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  1. CCStars

    Hey y’all if anyone in the comments knits or crochets you can find some wool sweaters and undo them for some cheaper wool yarn :)

  2. Kat Nancy

    ahhahaha the 'having kids' drawing is priceless

  3. AshPosh Oh My Gosh

    Pretty! I love the red dress!! Keep being you! ❤️❤️❤️😇😇🤩🤩💯💯

  4. Nina Uliková

    i watched pilots of most of these when i was younger and i just now realize how i legit wasn't prepared for this kind of quality also, i love how you mentioned where i could watch these shows like i'm not gonna pirate it

  5. Mariah Trinity

    What are your thoughts on Outlander? I love the show!

  6. Bryana Samuel

    can you do a video on styling monochromatic outfits? i’m obsessed with it rn and would love to see how you’d style clothes!

  7. mijuo roui

    If you like fleabag, you’ll love After Life by Ricky Gervais!!

  8. suspenders

    if you haven't, do yourself a favor and check out "crazy ex-girlfriend." it's a SUPER dark romantic cringe comedy, that's thinly veiled as a lighthearted broadway-esque fairytale. it's incredibly well written, the musical score is phenomenal, it has strong genuine women characters and it de-stigmatizes mental illness in probably the best way i've seen done in any show or movie. it's on netflix, HIGHLY recommended! <3

  9. Ria P

    standard brokers fee in my country is 70-75% of one rent.. At most one rent, and I thought that was expensive

  10. İlayda Melis Şükür

    Why did I feel like this was going to be an ASMR video 😳 colors are sooo beautiful

  11. i t ‘ s • a t e i s h a

    19:23 when ur friend is over and you havvve to tell them that story while ur in the shower 🤣🤣🤣 lyyy 😚

  12. •Miss Willow•

    Wait! What’s that? Oh just my moms closet calling..

  13. fawu


    1. mijuo roui

      OMG have you watched Killing Eve? I really think you might like it!

  14. thanoses dentist

    please post the painting on ig its fucking amazing

  15. Emily Cranford

    If you haven't already, watch Shera and the princesses of power and Gilmore Girls both of which are on Netflix. Shera is amazing with a slightly rushed ending but it will forever be a favorite.

  16. Amy Nicole

    Omg thank you for shading la la land, my hero <3

  17. CADaddyDave

    Tried to watch this video, up you talk way to fast for us old folks.

  18. Luca Orbán

    You are going to love (!!!) Crazy Ex Girlfriend. It's female written (the writer of The Devil Wears Prada, and a sensation-icon-legend from youtube, Rachel Bloom) has a very diverse cast (they had four episodes in the third season i guess without a single straight white male character present), it addresses issues as serious as suicide, sexuality, mental health, achieveing your dream, etc. in the form of a musical comedy. It is so well made, and it is packed with talents like Santino Fontana or Donna Lynne Champlin. All of its four seasons are rated at least 95% on rotten tomatoes. It also got an Emmy. I could sort of describe it as a musical Fleabag. It is on Netflix. If you see this comment, just give it a chance. Search it on youtube, listen to "Don't be a lawyer" or "Trapped in a car with someone you don't wanna be trapped in a car with" I think those are pretty spoiler-free.

  19. Sofia Ruiz Velasco

    2020 and this video still makes me feel wonderful

  20. Deborah Ooi

    I wish Ashley will look through our comments and know just how amazing she is and what kind of positive impact she left on us. 💕

  21. Caitlin Kenyon

    OH MY GOD THAT LA LA LAND CALL OUT. I am deceased. Thank you, I needed that xD

  22. swiftie4lyf

    After watching that video on bestmess, all I can think during the intro of this video is how many times she must have had to say it😭😭😂😂😂

  23. Paulina Sok

    I recommend you sons of anarchy, it's really great show which is getting better with one another season i think you like it because while watching it you dont know what will happen next but you also have the feeling it's going to be bad

  24. Yoon Cheonsa

    14:02 what did she mean?

  25. Ishana

    awww she got her cinnamon toast crunch at the end :')

  26. Alexandra Babin-Mirren

    I'm sure you've seen it already but, Broad City is so much fun to watch and a beautiful take one female friendships. One of my favs <3 love your videos!

  27. Barrborah

    i feel like crying

  28. Elitta

    just for everyone to know: this is the 4 700th comment. I just had to make the number even...

  29. Mister Witchy

    Without giving spoilers did anyone else just despise the ending to bojack horseman? I was honestly so upset with it for days lol

  30. Angel O'Brien

    crazy ex girlfriend, has rachel bloom and is just so amazing

  31. Kitty Angelzzz

    8:07 Wait....she's making a script about a dude named Kevin wanting to get laid??? Imagine having the courage to hand that in to a professor. I could never, good for you. <3

  32. Melissa Tran

    Ashley looks so sad. Dw Ashley you'll get this through quarantine <3

  33. Morgan J

    this is the house hunters we always needed

  34. sebastian oreo

    I just think ure pretty over all ○.○

  35. Laura-Amélie Ohmann

    also, your eyes are really SPARKLING in this video!! love the makeup

  36. c r

    PLEASE watch THE OA and tell us what you think 🥺🥺🥺🥺 that’s literally my favorite show and i think there’s so much to admire in it, i’d honestly love to hear your opinion on it since you’re a film major. also thanks for the recommendations 💕

  37. Laura-Amélie Ohmann

    love the intro lol

  38. Morgan Marler

    OMG have you watched Killing Eve? I really think you might like it!

  39. Gilda'sDoingStuff

    Ash, you're not appropriating Colombian culture by wearing a shirt that says "Columbia"

  40. Aadya

    i don't how to be comfortable with a normal body ..>>> as she is<<<< i mean um always watchin' those instagram thickies and feel so uncomfortable with my flat ass door body🙄

  41. Sabine Karlsson

    I love Parks & Recreation! <3 And Katherine Ryan!

  42. Jessapusomo

    Woa woa woa 2020 ashleeeyyyy glowed upppo

  43. Ellie Cochran

    i truly feel that the one good thing that has come out of it (besides other personal experiences that have been opened up to others) is that we truly should take advantage of whatever time we have. i will never not say goodbye to my friends before leaving school, i will never not hug my teammates after dance, and i will go out that one time with people, even though making plans is hard for me, because we have no idea what life is bringing us in the next day

  44. Venom

    manic is like a book called "dreamology"......very very similar

  45. Abril Pampliega

    Bojack Horseman has turn into my favorite TV program of all time, period. It's just the best I've seen it all through like 5 times already

    1. Abril Pampliega

      I now want to watch it again

  46. Ellen Hall

    me: *dislikes America in general* me: *also really wanna live in nyc*

  47. Joyce Amarillas

    Yall know those other bedroom items are sextoys

  48. teal.

    Ashley is so genuine and that interview with Karlie... I never knew her before but she seems like a great person! I really hope I'm growing because during these like 3 years, I have done literally nothing and feel really behind...

  49. Vivien Wang

    Fun fact: Ashley did this video during her "A week without a phone."

  50. Aleksandra Kopaciova

    I just realised im her suga daddy

  51. Adelaide

    The ribcage jeans longest inseam is only 30 inches. And thats when all my dreams went out the window. I just know that anything under 32 inches inseam is gonna hit my mid calf. (My normal Jean sizing is 22W 36L)

  52. Lola Meikle

    I can not trust people who don't like corduroy

  53. Joyce Amarillas

    Fetus ashley is even more cuter ♡

  54. Rosie Parry

    if you liked fleabag you should watch afterlife!

  55. Blackula TheEvilOyo

    Go to mccarren park on a sunny day and you'll find love in 45 minutes

  56. Valdy Febres

    Why did I think the “401k” said “yolk”

  57. Lieve op den Buijsch

    The elaborate and well thought out descriptions you give of these shows make me feel like bingewatching Netflix for days on end CAN actually make you a smarter and more intellectual person. Love ittttt

  58. Joyce Amarillas

    Omg i really really love big mouth i almost finished it

  59. Emma Olsson Thorell

    This video is so calming and relatable and comforting. Listening to you talking from your shower feels like having a video call with a friend lol thank you for your videos and your rants. I'm living for it x

  60. Beatrice McMillan

    I love John Mulaney so much and I didn't realise why really but you just summed it up so well in this like what is it with comedians using sexism and racism as a default most of the time its not funny and it just makes me feel shit after also this is such good video!!!!!!

  61. Eden Lang

    Hey Ashely you need to watch "YOU" on Netflix. You have a similar taste in movies as me, I'm a sucker for complex characters and deep shows so please please watch "You" and make a review on it!!!!

  62. Keya Mehta

    this video didn't age well oof

  63. Núria Adamy

    Ashley watch ''Killing Eve''!!! It's a show about a woman assassin, one of the writers is Phoebe Walter Bridge, and it also has a lot of dark humour

  64. P. Aperboat

    actually coming back again and again because of your way of explaining stuff, pretty fast, pretty entertaining ❤

  65. Miller Pyke

    Excellent List! Thanks Ashley. Also very much the same sentiment about Quarantine.

  66. Sophie Williams

    damn I've already traded five years of my life trying for the "so-called perfect body"

  67. Ana Corona

    You should make a podcast!!!!!!!

  68. Laura Navarrete

    I have a for real question, not trying to be snippy or hateful, just curious because I didn’t graduate college. If you were a film major in college but have now graduated with a degree, are you still considered a film major? Or is there a swanky new name after graduating?

  69. Taylor V

    I love Better Call Saul! Even more than Breaking Bad (only on the 3rd or 4th season of BB)

  70. Zoe Not Joe

    2019: joking about a mask try on haul 2020: mask try on haul

  71. Raphaëlle

    Sharp Objects is also amazing (direct by Jean-Marc Vallée who directed the 1st season of Big Little Lies) - it’s an adaptation of a novel written by the same author who gave us Gone Girl. The cinematography is amazing and the cast is stellar. Though it’s not for the faint of heart :’(

  72. Cecilia Salcedo

    KILLING EVE!!!!!!!!

  73. Holly Taylor

    Two shows I watched recently, that are amazing, are Peaky Blinders and Normal People. Would 100% recommend both of them!!

  74. Claudia Salgado

    Loved your findings!

  75. Zofia

    "white guys who are really into anime *cough* ,David"

  76. Petra Demeter

    By the way this painting is fuckin gorgeous!🔥🔥🔥

  77. Anthony Chappell

    You and your content are both so refreshing :)

  78. elivia armstrong

    Tell me why I thought it said “flirt like a pro” 🤦🏽‍♀️

  79. Petra Demeter

    Could u pls tag some colour mixing videos, because I'm always struggling with get the right colour.😅😂

  80. ofir seinberg

    I luv you Ashley

  81. Alicia Gurl

    Anne With An E

  82. lizzie s-p

    omg maniac!! so glad someone else likes that show

  83. Clara Jarl

    drop ur letterboxd user plsssss!!!!

  84. untitled rebellion

    I love all this valuable information. THANK YOU!!!

  85. Ada Uya

    03:33 ashley’s facial expression, i can’t-

  86. Paulo Fabregas

    you should definitely watch chewing gum by michaela cole!!!

  87. Afomia Tibebeselassie

    I have to correct tho. On Fleabag, Her Best Friend actually threw herself infront of a bike, not a bus. P.S I love your taste in movies/tv shows.

  88. Satya

    we really have the same taste

  89. Ariana Ault

    there’s a lot of people recommending things in the comments but I don’t see anyone talking about Barry with Bill Hader it’s about a Hitman who tries to become an actor it’s hilarious and has very complex characters and you don’t know who to root for because you kind of hate all of them but love them at the same time. It’s very dark but so ridiculously funny I recommend it to everyone I meet, it’s very well done and it reels you in.

  90. Etiquette Connoisseur

    Could you also try to refrain from using foul language? Especially when you say "God" and use the f word or s word in the same sentence. You are cursing God and He hates it. I am glad you are popular and all that, but I have to say that you will have to account to God for your words, especially using His name in vain and cursing along with it. Please respect others, but especially respect the One who created you.

  91. Camilla Zhang

    please watch Mad Men!!!!! It should be on the list of every females favorite tv shows

  92. ange! ange!

    When u mentioned Fleabag right at the start, I knew you could be trusted 😂😍

  93. Ariana Ault

    Maniac is fUCKING AMAZING i’ve watched that show three times it’s so good I love everything about it and no one that I know has watched it

  94. Cinnamon girl

    I love Crashing too! Just watch all British shows

  95. KamalTV

    5:36 had the same sentiments throughout college. This is a good message, your situation can always change as long as you put in the effort. College is a lonely, weird place that isn't really indicative of real life, but looking back it was an amazing opportunity.

  96. Byron Copeland

    I like that sparkling effect your necklace makes when you move. Do you sell any necklaces for men that do the same thing?

  97. Cinnamon girl

    Fleabag is sooooo GOOD

  98. Mariana Jerónimo

    Love this video and your style in geral !!!

  99. liaforyourtube L

    If you like time travel concepts, Dark is a great one!

  100. Vivian Lie

    This is like not really for an “adult” but i just wanna recommend an animation show here on FRsel it’s called BFDI by the channel jackandjellify, it’s not rly that serious just something fun that anyone can watch if they need a laugh