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    DAWN (던) - ‘MONEY’ MV
    Executive Producer: P NATION
    MV Director: HAN SA MIN @Dextor-lab
    Composed by: DAWN, 권필립, PSY, 유건형, 강필성
    Lyrics by: DAWN, PSY
    Arranged by: 유건형, 강필성
    - Spotify: open.spotify.com/artist/7DxCK6bwfQC3F2ajZ02R2F
    - iTunes & Apple Music: music.apple.com/au/artist/dawn/1486119054
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    1. Marie Diane Enrique

      There's some Jiyong (GD) vibes here but overall I love his debut song. Meaningful and hits its mark. I never got to know him on Pentagon but due to the rise of his public relationship with Hyuna. You guys better step away from these two as they make great music and they both worked hard for it.

    2. 5 KimMiHwa

      Me gusto mucho su vídeo porque lo sentí y lo vi muy original propio de El, hasta que me hizo recordar a G-dragon, tiene un poquito que me hace recordarlo, bueno es mi percepción a primera vista. No lo conozco mucho a este chico pero me parece muy bueno su video. 👍👍👍👍

    3. Seham -

      Why this song is so good !!!💙💙💙💙

    4. Safe Name

      Love this song but I don't like his clothes looks very big for his body

    5. Buluthan World

      He's p e r f e c t

    6. Stephany Mariano

      The lyrics are so deep... I feel really proud of him. All that matters to me is to see that he is doing what he wants to do!!!

    7. Wilma Lisette

      ”dirty money dirty bich”

    8. jen uwu

      universe here supporting edawn till the end! fighting!

    9. Thục Anh Hoàng

      I love u and Huynah so muchhhhh. Fighting!!!!!

    10. Super ARAB ELF

      Amazing song love it love ya

    11. NUPUR Bhatia

      Very good.❣😍

    12. Haven

      Awesome song, love the lyrics, really catchy song❤

    13. Melany Rivera

      Am I the only one who thinks hyuna and dawn should make a collaboration together and their song be called karma?? No just me k cool :)

    14. Vitória Lopes

      Remember me GD's songs

    15. Carolina Silva


    16. Zhimolimi

      This song is lit 🔥 My new fav ... 💗💗💗

    17. valentina gatica

      I love it

    18. Marlene Wade Lerman

      i love !!!

    19. 중앙대

      .청춘의 시간 속에서 돈에 가치에 대한 진지한 물음들.

    20. Silvia -

      I don't stan him, I only know him because of the "scandal" and honestly...he's a legend. This is a BOP

    21. Karunay

      Am I the only one who thinks he gives Joker Vibes? I love it.

    22. meg denn

      울 초딩딸이 이노래 대박이라고~~ 6학년친구들 전부이노래안다고 하길래 뭔노래인가싶었는데 오~~!! 이던 제대로 사고치셨네요 ,,, 너무 좋네요

    23. An-Riri Berry

      He looks amazing, I'm not talking about how handsome he is (even though he is), but the emotion I get while watching him, that's crazy what

    24. Adila Ajimi

      Wowww its such a good song 👍👍👍

    25. Баян Султанова

      E'dawn you so talented and amazing!

    26. R J

      홍보 더해라

    27. 하늘에별은성

      아깝다 신선하고 천재성 넘치는데 대중성이 부족한듯 노래좋고 들을수록 괜찮은데 중독성이 없음

    28. 최서형


    29. Mrs.R

      Oh shit I think I have a crush on him.

    30. Sawyoon Sandi

      Oh my god...this song got me like damn💙💙💙🖤🖤🖤

    31. MVP S

      watched this after i saw it suggested when i watched flower shower.. i came here not really expecting much but unexpectedly i didn't regret watching totally thumbs up~!! (this gonna be on repeat together with flower shower) Also i love how hyuna smiled in flower shower the same happiness can be seen how dawn smiled here too idk maybe im reaching but those smiles seems so real whatever the reason i love seeing them smile like that. ❤️❤️ Edit: honestly not a fan of pentagon i noticed him because of hyuna and seeing this makes me want to give him support, he has some potential and i honestly wanna see how far he can go. 🤙💪💕

    32. 오세찬

      왜 조커가 보이지...

    33. Luv Suga

      퇴폐미에 대표적인 예

    34. Carla M. Barbosa


    35. 안녕하세요

      천재란 이던을 보고 말하는 것...

    36. sailorscoute

      I feel bad for not knowing earlier that this guy hold THAT much of talents. Before I was just notice him as Hyuna’s boyfriend, but right now I realized he really has his own brand, I’m so so so in love with this song!

    37. Lasmaria Elizabeth

      Good song ♥

    38. yep it's Ganna

      Dirty money , dirty you bitch That's what i hear lol

    39. Anni-Maria Teirikko

      After looking at DAWN's peformances and videos, I more and more start to see him as his own artist, not just Hyuna's boyfriend. He has great ideas, visions, dance moves and guaranteed will make more quality content in the future. There is so much more to DAWN than being Hyuna's boyfriend, and I hope you will notice it too, with time. I sincerely hope he will get the success he deserves!

    40. 강희수

      진짜 너무좋아요 노래 ! 중독성 😆

    41. nora karelsen

      Just what i need right now a good song with meaning, thank DAWN!

    42. pied piper jungkook can step on me

      'money i want you' never been this related so much

    43. Yolanda Ching

      Dawn deserve a 100 million and more Viewsss too ihh💛

    44. Lissandro Jonas

      OMG... This song makes me emotional cuz it relates to their relationship ❤❤❤

    45. orbit67

      Damn even as a solo artist hes still fire

    46. 정YUJ

      선입견이 있었는데..진짜알게되서 좋네요!👍 계속무대보는중..🙏

    47. tony sm

      가사 좋네요 분명 때가 타 더러운데 왜 빛이나냐 말이야~ 이 부분에서 뭔가 노래에 푹빠지게 되네요

    48. Christine Calunsag

      New favorite song!!! I just found this in my recommendation lmao

    49. This Is

      I love his dance, why don't he just be a dancer, it's going to be cool

    50. Haha Baam

      DAwn Gives me GD vibes

    51. geryhyeri

      Lamentablemente el DINERO es un mal necesario... buena letra

    52. Clara Aviz

      Olha aqui é Brasil mano Se eu amei amei Tio Psy já posso dizer que te amo?amooooooooooo Esse MV? Essa música?? Amooooooooooo Amooooooooooo Amooooooooooo Amooooooooo Amooooooooooo Rs

    53. glory morning

      목소리ㅡㅡ서태지 닮고 머리스타일 상의ㅡㅡ일본 엑스재팬 요시키 닮음

    54. Lesyanderesgirls

      I love you ❤️

    55. ᄋᄌᄋ


    56. Kaye Arendain

      I mean no offense, but he reminds me of early G dragon. Equally important to be expressive not just aesthetically but lyrics-wise. Dawn is an artist ❤️

    57. Marianne

      this song really fits my style, I'm honestly surprised by how much I like it

    58. Khalid -

      This is so deep that I cannot even describe it .. amazing!

    59. oXXX V///

      Ты невероятен, Dawn

    60. Elsha Mompero

      The meaning of this song is literally everything!!! So proud I tried to listen with this one.