50 useful French expressions with "FAIRE" (to do/make)

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    Alexa teaches you 50 common French expressions with "Faire".
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    1. shylaja sriram

      Alexa your videos are awesome... Pls can you make some videos on Les sports, verb jouer de..

    2. Bhushan Kumar

      thanks mam... how do u say " you hurted my feelings''' in French

      1. Bhushan Kumar

        @Learn French With Alexa merci madam

      2. Learn French With Alexa

        'Tu m'as blessé' :)

    3. awaz ali

      Merci Alexa :)

    4. felipe fe

      Faire gaffe.

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      I really love your videos, you are Amazing, thanks a lot.

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    9. Daksh Antil

      Alexa est la meilleure. Elle nous rend ridicules à chaque fois . Si c'est vrai alors, sîl vous plaît comentez-moi

    10. V R

      Faire l’amour. ❤️❤️

    11. Jane Evans

      Why is there so many ways to use fait, I get so confused about this it hinders my French :(

    12. arnab kundu

      Adjective comes always after the 1st verb, non? So in the 1st sentence why it is not written as: Il fait tout le temps la grimace.

      1. Shirin Lak

        tout le temps is the adverb and it comes at the end

    13. Amir Shahivand

      wow, very useful, thank u

    14. V S

      Je me te fais plus confiance... I no longer trust you...(where is negation in French here ?)

    15. burak bayraktar

      What is this ? Who will me explain İL me fait rire ? How is it being ?? İl fait me rire ??

    16. Nelson Pereira


    17. Karl Jo

      very useful expressions and good examples!

    18. Ash

      I can NOT pronounce faire and idk why it is so hard for me.

    19. TECH HEROS

      Jemapple Sam

    20. paul bevan

      Phew !...Faire is in the Champions League of French verbs, it`s used everywhere.I need to work hard on this one. Great lesson, merci beaucoup Alexa.

      1. Learn French With Alexa

        De rien ! 👍

    21. Ali Macow

      Merci alexa Je comprends Vous êtes très bien professeur

    22. Nakary Jimenez

      I did not get the meaning of "ne fait pas la tête"; is it like "do not overthink"?

    23. Hazel Howden

      Alexa I use Au revoir, Merci, bien, d'accord, voila, je t'aime, quelle heure et t-il and probably more but can't think of them at the moment

    24. wafa alakhras

      je fais l'exercice

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      1. Zac Mike

        Hehe oh mon dieu moi aussi mdr

    27. KIBOFactoryScripts

      Really useful, thanks. It would have helped if you had gone through all 50 phrases again at the end, for pronunciation purposes. Sometimes you say the English translation twice, but the French phrase only once...

      1. Learn French With Alexa

        Thanks for the idea !

    28. Positive Life Power

      Bonjour Alexa, to say that "Alice is going to leave without permission at school " ,is it correct to say that "Alice va faire le mur à l'école ?? Merci beaucoup

    29. Margaret Pereira

      Faut vraiment que he fasse design économices

    30. Momo Filters

      I just bought this cool french t shirt. lesmartstore.com/products/short-sleeve-unisex-t-shirt :)

    31. Erkhembayar Zorigt

      Bonjour,... it's actually bonne nuit now. Anyways, can you, Alexa, or anyone explain me the expression "faire son droit"? Why is it "son", is there perhaps a historical correlation?

    32. Ezi Ugo Jen

      Such a useful video!!!!! Love it. Thank you Alexa!

    33. Aaditi Malhotra

      Bonjour je suis Indienne Tu est belle .Je suis etudiant . How to learn all these expressions ?

      1. Aman Sahni

        AARTI Malhotra Vous avez étudiante

    34. Hussain Khadami

      Merci Alexa

    35. annie vo

      Merci beaucoup 😊

    36. Yandol Fe

      Sinon comment est-ce que = How else

    37. Al Truism

      The arrangement of these lessons makes sense however the volume of Alexa's voice fluctuates too much especially when she speaks quickly. This is not conducive to learning.

    38. Benjamin Istvan Cseko

      I have found three more expressions that I find interesting, simply using "faire": «Ça fait [bon bout de temps].» «Comment ça se fait?» «T'en fais pas.» I wonder if there are more?

      1. Zac Mike

        Ça fait bientôt

      2. Mad Dragon

        No. There are only 53 French expressions with "faire".

    39. Benjamin Istvan Cseko

      Alexa!! 😊❤❤

    40. CJ T

      Why is it "Elle fera ~" not "Elle vas fera~"? We only add "vas" if it's happening soon?

      1. CJ T

        I see, thank you!

      2. Alpha Jalloh

        The verb for "to go" and will are pretty much the same meaning in French. So, "Elle vas fera" would be redundant.

    41. Mohamed Najee

      Alex, you are really doing tough but the best work to teach French. Im sure all the French loving people appreciate it.

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      French is indeed an awkward language.

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