6 minutes of rose mcgowan being absolutely terrifying in jawbreaker 🍬💀👠


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    while this cult classic isn't our favorite~ teen movie, there's no denying that rose mcgowan does a bang up job as the lead. her character, courtney shayne, is equal parts stylish and terrifying, the ultimate combination for any movie mean girl. if you're doubting just how scary she is, miss mcgowan even won the MTV award for best villain for the role.
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    1. Gabbi Durham

      Courtney: Imagine how tired we are😐

    2. I_dont_know


    3. Emory Jae

      Oooomg This is the comedic version of Heathers I can see the similarity

      1. Gymnopédies

        Mean Girls was also clearly inspired by Jawbreaker

    4. artistic persona

      *spirit animal*