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  1. Debbie Upton

    "I'm really going to smoke this out. Next I'm going in with..." *cat food commercial* Sparkling eyes!!! Me- 😐🤣 sounds like Jeffrey i guess

  2. bnb0510

    Welcome to today’s world... Where people get offended about the name of a makeup pallet. I can’t wait to see what it will be like in 20 years from now. 🙄

  3. sweet november85

    I would never tell... Thats one good transformation... I personally would never tell... Damn...

  4. Lia Bright

    When you work hard on something and people dont appreciate it.

  5. lydia Gould

    I love your mum xx❤❤

  6. HeyItzRay


  7. Luz Rivera

    Dutch word of the day Kamer I wish I have my kamer just like yours

  8. Alexis Martin

    I really like this palette. I wannaget one. I knowhe said its suitable for all skintones but... im not sure as a darker skin tone but those glitters.... I like dem

  9. Meera

    People who are getting offended over the name need to get over themselves 😒

  10. Dianna Hidalgo

    I don't wear makeup as much anymore but the palette looks so beautiful. Plus, your insane and amazing talent really allowed me to see how well you can use this palette!

  11. Matthieu van Detta

    Did he really say Dutchland ?????????


    the asmr tho

  13. lydia Gould

    He is good at makeup and I love your accent xx❤❤👍👍

  14. Andrea Isabel

    Haha people don’t realize that passing away is just finally waking up. I love the pallet btw.

  15. RedCoolFire

    grijs griJS grIJS GRIJSSS!!

  16. Faith

    I think people just hate on Jeffree for the sake of hating. I get that he’s had scandals and for this specific palette I get that it could be viewed in poor taste. However it doesn’t take a lot to understand that this was in production for months before COVID 19. Even someone as successful as Jeffree would really take a hit financially to invest all of the time, production, and money into this just to cancel the launch.

  17. Around The Korner With Kelli

    Love the palette! I love you more though and I appreciate that you speak with facts! Thank you...I hate drama around launches or Y'tuber things. I just wanna watch amazing videos. xoxo

    1. İlknur Yıldırım

      yeah amazing palette !

  18. satinder pal kaur

    Just imagine if this pallet would have come before the virus hit us, everone would have loved it. He hasnt created this pallet to mock anyone . His own life has been under a lot of turmoil lately. Jefree has dedicated it to his two dogs and his father . Its personal to him. I love his art and i never felt offended from the name of the pallet.

  19. Olivia Perry

    I think this launch has great timing. People love makeup. Makeup makes people feel happy and good about themselves. We need that during these times. Also, with the drama...people need to get over it. Its not like Jeffree made this palette and thought, " covid19...death...ILL CALL THE PALETTE CREMATED!" He planned this way before all of this happened. Everyone needs to stop being so sensitive. You don't like it, don't buy it. Thats that!

  20. Milly_dances


  21. Fat Girl Keto

    I just want to see him redeem himself a la Negan.... I cant bring myself to support him now.

  22. Kylie Klos

    i love being able to tell people my bday is the day after halloween. most people don’t even realize what date that is so i have to specify november 1st lol

  23. Krypt

    She so cute

  24. Kathryn Moffett

    Where would there be if there wasn't any Wolks in the sky! I think you did a great job with this Bob Ross paining/make-up tutorial today! My sister LOVES Bob Ross! <3

  25. Leyla Arslan

    I think you are constantly trying to start drama with every big name you can find.

  26. Laura Brazee

    Living for the toned down smokey look! Also, anyone else getting a ton of book or mormon ads while watching these Cremated palette vids?

  27. Beautiful Dreamer Becky P

    Ugh both of these looks a stunning!! 😍

  28. Alma Torres

    You act like you e never seen a shimmering eyeshadow. You’re trying too hard.


    People mad at the palette being called cremated. Me: starring at all the death theme related products but no one is reacting.

  30. Beautiful Dreamer Becky P

    My thing is he has a coffin shaped palette that came prior to the cremated soooooo I think people are being Stretch Armstrong and reaching for a reason to be pissed.

  31. Georgios Antoniadis

    Why was this on the news

  32. Kathryn Moffett

    I love this look. It is sexy and cute! :3

  33. PrettyBaby

    There is only one problem with this palette.... I didn’t get it fast enough and they were sold out 🖤🤍 June restock hurry up!

  34. Aubrey MaddLadd


  35. Kinasei

    Vijftig tinten grijs

  36. Azarah Wagner

    He can rot

  37. Sammy Sam Sam

    Thank you Nikkie for explaining the process of make-up, the palette screams Jeffree not because of the pandemic. The quality is the BOMB! you look good with both shadows!

  38. Kaylee T

    It is a weird time to have a pallet that name, but Jeffree said he named it that because his dad, and his dogs were all cremated and it’s a tradition in there family.

  39. Steven Sneddon MUA

    This was jeffree stars first palette I fell in love with straight away and I had to got on his website and pay for shipping to UK I’ve had so many people message me and say I need to do my own video on this which I bloody will do

  40. Kathryn Moffett

    I love green on you. It makes you look stunning!! Green is so mean! 100% U!

  41. Jenna Howland

    Is Nikkie acting a little excessively crazy or is it just me?

  42. Gamester


  43. Sammy Sam Sam

    i havent watched anything yet, but i have to comment about how gorgeous is this sparkling moment!

  44. Masoumeh Cloud

    The person who made me fall in love with makeup is YOU ❤

  45. Michelle Gerver

    Not surprised that this is a JSC theme! It totally seems like Jeffree and I didn’t associate it with everything going on in the world considering people die\are cremated every day!

  46. Atlanta Bowen

    Death happens every day regardless of the pandemic.. it will offend someone at any time it was released, i didn't even associate it with the pandemic until it was mentioned

  47. Abdul Azeem Ahmed

    Nikkie u are really pretty

  48. Thirza Nap

    Oh lord, I want Nikkie to come in to my ‘kamer’ and just decorate it as nice as she has done it with her make-up ‘kamer’. Love you Nikkie

  49. Amy Kemp

    Honestly just unfortunate timing.

  50. Amy Kemp

    Yes to the Pomeranian pallet!!!!

  51. Alissa Lima

    I actually thought the name was DECEASED!

  52. Michele Bostic

    Yes I'm living for his new diamond shades. Ever since his Blood Lust pallet. Makes me literally want a whole pallet of just diamond shades.

  53. Laurie H.

    Ummmmm - please don’t talk like Matilda!!

  54. Richys Camera Captures

    I'm not into the zombie look. In fact. No make up. Natural beauty is the best beauty. Wow. What a fricken mess you turned yourself into.

  55. Tiffany Love

    It’s not fall out when it’s in the pans it’s. kick back

  56. Ellis Knol


  57. Gerry Vy

    TLDR; 14:30

  58. Lida M G

    Considering the name of the palette and how many people are upset over the name.. hmm i guess i cant say its to die for. But i really like the shades although i usually love colours and not grey dull shades. But these greys look amazing on the eyelids.

  59. Anastasia Germain

    I am so incredibly happy for you two! I keep going back to this video because it´s such a positive and joyful one.

  60. Summer Nekrasow

    Omg it makes me sick how many dislikes there are girl you are a beautiful person and you are my idol and your just being you and I love that I will support no matter what. Keep doing you. ❤️❤️❤️

  61. Sappy Shark Tooth

    Noone cares about the name. We need the Dahvie Vanity situation, Lipstick NAZI, and self mutilation exploitation situations answered immediately.

  62. katti perry

    The only thing associated it with is the death of his relationship lol and it's a STUNNING pallet. Wish I could have got one but they sold out so fast

  63. Astrid Bakker

    Ik kijk deze video dus nu pas, i know late to the party, maar ik lig in een deuk!

  64. Hannah Baxter

    Someone get me it

  65. Sophie Cahill

    You are a beautiful amazing strong empowering woman you should be so proud of your self because you are the best version of you when you choose who you want to be ❤️❤️❤️

  66. Mariah PokéDawg

    Can't type not offensive in your comments for some reason???

  67. KingCK

    This palette needs more purples

  68. Life of Mie

    OMG! I knew it since I saw the launching video from him. It's really full of depth of greys. I really want this!

  69. Ainsley Roach

    Love you so much💛