The studio that brought you Black Swan, Slumdog Millionaire, 12 Years a Slave, Birdman, Brooklyn, Three Billboards, The Shape of Water and more of your favorites.

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  1. College Student

    A complete waste of time for those who made it and those who watched it. The definition of a flop.

  2. DolphinSurferGirl

    Just took my kids to see FLY at La Jolla Playhouse and my friend told me about this trailer!!!! This looks amazing!!! Pirates, adventure, fairies & heart! We can't wait for this movie. The cinematography looks unbelievable! Well done capturing this fairytale that I get to relive with my kids. Never grow up🤪

  3. Invalid Name. Please, Try Again.

    I wasn’t expecting an American voice

  4. にゅたく

    I love this movie. This movie makes will blieve in my dreams to become a movie directer one more time. I'm sorry my poor English. Thank you for all !!!

  5. Aisha Smith

    It’s a no for me

  6. Anish Shrestha

    But how 18?!

  7. cool beans

    Watched this yesterday. One of the best films i've ever seen

  8. azarikaKZ

    It took me 10 years to gather strength to watch this movie 😬

  9. Rafiel Rosario

    Stupid kids

  10. Raj Sinha

    I saw myself in realistic movie i ever watched mann

  11. Diana Rosary

    anyone noticed dafoe again?

  12. SA J

    I'm ready for Hook 2... Hook! Hook! Give us the hook!

  13. Aesthetic Billie Eilish

    When ur names jojo and u get bullied and called a rabbit wow just my luck 🤣🤣

  14. Matthias Reith

    I wonder what the full color/black and white dynamic is...

  15. Mila 1010

    Just some info- The actor who played this creature is the same actor who played Abe (Abraham Sapien) in Hellboy (2004 and 2008), Doug Jones. Can’t help wondering if this is like Abe’s backstory before Professor Broom found him, just a theory i like to think about it’s truly amazing really.

  16. isacloboz


  17. Pablo Atenas

    This is oposite extreme of Tarantino romatizing violence. Loved this movie.


    this looks like peter pan meets city of god and its AMAZING 😍😍

  19. Baby Yoda

    Just here for some Lo-Fi samples

  20. Santos

    Adam Brody is amazing in this movie. I had no idea that he had this kind of performance in him.

  21. Rango pistacho

    The fbi knows what I watch jojo rabbit was brought back on films and I'm recommended this after watching

  22. madison miles


  23. sa ce

    Same old white humor s#it.

  24. J Conic

    Me: i want some Wes Anderson mommy Mom: we have wes anderson at home

  25. ayy lmao

    How in the absolute fuck did this win an oscar

  26. Madavi Gunaratne

    Typically my life 2020 🤦‍♀️

  27. SickKent

    This movie was absolute fucken trash, I didn't even get through 30 minutes of it. Not because of the theme but because of the cringey, try hard laughs. Not my cup of tea.

  28. JiSo

    People may not realise this, but the way the Japanese crowd were clapping is so bloody Japanaese. No shouts, nor cheering. It's just simple and subtle claps.

  29. L- 1485

    Man the scene where he tried to tie her shoes after he saw the blue butterfly but stopped to hug her again...... His desparate sob..😭😭

  30. Mer Feraine

    He was nominated for an Oscar with this, I cried when he finally won 16 years later

  31. Angela Alvarez

    Disgusting expletives around 5hat child nice parenting real parents pimped out their kids. Disgusting film.

  32. Joseph Ocasio

    I see the Deadpool Marketing team is here in full effect.

  33. Josh Mayer

    the thing about this movie is that it doesn’t even seem like acting, it all just seems so genuine.

  34. Greg J

    Sounds like Pulp song with Jarvis Cocker.

  35. eyecebrakr

    This movie is so pretentious it felt like it was giving itself an artsy blow job the entire time.

  36. Septimus Solis

    I want ginger Peter :(

  37. Eli Wolkenstein

    Who else is confused?

  38. DeeDeePolishton TV

    Lmao. A few pikininis for good measure

  39. The Eberly Fam

    I absolutely loved Charlie in this movie!

  40. Joseph Thomas

    I am actually confused on what this is about

  41. any thing

    lets just be glad that this wasnt an animated movie or else disney

  42. ?

    Next: Stalin Metal

  43. sNiT bonavue

    Terrible movie, the worst I’ve ever seen, if vomit and diarrhea made a movie they wouldn’t make it this bad

  44. Cody


  45. Dream State Films

    We the animalistic beasts of the southern Wendy

  46. Fearsex dream rip torn

    Cult has chris mastronardi and weird people are connected to me want to speak to my apartment in the bronx wants to take it away has stupid shit speaking to me little nemo on hbo I dont want to speak to these things baby wild is little nemo I am 3sa microsoft on nbc please assure I get my money they mad

  47. Knight of the King

    I love that Graham Greene is in this, very underappreciated actor. He's a First Nations (Oneida) from Canada. He was in a Canadian film called Lost in the Barrens (1990), in that film they talk about the Barren lands of northern Canada and how the indigenous peoples call it the place of the Wendigos.

  48. Knight of the King

    I love Guillermo del Toro's films. I'll definitely see this one. #Antlers 🦌

  49. Jodie

    I don't get the title

  50. WatchTheSuit

    another "woke" remake. the story of peter pan, but focussed on a strong female, and of course, peter is a "person of color." wendy's white though, so not woke enough. also, flying seems pretty ableist.

  51. Fanny Situmeang

    Suka banget sama filmnya 😆

  52. Mark Clason

    I thought this might be about The Beach Boys’ song.

  53. Maxim

    Adolf i dont think i can do this... Searchlight Pictures - Was? Of course you can!

  54. Elena Amore

    Did someone else rewatch this trailer three times because of the soundtrack? Cause I did.

  55. Man Of Culture

    This trailer does not prepare you for how emotionally wrecked you're going to be once you've watched the movie.

  56. Miranda Vinci

    Wendy was blonde and Peter pan was white.


    this movie is gold

  58. Caisaiah Cisco

    this is gonna make me cry

  59. PewDiePie sucks T series sucks

    This movie is 11 years old and I bet Anil Kapoor still looks like that

  60. Banks the halo great

    Lord of the baby flies? and that creature in the water looks like a Stygomedusa (giant rare blanket jellyfish) cool!🤷🏽‍♂️

  61. Son Gohan

    1:03 What the Bishop says here is why most Germans/Austrians continued to fight. It doesn't matter if the leader is Hitler...When the enemy is coming to rape your daughters & sisters. You fight because you protect your comrades and your people, your entire civilisation.

  62. Bruce Tan

    Another woke movie.

  63. aytkn00

    shut up ! *ZA* *WARUDO* *!*

  64. Marissa Flores-Ada

    2:15 Arthur - Don't cry in my office.

  65. Thomas Rotter

    Its a yawn for me

  66. Ridwan Nur salam

    I thought this would be a sequel to Grand Budapest Hotel.. in fact Wes Anderson brought majority an old cast and this film quite similar in tones vibes

  67. Reece Thomas

    Why is there only one movie like django... that was so funny.

  68. Chris Binion

    This should make at least $50 the U.S. alone...on opening day.

  69. Teddy Paw

    This'll work!

  70. xThunderxWolfx

    Or just watch Perfect Blue.

  71. Leon Trotsky

    It's almost like the people in charge of the media are trying to inspire non-whites to kill white people. A constant reminder of a troubled past is only going to keep the conflict brewing.

  72. 2serveand2protect

    01:12 - hey! - ain't that the "Sheriff" from "Wind River"??

  73. Yes yes yes

    Wow nazi trump supporters must be pissed at this movie

  74. Gabriel the gamer's Hub

    Everyone: it's a wendigo me: Looks like the school librarian

  75. BaronvonPiano

    I’ve only seen one Wes Anderson film, and that’s Fantastic Mr. Fox. I want to see the rest of his films, and I’m definitely catching this in the theater!

  76. Ana Diaz

    Call me by your name deserved the Oscar PERIOD

  77. Jack Star

    why do they show all these parts in the trailer? i dont get it

  78. Oli Molina

    People who dis like are pro slavery

  79. Kung Fu Kenny

    May I ask what music was used for the trailer?

  80. Ron Tropics

    Oh, this is so exciting!

  81. Je ne sais pas

    Do your thang

  82. Furry4Life

    And this kids this is how i became a furry

  83. Director Kelly

    Rockwell played the strongest character by far

  84. Nickster

    Maybe we should do the same with the coronavirus.

  85. QStew

    anyone else watch this trailer when they want to see the movie but don't have time? like a 2min bite-size peek into the ether

  86. Wheeler Knight

    The fact that this lost Cinematography to HUGO and best picture to THE ARTIST is totally beyond me.

  87. BlackBirds93

    Seeing Chloe Grace Moretz this guy was weird

  88. Andrew Knowles

    👽🥚Hello, Fello skank.🌭🐕

  89. Laurence Cristoff


  90. Starks Outlaw

    Zero words. Split second glances of the monster Cool music Yeah I'm watching this when it comes out in theaters

  91. Shahdae Azura

    I LOVE child actors! It’s so amazing and moving to see them embrace these roles with such skill and it just shows how intelligent children actually are!

  92. troisxa

    my favourite film

  93. zck2020

    Yeah this movie has almost nothing to do with the 2nd earth, it's just a plot device for a relationship drama.

  94. David Hodges

    This is descosting! If any had a time machine, I'd go back in time at this point in history, and shoot them, ever slave traders.

  95. rekyklwsh ena dyo tria

    pepi xontroula

  96. Sangeeta Mundra

    People who are non Indians and watching this video, search for the name of the anchor as Anil Kapoor latest pics and you would find no difference in him now and then.

  97. Banhi Sarkar

    I'm crushing BIG TIME on Thomasin McKenzie 😍😍 She was so BRILLIANT in the film and i feel there hasn’t been enough press coverage around her character :(

  98. alanjrkaminski

    I couldn't make it to the trailer I can't imagine how the movie would be

  99. Quinton Jackson

    This movie looks stupid

  100. Auro Ra

    I wonder how the Americans would like it if we Germans make a "funny movie about Pearl Harbor"....