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  1. Mady Donis

    Thanks 💗😊

  2. Sofia Fontan


  3. Angus Deuxberry

    This is so nice of them

  4. María Hernández

    El de rojo combina con karol g jajaja

  5. Bliss Martins

    The way they designed this is amazing and awesome. My friend is in the 2020 class.

  6. Kiona Rowe

    This song is so underrated😭 I like it more than X

  7. Meli Salas

    Me encanta❤️

  8. CatPonyLover 2000


  9. Biba Rihab Zahoui

    Very nice👌😍💞👏

  10. WILNO89

    Da fuck is going on with the Jonas Bro’s? All their new songs are so catchy 🔥

  11. jalvik negron

    En tiempos de cuarentena es mejor grabar desde un celular 😹

  12. crioa bride x


  13. karen sosa


  14. Mathylde Lericque

    Love Carol G

  15. Mathylde Lericque

    Perfect tik tok

  16. Happy FreakTheFresh1

    Best Jonas Brother

  17. Happy FreakTheFresh1

    I 😍 Nick since forever

  18. Xavy

    Karol g🤡

  19. Amber Morales

    njrweh24uhrnjf4 so nice!

  20. Eduardo Zakrin

    How did I just realize machete was in this??

  21. agnes nenuca

    La neta no entiendo el título de la canción

  22. Briggitte Sosaya

    Although Grease might be the oldest reference ot the song, it surely is the most known of the three 🎥 movies. Love the song!

  23. agnes nenuca

    Mis niños hablando español😍

  24. hanabi sketchbook

    Why the hell they changed "Michael Jackson" to "Kelly Clarkson" tho? 😂 Thats dreaming small

  25. April Simone

    Kevin I see you groovin’

  26. Ashley Lohr

    Dislike all my video s

  27. k xx

    POLAND? ❣️😉 Good song👀🎵🤫😉

  28. Baile Biddle


  29. Baile Biddle


  30. Baile Biddle


  31. Baile Biddle


  32. Baile Biddle


  33. BullterriersRock

    Social distance dance

  34. nikki luts

    love all off your music that your guys make i am a big fan

  35. Aya Elhourch

    I am just in love with their voices ( jonas brothers )

  36. ayl Maru

    Hahahha the kid with the milk shake cant get over it

  37. Lorena Aguilar Joya

    I like ❤💛💚💚❤❤❤❤❤ I from Colombia.

  38. Zanessa757

    Is Joe preforming in his PJs ???? :oO That's my kind of vibe

  39. candy pop

    The MV looks so cheap but the song its soo goood

  40. Abrianna DiStefano

    Go Jonas brothers

  41. Ruth Aguilar

    I love song with Karol g and Jones Brothers

  42. Daniela Rodríguez

    Mayo de 2020 😍

  43. Christian McFadden

    r u guys tring to ne shon mendas

  44. Rylee Lawson

    After listening to this, I kinda want them to collab with QuinnXCII...

  45. Camila Aponte

    Estos muchachos no les pasa los años 💜💜💜💜

  46. Isabel in Wonderland

    This Song makes my body dance! 🎶💃

  47. Daniela Rodríguez

    Los amigo 😍😍😍💓💓💓

  48. Carolina Valdivia

    Está padre que también ellos sigan haciendo música sin importar la cuarentena 😍 Soy de México!! Mis mejores deseos para todos♥️

  49. layla alanqar

    99% of people will not see this, but... The 1% that sees this, have a great day!! 😁

  50. Gabrielle Chevalier

    everyone can see their wives dancing to sucker they are so beautiful

  51. Kathia Mendoza

    Esos cantantes actuaron en camp rockW.w.o.w🤩🤩

  52. T SA

    I can't get over nicks thighs

  53. Hardik

    Due to lockdown restrictions video made via video call xD #social_distancing

  54. Linda Solis


  55. Julia Gonzalez Morazan

    Ojalá cada vista que le doy al video valiera por millones. Ésta canción merece mucho reconocimiento, ES INCREIBLE Y ME FASCINAAA!!!

  56. Emily Y. Zambrano H.

    Reproducción nro: 100.

  57. connie chen

    Wow I like that video

  58. Jimena López

    Alguien de aquí que sea mexicano ✋ con un like xfa

  59. Jessica Castro

    i love the song x

  60. Tamires Maria

    Quarentena e nós tá como nostalgia ♥️🇧🇷🥰

  61. Lucky Rathore

    Priyanka Chopra ❣️

  62. Paola Alexandra Verbel

    Wtf pensé que era mentira 🤣

  63. 17martuska

    Wpada w ucho ;) Kto słucha w PL? :)

  64. MarkW Nongsiej

    Question. Where are the wives??!🤔

  65. Darla Paulino

    Why are you wearing a red dress

  66. Mis MM

    I love this song😍😍

  67. paola alcantara

    i think that Kevin need to sing because in other videos i think that he is not a Jona brother

  68. Izzy Bizzy

    This is the cutest music video I have ever seen 🥺 all my fave movies in 1

  69. Mr. KEL CS

    Was this the suprised they teased in ellen

  70. xoxo bilge

    I thought I was over the Jonas Brothers until Joe pulled that move at 00:45

  71. Dhenylson Reginaldo

    Quem veio pela Anitta na casinha????👍

  72. Soy Giovanni Perez


  73. Joselin Motta


  74. Abrianna DiStefano

    Where is Joe and I music video ???

  75. Majiid Abdool

    I love it !!!!

  76. Caaji

    Yes Karol!

  77. vanessa escajadillo


  78. Valentina Camacho

    creo que la mejor parte es cuando canta karol 😁👍

  79. kristen patricio

    Nick looking fireee

  80. Lylah Finkel

    This song is so good!!! But does anyone feel like it's a iPhone commercial 😂?

    1. Lylah Finkel

      I really appreciate the bilingual side to this song

  81. Natalie Mack

    the jonas brother are so cute

  82. david cisneros

    creo que soy el único que habla español :v

  83. Nani R

    I love this

    1. finnie wolfhard you are my crush for ever

      i love this to

  84. rajesh srivastav

    Bts better than Jonas have a better voice look at any of bts songs you’ll understand y

  85. Lorena Jimenez

    My son loves this song 💓

  86. Firefox Flareon

    Taking high school Spanish is useful

  87. Shivam Kumar rajak

    Enjoying song 😍 🤸🤸💃🕺🕺🕺

  88. Channon Adams

    They are the best band I've ever listened to

  89. Kaelyn Bond

    Joe's sweater is a little weird no fence.

  90. Ruby Melo

    Arriba latinos. COLOMBIAAAAA💛💙❤

  91. Somi __

    Craziest family I've ever seen😂

  92. Camila Garcia


  93. Ruby Melo


  94. Victoria New

    I listen to this song so much that I dream about it. That's how good it is.

  95. İrem

    Allahım çok seviyoruumm 💜💜💜

  96. Rose McQuiston

    Nick. Is. Perfect.


    O,M.G I love you Jonas Im from Colombia

  98. Linn ie

    Who also thinks that 0:25 looks like the marauders map?

  99. saurabh tidgam

    Enrique Iglesias

  100. lala