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  1. SunnyDev

    I'm gonna say it kevin Durant ruined 2 nba seasons

  2. Burnt_ Mcmuffin

    "Last minute of last 25 finals" Video: 33:30 minutes long

  3. DVO XO

    Appreciate greatness, no matter who it is because we don't see this all the time. Give them their flowers.

  4. Contra

    *blocks Ross* C-C-C-COMBO BREAKER!!! *breaks Iwundu's ankles* A-A-A-ANKLE BREAKER!!! *3 + foul* UUUUULLLLLLLLLTTTTTTRRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  5. Dr.catgaming REE

    when she said weaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah i really felt that

  6. Mohamed Ali

    Boondocks Need I say more

  7. Dr.catgaming REE

    she mangled fergie's version

  8. Aidan Reyes


  9. Shaquille Grizzle

    Obviously he didn't always win it but, LeBron was really on the screen for like 15 straight mins. MJ is the GOAT, imo, but there is no reason to keep downplaying the stuff Bron did.

  10. Kameron

    2:50 this is just here cause it's curry lol nothing special about this

  11. marcofthedead1

    15:57 ❤️


    That was too short :,(

  13. tatonkaa

    you know the Bucks are a NBA team too right?

  14. Samir Atta

    Bro it acc hurts to see this, like we should’ve closed out the finals in 5🤦🏽‍♂️

  15. Kermit


  16. Rocky Flacco

    Bruhhhhh P making up lyrics

  17. Jordan Fadness

    Magic was right to be mad that was a clean-ass strip by him on Mullen.

  18. Isaura Comas

    When she says “he will be your and she will be your halo” I cried my eyes out...

  19. PullthaShoota

    June 2020

  20. Sae Ri

    I rarely see her smile in the series

  21. Jovan

    this episode is a classic for me funny as hell

  22. g money

    The top 3 players in world as the cover thats dope

  23. William Gao

    how tall is he?

  24. Bugs Bunny

    Beyonce make me think about my own mortality... how life is so short... live your best life because tomorrow is not promised...

  25. 恐竜好き

    (1978-2020)R.I.P Kobe Bryant、永遠に君を愛している🏀

  26. Jesse Diaz

    I've said it once I'll say it again. Kuzma too moist, purple/gold need another 3pt shooter.

  27. flaDOODles7

    On paper, Dirk and the Mavericks were like the fifth or sixth best team in the league. Dirk just defied all odds.

  28. Morgan Adams

    is it just me or did aron baynes mean to land on steph currys hand and broke it on purpose

  29. Tim Davis

    Easily the best dunk of the year!!!

  30. thegoldenhero

    2013 Kobe was a really a comeback season for him he hadn't look that dominate since 2010

  31. Vancovermycity

    People call KD a snake but how he get injured then? Snakes don’t got bones

  32. Vancovermycity

    I don’t understand if KD is a snake how did he get injured?? Snakes don’t got bones this makes no sense

  33. LionsTigersBearsOhMy Animals

    53 seconds Tony kukoc is like Michael we did it!!! Michael like give me the damn ball and get the he’ll out of the way 😂

  34. Madden Seabass

    I am a Kings fan but Lavine is a tier above Buddy

  35. Demarcus Alexander

    Erick Dampier was trash...I see Dirk basically carried the team

  36. Chris Martinez

    Really goes to show how consistently great LeBron is and how they always assembling super teams against him just to win

  37. The Frozen Lake

    Damn Kobe really played like a myplayer guy in real life

  38. JXSH.

    @6:06 Tho.!!😫.!

  39. Jay Carter


  40. Elijah Johnson

    actually a decent song

  41. Jody Merkle

    "I don't know who was second string but I'm sure it fell off drastically