Camila Cabello - My Oh My (Official Music Video) ft. DaBaby



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    1. Rachel Barboza Lima


    2. Armena

      perfect as always say hi to shawn from me

    3. mai self

      she looks like Meghan Markle in the thumbnail

    4. Itsofiaaa.

      like before the million🔥.

    5. Gúnther Oberholster

      Her music video treatments clearly have a movie inspiration. She has a story telling ability. Wonder if she will become a filmmaker??

    6. Recky

      Anybody realized that DaBaby didn’t swear once in his verse..

    7. davxshit_


    8. Amberlyn G

      I think camila is (y/n) based on that boys description

    9. Andrea Montanez


    10. shahd hesham

      Tik tok squad🤚🤚

    11. MdubMedia

      Best video I’ve seen in a while

    12. Assa Darlingtoni

      I love when artists put effort into their music videos She's giving me Katy Perry vibes :p

    13. Gallardo

      I dislike Camila cabello she races


      I love cheetah outfit

    15. lue mae

      I’m Here from Tunisia

    16. Snigdha Chatterjee

      wooaah , i didnt see this cmingg

    17. lue mae


    18. Lil'Ert Vuena

      Te amo bb

    19. lue mae


    20. lue mae

      I’m repeat

    21. lue mae


    22. Margaret Balinga

      Camilla lenegrooooo

      1. Margaret Balinga

        Maximilian Braun my black queen Camilla lenegroooo

      2. Maximilian Braun

        I like Camila but who is your "Camilla"?

    23. FM S

      DaBaby destroys the song🔥🔥😂

    24. *SIDDIQ UMAR* XD

      indian to honge yaha

    25. Fatma Youssef

      I love this song. 😍❤💕

    26. Gabriella Mutiti

      Hey Camilla May I please have your number

      1. Maximilian Braun

        U ask the wrong person her name is: Camila Cabello and not "Camilla May"

    27. kristin isaloser

      She reminds me of melanie Martinez

    28. AlessandraMdz

      Literally has nothing to do with the song. I imagined it differently. 👎🏻

    29. Ricky Ven

      Luv u babe

    30. david

      Keep streaming

    31. david


    32. Ava Leee

      Who let Camila get a watt pad account?

    33. Chris Matheus


    34. Matt Kingsbury

      This video was so brilliantly done; I love the comparison with old (circa 1930s) Hollywood. I don't know how many artists choreograph the music videos for their own songs, or if they have someone else do it for them, but Ms. Cabello is a genius at both music and acting.

    35. Nellie

      Not the biggest fan of Camila but I love watching her music videos

      1. Maximilian Braun

        for sure u r not the biggest, im the biggest

    36. Dice Wise

      That's a HOT daddy who says " No Way" and "Okay" ... #DaddyBear

    37. isarvug123 isarvug


    38. Camila Garcia


    39. Camila Garcia

      The video is great I love you camila cabello

    40. Blue Devil

      💌💌op op , Cami💕💕💕

    41. M o o n k i s s e d

      ¢υтє ¢συρℓє

    42. Mohammed Lami

      Let’s Goo Camilizers Stream Harder !!!!

    43. Aala Asif

      why is there swords everywhere ????

    44. Dennis Gabriel

      My favourite music :OOOOO WOW

    45. Jazmín Ocaña

      S T R E A M

    46. jack


    47. jack


    48. jack


    49. 10k with no uploads


    50. Vi Ramos


    51. ليليا مشي

      قديمه الغنيه ما 😕؟؟

    52. Vi Ramos


    53. Vi Ramos

    54. Vi Ramos

      Ajudar a Camz

    55. Vi Ramos

      Vamooooo comentar gente

    56. All About Gaming

      Anyone Searching for an indian comment then i am here for You By the way the song🎧 is so good

    57. Andrea Jazmin Martinez Mejia

      Love 😍💕💋

    58. Carl Johnson

      Do you also browse comments while listening?

    59. Dario Siqueira


    60. Isabella Williams

      Love your voice