1. idania mv

    Sin duda, el más grande rockero poeta, Pete Doherty!!

  2. Rhys Jones

    pete doherty bringing it back in 2019 , just hope he can beat his addiction and get back to where he was when the libertines were around

  3. jean Neplin

    God Save the Pete

  4. Gumbercules, I love that guy!

    who knew this is defining song of 2020

  5. MD


  6. 김다은

    피트 머리 왜 점점 병신되가는지 아시는분..

  7. Molly Rytter


  8. MrTonythemasta

    another favourite to add to an ever growing list thankyou.

  9. Martha Bardales

    Me encanta!!!

  10. Darlin BH

    This is pure beauty. It breaks my heart and gives me hope at the same time. Deserves much more than under 3,000 views. Thank you fellas for the gorgeous song and fantastic video!

  11. Aaron P.B.

    The last surviving British poet.

    1. Sly Mars

      the last of the English roses

    2. taga555ful


  12. Mac

    Saw the libs last night live and he's still got it no doubt about it, magic man

  13. nina gochitashvili

    Maybe not exactly under, but in ? Maybe it depends on taste idk

  14. Charlotte char


  15. Marcin ViMart

    Fucking awesome

  16. Bumble Bee

    Hello Pete. Hope you’re doing well still

  17. leon fowler

    This is a person I want to meet

  18. Mariedda Marria


  19. John Matrix

    Talentless oik

  20. martinsalex_art


  21. filmy tablet


  22. snow drop

    Such a sweet and subtle song. I wish hell calm down drugs and will keep on composing such jewels like this one ! Pete Doherty one of the last english roses. Dont fall backwards boy !

    1. Harvey Morgan

      Ppl have been wishing it for his whole career lol

  23. Mariedda Marria


  24. Fabrício Novaes

    Essa canção é muito boa

  25. Dan Lyins

    What a load of shit

  26. de García

    De puta madre tío, Pete sigue creando

  27. Jesús A. Hernández R.

    The Beatles mode on!

  28. Dominic Ross

    No disregard but it does sound like Oasis or teh Gallagher brothers...just saying

  29. jack henry

    just gonna casually add to the "Thanks Peter Doherty" comments because this entire Album is fucking good.

  30. hhu trf

    美しい曲をありがとう〜 From Japan

  31. JLSXXX

    Top man

  32. J


  33. jannuhat

    Just be better As whatever this is, you suck ass

  34. Sabine Lederer

    sweeter Then a Kiss sweeter is just PETER :-*

  35. Javier Martos

    This is a beautifull song from a great classic rock album, hard to find this days, thank´s.

  36. john Jones

    sounds like a smack head attempting to be bohemian. Get t fuck.

  37. Carlos Valarezo

    Quiero un gato la puta madre !

  38. stornkle

    This was released on my 16 birthday 🤘🏻❤️❤️🖤


    Myyyyyyyyy beloved🍻🍻🍻🍻🍻🍻💖💖💖💖💖💖

  40. giuseppe cianci


  41. Blue Sparrow

    This is such a lovely song. Got here because i watched a Libertines video because of Freddie Highmore. When youtube's algorithm gets it right. .

  42. Yessica Hurtado

    Te amo Peter Doherty. ❤

  43. Hayley Quinn

    come and have a smoke with me and my bf,,,

  44. Peter Mouat

    I new he still had the beans cool ya beans my sun you look a fucking mess love ya peter

  45. Michael Walken

    great song, up there with petes best I think

  46. mystic Crow

    Best album since shotters nation 👌🙏

    1. Alastair Sutherland

      It's better than shotter's nation

  47. D Ĺurd

    good to see u alive

  48. hykel art

    i like this block... no.matyer.what you are.. toi donc are great.

  49. Valentin Roco

    wonderful, you are amazing, love you Pete

  50. Ariel del Puerto Benza

    Jack from Trampolene <3

  51. rat neck

    BRILLIANT ...fucking brilliant

  52. Жанат Акбулатов

    Какая из этих милых собачек загрызла кошку той бедной женщины? Надеюсь, что эта собака сдохнет от чумки, на твоих глазах, Пит.

  53. Chris Bailey

    Life... heartfelt.🤲.

  54. Cholo33

    absolute savage

  55. Peter Mouat

    joy can't stand me now

  56. Nallely P

    Pete is really a passion man, Lover and lovely, it s nice to see him happy

  57. melody torres


  58. Dr. ácula

    Hunting for where joy goes

  59. fabricio novaes

    Isso sim é rock rool.

  60. fabricio novaes

    Linda canção.

  61. francis begbie

    This smells of crack

  62. Rusty Shackleford

    I thought sinead killed herself.

  63. Nlext.Magazine

    I really love your music Pete!! Such a wonderful voice and this song is very special i love the video! So much love from Peru!

  64. Zyzuś Tłuścioch

    This video=masterpiece

  65. Manual de Instrucciones

    Pete I love you :)

  66. αἰετηερ ἀρκαιμ

    I've been feelin' really saddened. Just wanted to get close to my room and lay down in my bed. Was then when my cat came to me, it lay down near to my body... Now that's when I feel: "The paradise is under my nose." = = = All my esteem for you Peter from Peru. Greetings for the whole band too. = = =

  67. Gondolf 1

    Drogenabhängiger VOLLIDIOT

  68. lola2win

    Oh I love how you love animals. It shows compassion and kindness. But please get get them spay and neutered. Thousands are murdered a a day, thousands more are abused, and inbred/ overbred. Show your love and promote humanity..😙🐶

    1. Zachary Magpul

      I miss hearing about lil Dinger lol. Almost named my cat Dinger also lol

  69. Esteban Ventura

    I think this song is about him I don't love anyone but you you're not just anyone are you ol'self

  70. Dani Wind

    Heavy drug boy. I always proud of you for all your drug habits.

  71. Dick Diver

    Lovely song

  72. Dick Diver

    Lovely song

  73. Dick Diver

    Lovely song

  74. MrHowie1976


  75. Daniel Maddison

    Absolutely adore this

  76. gcbenelli

    this made my day mate

  77. JLSXXX

    Makes my hairs stand up.x

  78. Lidija Ilic

    Absolutely beautiful in every way

  79. Linda Maguire


  80. Ben FK

    Only just heard these new tunes, I missed the show in Camden, I was going to go but was too depressed to get out of bed then when I finally did I missed it by about an hour. Real shame these new songs are great

    1. αἰετηερ ἀρκαιμ

      @lizi h & Ben FK :: I've been feelin' really saddened. Just wanted to get close to my room and lay down in my bed. Was then when my cat came to me, it lay down near to my body... Now that's when I feel: "The paradise is under my nose."

    2. lizi h


  81. Eugenia Syro

    He is very tortured and troubled, but I sure enjoy his talent/voice. Lose the drugs. Stay with us awhile, Pete.

  82. fabricio novaes


  83. mary warner

    Warum muss der Typ schon wieder Tiere züchten? Der kam schon mit Katzen nicht klar. Wer hat kein Gefühl für Tiere.

  84. Henders K Peal

    Incredibly average. Sounds amateur.

  85. The Casual Front

    Bag a shite

  86. Ben Smith

    Dogs a sick guy peter !

  87. Haku Metatron


  88. J- Mac

    This song has been in my head for the past week- such a good song...

  89. Ukelele literario


  90. Eagle Fat

    Not fair! using husky puppies is cheating

  91. Hera Small

    Am I the only one that thinks this song could be about smack? It has kind of a gloomy feel to it - beautiful song I'm not hating, just sounds like another chemical romantic rock ballad to me

  92. Abbey Karma

    Love.. ❤️

  93. Hariz Fadhilah

    Like coke?

  94. Michael Lefevre

    It seems that this song has been inspired to Pete by a " vision " of Vanessa Paradis !

  95. Gerson Mejia


  96. Elias Idoria

    Lo volviste a hacer Pete!.

  97. JLSXXX

    The best.x

  98. JLSXXX

    Super star🤠🤠🤠🤠🤠

  99. Marina Montes