Cuomo presses Netanyahu on Israel's nuclear capability



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    Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu says Israel has evidence Iranian officials were lying when they said Iran wasn't pursuing nuclear weapons.

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    1. Jack Erik

      Cuomo, is an idiot.

    2. Paul Altmann

      They need to be held a countable for USS Liberty And 9/11 End Isrehell👹👹👹

    3. Paul Altmann

      His nuclear plant called Dimoma is Why JFK Died He Wanted To Inspect Isrehell CIA

    4. Yafa Flores

      This is where Netanyahu does not show any transparency Cuomo on the other hand if this is the same interview about AKA NETANYAHU’S family moving to Brooklyn NY because the Israeli government didn’t give Benzion Mileikowsky tenure at the Israeli university. He was asked to leave Israel because of his extremists beliefs. Cuomo was trying to see if Bibi would even say a word about the move but he was ducking and weaving from the obvious question/answer. The name change had nothing to do with the Holocaust .It was changed in between the time they moved to NY and when the sons fought in the IDF. Also Maxwell didn’t do his honey pot set up with Vanunu for nothing. Israel ‘s nuclear program is to thwart anything that has to do with silencing it. Ongoing jargon Iran has this ,Iran has that .Look in the mirror ISRAEL. And stop the lying 🤥

    5. otile writer

      Cuomo is ever biased...

    6. Johny Bashlaur

      Magazine boy you dônt know whats going on

    7. Than Lau

      Who the hell is this interviewer!

    8. Simon Fuchs

      Benjamin 🤴❤️

    9. avo jaja

      Netanyahu is speaking better English than this dumb jurno

    10. avo jaja

      Because he knows English not like Arab leaders

    11. Amir Ben Cohen

      Why Netanyahu is always chewing?

    12. Elhanan Rokah

      Netanyahu is the world behind you, a strong leader.

      1. Mohammed Karim

        @Elhanan Rokah a fake jew fake as fuck🖕🤣

      2. Elhanan Rokah

        @Mohammed Karim Netanyahu is a true and proud Jew! You know the truth ,You envy religious observant and tradition.

      3. Mohammed Karim

        Sob wake up terrorist international fraudsters in holy land hiding behind Judaism. They will b ousted soon mark my words

      4. Mohammed Karim

        A criminal fake jew I doubt that the polish born milowski has world supporting fake Jews

    13. R Dog

      USS Liberty Never Forget

    14. love the truth

      white europeans don't understand the middle east, tank you PM

    15. William Buick

      Credo is a joke and so is his crooked brother !

    16. Daniel Benhyn

      Netanyahu is professional unlike the CNN host

      1. Mohammed Karim

        As acting as Jews in holy land

    17. A R


    18. 123 123


    19. BVEmasTRUTH

      🇵🇸🇵🇸🇵🇸🇵🇸racist Nazi in charge of an ethnic apartheid of Arabs.

    20. Ian McDonald

      since the day of Modern Israel's creation as a nation state, they have been consistently hammered with not just threats for national safety or extermination, but actual attacks by surrounding armies that are hell bent on its destruction. Should Israel just grin and bear it? or Invite them over for tea and biscuits? Israel's land mass as it currently exists, is tiny compared to the other nations around it. It's security is threatened perhaps like no other country. This nation goes out of its way to assist many other countries in times of calamity, with rescue workers, often the first on the scene. It readily gives its innovative methods of agriculture, and its inventions, to the international community for their own use. Israel does not threaten other nations with extinction, but it does issue retaliation warnings if its security is attacked. Israel wants to make peace with its neighbours, but NOT at any cost to its integral existence of its fundamental right to its God given territory. Its capital Jerusalem carries the meaning in its name of city of peace. It is for peace, but its enemies are for war. It is not a perfect nation. It has its faults. But so does every other nation on the face of the earth.

      1. Ian McDonald

        @Elliot Alderson The Jewish presence in the region called Palestine by the Romans, now in part known as Israel, always had a Jewish presence according to historical reports. Since the time of Joshua who led the nation Israel into Canaan, because God Almigthy commanded it, Jews have always lived in their land, even if very few in number. There was never an ancient land called Palestine, nor was there ever an ethnic group of people called the Palestinians. It was God Almighty who promised Abraham that his children who were to come through Isaac then Jacob would be given the land originally known as Canaan. Israel was the name God gave to Jacob. The Israelities were Jacob's descendents. The land prescribed by God to Abraham's descendents was from the (little) River of Egypt to the River Euphrates. It also was to include regions east of Jordan, which formerly was the land of the Amorites. Canaan was a land of giants, and it was because of their wickedness, that God sent Israel in to rid the land of that wickedness. It was only because of Israel's continued wickedness centuries later they they too were puniched by God and sent into exile for a time. But God said that He would bring them back to their land, and that finally they would never be removed form their promised land. Israel as a nation is not perfect and God will judge them justly. But they will never be removed as a nation from their land again. It is Iran that has belligerently threatened Israel with extermination, as have the Arab political powers that go by the name "Palestinians". Israel goes out of its way to help even leaders of the Palestinains. Mahmoud Abbas's brother received medical attention for cancer in Tel Aviv . The undisputed leader of Hama, Ismail Haniyah's own daughter received medical help for Israel. Many Arab medical staff serve Jew and Arab alike in Israel's hospitals. Israel was attacked by the surrounding Arab nations from its inception as a recognized nation state after 1947-8. Israel was outnumbered and outgunned but has never been overrun again by outside opposing forces. They will never again be exiled. But they will finally recognize in the future that they crucified their own King, Jesus of Nazareth.

      2. Elliot Alderson

        Did Palestine invite Israel for tea and biscuits? No, they came in, they took up arms, mass shootings and building nukes. Imagine if someone broke into your house, went into your room, locked the door and said this room is mine now. Would you settle? Netanyahu called the world to destroy Iran in his UN speech.

    21. Anthony M.

      Netanyahu is correct 100%

    22. bigraviolees

      I'd like to press Bibi between two bulldozers

    23. mark madsen

      cuomo is such a putts...

    24. Superhot Icecream

      No need nuclear.. Just sneeze inside Iran...and terrorism.. They will see their 70 vergins..

    25. 456d f

      F*ck leftists

    26. Andrej A

      Yeah we all know what kind of bullshit you told in front American Congress and that you have the nukes..Iran should come clean but you don't have to, right? Insane hypocrite lier and war criminal

    27. Thomas Paine 1789

      No, IsRealHell moves quietly to annihilate and control the whole world in the end.

      1. ImaChicken Nugget

        Sure buddy, go get a cookie😂

    28. Thomas Paine 1789

      Good advice, Satanyahu. Time to dismantle IsRealHell and leave it a third-world country.

    29. Thomas Paine 1789

      We will revenge the Kennedy Boys sometime very soon!

      1. United States Of Israel

        Hope so

    30. Thomas Paine 1789

      The last time MSM confronted Satanyahu and IsRealHell.

    31. Romeo Naranjo

      this guy needs to shut the fuck up

    32. Yisrael Yenkinz

      It's because he knows the massiah speeks English why do you think the world is learning English as he will come from Britain 🇬🇧. Remember what I say now and tell me in 10 years I'm wrong

    33. Eddie Roman


    34. Eddie Roman

      Everything Netanyahu ever accuses Iran of, Israel is guilty of.

    35. NedAlien17

      Prime sinister satanyahu

    36. Strange Daze

      Fredo always has that look like there's a load in his pants!

    37. Pawel Trawicki

      Hey spaghetti brain shut your face,Bibi could mop up the floor with your CNN nonsense!!!!

    38. Sebastian Teodoro


    39. Earthy Nomad

      All is docmented since The 80s

    40. Tilo Shah

      He cannot answer a simple question but wants to hold Iran accountable. Lol . Is this guy for real?

    41. Chris Russo

      ISRAEL needs nuclear weapons because who exactly came to the aid of Jewish people in WW2??????????????????????????

    42. Nil Zensei

      Even if I am the One surrounded by enemies, I will not tell anyone that I have the secret weapon to use when it is needed.

    43. Shaun Arledge

      Netty is a dangerous man and we put the gun in his hands. STOP the occupation! +He's lying. 😎

    44. Varnavas Christofi

      The only clever,honest ,peace loving person on the planet is Netanyahu

      1. itsallgooddd !!

        Will he be the 1st to identify it ? Lol

      2. itsallgooddd !!

        Will he be the 1st to identify it ? Lol

      3. itsallgooddd !!

        A simple yes no question he couldnt answer and now lately modernly hes the man ?

      4. itsallgooddd !!

        Natenyahu for valentine lol

      5. itsallgooddd !!

        No doubt .. if there is 1 guy its him lolollol

    45. Simon Lai

      Fredo is such a dick. He's the type of girl you wanna slap

    46. F H

      Israel nèed nuclear weapons only to guarantee the survival of the STATE OF ISRAEL. Israel is not an existence threat to any country. But past history is self-evident as to what Arab nations will do if they're given the option. So deal with it or else just shut up!

    47. mike diamond

      Chris,you need to show respect! You spoiled little Fredo,Brat!!!

    48. enigma jd


    49. itsallgooddd !!

      Shoutout to this hero of an interviewer

      1. elaine

        NO...he isn't. A 10:35 He said Iran is known for lying reinforcing Bibi allegations but stops short of saying Israel is known for lying.

    50. Pete Frausto

      Bibi love from USA

    51. Soraeon

      Israel is threatening to wipe Palestinians off the map.

    52. Sovereignty Soldier

      We can lie about our own nuclear capability, but condemn and attack other countries for only DESIRING them. Fucking war criminals like this scumbag belong in jail, not being treated like celebrities on CNN

    53. Sovereignty Soldier

      Not mentioned. Israels ongoing illegal oocupation of Palestinian territory. Holding Palestinians hostage on their own land. The murder and war crimes being committed by the IDF against women and CHILDREN. 200 Nukes Israel has developed but wont admit they own.

      1. Jerry Ventura

        I guess you forgot about the 1948 war illegal your a real historian Palestine went by by doesn’t exist anymore Deal with it no occupation it’s called 75 years ass hole

    54. Sovereignty Soldier

      Israel Never Lies. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah sorry, almost gave myself an anuerism I laughed so hard.

    55. Sovereignty Soldier

      Devouring one country after the other. Really? Can you provide a SINGLE country they have invaded. NUT.EN.YAHOO... Um...gotta go.

    56. Sovereignty Soldier

      Well we are the only country that illegally possesses sovereign Palestinian territory and is committing war crimes against women and children. and we possess 200 nukes that we refuse to admit we own, and yet we go completely batshit crazy when Iran tries to build a single nuke to defend themselves against attack from the most aggressive country in the world. Israel. This man is a war criminal and should be serving time in a jail in The Hague.

      1. Sovereignty Soldier

        * Accuses me of being a Nazi supporter...while demonstrating a callous disregard and complete lack of empathy for the war crimes and crimes against humanity being carried out against defenseless children...and proudly supporting the continued occupation of sovereign Palestinian land..while holding them hostage on their own land..denying them basic human righrs limiting their movement and denying medicine and building materials needed to repaiir homes destroyed by gutless IDF pilots that drop 500Ib bombs on defeseless families, schools and UN hospitals in blatant and callous disregard for the unimaginable suffering they are causing to people that have committed no crime other than to have been born in the Occupied Territories, which is being brazenly invaded by Jewish settlers that have the audacity to destroy their homes and build nice modern structures where their homes once stood, and when any of them have the audacity to fight back and take measures to defend themselves they are immediately labeled a Hamas or Hizbullah terrorist and they are blown to pieces and their families murdered in cold blood... These atrocities and the well oiled propaganda machines that crank out lies and accuse anyone that calls them out and exposes their criminal behaviour are immediately branded racists, white supremacists or Nazi sympathizers, which puts an immediate end to the conversation and allows them to continue committing war crimes and theh use to justify the murder of innocent children while arrogantly ignoring the rule of law and blatantly defying International Law.... You have to be a spineless coward to try and deny the remarkable similarities between Hitler and the Nazis, and those of Netanyahu, the Israelis and the IDF, which carry out the same war crimes and crimes against humanity that Hitler did.... Based on the inconvenient truth I just bitchslapped you with, it would seem to me that you would enjoy attending a Hitler Youth rally a lot more than I would, its the same doctrine being practised by the Israeli Defense Force, so there would be nothing of value for me..

      2. Jerry Ventura

        Sovereignty Soldier i think you are late for your Hitler youth rally meeting today

    57. Sovereignty Soldier


    58. Clandestino

      Israhell has illegal.nuclear weapons. We demanded iran to give clearance to there program why are we not demanding the same from israhell even if they refuse. There is no refusing... EVERYONE has the same rules.

    59. John Zee

      Benjamin a liar and a thief.

    60. mike diamond

      None ya business,Chris Fredo,you little did-respect full brat!

    61. Dimitri Buchene

      Netanyahu...what about your aggression against the Palestinians...aren’t you aiming to appropriate the whole pie under the pretext of religion?

    62. Bundesluftwaffe

      Pelosi, Giuliani, Pompeo, xxxO, xxxA, xxxU and xxxE like mafia are good for the US political leadership...???? Where r good folks having their last names ending in comfy consonants ???? Pizza , Spaghetti, Pasta, macaroni n Fettuccini are good though.

    63. A Zambrano

      Israel could be wiped out within minutes but It will never happen as Israel is the bargaining chips on both sides, there is nothing to gain or lose regarding building or destroying Israel, which is why I would not visit let alone live there as they are legitimate enemies that have the full right of revenge and it could happen anytime

    64. Jay Malik

      Just look at this dogs face, hes a devil reincarnation.

    65. Herman van Vliet

      A baby killer dressed in a suit

    66. Ardyn Bay

      Why we fight Iran and not Israel makes no sense to me.

    67. Wally Hamdan

      Israel has over 150 nuclear war heads against the UN regulations. And why Iran & other countries shouldn't have it if you already do. It should be stripped from every country including us. No need for Nuclear & M.D.W. in our lives.

    68. Alaf Polo

      The hypocrisy that comes out of the Prime Minister is astonishingly annoying. Everything he says about Iran can be applied to Israel in much greater magnitude.

    69. Alexander Addai Boateng

      A sheer Hypocrisy . Israel has no case because they have nukes. If fact I consider Israel more terrorist and murderers due to the apartheid practiced against palestinians

    70. Rontie Malo

      This is a contr interview. Fredo has 'licence' to quiz his boss here.

    71. Warrior True Man

      The facts are clear about Iran, a deranged regime following Messianic dreams as run by the Mullahs to bring in their false Messiah, the twelfth Imam who will convert the entire globe to Islam with their false Jesus who will break the crosses. Then we deny that Iran is responsible for war and bloodshed in Yemen, in Syria and its arming of terrorist groups intent on wiping Israel off the map (Hizbullah and Hamas). Cuomo so arrogant in confronting Netanyahu but would kissing Mullah behind if he was questioning a Mullah.

    72. Kalash Operator

      This dude is a butcher and a snake

    73. flyer7799

      Netanyabu is truly deserving of being stoned to death, an old Jewish tradition from the Pharisees.

    74. flyer7799

      Anyone who gives this lying mass murderer a platform to spread lies that could lead to the starvation and murder of millions of innocent civilians should be ashamed of themselves. They are his accomplices in his war crimes.

    75. Javad Darzi

      He not still information. Here not any information. They make all fake information. Why you have nuclear weapons ? Your information same as your country is fake .

    76. jeff


    77. Carlyle Noel

      Do u have nukes? 🤯

      1. Amir Ben Cohen

        What is the question? I can't hear you

    78. Carlyle Noel

      Middle east trump🤔

    79. Carlyle Noel

      But u have nuclear.

    80. Anwar Sedick

      So its OK for israel to have nukes and not Iran...and israel a peaceful country...what a joke