One summer can change everything. Stranger Things 3 arrives July 4, 2019 only on Netflix.

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  1. PotatoJuice HD

    S1: normal young kids. S3: puberty hits hard 😂

  2. SophLoaf

    iT’s uR grAMMa

  3. Bun Bun

    Nobody: Not a single soul: Literally not anybody: Me watching this for the 567447 time:What are you looking at?!

  4. Knight Birb


  5. Jennie Rubyjane

    Dustin looks like a baby at the thumbnail uwuu 😍

  6. #cheer goals

    Is this an old clip or no

  7. Ruby

    Me when they announce season 4: 0:58

  8. Christian Becerra

    Bad lip reading anyone?

  9. Frozen Crystals

    Dustin: SoRrY... sPaSm Mike: 🕶

  10. Snail Boy

    They look like babies

  11. J4nis05

    I want that demogorgon outfit

  12. Loveły Črañberrÿ

    No one: Absolutely no one: Me: *Forgets That this is yt and thinks that it’s Netflix*

  13. Magic Doge

    The nostalgia 😂

  14. Hayden Pangallo

    I honestly can't wait till 2020 ITS TO LONG

  15. Antonia Moyarmy

    Love u all strangerthings

  16. S33 Lilo Lol

    *i t s y o u r g r a n d m a*

  17. Andrew Yu

    1:25 almost 20 years after the civil rights movement

  18. Refined Robin

  19. Refined Robin

  20. The World

    Season 4 announced Me : 0:58

  21. e t h e x i u s

    no one: absolutely no one: not even a single cell organism: mike: *chokes*

  22. Po the Potatoe

    I swear with all the sh** Netflix is posting its a f****** count down

  23. random user :P

    I swear to God dustin and the boys look so cute when they were in season 1 NO HOMO

  24. a username


  25. Hirst Movies /Hirst Productions

    So awesome!

  26. Melissa Garay

    How funny that Mike dressed up as a ghostbuster and now Finn will come out in Ghostbuster 2020

  27. Ari Young

    Omg! They look so young!

  28. nogbad

    Lucas looks horrified

  29. Kattz

    yo why tf cant my family chew their mouthes closed bruh

  30. Tina and Flora

    Mike being annoyed for 1:27 mins straight (although there is nothing straight about him!I'm sorry if u don't ship byler just ignore it)!!♡♡♡ •btw we are youtubers too!♡

  31. JustCallMeDope

    Everyone still hoping Mrs. Wheeler and Billy went on that date huh

  32. osnapitzclaire

    this scene will always remain superior

  33. Seven 7

    Best show on netflix i want season 4 so bad😭😭😭💔

  34. A brown haired girl

    Baby Holy is just the cutest concept ever 😌🥰

  35. Emo Gaylover

    *Why are we just seeing this*

  36. Lisa Romano

    I am a big fan of stranger things it's amazing

  37. Spingy Katsoon

    I’ve watched the show twice but I still laugh at this scene

  38. MiSt Nagobino

    2:36 end me now...

  39. Maddy The Mad

    This is usually how my family dinners go

  40. STK_D4rkR4ptor


  41. Jeremy Maldonado

    I like stranger things💚👌🏻

  42. Jeremy Maldonado


  43. Act1on

    The Duffer Brothers: Season 4 will be the last Me eating dinner: 0:57

  44. XxNyanLoveHeart DETERMINATIONxX

    Random person: *Skips Intro* Me: *You dare oppose me mortal.*

  45. Laia P. P

    Nadie aquí que hable castellano?

  46. ElectroGamer Samir

    Dustin looks like a kid

  47. Iva

    Look how cute Dustin wass😍😍😍😍

  48. ASSC- Suhan

    *uploaded 3 years later*

  49. jm fnm

    Ima cry to bits when I hear something about season 4 coming out

  50. karolkozakiewicz23


  51. Ksi won Ksi won

    I can’t wait for season 4 to come out

  52. DaRkNesS

    Was that eleven in the background

  53. Tomious

    what I still don't know why, is why El just wanders downstairs for no reason

  54. Bullyhopper

    This movie is so good

  55. RD DROID

    Eu entendi a Karen falar comida -;-

  56. proud.mileven 11

    I want the Wheelers to invite me to dinner❤️😭

  57. RootsReclaimed

    *realizes this is an old clip* ... Don’t fuck with me, Netflix.🤦🏾‍♀️🙄

  58. Lily Medina

    _sorry spasm_

  59. RootsReclaimed

    Wait, Dustin is so tiny? What season was this from?

    1. Harry Potter Fangirl

      RootsReclaimed season one

  60. 鄭曲涵

    So young so cute!!!❤️

  61. tanya k

    Brilliant scene! Thank you!!!!!!!

  62. Kristofer Sander

    I remeber that season 1that was so long time ago when i whatced that season Good times

  63. Nox Lupa

    Can we get a T-Shirt with the words *it's your grandma* written in the stranger things font? XD

  64. Athena and shiloh's world!

    That was funny

  65. Parallel SinZ


  66. Indian Artist

    Dustin my favrt character

  67. Harz-2

    "We’re Not In Hawkins any more" the whole gang: a shit here we go again

  68. Pilar :3


  69. Sophie M

    puberty hit them like a train

  70. Elizabeth Davis

    Fond memories.

  71. Barbora Haliarska


  72. TS Sean

    I have this *strange* felling that hopper is dead and the American is Murray Bauman

  73. Jembia Cindy

    More scenezzzzzzzz!!!

  74. Ya Boi

    So where at den?

  75. Javier V

    Wow, they look so young back then! Crazy it’s been almost four years since Season 1 was filmed!

  76. BaL3c

    You know the drill 1 mike 2 eleven 3 will 4 dustin 5 lucas 6 steve 7 hopper 8 joyce 9 nancy 10 barb

  77. Clickerd


  78. Your Friendly Neighborhood Nerd

    before i read the title i thought it was a curly fry

  79. Amina A

    Holly is soo cute!! She should have more screen time!!❤❤❤

  80. Clervie Le Menn


  81. Killajx 21


  82. sofiyan ali

    Pretty sure Caleb used hacks in the tournament.

  83. sofiyan ali

    Theory:Foozeball is football in the Upside-Down.

  84. Carmen Carmen


  85. Muflia Meedin

    Loved this ❤💜💕

  86. Muflia Meedin


  87. シωαcιм

    One a minutes?(with voice kawai)

  88. Carmen Carmen


  89. {OR}OwnYourGamers

    is season 4 of stranger things coming???

  90. Theaops Family

    I love stranger things but I'm 8

  91. KK

    Sorry Spasm

  92. Alyson CB

    They look so younnnng They were so cute

  93. Vih Tubyy

    best serie ever💘🌵

  94. Sister Dusty bun

    Who ever disliked this then I hope the mind flayer eats you 🤣

  95. Suki

    Everyone else: thank god my familly dinner isnt like that Me: hey thats just like my familly dinner

  96. hello it's me

    Mike *🥛🤮 Dustin* 👊🏻👊🏻 El*🚶‍♀️🚶‍♀️🚶‍♀️

  97. Eceşan Esendemir

    Omg Mike so cute 💞

  98. hello it's me

    I C O N I C

  99. Livia Tancredo