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  1. Kristina J

    All 3 of you always give us goosebumps

  2. Roni Flavio

    Gostei muito!! 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

  3. J.S Schouten.

    Drummer absolutely fucking nailed it. Totally natural. Sick improvs. Like possessed.

  4. Nathan Newman

    I’m Australian and I am discussed in what the mask singer has done to you guys, you guys are incredible artists and deserve more than that, I’m sorry, I’ll share the hell out of this, good luck

  5. djentchannel

    Nobody can beat Freddie vocal but nice try.

  6. Dani Elen Rique

    How cool having seen the four of them growing individually and now making videos together!!

  7. Heider Jolina

    please cover numb, papercut or Rebellion of linkin park. or drown,can you feel my heart or hospital for Souls of bring me the horizon or a other Song!

  8. Izum Music

    Лучше Фредди послушать.

  9. Baixa Oito

    jesus meu coração cheio de gordura não guenta...

  10. D B

    Fucking DOPE!!!!!!! off the hook!!!

  11. Someone Unknown

    Stop shaking camera!!!

  12. Pitt Lord

    Those 3 part harmonies are amazing. Adds an entirely different layer to the song. Nice job on this one!

  13. Kim

    wow. 04:15 brought me to tears...

  14. Kim

    Beautiful cover ladies :)

  15. Keep Silence

    Fuck, that`s good.

  16. Amplified \m/

    With a look at the Drummers Outfit i really thought he would throw some sick blast Beats and Double Bass parts in, haha

  17. qNick

    The goosebumps are real

  18. Sofian

    I just wanna give a huge shout out to someone who does an INSANE job but is forgotten due to the talents of these people ! Dear video editor, your job is SICK !

  19. Syn City

    I have struggled to find a cover of this song better than the original. Your commitment to the song and portrayal of its emotion is absolutely perfect. Well fucking done, you have (in my eyes) bested the original's performance. Keep up the great work.

  20. Kaila XOXX

    I love this better then the original

  21. Der Eric sein Youtube

    Wow....wow wow wow

  22. mizzdragon

    so good o_o

  23. sanday media

    5k to go.... 😍

  24. Samira Jahan


  25. Clint Levin

    dafuq!!!!!!!!! All my fave female vocalists singing in one song and its a classic! Sign me up!!!!!!

  26. M. Kemal Baihaqi

    The best cover .... 😍😍😍😍😍😍

  27. Cristian

    Their voices are the best that anyone could hear.

  28. Nodus

    Fob 😻

  29. Y Minis

    Me encantaría cantar como ellas

  30. Jymmang Diengdoh

    F**k! I think these are the only ladies who still do covers of my childhood favourite bands 😃

  31. Ashley Boyland

    <3 :) xxxx

  32. John Kowalsky

    DAMN ! you should try metal symphonic like a Xandria sound.

  33. PEDRO Apomte

    Simple,,fuckin awesome love it,besos y abrazos some to translate haha

  34. Ashley Boyland


  35. StormBreaker Actual

    How did I miss this for 4 whole months!?

  36. Stefy Roxanne

    Now we just need Kawehi to make an appearance in these collabs. :D

  37. Aaron Chaves

    Only can say........ Sweet!!!

  38. Samantha Holborn

    Bloody awesome

  39. James Saville


  40. TheNorthPrairies

    This cover >>>>> chuggaboom's cover 👌🏼🔥😍

  41. Sith Unicorn

    and whats the end of it all? do you have a laywer now? there are laywers who will do that for a % of the end payment.

  42. Epleh


  43. Casiano Urbano

    My god i just saw this and i was left speechless in a good way, you all need to become a band, when you gather there's that magic that makes us all wanna hear more from you, please keep up the great work! Bravo!

  44. Delfosd N

    Congratulations the video was incredible. But I will not deny that the effect of old has irritated me a lot.

  45. gilberto medina

    Chicas cover para sus voces sería imposible- The king/ Rise-Katy Perry/animals-Maroon 5

  46. Anthony ponce


  47. Xau Ghty


  48. brucenatelee

    Lauren Babic First to 11 / Halocen / Violet Orlandi

  49. Anthony ponce

    Just 🤤🤤🤤 🤯🤯🤯

  50. tea_and_thorazine

    Brian May has recovered from his scare and is doing well; yeaahh!! best wishes Brian, you legend.

  51. Eduardo Brachetti


  52. M. Kemal Baihaqi

    Koq jadi tenang hati ini ya nonton mereka bertiga.. Hi i'm from INDONESIA .. love you so much 😍😍😍😍😍😍

  53. pink nokia

    i had chills the entire song!!!! crazy

  54. Raquel-Emilia Ramírez-Moreno

    Really love the screamming part, the girl who does it is amazing!! I've tried screaming and it went all wrong


    The Drummer guy is very talented!!

  56. Vino Satwika

    This is very well mixed! I do really enjoyed it, thanks guys!

  57. Bryan Adler

    Queen is literally apart of me, and when I saw that F211 made a cover I was iffy at first, but I listened to it... and I couldn’t be more amazed on how well it was covered, beautifully done

  58. Piano Gamer01

    The electric guitar part sounds like Rachmaninov Prelude In C# minor. Is it just me??

  59. Joan García

    1:28 ese mamaaaaa uuuhh sono tan bonito 😅😍

  60. Hopinhos BDO

    Other 2 girls: covered in make up Lauren: Oh hey, I'm gorgeous by nature.

  61. Denilson Angulo

    I really love this collab cover 🥺❤️😍🥰🤩 greetings from Venezuela

  62. Daniel Bisogni da Silva

    ATC started their way around youtube with covers, and now I'm living to see they getting covered :V (awesome job kkk)

  63. Alex Gaburel

    Could you please cover melanie martinez?!?!?!?

  64. Alejandro Veliz

    Los adoro! Saludos desde Argentina! Brutal el cover!

  65. Philip Dumas

    Absolutely love this,definitely need more original songs..... 100%

    1. Halocene

      New song coming 2 weeks!

  66. Philip Dumas

    Always been a huge fan of Queen but not on covers..... This totally changed my mind on that.Was a pretty Rad cover,definitely loved it.

    1. Halocene


  67. Charles Marques


  68. Charles Marques

    Wow!!!! I'm already a fan

  69. Ari Ribeiro


  70. Ginger Mosley

    <3 I love Flyleaf. Perfect cover <3

  71. Chad Kirk

    this is a fucking amazing cover.

    1. Halocene


  72. Sean Reitman

    Featuring Nick Kroll

  73. Mojoe C

    You do great job but can you please do fully alive from flyleaf

    1. Halocene

      Coming next month!

  74. Setty Cuellar

    halocene always gives me the chills

  75. Wesley Sydnor

    I’m waiting for you guys to go on tour and be one of the performers at like MMRBQ or some shit 💙

  76. alex lima

    Just awesome!! Great job girls. Keep going..

  77. Natanael Rivera

    Oh my God. This the best version .

  78. Leonardo Piedrahita

    Literally only changed dislike to like for 4:07

    1. Halocene

      Well thank you then

  79. Leticia Francisco

    Essas minas juntas bagaçam 🖤🖤🖤

  80. Allison Krug

    This is amazing, I love this.

  81. Pumpkin King

    Did this actually happen?? (I know it didn't. But it's unbelievable and awesome at the same time. Man you look the part. ) Awesome cover as always

    1. Halocene


  82. Camila Aranda

    One like is just not enough to appreciate such talent.

  83. Lucas Blanchard

    Your voices will forever haunt my dreams and I’m totally fine with that hahaha! Y’all absolutely KILLED IT!

    1. Halocene


  84. Lucas Blanchard

    This was absolutely INCREDIBLE!!! I had goosebumps for the whole length of the song! The unique style y’all put on it works SO WELL! Each of your unique voices combined is just HAUNTINGLY GOOD!!! Great job! Much love from Texas!

  85. Artur Mendes

    pqp PERFEITAS!!

  86. Nicole Nicotera

    Do BYOB

  87. kS LS

    ohhhh my bohemian))))

  88. T Dot

    Nice cover .. but not a song for such high voices ^^

  89. No Name

    everyone KILLED this. INCREDIBLE.

  90. Alicja Szymańska

    mamai life has just benoi?

  91. Bianca’s World

    Many people don’t understand that when you sing a rock song, it’s full of emotion. She sounds like another pop singer. 🤷‍♂️

    1. Halocene

      Also... this is a pop song with guitars.... Patrick is very much a pop singer in a pop rock band.

    2. Halocene

      This is sung by a man. And original key favors a lower register singing higher octaves. Its just a cover. And a female voice in higher registers doesnt execute the same sound as a male.

  92. Sheymysy A M Borges

    Simplesmente magnífico💕

  93. Weedex Čtrnáct


  94. Анатолій Секер


  95. Grimreaper2612

    Was I the only one expecring the guitarrist to do the crazy head banging from the original video?

  96. OmegaHurricane

    You all are amazing! You girls should cover "Show must go on" by Queen!

  97. Daniel NL

    What's doing Drax playing the drums?

  98. Bri C

    Holy shit! You guys killed it. I love this 💜🔥