Double, double toil and trouble!
Team Saf:
Safiya Nygaard
Tyler Williams
Claire Wiley
Emily Linden
Mai Linh Nguyen
Josie Latino
Ben Chrobak-Prince

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  1. winny b

    She's so good at giving presentations lol

  2. Jordan Kelly

    When the lush workers see safiya walk in they either think oh no she is going to smell our products for an hour or they think we will get a lot more money today

  3. Hannah Raynes

    I miss watching your videos please post more ❤️

  4. allison belaunde


  5. Hollie rose

    You should call it "I like to mauve it,mauve it!

  6. Kassandra Osterbuhr

    You need to send that glitter to simply

  7. joyface

    As a pastry chef, this is fascinating yet deeply unsettling...

  8. Felix Henson

    I'm a little disappointed you used palm oil tbh. That one oil is responsible for so much destruction.

  9. J

    I appreciate the nutcracker music in the background xD

  10. Cassie Baird

    I believe that the ruffled pattern to the soap cutter is meant to prevent suction from occurring while cutting the soap, thus reducing resistance. Similar to the spaces in a cheese knife to make it easier to cut.

  11. Ashley Kim

    omg more soap videos PLEASE 🥺

  12. MoonalaOwO

    anyone else just want to eat the "frosting"???

  13. Lauren Pancheri

    U should by all of the bathbomds and then fizzle all of them without combining them into one

  14. Sienna Portier

    I feel like I've seen Safiya in safety goggles too many times for it to be normal 😂😂

  15. Kylie Cordeau

    I thought you were in Jenna marbles living room in the intro

  16. V.K.H.D

    Saf, I care that you used a big bowl 🥺💕

  17. Ana Clara Schuenck

    it makes me nervous how much their new house reminds me of jenna marbles house

  18. wesker1972

    Excellent video. :)

  19. Alex C

    Maybe the next soap video, will be sponsored by bramble berry and Anne-Marie will be in the video with Safiya

  20. Sisters Three

    In the start of the video she said "we r taking the bad makeup science were it has not ever gon" "the bathroom" but don't u do makeup in the bath room?

  21. Emme Wood

    I don’t think I would be able to wash my hands with this lol

  22. PJ McJamma

    You walk into a seemingly average bathworks shop... suddenly! "Hellooo, friends! And welcome to Safiya's Soaps."

  23. Dragon Fire

    this should have been in the bath boom videos comments but girl look up what lush use to sell because it well bowl your mind like big time and i say this because i learn they switch from the ? to the soaps you have a very big fetish for (fyi tops for anyone who gets what i am talking about for the 18+ )

  24. IlianaBlue

    “Homemade, with love, but not much skill” *me when I’m asked to describe myself*

  25. Merry Red

    wtf 2.7k people disliking this video!!!??? COME ON PEOPLE!!!!

  26. Gianna Bissessar

    I'm Trinidadian and let me tell you when I heard Trinidadian I jumped

  27. Falina Rose

    OMG SAPH! That looks amazing for a first time!!!!!

  28. Melona Lightstick

    Straykids popped up on the screen and my inner stay screamed

  29. Valentina

    WHY is she uploading once a month and no one says anything?!

  30. Melona Lightstick

    The shade on yg im cackling 2:31

  31. •{Fluffyducks} •

    We’re going to blame it on the A A A A A Alcohol

  32. corganic

    This is so cute I love yours way more than the tutorial cupcakes honestly. They're soososo pretty n fun.

  33. Leslie Lopez

    No one gonna talk about how She is on trending 3 days now

  34. Liv Lowery

    Omg, no wonder fancy soap is so expensive.

  35. Krabby_Paty

    As a chemist, I am very happy that Safiya put a little safety info clip about Sodium Hydroxide (NaOH aka lye). It's great that people are being chemists, but please be careful and wear proper PPE (personal protective equipment). :D

  36. Wezy MH

    Saf: puts small peaks. Me: dont be shy put some more

  37. Mik

    you can always take a flat edged surface and wipe off the excess soap that over poured

  38. Paul Petrik

    Now we’re all going to die of eating soap

  39. jihoom melon

    @1:58 alright, Safiya's soapsexual

  40. Lloyd Crawshrimp

    I'm a tampon girl but my mom has stopped getting tampons that fit me because "You don't need the big ones" Hon, you wanna wash my blood soaked underwear? No? Gemme my tampons.

  41. Scarlett A L

    You should make a Frankensoap

  42. Bridget Watson


  43. Karla Avila

    I’m curious to know who else got the ad with the two black woman talking about trumps birthday,🤦🏻‍♀️

  44. •Izzy x Denmark•

    Did the add after the video be a soap art one for anyone else? It happened to me 😂

  45. S Kriticos

    Why am I salivating looking at that soap frosting 😫

  46. Jacqueline Cihak

    Good job, yours are better then hers!🎃

  47. ghoulahad

    "this isn't our first rodeo, but it is our second" - tyler 2k20

  48. Molly Mondrowski


  49. Ariana Callan

    Considering that this is soap that your skin comes in contact with it is very dangerous

  50. Una Karen Guðmundsdóttir

    One time my twin brother ate a regular soap bar because he had a dream that the soap was made out of candy. My mom had to call poison control. He’s okay now but it’s a good story

  51. SG D

    omg SEVEN on trending SIS!

  52. Sophia- THE FIRST

    Can we just appreciate that this almost 40 minute video only has like 1 ad👏

  53. Twinnertainment CC

    I love whenever Safia says “WAHHHH!”😂

  54. Ellie Fischer

    The first blue bat was the best one 🤣

  55. big brain asian

    i would still eat it if it was soap actually no i probably wouldnt but i wouldnt use it so i could show it off

  56. Katie Harper

    Was this expensive

  57. Pink Kitty

    I cant use fancy soaps, my skin is sensitive to e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g. :(((

  58. sammy bennett

    I was confused why none of the outfits really looked Lolitaie and I realized most of the time without a baby face you need a full face of makeup 😂

  59. Haley Mitchell

    the little claps they did for saf after she revealed each outfit was SO CUTE

  60. Abby Stephens

    I am trying the Saalt cup right now and so far so good

  61. Abbythesinger !!!!!!

    Men be like what are diva cups?

  62. Jessie McClure

    Tyler and the toxins sounds like a kick ass band name

  63. Sagittarius hernandez

    Don't eat ..Unless it's irish spring origal soap... I love that smell so much

  64. DJ Dimonds

    Safiya: i found some holo glitter *Cristine has entered the chat*

  65. Sophie

    is that old dan and phil merch 😂

  66. salty soap Ross thing

    Honestly soap is like my kInK

  67. Katherine Canon

    Now make different soap season use forget those decorations get dusty

  68. Priscilla Donahue

    Thank for giving that ever well put together warning ⚠️

  69. Andrea C

    Wait has she done mixing together different soaps !!!

  70. Andrea Ling

    U r like they mad scientist lol

  71. Creature Domes

    Can I eat tide pockets?

  72. Pamela Irene

    Did the editing in this one feel a little more chaotic than usual to any one else? Maybe I'm just seeing things, but I wasn't a super fan of all the editing this time. But just my little opinion! I still loved the video, regardless.

  73. Daniel Isiah

    I mean Pretty!!!

    1. Creature Domes

      Thanks I know I am 👍

  74. Luís Silva

    what a good video i just watched it! And I recommend:

  75. Dezerea Horowitz

    the psychic one seems sketchy

  76. Shin Wonto

    you look glowing girll

    1. Creature Domes

      Thanks I work hard on it 👍

  77. lienn

    what did u do with the left overs

  78. richard de rat

    you are chaotic neutral to ann-marie's lawfull good

  79. Jessie_playz.roblox

    OMG while watching a got an ad for bobo or somthing bath treats like how?!? im being stalked

  80. Kelley Thatsme

    Saf I think your underselling yourself here. Those are great and I would totally buy one.

  81. Husseina

    I would probably name it Simply Frankenstein

  82. Dumpling Basket.

    You should make a video of you making Disney movie deserts or foods

  83. Crystal The Crystal Uni

    Cristine is proud of you

  84. Brielle Edwards

    Now we wait for buzzfeed to make soap

  85. D'andra S. Williams

    am I only that kept forgetting this was soap?

  86. Kristina Meyer

    safiya's content is the definition of "quality over quantity"

  87. Weirdly Cookie

    Luv u..! 🦋🦋🦋

  88. Katherine Canon

    This why I don't make it so I don't blow out my windows I need those crappy single pane windows since I am poor buy double 😂😂. This pretty close to baking except there is no baking 😂 more prep work. Not bad at for first time piping now officially a pastry chef.😂

  89. Sandra Soto

    I can’t believe I sat here and watched every second 😭 your content is gooooodd

  90. Natalia Tobar

    I have no idea if the "A A A A Alchohol" was a hamilton reference but I'm gonna think it is.

  91. Shadows GachaLife

    I think I’m the only one that noticed that there is a Murrz thing on her fridge. ;-;

  92. Sea Searcher

    anyone gonna say that they look like ube rolls from steven universe? no just me? ok

  93. Renee Larson

    No one is gonna talk about how she moved

    1. Kat Bowen

      We knew like months ago

  94. LtCCht

    Frankensoap... Anyone?

  95. Gabrielle Hudson

    From ages 5-9 I actually managed to consume an entire soap cupcake that my grandma had as a decoration in her room, besides being chalky it low key tasted good

  96. J Bean

    I love lush but due to the super strong smell in there i cant shop there:((

  97. Morgan MacPherson

    babes u did so good

  98. Gabrielle Hudson

    My grandma used to have a bath bomb/soap combo shaped like a cupcake, she always told me not to touch it bc for some reason she used it as decoration so she didn’t want me to break it. One day though I could resist taking a nibble bc it looked so real, the frosting was hard but it tasted like vanilla so I went on to try the cake part which I ended spitting out afterwards bc it was the bath bomb portion so it tastes horrible. 4 years went on until I stopped bc I realized how disgusting I was being, when my grandma finally got rid of it she was confused bc of all the bites taken out of it. Long story short if you live with kids get rid of all items that look like food but are something else.