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  1. David Shilón

    Por copiones...

  2. Javon Jacobs

    I love Dave grohl’s work with QOTSA and Them crooked vultures, but honestly foo fighters is not THAT good of a band. Couple good songs but like seriously not worth all the attention

  3. emerson marques


  4. Magnificent Bastardo


  5. Nice Girl

    I love u Joe Gilgun💜

  6. Super Life

    Fake love Love yourself Idol Boy with luv

  7. JEON Jane


  8. Na heed

    Alex Wolff is so cute 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😭😭😭😭😭😭😂😂🤣🤣🤣😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😆😆

  9. Na heed

    Ok Alex Wolff

  10. Na heed

    Your the only one Alex Wolff

  11. OR ocampo

    I laughed when he called Gerard Daddy 😂

  12. Aa Pp

    It's good to see millionaires behave like normal people

  13. Liliana


  14. endmy suffering


  15. BE GREAT


  16. Sonu Rawat

    I’m patiently waiting for 3rd seeason hope it’ll come asap

  17. Ahmed Hussin


  18. Mellysa Henggar

    his laugh at 03:34 my god cuteness overdosed

  19. aisyah suhainizam

    My cousent say is you stupid 😤😤😤

  20. Alice Meliksetian

    the vape…whhyy tho😩 she couldve come without it

  21. FJK

    Alex's face when he realises his fake geek/gamer bluff has been called hahaha.

  22. rossco robert

    I just heard hyperspace, This is a really good album, grab a book, light the candles and drift off over the course of the album, its has some really beautiful textures. Listening to individual songs is pointless, its a start to finish or nothing album

  23. Yemima Hutapea

    I like her hair this way better!

  24. Otnaikus Nayrb

    The best!

  25. aki aki

    it’s funny how alex get distracted by jess😂 its the same relationship as in the drama

  26. Virginie Friquin

    ''I never knew what to expect'' WHAT FUCKING OTHER PROOF DO YOU NEED TO SHOW YOU THAT HE IS REAL AF AND THAT HE DOESN'T DO IT FOR MONEY. He does it for us. That's all.

  27. soya

    wow im really surprised by ryujin's english speaking. i mean all of them are already doing pretty good than other kpop groups but HOW ARE THEY ABLE TO DO THAT?? just a curious bobi

  28. Steve Pena

    for the record it's pronounced DIVE and they are great

  29. Federico Juric

    He made 2017 freak show movie❤❤

  30. adamzez

    they all look like their name is tanner

  31. Ania cherom

    KIM TAEHYUNG....💜💜💜💜

  32. clever name.mp4

    4:54 I would’ve loved to see that picture as an album cover lol. Imagine what Bottomless Pit or YOTS might’ve looked like. Maybe someday they’ll use it in some sort of release

  33. Mohanned Abdulaziz

    3:09 lol he was singing Sappy

  34. Miss Bee

    i’m only here because I was curious about what dumb people like

  35. Mohanned Abdulaziz

    0:22 what did this guy say. i couldn't hear him clearly.

  36. Miguel Castel

    😂😂😃😁Mr BEAN vs Dave Grohl DRUM DUEL...

  37. theselector

    Around min 14:00 did he say "Go Girl" & "Yak" ??

  38. Sandy Pompilii

    Not bubblegum at all. I'm glad it was released. Is still one of my favorite songs. Still love Steve Marriott; taken way too soon.

  39. Kaden Webb

    One of the best bands of all time in my opinion!

  40. Ratfam :3

    The song how could you leave us:Nate is talking abt his mother that overdosed when he was 17/18 I'm pretty sure you all know this

  41. qrtnde

    Jon been standing for about 16 minutes?? :/

  42. Genova Linde


  43. PerfectlyG&R

    I feel like while having a conversation w him you would get rlly sweaty bc of how fast everything goes

  44. RyanNottingham

    everything about this interview is funny, everything.

  45. Idek

    I love this kind of atmosphere in interviews with them. Having some little talks amongst themselves and laughing a lot. They look really comfortable.

  46. Corey Mullis

    Roberts thinking seating us 100 yards from the stage is rubbish.

  47. K

    Can't beat cibiling harmonies.

  48. deich31

    Don't tell anyone that I fucking love this.

  49. bts_army123 bts

    Namjoon : fashion passion revolution Jimin : cutie sexy lubhuly😂😂

  50. SENoR Sanchez SPANKSY Longbottoms

    Empty Platitudes. Every song is the greatest song. Every director is the greatest director. Lies and Falsehoods.

  51. roberto roberto

    Eu gosto quase todas faixas the smiths não canso de ouvi👍

  52. MarcousVin Productions

    God this woman still all fucked up on drugs

  53. Tati Z

    Dude...I'm sorry, but there is noo way that she is sober. She's clearly on something. I don't understand her fans. She can literally do no wrong in their eyes, and apparently everything she says is gospel. I guess it's maybe because we live in such a sick celebrity-worshipping society that when people are a "fan" of someone -- that person can do no wrong and anyone who disagrees with you is a jealous idiot who just doesn't "know them like I do". Yes, her band (and the people who helped her write her most famous songs) made some good music -- that doesn't mean she's a God. And just because you have some deep-rooted love and nostalgia when it comes to her does not mean you should shut your eyes and ears and ignore the obvious. She's fucking flying in this video -- she can't stand still, she's slurring her words, she's talking and laughing like a maniac -- something is very off and yet so many people in this comment section are like, "This is just good ole' Courtney. Gotta love her. She looks so awesome! And she's sober and she's doing great!" What are you guys watching? This is more sad than anything.

  54. Jean Ricardo Jorge

    trilha sonora de stargirl!! muito bacana

  55. Amitabh Panda


  56. Beautiful Devil


  57. Lily french

    His iconic blue pants are back 😌

  58. arki rs

    bon jovie singing mmmbop.

  59. MaryKate Krueger

    He’s so hot

  60. Dog Bad

    Me: casually watches knowing his thoughts on interviewers 🤨

  61. Mason Edwards

    Bob on but NME can fcuk all the way off to the sea and never ever come up for air until the sun dies and the fabric of space and time is no more.

  62. Jeremy Mcjennett

    Is it just me or does this kid look like a female😬

  63. seventeendegree

    I just came here for the background story of Chic Tweetz. Not disappointed at all. :-D

  64. Dee A

    Everyone's going to love this show. It's got a heart and a soul.

  65. Hugh Goldspiel

    Why would you take up your time during an important public interview to bash President Trump she’s full of shit. I listen to music I don’t know about you guys

  66. Hugh Goldspiel

    I met her backstage, and she represents no one, is one of the most selfish people I have ever met. Her fans are closet Nazis. You should never listen to a person who walks away, and ignores people. Thurston on the other hand is completely different. He is respectful

  67. Benjamin Storm


  68. Seawatersoul

    I love manson but fun fact: that matching tattoo is actually a pedophile symbol 😬🤯

  69. Querty123

    Terrible interview.


    Is it just me, but when Namjoon is in places like America or the UK - he always changes his accent. In other countries he just speaks english their is no accent. Namjoon mind: They probably wont understand me, lets test it using their accent..

  71. jennifer jasmineo

    Guys any one noticed 0:31 jungkook asked some thing from Rm 0:34 _0:37 Rm is telling Jungkook how to say comfy and then he says comfy

  72. jjman9

    I can only wonder what other amazing “throw away” songs Foos have recorded....

  73. jennifer jasmineo

    It is cute that how others know what yoongi is going to say

  74. Michael G.

    Charlie Watts the only drummer that could have that kind of longevity with only a basic trap-set! AMAZING!!!

  75. Samer Mowafak

    0:26 "phanks" just like the show .

  76. Maria Goodwin

    Great expression

  77. dianamaria_mua

    “Yeah I’m a good rollerblader” are you flirting with me?

  78. Bailey James

    Murray is 100% ganjed out his mind 🤣

  79. Trevor Bulgin

    Spank thru, reading👍

  80. Alicsander

    I wonder if Henry has ever been to a LAN event. 🤔

  81. Kayla Bouliane

    I love this man I love everything about colson he has and will do amazing things

  82. Lieke Emilia

    The fact that Thomas liked acting his death scene makes it a little better

  83. Laniakey

    They should be named ''Stinkfist''.

  84. William Zapata

    Cuándo este Man edta con sus compañeros de grupo es más controladito, no es tan Sobre-Actuado!!!

  85. Jackson Kimball

    What the fuck is the thumbnail?

  86. Muhamed Džinoviić

    The host talks like he had the worst deepthroat ever And btw gae

  87. Ye eee

    Why does YUNGBLUD have Reddit mod shoes?

  88. Kool Stan Tin

    It's so funny because Keith still looks like a teen but with grey hair

  89. Marsha

    Eminem and NF are definitely my favorite rappers

  90. London daliya

    I thought jin would describe him in 3 words as 'world wide handsome'😂

  91. angharad.

    If she made a song or album in Norwegian I would die

  92. Selena_stcsb

    Du LøøØøøy for mEg

  93. Alison Wunderbar

    I truly wish Johnny depp married Marilyn Manson instead of amber heard lol

  94. Alison Wunderbar

    Older Manson is just a troll now lmao who would’ve thought

  95. Junia K.

    dylan can’t not speak sarcastically and i love it

  96. Dilbo Shaggins

    does she not even know how to pronounce her own name?? WTF

  97. Jason F

    Dave Grohl is the most down to earth chill rich guy and musician ever.

  98. Dely Lamas

    I love you Ricky Gervais

  99. N K

    I clicked because I knew I won't be fooled. I love hearing Foo Fighters recieving compliments.

  100. ff5566

    That's the spirit!!!!!