know what happend

    41. Stalin Peter

      9gag vibrator anyone...

    42. Twiisty Bacon

      3k dislikes are all the slain demons in doom eternal

    43. Billy The diK

      No matter if you're a guy or a girl, you gonna grow balls after listening to this.

    44. Cosmo Tewulf

      Violence is only ever the answer when it's your only option. Unfortunately for all the demons of hell, the Doom Slayer has been left with no choice.

    45. Ignacio peña

      Best game, best soundtrack and BEST COMMENTS😂 I love this community

    46. stavro

      i like quad damage sound playing the riff

    47. Darren Litchfield

      LOL! at the Revenant playing the trumpet

    48. WEEBtastic :3

      *Puts volume at max*

    49. Futureforthesnacks

      Most girls in dodgeball: okay let’s not contribute at all and just stand in the back and talk about useless topics while the boys and some girls do all the work. Boys in dodgeball:

    50. Semisi Fatai

      Roses are red Violets are blue "It's over demons I've come for you

    51. PhoenixGP

      When you get kicked out of the pre school for killing almost the entire level with glory kills:

    52. Вал Бог

      Это просто АХУЕННО!!!

    53. Saluted Firestarter

      Legend has it, the doom slayer was the one who threw and created the holy hand grenade

    54. Space Tea

      Hazbin hotel exist Me:

    55. The Demopan

      When your wife's boyfriend lets you play a game rated T when you are 35 years old

      1. thewarforce


    56. 33482

      Alarm Clock: *rings* Me:

    57. Galaxy Slayer Zed

      ZedxSmurf tan gelenler

    58. Rolf Kärme

      where can i get this wallpaper from? it isnt in images

    59. Korben

      I'm back here after Eternal ost to enjoy real music.

    60. doctorockzo

      I almost broke my fucking neck at 1:01