DAY6 "Zombie (English Ver.)" Lyric Video



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    DAY6 "Zombie (English Ver.)" Lyric Video
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    1. mayday mayday

      Deep song

    2. Oi! IMMA!

      After listening to Changbin's streetlight and immediately listening to this, is a whole lot of feels.🙈

    3. gopika nair

      This songs hit me so hard, It has a very fresh life

    4. A Chu


    5. Tokki Yupar

      Day 6 is the only boy group that I like in JYP. They deserve more attention, they are true talented people.

    6. Jenny Ly

      Every time I listen to this song, it always makes me feel calm. I love this song so much thanks Day6 for this meaningful song🥺

    7. VOLVAGE L

      The lyrics are so meaningful Im touched

    8. huang jeje


    9. SimpleJaylee

      One of the best songs I tell you

    10. Bety Setyorini

      Baru pertama kali denger lagunya day6 ternyata bagus :'). Aku kemana aja selama ini baru tau day6

    11. kimsjams

      This is gold

    12. Jim Diona

      this song hit people who actually like a zombie

    13. Nihal

      This song describes exactly how I feel. That’s amazing...

    14. Nayeon Santa Tell Me

      Good night DAY6 🌃🌌

    15. Bekah Stegner

      So so good.. Day6 is so dang talented!!! Love this

    16. Justine ‎

      this is the first time that i heard this song. i needed this today.

    17. yumei soo

      just wow!

    18. Amna Sheikh

      this song is everything !!

    19. Minty

      stan vocal kings

    20. Gailan Kamei

      Omg I fuckin love this song 💕💕💕💕💕

    21. Ruva Angie

      I love this song so much but it scares me cuz it brings out dark thoughts I don't want to think about

    22. syaf ieqahhh

      people that watch this 100% depression and have mental illness

    23. Jirai

      Stream Zombie mga poccpocc!

    24. Khoirunnisa


    25. Faith Bradley

      Prayers for anyone going through something tough right now❤️ God has got you, you’ll get through it. You have it in you. When you reach the bottom, you have no option but to get back up and climb❤️

    26. Catastrophe Girl

      Reminds me of Tomboy Hyukoh the vibes 😍😍😍

    27. Angela Reformado

      This speaks volume. I felt so much 😢

    28. memei meilien

      i don't know how to support them so i just hit the like button

      1. Life's a Beach

        Checking out their other songs is a good gesture Plus they're awesome so it's win/win

    29. Nala Cook

      I just gotta say- Day6, why y’all calling me out like that? Nobody was supposed to know😂

    30. Cris.Purple -

      Rayos... Super identificada (lo cual está mal xD) Day 6 siempre dándonos arte, ya quiero que llegue mi álbum 💜

    31. maco gil

      I just heard this on spotify and I instantly liked it. Glad there is an english version as well!

    32. firefly 0118

      Exactly.. I became a *ZOMBIE* after the quarantine. 😞😭😩


      Huhuhu I can relate so much 😭

    34. Rry Lee

      I feel like this everyday I wale up for work 😵

    35. Elfinspirit Carat

      I became a fan on this era.

    36. rok_rok2006

      I really like this song. Its really same like my life

    37. naᅮᅮi

      dokładnie tak czuję się teraz

    38. Selen Bisan


    39. 하나바보네

      I am going to blast this music the rest of the year.

    40. لمى وهاب كاظم

      Why i can't stop listening to this masterpiece ♥️♥️♥️♥️

    41. S Y

      god this is beautiful!!!

    42. aweSamantha

      Wow! This is so relatable ❤️ beautiful

    43. Jaykay’s Dimple


    44. ポリアナ

      I feel like i become a zombie~♡

    45. arisara T

      I love every English version you do.

    46. dyan belga

      this song is really my story 🤧

    47. Nimita Siju

      The graphics remind me of a ted ed talk lol

    48. sakinahyati

      people should stop sleeping on day6,, their songs are ART

    49. jana

      im not into day6 but bruh it hits differently

    50. Shahakurai

      OMG AMAZING ❤️😍

    51. Bluebird Y95

      Okay im here cause Rian dmasiv, I'm Welo Fans Ongseongwu, But his busy to act new drama, This Song make me feel like zombie waiting his comeback,, thank you for beautiful song day6,. I like it

    52. Layla Layla

      Not a fan of day6 but this song is beautiful 👌 Love it!!!~

    53. _qid _

      I was searching a suitable word to describe me... then I found this song..yeahh..'zombie' is a word that describe me the best😌. I'm not alive but I'm still walking 🌧️

    54. L_1485 Rosès_are_mine

      I blasted this version on my speaker in my room my brother came and i thought he wants it off but he asked what band was it and he told me he had this song stuck in his mind for some time now, because I used to play this everytime when i feel jamming to DAY6.

    55. eastana

      I'm really sorry, but I like the English version more. 😭 I feel more emotional even tho i'm not native neither Korean nor English

    56. blueeberiii

      lowkey getting 5sos vibes here

    57. Nandika . S

      This song perfectly fits me. Bcoz. I've been studying in a school for years but still no friends. I've been living with my parents for years but still they don't understand me. I've found what's my happiness lies in. My happiness lies in dance but still I am just dreaming to be a dancer but I can't do nothing except dreaming. I am the most ugliest member in my whole family Noone has ever seen me as their family. No one supports me. Everyday I want to cry but I can't. Then I understood this hell is life.


      omoo not a fan of Day6 but since i heard this song maybe i became a fan sooner. The lyrics and melody are so good.

    59. Юлька Бомж

      Best lyric video I'd seen ever

    60. michelle quinto


    61. Alex Styx

      stan day6!

    62. BONZAI

      I'm not a fan of Day6 but this song is a masterpiece

    63. mochii

      i don't stan day6 but their voices are so beautiful and soothing :'). this song is so underrated.

    64. Ainaa

      Im not a fan before but this song make me into a fan, zombie is so good for real!!!!!😭❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

      1. 04Ammy04


    65. Sudarshana Jha

      I love this

    66. zombiekiller j

      I checked everywhere and day6 doesn't mean bed in any language so stop sleeping on them


      this is the anthem for all class clown

    68. Rash Rsln

      my university announced that we will start doing online learning due to covid19. a week later : i feel like i became a zombie. two weeks later : i became a zombie.

    69. bunny bin

      Everyday come here for cheer up mood on online class!!

    70. lovely c:

      I’m so late to comment but ever since this song came out I cried out, the lyrics and the ending hit me so hard when I went through something heartbreaking to me. Everything is so hard but this song will always comfort me when I need it the most. I’ve been following DAY6 for a while and I’m so in love with every song they came out from the few comebacks. They have my full support.

    71. sugas boo

      Ngl the english version just hits me harder

    72. fujoshi zone

      *meet my national anthem*

    73. liaisonforest hcts

      Man this song hits hard..!! My first time listening 2 DAY6 & I love it

    74. nicole smrln

      Ever since im a fan of day6's songs😍

    75. Gabby Velasquez

      their pronunciation is so good if i heard this on the radio i would just think its a western indie band.

    76. got7btsmama 13

      I can see this song being played at my local radio station. This is something I could listen to often.

    77. Novinda Ahgase

      Setelah melihat vid versi lirik ini jadi semakin ngerti maksudnya

    78. Reversed Skye

      This song

    79. J mk

      This song just hits differently. I can relate to it so much

    80. JYP JUICE

      *I relate on a LEGENDARY LEVEL*