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  1. Rhyan San Pedro

    Thank fuck they got rid of that front lip that they made, always thought it detracted the look of the front end ruining the natural lines of the car.

  2. Isidro Sevier

    Maybe a gunmetal face with the raw lip I think would look sick

  3. Starlight GT

    What a c

  4. Benjamin Elsworth

    I'd go dark for the wheels. Mustang sounds like legal shit!? All the best for that. Bring on the apocalypse!!

  5. Adeeb Chand

    Well speaking of honest and loyal subscriber, i am here from 1st episode of 240z build ..

  6. james rooke84

    Looks good

  7. PONO 800008

    Aluminum Raw with those spokes nice 😬

  8. Damien Kong

    Gun metal !

  9. Officer Barney

    Bronze for me

  10. Nawwaf Rasheed

    Yo shit face promises. Where is part 2 ?

  11. kamoboko86

    I like the brushed aluminum look.

  12. Michael X

    What happened to the boat ?

  13. KillerIndustry :

    Dam was wondering where all the 67 videos went

  14. Rodney steele

    Gun metal

  15. Jason Day

    light grey

  16. Jason Day

    This build got me into the world of youtube builds

  17. Aditya Desai69

    This car badly needs side skirts please get those

  18. Olong Olong

    Rims are 🤮🤮🤮

  19. TheWil989

    Gunmetal look best. too much black on the GTR, you need some dark rims to match the car.

  20. CodNation

    Just got recommend this. Weird part is I live super close to you guys and fish with my boat in the Willamette and Colombia and know exactly where everything is.

  21. Mats Angland

    I say BRONZE


    Did a little digging and discovered back in 2004 Halicki sued Carroll Shelby under copyright infringement for similar reasons. CARROLL FRICKING SHELBY!

  23. Jacob Rintala


  24. Alan Here

    Anthracite should be an option for the rims.

  25. Jerrid Snow

    Fix the front bumper with vinyl rap it’s bubbled like the roof is

  26. Mustafa Khan

    but like i always love gunmetal on white cars but i think i really like the raw aluminum too

  27. John Littlejohn


  28. Justin Howell

    Gun metal

  29. TychoBrahe21

    I bet Fusion Motor Company killed the mustang.

  30. Nicholas Winn

    Sure you spent 3k on the car, but then you put in like 10k in man hours, if not more.

  31. BenjiBoo


  32. Bobby GT

    I'd rather see brushed aluminum or gun metal it's all about accent color

  33. n8guy

    My vote is bronze wheels. After that, silver. Not a fan of the gunmetal - just hides them.

  34. Alex Kostiuk

    The bronze will look really good with the black and white

  35. Alex Kostiuk

    1000th comment pog

  36. D Gaming

    Raw aluminum

  37. /\.L.\/.I

    I will be bagging a GTR very Soon

  38. Koray Cagla

    What happened to the Toyota supra

  39. Mora Nugiza

    Did ford gave you a shit about using their name brand??? Is that why you didn’t finish the frankestang???

  40. John Falcao

    What if you paint just the spokes gun metal?

  41. Dan Harper

    Raw aluminum look is 🔥

  42. bflo716

    Highly dislike the new three piece rims. Honestly prefer the black ones, looks way cleaner

  43. Dr. Abel Gideon

    Hahaha! You are OUT OF YOUR MIND to try and take on a BMW engine.But i respect your GUTS.

  44. russ doolittle


  45. Mike Moore

    Go with brushed, looks great

  46. DropAGearDisappear


  47. Andy Almonte 8th Gen

    Gun metal will look sick

  48. Neon Ghoul

    Defintely not a fan of the Aluminum with the White. Either Gunmetal or the Bronze. And as Much as I love Gunmetal, my vote is for the Bronze

  49. Harrison Nelson

    @20:52 You're welcome

  50. Jereme Gomez

    Sick fucking wheels!!!

  51. Daniel Frankowski

    With gunmetal wheels on I felt like they are the best, but Brushed Aluminium <3

  52. Gualey La ley

    14 minutes of video and 2 seconds the car ready, not so not billy

  53. Keion Corujo

    raw aluminum

  54. I'm Jibby

    Wow! Looking really good Chris!

  55. Hiding From The Germs[]

    13:51 *legit the same radar on the boat to the left lmao*

  56. Plains Ego

    It is worth pursuing in court rather than caving in to a baseless claim. As long as you do not sell reproductions as "[email protected]%", it is a one-off and it can resemble anything (by the same logic that Ford won't sue for calling it a '67 Mustang). Also, your revenue is based on fabrication and building, not for marketing (a car that is not for sale anyway).

  57. Landon Marx

    Bronze and bring back elsinor... it's her sister

  58. dark matter

    I think the brushed aluminum is fire in my opinion

  59. James Lee

    Bronze for sure

  60. Dave Fitch

    Bronze for the wheels for sure

  61. James Lee

    How crazy would it be if they accidentally built a stolen car something like that

  62. Jeffery Hedgepath

    Do a gun metal I think it would look bad a**

  63. JD

    Part 2 already

  64. DDog

    I always wondered why I haven't seen many replicas of those ugly eleanor mustangs, who knew some filth copyrighted it.

  65. Dwayne Puckett

    B is for by by Oscar is starting his own channel then you can rant on to yourself

  66. Jovan Wilson

    Yo the aluminum looks great thats my colour

  67. jon harrah

    Should do a Nascar styled Livery on the GTR with a Truly theme. would be bad ass with a huge truly logo on the side with whatever flavor is your favorite. Just a few vinyl cutouts would be fun for a little bit then take it off when you get bored

  68. Jason Spradlin

    Honestly, if the whole car was blacked out, I think the brushed aluminum would look good, but on a white car with black accents, I think it looks hideous. It just doesn't fit with anything else on the car. I'm not even sold on the gold either. I think the only two options for this, given the other parts of the car that are gloss black, is gunmetal all around, or gloss black all around.

  69. Adam Gillespie

    You should do another truck build. The bigger the better.

  70. Apozol zacatecas Offroad

    How can i order same material can you give me the name

  71. MattAndrewsBMX

    Raw aluminum 100%

  72. mullerYOGHURTSs

    In happy to 're watch every mustang video of you are able to reload to get that dollar in again, I'm mad for you

  73. Dorian Curtis

    Did he give us a Trump “CHI-nah” 😂😂😂

  74. Chris Pofahl

    Raw aluminum. Maybe get the lips polished for the extra shiny.

  75. Dilip Balkissoon

    The brush aluminum looks nice

  76. Mike Robertson

    The GTR looks awesome, I reckon the gun metal wheels is the way forward.

  77. Topher

    Bronze for number one vote, Raw Aluminum for the number two choice. Black doesn't do justice

  78. Error Creator

    So if 8.5sec or slower is a class, would that mean that if you're having a really good day and your car runs like 8.3 do you win or do you get disqualified because your car is now too fast?

  79. Life of K.O.B

    Where did you go

  80. Flip Clips

    Do a bronze lip with a black center 👀

  81. fastestaventador

    The videos of the mustang were more than likely were taken down because the gone in 60 seconds used the name Eleanor

  82. Anthony Skracic


  83. Jorge P

    If you want bronze. You must go with bronze chrome. Ask your powder coat place about it. It is sick

  84. Jakki Macneill

    interior is 100 times nicer...

  85. The Norco75

    just call it Helenor instead,great channel btw.

  86. Tyler Martin

    What happened to the boat?

  87. Tyler Martin

    What happened to the boat??

  88. Timmy DeMattos

    Raw aluminum wheels would look awesome!

  89. Francesco Ambrosano

    You should call the Mustang Eleanot from now on as already mentioned in the comments 😂 no more copyright claims

  90. Brian Brunton

    Love the aluminum finish.

  91. Jorge Simmons-Valenzuela

    How much did you have to pay to rebuild it? I was thinking about rebuilding one.

  92. Francesco Ambrosano

    Gunmetal spoke on aluminium rim

  93. rickyreyes48


  94. Jim Mattson

    (Days late) bronze

  95. Levi O’Connell

    Aluminum look 👍🏻

  96. tjlazer71

    5:01 I added Bluetooth to mine, works great. www.gtrlife.com/forums/topic/112721-diy-streaming-bluetooth-audio-on-2009-2010-gt-rs/

  97. John Franks

    Gun metal spokes with aluminum barrel. And with white tire lettering 🤤🤤


    @16:40 I saw it coming! I knew he wasn’t focused on the task, he was distracted by the food. 😋 GREAT VIDEO! You guys need to do another challenge like this!

  99. paul walker

    Take care of Godzilla for me💪💪💪✌✌✌❤❤❤

  100. Suavage

    Bring the Mustang : Buildanor back!