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  1. Sarah Doyle

    he looks so different its crazy. its like is this even the jeffree we see today?! mad stuff

  2. sharynrose

    can we get a jeffree star cosmetics × trixie mattel collab like a drag make-up collection or something please

  3. Adina Stefania Cotet

    U are a Man ur not a girl!

  4. Sodhilal Kaler

    Sorry Jeffrey about the other comments sorry jeffre

  5. Sodhilal Kaler

    Hi how are ya

  6. Sodhilal Kaler

    I did not know that she has a inhaler LMAO

  7. Pamela Wilson

    Sadly I didn’t get one. 😢

  8. Sodhilal Kaler

    At the start what happened with her breathing :D ;::

  9. Madison Templeton

    He looks like elvis

  10. Rebabedi Sefika

    Does he only give ppl in the US the gifts?

  11. Autumn Rose Sharp

    i know this is about the transformation of him turning literally white but wow his tan !! has Jeffree ever been that tan ?

  12. Adina Stefania Cotet

    U are so wierd why are u making make-up that looks like a girl...?

  13. eviefxrbes18

    I see joe exotic in the thumbnail so i’m here

  14. holly irwin

    such clickbait

  15. Savannah Morrison

    People are so sensitive it’s ridiculous

  16. bubble butt

    Jeffree’s body guards are really cute

  17. Chocolate Vinny

    *Jeffree star is the only person who looks good without eyebrows.*no offense

  18. seth williams

    you suck

  19. Sofia Canepa


  20. UnsaidWords

    Self note: 13:53

  21. Lacey Fisher

    Love you Jeffree!

  22. UnsaidWords

    Self note 17:57

  23. katrina West

    It's sold out 😭

  24. peytie_ mae

    tbh now that im watching these after thier breakup it makes nathan look very uninterested in jeffree

  25. Beauty with Mae

    I love u so much

  26. Rosiyani Rosiyani

    Y'all wanna see what i used to do in high school? 😜

  27. Taylor McGarvey

    Watching season season episode 3 of America's Next Top Model.. and i noticed you in the audience of the pool fashion show. Would love to hear the back story!? Can you give us the tea?!

  28. My Name Is Weird

    It’s almost like people want to feel offended and they purposely look for things to be offended by..

  29. Macarena Layseca

    this id the FIRST video i watched from Jeffree and never looked back

  30. Ilikiljk Sjjsiusikww

    Jeffree: are you moving in Garrett" mabey THE WAY HE SAID MABEYYYYYYYY GODDDDD there so cute

  31. Marika Aadland

    RIP Daddy *cries*

    1. LIBBY XO

      Who’s daddy

  32. GlossyBrad

    Is no one going to talk about how jeffree star's lipstick N*ZI? Like y'all literally need to stop being stans.

  33. Marlea Busier

    JEFFREE should get shelf’s like the ones at Sephora then sort by either brand or kind of makeup

  34. Holly Olsen

    It's not like he named it "Death by Corona" or just straight up "Corona"!!! The name he chose is right on brand for Jeffree. It's something you would expect from him. Now, if you don't like him, don't look or comment on what he does.

  35. Katherine Henry

    My favorite mascara is called Scandal eyes and you can get it at Walmart for like $4! It’s amazing

  36. heartofglass

    I love the pallet

  37. K ou

    Imagine misplacing something in this house.. Damn.

  38. Holly Olsen

    Omg Jeffree's hilarious 😂😂😂😂 I absolutely loved how he was just chillingin the pool 😂🤣🤣😂 That's Jeffree!!😊♥️😊♥️😊♥️

  39. Sydney Wippman

    I got the brown sugar lip ammunition in a mystery package and I must say it is absolutely amazing! I have gone back for more ever since. I love how it smells like brown sugar and it looks great. It is the perfect combination of just enough and not too much - leaves a nice shine and lasts for hours. My sister borrowed it and loved it as well. XOXO

  40. Nuzhat Natasha

    Any brand except Fenty: Vanilla, White, Platinum, Off-White, Whiter white, black

  41. Nuzhat Natasha

    He is suing Gillette for a cut

  42. Ngoidrup Cessy

    I thought you were a good bitch.....but girl....m not ur fan anymore.....

  43. I love it it is my fav great srk

    So no ones gonna talk about how jeffree has all the dolls which actually look like all of his dogs in his office room

  44. Noreen Bihm

    Dude! I’m so excited to go back to work so save up to buy this! 🥺🥰🥰🥰

  45. 산드라 Xandra

    people be offended like they own the word

  46. In Music We Unite

    Jeffree is a queen nobody can stop her

  47. Amelia Stasinos

    this is how many times jeffery said the house

  48. Emzy Emzy

    Nate is my favourite shade

  49. Diana Johnston

    He needs to come out with a tinted lip balm.. it would be the holy grail of the soccer moms and pre-teens of the world

  50. Jennifer Allen

    I’d love to go to Jeffree’s house and “”ORGANIZE”” that mess of make up he’s got going on in the studio lol.. ive seen his mess and i l;I’ve to organize.. so Jeffree if you see this Message me and I’ll be there😜

  51. danieladaniela

    🤣🤣😘😘😘 love u jeffree

  52. Katherine Henry

    Damn I missed it. Hopefully I’ll catch the next money giveaway. Love you and the wig! Teal and mint green are my absolute favorite

  53. Avery Hyde

    Thus is such cute content of nick and jeffree🥴🥰🥰❤️❤️

  54. Dante

    We all know you saw those tik toks before this... evil, sketchy and insidious. Poor Nate.

  55. Holly Olsen

    I swear it's completely fuckin with my eyes bc it looks like he's filming in black and white but it's just his make-up and hair 😵😵😱😱

  56. Lisa Scales

    Jeffrey we are scorpio and we are very very deep folks and I can't remember a time when I was not sad a depressed and was thinking about suicide since 8 years old living in abusive and poor home growing up and I never ever knew about cutting I didn't know it was a actual thg I remember when my mom would get fuck up on xanax and alcohol I would just go in bathroom and just take a razor and just started taking razor and pressing pressing hard a just wanting to release pain from my heart and I was 10 when this was happening and then it was a thg

  57. Bigspliff26

    P3d0ph1l3 scumbag

  58. Andrea Curtis

    I just want you to know. I love it when you smile. You have a gorgeous smile.

    1. Andrea Curtis

      @Bigspliff26 ??? Do you have a problem with what i said?

    2. Bigspliff26

      Sick people

    3. Bigspliff26


  59. Lisa Scales

    By the way jeffree can I have one your my lil pony track suit like I'm in love with everything about jeffree special his clothes and when I saw my lil pony track suit I fell in love so I'm going to take a chance that my comment might get seen by jeffree star and he my let me get that track suit I would probably not wear of course I would have something like a pic frame or something special coz I would keep it where it won't get no damage and I just love jeffree star I'm not type person that cares about famous people and all but would freak out and love jeffree star lol

  60. Elly King

    I don’t think he should apologize or anything he says cremated all the time its not insensitive its just a “slogan” its a funny name stop being bitter people 🙄

  61. chill

    Love It ! He treets them like actual human beings!❤️❤️❤️❤️

  62. erin betts

    "the sugar high palette" my dumb ass: wAtErMeLoN sUgAr HIGHHHH

  63. Aubrey Anderson

    Y’all are you gonna get offended by fake skeletons and gory horror movies that depict death?? I don’t think so.

  64. Elly King

    Is it echoing on purpose or am I going insane and imagining it

  65. Derek Loyd

    His bed is bigger than my house.😮

  66. Lenny

    Ok but that table lmfaooo

  67. Lisa Scales

    I'm scorpio and can feel what he means by not trusting anyone coz ppl I was going out my way for and making their problems mine and trying be a good frd just find out they, stealing and even going after my man at exactly same time so I don't let ppl to close anymore

  68. Killa.Kody1

    H3H3 brought me here. this is legendary

  69. Adie G.

    love love love!!!!! DOPE!

  70. Lisa Scales

    I can tell he just hit a bowel lol his eyes are glossy lol

  71. Jane Doe

    I am inspired

  72. sonia dhonde

    Does he have different colored eyes??

  73. Arielle McGregor

    Jeffree pulls up on bar slowly lowers down :puff: his shoes hit the ground.. 🧙‍♀️

  74. shaua Kate

    Holy crap Jeffree was hungry Come to think of it I am too lol

  75. Lisa Also

    She OPENS the redbull, THEN sprays it with Lysol!! What?? It would have gone INSIDE the redbull!! Ahhh, geez!!

  76. cait4190 vlogs

    Girls stop pretending what your not so be guys and stop being such a girl Jeffree

  77. Adopt me Siân 278 Drama

    Yass red bull queen 👑

  78. octopus


  79. Riaroseu

    Crazy how this ain’t in black and white

  80. Erika Cal

    Who’s here in 2020 who literally scrolled all the way down to see jeffre star old videos 👇🏼

  81. Anya Martin

    What I don't understand why people are so butthurt, i'm sorry if people who are *cough* DEAD are cremated but that's such the way of the virus. To help stop the spread you have to make sure you burn the bodies. I'm sorry if your so weak minded that your offended over a name of a pallet that someone came up with over a year ago. Like no one is offended with Blood sugar and you could say he's offending people that has Diabeties. But nope everyone is gonna go after him for one name. So in short, stop being but hurt, stop lashing out at him, and just stfu.

  82. Nelly Rodriguez

    I love you Jeffree. I can stop laughing about your reactions of these comments

  83. Sirena Savannah

    the only thing I wish is of there was highlighters with this collection imagine what could be done😍 other than that stoked✨🖤🖤👀

  84. lurin laksana

    Jefri aku boleh berkunjung kerumahmu ?

  85. saw san


  86. Felecia Mercer

    I feel like the kids makeup was better than the Crayola 😂

  87. Nikolas

    Stumbling on Jeffree's old videos like Oh mah god he has EYBROWS

  88. Harper Nielsen

    Honestly this is the palette I would wear most bc I love shimmer and darker colors but all of his palettes are truly lovely

  89. jbuff 12

    I ordered the can’t relate case for my iPhone 11pro and now my order is nowhere to be found (also never got a refund). I ordered the can’t relate 420 shirt in large and then magicially when it shipped it was in a size small. What’s going on with your website ?

  90. Ripley Finbow

    Even when Jeffree messes up their make up, then draws over their face and stuff, they be absolutely slayin’!

  91. Madisyn’s Exotics

    is that a kurt cobain tat ?😍😍😍😍

  92. Evin Celik

    Omg you look so beautiful in this video.

  93. Paula Ruiz

    My dad was cremated a well, nothing wrong with this!! Very creative and kinda funny <3

    1. Bigspliff26

      Ur a proper freak

  94. WorldOf Sewa

    He literally shouldn't get any backlash from any of this If anything he should get love

  95. Jean Charles Christophe

    Omg la maison

  96. chelle motsinger

    Trisha caughed

  97. Vi Truong

    Without the Hi, How are ya, i realize im watching the old video -.-

  98. paula wood

    can i win brushes please?

  99. one.of.the.poisoned

    i just noticed those eyebrows and im now shook to the core

  100. Iced Cream

    You should do a video where you review only ultra brand products!