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  1. Bliep Bloep

    i'm late to babyshamles party but here i am and i'm loving it

  2. fabianhendrix.

  3. Manuel Rosenau

    Some Radieschen here?

  4. InDiGo 7

    Кто после просмотра фильма 22 пули. Бессмертный ?

  5. adam shaw

    This is a Great Track!!

  6. Hood

    I literally just remember this song after soooo long. Shame he don’t do this one any more. What Katie did still my favourite

  7. Martin Goldnatz NWO

    Michael Schumacher

  8. Ada Florek


  9. Peter M

    Magnifique live bravo au groupe 🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶

  10. Ksenia Andreevna

    Ставь лайкулю, если смотришь в 2020к на карантине

  11. Johnny Meyer

    Delusional people NEED to let go of 1969 and all the other years past. They aint coming back.

  12. Zain staric

    just picked up £45 of good old skag..Life dont get much better than this right now..Chasing that dragon

  13. Stéphanie Schmitt

    Pete Doherty forever a genius! Thanks from France

  14. Stéphanie Schmitt

    Pete is a fucking genius forever!Thanks from France

  15. Tudor Miller

    Quality song, quality band. Beats anything in 2020 hands down.

    1. Laurent

      Tudor Miller It's a great song, but there are great things in 2020 too. For example, the new Strokes album is fantastic.


    Bella canzone

  17. smokedog number1

    Favourite track from shotters nation

  18. Mathew Cooper

    mr blue sky

  19. Jorge Gabriel Diaz

    Genio Pete!.👏👏👏

  20. nina Astoria

    merci pour ces beaux morceaux

  21. Selphie Tilmitt

    This song opened up my eyes to life outside the US back in 2008. Since then I've traveled the world and lived outside the US. This is a timeless song that will always be great.

  22. Aurora Isabella

    Damn I remember when I used to listen to this. Glad to be back :)

  23. steve wilson

    great single & vid..pete never looked better!? music so good..

  24. Céline

    C'était ma chanson préférée en 6ème au collège 🙂

  25. Liamers95


  26. jamie byrne

    Sometimes you forget how many good songs he has written.... what a fella

  27. fat jack

    He's a inspiration to a lot of young naive kids, he's got a responsibility to not promote hard drugs. I'm not sure if he's even clean yet.

  28. fat jack

    It never rains in utah peninsula Peter. .or the grand canyon either 😂

  29. fat jack

    He Needs to give those teeth a good scrubbing! 😆😆😆

  30. 10k in 2020 challenge

    Deserves way more views

  31. philfromthefuture

    2020 non 27 i was 15 maybe? Crazyyy

  32. Bersini

    My band are doing a cover of this and need to know Pete's talking lyrics he says on the build near the end of the song... can't quite hear it or find it anywhere? :)

  33. Scott Carroll


  34. Sly Mars

    2:10 they invented Carpool Karaoke before it was cool

  35. Besi Kapllani

    I love you pit

  36. Karin a

    Deeeply touched by this god damned fucking special poet

  37. Karin a

    Genie oder Wahnsinn?gibt es da noch ne Wahl???

  38. Karin a

    Right!!!!nooothing eeever! But my Baby has gone gone gone

  39. Karin a

    High sensitive.highest intelligence. And always closer to the edge than anyone can bear..treated lke mud ?is there one babe that feel the way i do ?only one?let me please know!!!karin

  40. Karin a

    If i dy today wanna say FUCK FOR EVER

  41. RenzTV

    Really great song

  42. Matail rennes

    alcoolico et fier de l être

  43. hector gonzalez

    Tiempo sin escucharlos

    1. David De La Torre

      @hector gonzalez Es broma !

    2. hector gonzalez

      ?! En qué basas ese comentario ?

    3. David De La Torre

      Ya ves? Por escuchar tanto reggaetón !!!

  44. Yessica Hurtado


  45. Stephen Matthias

    Pete just seems to play with pure swagg,not really looking like he's trying. Class..

  46. Schuchi92

    Just remembering the day I arrived in Paris with my ex-girlfriend and literally 3 minutes out of the hotel we met Pete Doherty, while he was buying drugs on the street. I said ''Oh my God! That's Pete Doherty, ricgt?!" and he turned to us and we talked for a minute and made a photo. His clothes were holey and covered in dirt ^^' Still the closest I've ever been to a ''celebrity''.

  47. N J

    A song about the importance of specificity.

  48. Damian Weston


  49. mynameisobell

    Lyrics : By, oh by, the way of an explanation Cast adrift of the shores of shorty's nation I had a lick, it caved my skull in like a brick Call now, what use am I to anyone I'm fucked, forlorn, frozen beneath the summer Don't sing along or you'll get what I got So, here comes a delivery Straight from the heart of my misery So, here comes a delivery Straight from my heart to you Yeah you, now you, now you, you finally left school Oh, what on earth do you intend to do? See if you can take the man go downtown Where all your skins and mods, you get together Make pretend it's 1969 forever Find a girl, have a drink, have a dance and play It's a song that deliver me Straight from the harshness of misery Is a song that you'll ever hear Straight from my heart to you Yes, here comes a delivery Straight from the heart of my misery Or a song might deliver me Straight from my heart to you Yes, here comes a delivery Straight from the heart of the misery Here comes a delivery Straight from my heart to you #istilllovethissong #2020

  50. Birtha Butt

    Hope he got clean. Dude is a great songwriter.

  51. Valentina Vergara

    Bello bello preciosoo ah jajaj

  52. Mundonauta

    Exchange PRAY for PLAY and I truly love this song...

  53. JLSXXX

    Jeanette sowery

  54. JLSXXX

    Still love em 18 years

    1. Anisa Lesalk

      JLSXXX Pete is perfect

    2. JLSXXX

      Ill never stop listening

    3. Anisa Lesalk

      JLSXXX me too

  55. Silvia Lopez

    The first 6 minutes sounds similar with "Impossible" from Shout Out Louds

  56. JLSXXX

    Peters the best

  57. JLSXXX


  58. Ben Taylor

    That bassline is a total ripoff of The Lovecats by The Cure

  59. Sandrine Rousseau


  60. Libertine13

    I was there 💚

  61. Monica Martin Jimenez

    Like it very much since I was 21 when I discovered this song. Now I'm 30 and I still loving it

    1. JoeBoy !

      Exactly the same. Man time flies. Hate getting old

  62. angryson

    liseliler bilmez.

  63. Olivia Stromme

    I sing this song every time I see a Utah license plate.

    1. RezilKepaze

      Olivia Stromme why?

  64. Son of Saturn

    Pipin' almost every night, watch my dreams float by...

  65. Abel García Pérez


  66. XNX CRAB

    Watch out for the man who ll bum ya wife then shake your hand love that line so true

  67. Artur Paiva de Lima

    Why is this song not famous? It is amazing!

  68. Docteur Peinture

    français de clébar bleu !!! des flics ici ???????? nonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn pas possible

  69. Super Grass

    The most handsome vocalist ive seen. Edit: pete doherty

  70. Alberto

    I remember this bloke was never out the papers from 2005 to about 2008 every day.

  71. Sunny Sunshine

    I Love this song 🎶👍🏾

  72. Rene Hildebrand


  73. Kevin Guziec

    This is the last truly great thing he's done. Amazing song

  74. John-Danson

    Once upon a time before heroin

  75. lockergr

    Oh wow look, it's greasy, slick-backed Alex Turner on the bass. 😁 But seriously, this is my favorite Babyshambles song. It's like big band meets filthy, sexy junkie... and I want to play fellas. Pete is dream.

  76. Federico Moretti

    hey pete

  77. cehro

    No entiendo nothing

  78. Xiaomeng Cheng

    He is amazing

  79. Daniel James

    "And those little red shoes And some kid with the blues, gets right on your wick you just could not bear it!!! 😂 Class.

  80. David Hay

    Peter being Peter = *Talant overloaded genius*... Video wacky too, like the bit were he's portrayed as Shakespeare.

  81. Onkel Marvin

    " This Is real Rock`n`roll………......…..Simple, honest, melodic………….you can even hear their mistakes……`s fucking beautiful " !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  82. David Hay

    Think I was @ this gig. 95% sure.

  83. Rima rima

    shbeb <3

  84. paulspydar

    c`mon its" You really got me "

  85. Roy Billings

    Boom Billy Bilo

  86. Aliff Ain

    2019 guys🔥🔥🔥

    1. Mathieu MARTIN

      Pshhh, old, 2020 here.

    2. Geovanne Washington Ashwood


  87. fooman65

    Great band great song great vid

  88. Rita de Cássia Durante Marques de Lima

    10 years passed and I just found this song now

  89. kirkyboy 86

    I'm still here listening brother!

  90. Ella Harner


  91. Carmelo Anthony

    Where is S. E. C. C.?

    1. Rodrigo Sandoval

      Glasgow, Scotland

  92. Richie Partout

    Is it captured in France🤔?

  93. Laura Esse

    Mi manca questo Pete 😢

  94. Tony Pepperoni

    looking for the light behind your eyes? very interesting, perhaps referring to carls inability to feel


    YEAaaaaaaaaaaah 🍻🍻🍻🍻🍻🍻🍻🍻🍻🍻🍻😘😘😘😘😘💖!

  96. へいさわ

  97. mathis poirson


  98. Antonio Panigada

    Nessuno mi fa la tradizione x favore??? Scusate la mia ignoranza

  99. David Hart

    This sounds very similar to another song? What is it? The chord sequence...

  100. Kahnnabis xxx