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  1. connie aranda

    Cardi B will spice it up

  2. Jahdiel Dones

    Lit song

  3. Chilly fn

    Hate keem

  4. Austin Lack

    “You made this in 2 hours” Rug: yessir

  5. MiniSvx 1

    Lil Tecca vibe,,he should be featured in the music video

  6. Luis Moran

    Your song is trash no cap 💯

  7. German Shepherd Girl

    Faze banks and other dude with him are jealous not going to lie. People are jealous of something better than them. Nice song, Congrats Faze Rug. Don’t care about anyone else, keep going!

  8. Jackie Sanchez


  9. Julian Martinez

    If you really bumpin' that song your taste in music is trash just sayin'

  10. Fluid Clipzzy

    U got the best supporters on FRsel 🔥🔥

  11. Albert Lyons

    A boogie wit da hoodie should be in your next

  12. connie aranda


  13. Armando Martinez

    It'll be funny if lil pump would be in this

  14. Deisy Armendariz Baray

    to much autotune

  15. Justin Wright

    Faze rug quits FRsel for music

  16. Tim Anderson

    Brian FazeRug maybe Tanner Fox, Ricegum, Eminem, Nelly, Snoop Dogg Or Dr. Dre

  17. Dylan Sousa

    Faze Rug this is a good song

  18. Alan Zhang

    penis hair har har

  19. Mauricio Barboza

    Not going to lie this song is a banger

  20. Alexis Alexis

    That shit goes hard

  21. SiMpLe Vlogs

    Yo faze rug you should feature Logan Paul!!!

  22. XFrost Vlogs

    King rug should be your nickname

  23. ZENOMEX & JA_090

    You should hook up with my boi DakarJuan he raps

  24. Brightnezz Mr labs

    Music vid

  25. Not_ Relex


  26. Cristian Gonzalez


  27. XFrost Vlogs

    King rug should be your nickname

  28. Xavier Ochoa

    it fire

  29. Fatma the gamer

    I love the song hope you see this by the way I love you to

  30. David Raafat

    But you sede 2 haurs

  31. kim g

    I do

  32. Wasbi6789 Gg

    Or Chris Brown

  33. Yongdagge badvibes


  34. James Gal.

    This is sooooooooo cringe

  35. Luis Wap

    Is it me or he wants to feature with RiceGum so bad

  36. Janessa Gaspar

    Hopefully you can make more music pls faze I would love it ❤️✌️

  37. Zaid Abu Rayseh


  38. Compa Chalino

    Lil Baby or Da Baby

  39. sadeck

    Fuck mumble rappers and auto tune...

  40. RyRy 69

    Get offset on it

  41. Wasbi6789 Gg


  42. Gigi Baron

    OMG 😲 I love it not even lying

  43. Joel Alvarez

    Who else clicked for rise gum since he stopped posting again 😂

  44. V3L0C1TY G04T

    Add rice on the remix

  45. Reaction Therapy

    YOU KNOW YOU HAVE A HIT SINGLE WHEN YOU CHANGED KEEMSTAR’s MINDSET - feat. *OFFSET* than remix it with *CARDI B* -This needs radio play, ASAP! -Start Opening Acts for KNOWN artist - The upcoming Vlogs will be beast - The Word will be yours

  46. Emily Sumalinog

    Make a new song about the youtubers who roasted you

  47. teatrybeast 31

    7:54 okayyyyyyyy keemstar with the blueberry puff bar

  48. zack leduff

    i want it because i watch you all the time and it would be a dream

  49. Lydia Vallejo

    Its ever night sis

  50. Xoylty


  51. Epifania Giron

    You should make More music

  52. Sana Efraim

    Do a song with faze offset

  53. Fireknight Foxnight

    You got 67 in total

  54. Jihan M

    I love your new song and I love watching your videos I love you so much Face rug😉

  55. Shiy Janke

    9/10 good song Rug

  56. Hyper Magno

    Fuck keemstar

  57. Ruben Gonzalez

    My badddddd shit 😂😂😂 watch out

  58. Laurenzso Pinard

    You should do a feature with offset bro

  59. Mysterious_Thing

    Fire 🔥

  60. Trey Rodriguez


  61. Kristian Vazquez

    Faze Gabe like if you get it

  62. elijxh_05

    Rug u should make a song with blaze like if u agree 👇👇👇

  63. Adan Espinoza

    I love this song rug

  64. Mason Rooplal

    Faze rug u pake your favorite singer but your song 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕

  65. r.i.p_ Smiiley

    Yeah u have to fix a little bit the oooooOooooooOoooooo like keemstar said it that part it's a little robotic make it a little smooth smooth before making a music video

  66. pro-ject

    I remember showing my first song to my homies 😂 they real ones for not letting me post some shit this garbage

  67. Neri Aleman


  68. GuardianAir Heating&AC

    And I that every buty wus than give you a 10 chus I wood.😀😀😀😀😀😀

  69. Cecilia Benitez

    U say u not taking it seriously but I think u are 😂😑 but I love the song 💕much love💕😇

  70. Kaaha Mohamad

    King rug

  71. Majinery

    Ricegum calling Rug a "FRselr" like he ain't one as well

  72. Void ex

    OffSet should join the song

  73. Ally and Priscilla

    I love this song that I can’t stop listening to it!

  74. Marcelino Cerros

    Do a feature with faze offset

  75. Diana Perez

    10/10 soooooooo gooooooood

  76. Fortnite_marin12 /Best moible player

    Off set,rice or blaze

  77. Shin Fernandez


  78. Devon Mackin

    FaZe offset

  79. Trevor Richmond

    She called it chest 🚶🏻‍♂️

  80. bighead mason


  81. xXQuiKzScOpE DAxSwAg

    keem star was being a asshole to rug like for yes

  82. Ray Ordonez

    hi faze rug I really loved your song I blast the song and o even tell my friends about it I really like good song big fan I also have your hoodie fro. the live event

  83. Tsunami-Rex

    Id let you shave my eyebrows and my head for I phone 11

  84. Endy Zelaya

    Smooky margiela

  85. SH4D0W_D3VIL Unknown

    Yo I was going to say a rapper but he is gone but I listen to home everyday XXXTENTACION T^T I guess you should do it with faze blaze

  86. Diiablo

    Make rice gum rap again plz

  87. Julia Carter

    Jessica or papa rug


    I miss Alissa here

  89. Cesar R

    Where has bosley been?

  90. Francisco I’m daddy

    Better than lil uzi no cap

  91. SAVAGE!!!


  92. Jayz YT

    Lil tjay ask him

  93. The Real Jojo

    sub to me and if you reply i’ll sub to you!

  94. Gel Well

    it is tuff hope jarvis is unband

  95. Nashy Boi

    Juice WRLD as a ft?

  96. gamer the beast


  97. Niggie Biggie

    It’s a good thing he’s saying he’s not serious beacuse the hate would be like Blaze

  98. pillowy turnup

    ricegum is a real rapper❤️

  99. Ignacio Sanchez

    Unpopular opinion: Noah ruined the song