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  1. helo

    i just watched 3 different interviews about alex and jessica and shes been wearing the same thing in all three while alex changes his tshirt etc

  2. pertinenziale Esterle

    lui e bellissimo

  3. Zachary Seales

    Tired? Or stoned?

  4. Arpad Toth

    wtf is NME?

  5. rob see

    sonic youth good

  6. Jake Spur

    I understand they r very close but I wish Deborah would speak more and Chris less in interviews


    how is this movie?

  8. ruby

    it made me sad that they don't know who blur are :(

  9. HeCTiiC MIKE

    I’m a hardcore metal fan and I must say I hated her pop stuff but now I’m intrigued

  10. nik kardoš

    Season 3 plzzz

  11. Matsuo Basho

    I love how passionate they are about what they do

  12. kat c

    His name is FRAAANK

  13. trynь1 ***

    Он так мило смеётся 😊

  14. Mr. Manmatis

    YUNGBLUD anyone?

  15. Mob Rules

    Trump to cause the end of capitalism? He is a businessman. He knows and understands capitalism to the extreme. He would only preserve it for future generations to prosper. Average people never even have an opportunity to succeed in life under socialism unless you are a master liar, cheater and thief.

  16. Jelena Mitic

    They were so good! Great movie!

  17. Pingkan Tanex

    San junipero is really beautifully written😍 really blown my mind away

  18. Fernie Mata

    Ain't this the nigga that looked at kids

  19. Jasmin Kovanen

    The duck shirt 😂

  20. Supa Breezer

    He have a good personality, gotta say that..

  21. Clemira Baby

    With or without hat ur still hot.. Damn yes u are james bay

  22. Gunners-x-

    Why is it, as soon as you watch a series. FRsel already know about it? Talking about watching you...

  23. Bryant Smith

    Like me sum. Jessica barden 🥴🥴🤤

  24. Ginger Ninja

    i dont feel her negative vibe in season 2

  25. Game ON

    Please, help. What did Alex tried to say and Jessica replied for him in 03:32 "We had this amazing... Oh yeah, the *something*"?

  26. CZ

    this show was so good. not sure what they would/could do with the story after the 2nd season, but i'd be game to watch a 3rd season.

  27. Daisy Henderson

    i screamed when i saw declan oh my

  28. Colleen Smith

    Blah blah blah

  29. Fantastic Situation

    s/o kojaque

  30. Danica Abales

    they are so cute together, and i just want them to be like, together in real life <3

  31. Dia Editz

    who is ThAt? where is my original andy i want a refund

  32. Frepber

    hows jessica 27 and alex 24 wtf

  33. AM L59

    I tuned out when greta appeared ( poor miss guided sole ) Other than that the kids are all wright and a frigging top notch second season.

  34. D0CM4K

    Love her, incredible work the way she plays Alyssa 🖤

  35. mas pok

    I dont like his work on Hendrix. No energy

  36. James S

    2019 anyone?

  37. Josh Thompson

    Shes hot and i can say that because shes 27yr.

  38. Andrew Leavens

    I’m literally in love with Jessica Barden.

  39. Cangyu Lin

    Alex looks like young Paul, really!

  40. Riy Riy

    *im sad I just finished season 2 in a night*

  41. Jagrati Marwaha

    "I'll play harley quinn and you can play the joker" TELL ME THEY'RE NOT IN LOVE

  42. Clemira Baby

    Super talented james bay

  43. Daniel Green

    they did a U2 but being from Athens it came out a bit awkard, it was a fun tour

  44. Robert Knutson

    james said babe I can now rest easy

  45. Steve Hernandez

    They can play Harley Quin and joker I mean young version heck yeah

  46. Trips

    Memes are the highest form of intelligent humor ? That’s sarcasm right ? Please tell me it is. Might be the most retarded thing i’ve ever read.

  47. Jolielive

    Ugh I want some "The Real" gear. But I'm broke af

  48. Paola & Aylin Vlogs

    alex how does it feel knowing so many people have a crush on u including me

  49. imajerk0416

    He's such a chill guy XD He seems like a really great and funny guy to hang out with

  50. Sarah Nay

    season 2 should be about james finally telling alyssa that he wanted to kill her at first and she gets mad

  51. rheyma cousino

    Alex laugh is just so warm

  52. Dennis Lee

    2:37 where did that accent come from

  53. Dennis Lee


  54. Q Sa

    why was this recommended to me is beyond question... Google algorithm is on crack again 🙄

  55. gabriela c

    So she must’ve been like 25 when she filmed season 1. I am 23 an look 17 so I’m not far from her. Wow I can finally relate to someone who looks like a child when being in their 20s and I’m so relieved


      gabriela c lol humble brag

  56. Brisa Garcia


  57. Jubey Girl

    "we play Sims together, Sims 4, very, um very important things"

  58. Afro Shinobi

    She is so fine 😍

  59. gabriela c

    How is she 27 just how

  60. Romy Stoner

    "its historical athleisure wear" HAHA

  61. Angelica Aquino

    the way alex looks at jess when they talk is so genuine. he seems like an amazing listener 😭💞

  62. Brian Gallas

    "They did my girl, Khalessi so bad..." 🤣



  64. yashia96

    She is a disgusting embarrassment and so is her satanic group. May God curse them all.

  65. Barnaby Lee

    can charlie be my grandad a miserable old git. but one you wouldn't mind getting socks off of at christmas. god bless him

  66. Mauricio Guzman

    Big fan here!

  67. Itz Just Ismael

    Season 2 was awesome

  68. Victor Andradee

    Mais beatiful of Alyssa.

  69. Oliver Lloyd

    No one: Jess: “like”

  70. Princess Crystal

    Alex laughs like my an old friend of mine, I like it lol

  71. no thanks.

    Can someone explain to me what the fuck was that at 2:47

  72. Tyler Stanley

    He looks like Nick cage

  73. V

    Oooh 😍

  74. Denise didi

    I wish she said... "A fan of mine" instead of "some girl"

  75. liamsimpson1994

    Props to NME for having trap playing the whole time you interview a punk rock band. SMH.

  76. Salamasina Blu.Her.53

    I just fucking love him 🖤 Brian is the only man I'd get evil in bed with. And marry 100 times over and have 5 kids with.

  77. Ohmydogpeedonme

    I think I’m in love with their personalties.

  78. William de brito coutinho

    Oscar is stoned! haha

  79. Olivia Young

    bites into orange.....

  80. FadedBiotic

    Rip Calpurnia..💔

  81. Simply Braclets

    I have liked this song since it came out and it is 2019 and still listening to it

  82. Tricia Fung

    ugh im in england and season 2 hasn't come out yet i really want to watch it omgggg

    1. Sumzi Tasnim

      Tricia Fung u can watch it on all 4 👌

  83. TeddyBoiO Talks

    I wonder what the mission is now

  84. edits by ayça

    there's no season 3 :(

  85. i_Devil 789

    Your show is 💩

  86. Swapna Bakshi

    Play 1:26 at 0.25 speed 😂😂😂

  87. Bro Dessemy

    Where’s 2012

  88. Jean Chambers


  89. Mariana P.

    LYRICS Perth is lucky that she's pretty Otherwise I'd hate that city The only place my heart's been torn in two Always worth the lengthy flight And sometimes the warm sleepless nights There's no such thing as coming back too soon A different situation I don't know When I have some more, the standard's low I still can't recover from the way you let me down I mean, you got a new girl, yeah, that's fine But I think about it all the time I resent the way you made me love your western town Perth is lucky that she's pretty Otherwise I'd hate that city Isolated from my eastern life Bands and bars on widened streets Where beaches meet the urban heat And people seem to be friendly and nice I know I should probably let it go But it's only now I finally know That you were only trouble looking for a place to stay Yeah, I got to visit somewhere new Now forever tainted with thoughts of you Didn't even get an inadvertent holiday Perth is lucky that she's pretty Otherwise I'd hate that city Hate this city, love this city Perth, you're lucky you're so pretty i just copy and paste her songs so I can sing them when I see her live. xd

  90. Phil Valentine

    I like these two, but she's 27 years old and reckons she's never heard of Blur?! GTFOH.

  91. larry kelly

    Who is that woman on stage who won’t stop talking.....get off

  92. lilia rose

    Alex melts my heart

  93. Dallas Coryell

    I would let this albino vampire drink my soul

  94. Lincoln knight

    To ALL the SODOMITES who comment on this video, have fun burning in hell for ever and ever and ever. And i dont know how the guy giving the interview can be so close to him breathing his badasshole breath. Badasshole stands for balls, dick, and asshole. This guy and Depp are always depressed and sad because they know that they are getting to the end of the road as far as this life is concerned. They KNOW that they sold their souls and are going to hell. BURN, BURN, BURN, We dont need no water, let these motha fuckers burn. Jesus is the only way.

  95. Halli Galli

    Need a little time to wanka wanka

  96. Caleb Summer

    Robert Patrick i love youuuuuuuuuuu!!!!!!

  97. phantom lord

    I love her accent

  98. Enrique Martinez

    I'm so in love with this girl..

  99. Top Kek M9


  100. Alidia Cupcake

    I really want his hat...