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  1. 奈緒nao

    1:18 I choked on my watermelon 😂😂😂😂😂

  2. hamizah matharun

    poor me ingatkan la vida raya tadi

  3. Elisabet F. Joensen


  4. Samigiri XP

    Damn.. this song speaks volumes of how I feel every day 😓 and yet we keep walking and going and trying... I was so sure they’d rhyme cry with the d word...

  5. Klarry Balayo

    Perfect song to describe what I am right now.

  6. Bree T.

    Why does this remind me of a church song for some reason 😂

  7. Cosmic Ishan

    I hate Fridays. Work is something I genuinely love - and it’s not fun for me to see that end each week. I look forward to Mondays. But in the recent years, I’ve been really fascinated by those who are cheering for the opposite. So many people hate their jobs or where they work, and they see Friday as a “relief” from the rest of the week. If that’s you… I want to really put some pressure on that conversation today. If you’re unhappy at your job, really consider selling your home, your car, the junk in your garage that you’ve never used in years, or your old clothes. Move to a smaller apartment with lower rent. Think about whether you actually “need” something, or if it’s taking away more happiness than its giving you. It’ll give you more air cover to go after a better job, a side hustle, or a business that you’re actually passionate about. You can choose what your bills are, to a large degree. - Gary Vee

  8. Barbara Thelma Smith BTS

    This is me during during quarantine 😔

  9. Nisa 257

    I'm dying with his visual 😣😣

  10. ring joy

    ungungungung daldalgurihada 엉엉엉엉 달달구리하다

  11. tyutyu_tyu

    Just started listening to them this month. I already love all of their songs! How i wish i discover them soon...

  12. xMomoTuanx

    Young K.. I really love you but I always wince when you slurp(?) pretty loud while eating because I really hate it😂

  13. dorkyexoikongot7day6


  14. xMomoTuanx

    Everyone when they can't sleep: * listening to relaxing music, relaxation technique * Me: * listening to young k's asmr where he eats pretty loud and has an identity crisis again *

  15. sara hajbi

    omg that's so cool 💖👍 love you guys so much 💖💞 your fans from Jordan 🔥

  16. Joleen A.K

    This needs more views istg🤦🤦

  17. honda tohru

    Day6 need more attention!!! Let's stand day6!!

  18. Baekyongqin

    this song just describe what I'm feeling for the past few months..

  19. ChimChim


  20. 핑크람보르ᄀ희니

    슬픔과 분노의 코알라.......

  21. jina lol

    Soy un zombi :l

  22. اسماء DAY6

    احلا نشبه مع احلى كوفر

  23. 리둘

    강영현 사 랑 해.....

  24. Bella Winsett

    I literally play this every day BEST SONG EVER

  25. sarah sabrinna.

    this song describes my mental health better than my doctor.

  26. mia

    sapa berani2nya ngedislike ini?! sini maju!!😡

  27. no one

    The Acapella part......Everytime.....

  28. Nur Hafizah

    I like I like I like I like I like I like

  29. N0or Anter


  30. اسماء DAY6

    يزين المبدعين

  31. Sri Handa

    He really look like han jisung brother

  32. sasti pasya

    Young K's voice is arghhhh!!! I love his voice so muchhh

  33. Lydia

    this is honestly the most emotional cover I've ever heard aopfijwejf;awj the guitar sound is so raw augh my heart

  34. Lydia

    wonpil should be on shows doing covers like these T____T SUGARMAN go call him T__T

  35. Lydia

    I can't believe that voice is coming out of that man

  36. Ayincaw


  37. Wulan Purnama

    Dowoon ah eomma here , lets go homeeee

  38. Fetchie Largo

    such a mood

  39. Kharima Ghaisani.

    BARU TAU!!!!! YAAMPUN 😍😍😍😍😍😍

  40. Annakylie Shiniani

    What a beautiful cover!!!!

  41. Yunik Esquivel

    "Day6 can't dance" **Dance6 exists**

  42. 검정팬티

    강영현... 내가 사랑한다고 말했던가

  43. ABRAXAS !


  44. Angela Doria

    Wait a second ... if they did a remix / did a feature of this ... with Billie Ellish ... BOP BRO!

  45. Aye Thandar

    Omg ! English ver is also so good So meaningful :)

  46. Almond milk

    this do be how depression feels tho

  47. Citlalcoátl

    Beautiful :3 Hopefully one day I'll see them live in Mexico 🇲🇽

  48. Izzah Ulya

    I see day6, and then click !

  49. GFD GDF

    Soooooooooo loud! Hahaha! You're cute. Keep on, Youngtuber K. Oh! About the endings, will you really use the 3 of them? <3 <3 <3

  50. Manee Tum

    I am not the fan of Day6 but I really like this song .

  51. Destia Mei

    Ver3 my favorite

  52. Maddie Francis

    Why is everyone doing the pg version of the word fucking?

  53. Dewi Melisna

    I come here every day💜

  54. Taehyung Kim


  55. Pororo . Luna

    Oh I'm so inlove with his voice >.<

  56. AnythingGaming

    This is like the most relatable song ever. :’(

  57. Ariadna Acevedo

    Me he emocionado fuerte <3 Su voz es hermosísimaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  58. ima belle

    i hope i can give strength to those ppl who needs help! being alone is not the best solution but i know it's hard for some ppl to open up. but i'll pray for all of us for a better life. there are moments when i'm also having hard times but being me i know how to control myself not to get into the darkness. we can do this everyone!

  59. lavina

    This song has hindi lyrics I’m impressed 👏🏻

  60. MHobishines

    No offense to other groups but their english is just a chef's muah

  61. sʜɪɴɴxx

    As a coldplay songs enthusiast i really in love in this young k's ver of viva la vida

  62. Nadine Bumatay

    Man, it hits.

  63. seulgiii kang


  64. JIMIN's JAM

    *Best song to listen before dying :'>*

  65. Septiandita Nikmawati

    The way he say "it's still black" wkwkwkwkwk

  66. Mr.LimÓN


  67. wardah

    life will end by itself you dont have to speed it up

  68. lliill lliill


  69. 장만월

    I became a Zombie, and there's nothing that can cure me.💔 The whole song described me (day6 I love you❤️)

  70. Nabila Jibril

    Pokoknya taon depan nonton konser day6 live langsung ... Amin

  71. Septiandita Nikmawati

    Dowoon version LOL, you must be love dowoon so much bri

  72. dini.

    "I feel like i became a zombie, not alive but i still waking" that's kick me so hard 😔✊

  73. Rosa

    I was gonna write English version but now I don’t have to!

  74. Aisha C

    Thank you day6 for being so relatable once again ❤💯 your songs always make me think and that's what i love about them so much.

  75. lliill lliill


  76. Stella


  77. M Elly

    The cure is Jesus Christ who loves you unconditionally and died for you on the cross while we are still a sinner. His blood is pour out on the cross for forgiveness of our sin and to makes you accepted as son of God. Jesus can fill the hole in your heart and only He can fill it and satisfy you with his loves. Trust me i say these based on my own experience. Stay strong guys, Jesus loves you.

  78. Emily Morales

    Es una lástima que esta canción no es más conocida, para mí es la mejor canción del 2020.

  79. Chielou Garzo

    This song has been my mood for the whole quarantine.

  80. Tran Luan

    This too shall pass and everything will be fine again, so I hope everyone can have positive thinking in life. Try to live well till you can.

  81. Jasmin Elizabeth Gomez

    i already loved the original version as it is - i can feel their emotions and i related to the lyrics just by reading captions. but hearing it on the language i understand hits real differently.. this song really spoke what ive been feeling lately. thank you, DAY6. i know you're experiencing that way too and i hope you are doing well. :)

  82. foreverVanney

    this is so relatable to me. I feel like I'm not alive at all, just sleeping for way too long, not working, not doing anything useful, and not even talking to anyone. I'm just shut off from everyone and too afraid of being hurt again to move forward in life so no one sees me, and it really feels like I became a zombie, even before quarantine started. What is life when you don't live it, when you just walk on the same spot forever?

  83. Mariane Miglioranci

    Oh my God... I'm crying j-j

  84. Otaku Random

    Omg it’s like they made this song just for me

  85. 董思成

    i relate to this song on a personal level.

  86. Cindi CGJ

    I hope u have a nice day all <3

  87. Gormond

    What great song, but it's Day6 so should I be surprised?

  88. Jezika Monthero

    Eres un gran vocal y persona 👌💕

  89. Jezika Monthero

    Kim Won Pil te amamos mucho 💙

  90. Elisa Delgado

    I'm Usually a zombie..... I don't have felling? But love day6 for help me....every today....


    This is too good why is this underrated

  92. angieyya

    Not only am I grateful that Sungjin isn't in a dance group (I mean, we all know about DanceJin, right? xD) but I am SOOOO grateful JYP put him in rock band, because his raspy vocals are to die for!!!! <3

  93. Michelle Chelle

    Honestly, this song is really describe about my life T-T

  94. ty track systemughugh

    okay first it’s jeffrey’s i like me better, now this

  95. Don’t cry Seungcheol BUT HES PRETTY when he does

    "wanting something i cant see, and something i cant reach or something that counld not exist" this sentence reminded me of my last relationship i had and we had a tough breakup and in the nights i would go through our videos/photos and i heard her giggles and the videos of her kissing me on the cheek and then i look through our messages and theyre just us "yelling" at eachother and i love her so much but i dont know anymore i want to fix things but im so ashamed of myself i cant even look at her that shit hurts so much and i yearn for her so bad

  96. Horen LastTeacher

    Just to lighten up the mood, I wanna mention that the DAY6 channel has reached 1M subscribers.

  97. Gervic Asor

    I don't know DAY6 but I like this song just by first listening.

  98. Jae Young

    This song always hit me differently :") aigooo

  99. Gabriela Souza

    oh boy