Aaron Gordon Dunks Over Chance the Rapper - 2020 NBA Slam Dunk Contest

House of Highlights

House of Highlights

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    2020 NBA Slam Dunk Contest - Full Highlights - 2020 NBA All-Star Saturday Night
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    1. House of Highlights

      2020 NBA Slam Dunk Contest - Full Highlights: frsel.info/video/video/rq2LX4rLyJKdaJY.html

      1. Uriah

        House of Highlights this dunk was soft


      🔥🔥 *just amazing* <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="101">1:41</a> 💛 👇👇💛

    3. Connor Ibrahimchah

      I thought that was a 9/10

    4. TeofiTv

      When Aaron Gordon wins next year, they owe him 3 trophies 💯. watch my video about NBA GOAT

    5. TeofiTv

      When Aaron Gordon wins next year, they owe him 3 trophies 💯. watch my video about NBA GOAT

    6. TeofiTv

      When Aaron Gordon wins next year, they owe him 3 trophies 💯. watch my video about NBA GOAT

    7. TeofiTv

      When Aaron Gordon wins next year, they owe him 3 trophies 💯. watch my video about NBA GOAT

    8. Danny

      its a 9 for DWADE

    9. Dre-_-100

      How come when he dunk over chance it's a 50 but when he dunk over the tallest player in the NBA he gets 47

    10. rickyrhoomes

      I hear you MC Kenny

    11. Sq4irrel

      What shoes is he wearing?

    12. J. LeprechaunFace.

      Dunked over Tacko & Chance just to lose

    13. xXTheBeastXx

      Aaron Gordon dunk over Chance the Rapper and got a 50, but got a 47 for dunking over Taco???? That shit is rigged as hell. Complete bullshit.

    14. Chris A

      Man im still pissed he didn't walk out with that trophy

    15. jlord Cruz

      He got robbed

    16. suck my straw 99

      Wtf u still think he's the winner?

    17. su hwa

      그리고 다시 어디간다고 또 다시 어디간다고 🌹

    18. Luffy Kun

      He deserves the trophy

    19. Ashlee Moye

      Robbery like a mfka.. D. Wade confused ass

    20. JBDRUMMERBOY 360

      Dwayne Wade WANTED to give A-Aron Gordon a 49.9

    21. Shank Shankles

      I saw Christian yellich

    22. wuerzelburg

      Gordon should be the winner. I don't know what the "system's" problem with him is

    23. ecf08

      This and the 360 one handed dunk are the dunks of the night for this contest !

    24. Ray Dingo

      Fuck the dunk contest AG got robbed again. Thanks alot assholes this man might never want to participate again thanks to a bunch of idiots

    25. fanispa 123

      what shoes is he wearing???

    26. nemanja stojcevic

      Robbed again!!!!!!

    27. M.J AIR

      Gordon 👍👍👍

    28. A.C Lau

      Look at Common and Scottie Pippen when the scores came out.. they looked straight at DWade.. they had a deal to give him 48 so a 2nd dunkoff would happen.. DWade gave the 9 to give DJJ his heat mate a win.. how messed up is that?

    29. Bravo GotSwag

      Chance Chicago's finest? Nahh they trippin.

    30. jazmar0822

      I still don't know why chance the rapper is famous, I feel like he's one of those media hyped artists that was forced on us

    31. Eddie Pearson

      Fam is the best dunker ever

    32. johnnynavyseal

      that's why Lebron is unwilling to join it.

    33. NormalHotBurger

      he got robbed

    34. SDK Hooligan

      Is this why Chance dumped his tour ?

    35. Freddy Brainy

      Guy is a beast he won that. What a boss

    36. Steve Wise

      Kenny in 2016 “LaVine wins...it’s over.” Kenny and Reggie said tonight “Gordon got robbed and beat LaVine.” Gordon deserved to win tonight. He did get robbed. It was definitely a tie in 2016. I just remember they were both great. Gordon’s dunks were incredible in 2016 and deserved that win or this win. He shouldn’t leave without ever winning. What more can he do?

    37. jkchai27

      He was robbed

    38. Sahil Shamdasani

      So this gets a 50 but jumping over TACKO FALL doesn’t smh

    39. PoliticiansRcons

      I personally thought Jones Jr dunks were better, but I think they should have made them both co-champions.

    40. Tyler Zidek

      Couldn’t do the full Jordan kilganon but very nice

    41. Trevis Turner

      Get out the 50’s like it’s Halloween 🎃 🤔🤔🤔😂

    42. Berkay Aksoy

      Dude has to lock his doors, he still getting robbed

    43. BTS IS LIFEU

      Man give him the trophy now

    44. mogtrader8

      Robbed twice, why you tatto thighs dough.

    45. Jerby Nono

      6'10" guy doing the Jordan killganon signature dunk

      1. Rad Tham

        This version is harder as he turns back. +1 on adding more to it.

    46. HissingZulu

      Dam Aaron🔥

    47. G-Dub 85

      D Wade transitioning ass robbed him

    48. sSthesquadSs

      I haven’t seen the other dunks but this looks pretty basic

    49. Huxble 'infinity

      AG: i dunked over chance im never gonna fail D Wade: im bout to end this mans whole dunkin career

    50. Your One Black Friend Who Gave you the N Word Pass

      Damn, Aaron Gordon is lowkey the GOAT of dunk contests.

    51. vid12

      Robbed! Robbed! Robbed!

    52. BR33CH HD

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="96">1:36</a> awkward asf or just me?

      1. Elijah Hall

        BR33CH HD nah he just ain’t know the dance 😂

    53. Redemption IOS

      Where’s lavine?

    54. joaquin falconi barrios

      Yo digo, que mrd hace votando alguien con un miembro de su ex equipo

    55. Sherman Ng

      AG's Wikipedia page: "Dunk Contest Robbery lost in the dunk contest to Steph Curry and Donald Trump" 😂

    56. Nite Lyfe

      Should've been a draw

    57. EL Plagua

      They robbed him. Derrick jones was great but he basically kept doing the same dunk and got 50s

    58. t crazii

      They cheated Aaron Gordon

    59. rickjames21

      "he is taking a chance. "

    60. Glendale Repair

      Uhhhhhmmmmm have we not seen this dunk before ????????

    61. Ric Tone

      Dude turned. Wow

    62. Rendy Lauw

      Dunk between 2 legs will make aaron the champ

    63. raz

      Jordan Kilganon

    64. LivingLikeLex

      HELLO, he should have won!!!

    65. xSkysplitter777

      2 times dunk contest champion!

    66. stephen rampersad

      He and most of thrdr guys get em from a dunk team online...he still gotta execute the dunks tho so

    67. Dante

      He hire professionals to train him with these dunks bruh 😩

    68. Jeremy Pape

      He's a beast, and his sister is hot!

    69. Britany Barnes

      AG is a beast! 🔥🔥

    70. Chelsea Gosnell

      Robbed again ! 🖕

    71. huttz 456

      highway robbery

    72. Confidential Collection

      Robbed him AGAIN. FOH

    73. Ivy The Blind Husky

      He took a chance and it worked. 🏀🤣

    74. Leonel Diaz

      It was a robbery

    75. Kharisma Wijaya

      My dude got robbed

    76. anthony Montgomery

      He got robbed!... AGAIN!!

    77. Fat Opps

      They always cheating that nigga

    78. FreshPrinceShaun

      Gordon was robbed

    79. Slate Hood

      He Was Robbed Again!

    80. Jack Peters

      you ppl GET OFF HIS BALLS unless u like sweaty ones LMEAO