Double, double toil and trouble!
Team Saf:
Safiya Nygaard
Tyler Williams
Claire Wiley
Emily Linden
Lauren Marks

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  1. Whitney Stroud

    it's mau-luv the colors (pronounced like olive but with an m)

  2. Pen chan

    Mauvster, was going for Monster but now it kinda reminds me of Hipster so..Yeah. Ok Mauver? (Ok Boomer), Orly Mauve (Oh really mauve), Poouurr'n, Nailed It. :)

  3. London Gore

    *excuse me*

  4. shyanne.shana vanek


  5. Lil Missbun

    Must be expensive

  6. Hannah Steedman

    Still weirds me out that Americans go to 3 schools

  7. Deathly Angel

    Mauver berry

  8. Nutella Potter-Hermione

    Franken-mauva would be great

  9. Thalia Hernandez

    Frankin mouve child

  10. Nail Product Review Monthly

    I think it should be frankenmauve since it matches the lipstick

  11. Izza Borealis Dries

    Zwina Safiya thanks I love this video !

  12. Giavana Macias

    Sir Maineserlot

  13. Da_WolfGirl

    Safiya should DIY designer shirts and try to trick people in public! ( And maybe on insta )

  14. cillian

    It's ironic that I got a wish add on this video before I'm even 1 second into the content

  15. Jalyn Mullen

    No one: The pansexuals: FINALLYYYY

  16. AngelKayla 2021

    IDK why, but I did not know Marzia had her own palette.

  17. Natálka Banasová

    I love watching this video because well, it's hard to explain but it smells good

  18. Josephine Beaumarchais

    when you have a friend over and ur six years old

  19. Because of Karma

    Omg how is she so fabulous? I think I could listen to her talk all day! LOL

  20. umbreoncore denise

    Transylmauvevia? (Transyl-mauve-via )

  21. Jade Francis

    Enyone watching in 2019

  22. christine fitzgerald

    I think you should let us choose your clothes for the day 👍👎

  23. •Saavy Potato•

    Idk why, but I thought of the name "Shade My Name"

  24. *Ārïęš* *Zõdïāç*

    Try Vaseline with your mascara, it helps. And can be used as a clear mascara.

  25. Da_WolfGirl

    Tyler seems so innocent, hearing him say " I'm trying to get it on " just made me burst out in laughter

  26. Layla White

    have you ever said "i wish i commented that!"

  27. xcarmen

    mouve 9000

  28. Samantha MacNicol

    Like ur videos but ur voice man it's aggravating!

  29. Eleanor Lindsten

    Canada Kristine w/ secret saffiya

  30. Rainbow Unicorn 277

    Omg ahhhh you are 1 of my biggest role models I love you and I subscribed #notifacationsquad love you

  31. Charis Mathis

    I feel so bad for Tyler!!!

  32. Chris Groom

    mauve your brain cells

  33. Skywalk Wolf

    Can kids wear those dresses 👗?

  34. sarah copeland

    Yesss I'm from Ohio and I've been to cedar point like 4 times 😍

  35. Michael Horodowicz

    You look good.

  36. Jono Pedersen

    Try doing one with very little water. Like 70mls of active stuff, and 25mls of water

  37. Tierney May

    This was delightful

  38. Jono Pedersen

    “Should I snack on it a little” Girl no.

  39. Polly Lawrance

    Fellow ravenclaws? My best friend is in in Ravendoor (took the test twice),and has a Phoenix patronus!

  40. Riley Mcintosh

    Tyler says: No I promised my mom. Makes me think she eats random things around the in laws.

  41. Cutie Cake Styles

    I am late but you can name the last nail polish I like to mauve it mauve it!

  42. Mary Drawings

    Franking sofren

  43. bigmagic66

    nail color name has got to be cat penis

  44. Cheryl Watt

    In honour of Movember, Mauvember?

  45. Alexia Besliu

    Safia the 2nd outfit looks to good on you!!!

  46. natnak26

    I like to MAUVE it !

  47. Sweet Tea

    "mauve, I'm gay" idk but that was the first thing I thought of

  48. Jessica Fordham

    When is the wedding

  49. Raina Gu

    Who thinks she should do reacting to my first video

  50. Raina Gu

    OMG!!!! She looks so different


    Bloody Berry

  52. Abigail Walden

    Frakin mauve

  53. Emily Curtis

    Mix every highlighter at Sephora together!!!

  54. sammy doodle

    I like the way you mauve

  55. Johanna Julén

    I am so here for the teal! You made every choice like I would have, so can I buy that colour?

  56. ahgase morales

    You look sooooo gooooooooooood 💚😘

  57. Daybennis Mariano

    purple maze

  58. * •komal• *


  59. Lulu 21

    How about "That purple brown shade"

  60. Meri M

    Hi everyone, if you want I have a wish coupon of 50% off on your first order. COUPON: mlvyvhd

  61. Midnight Tea

    another name lots of purple purple on mauve le com have to go for the mauve mauves la cvaes mauves ha cow mauves town purple le la mauve ecpanol mauve confetti oh you think im done? I have lots up my sleave. mauve is cown we live for mauve i love the mauve safiya le mauve nygaard marve klav betti pow me mauve nope i got more hope for mauve 100 corlers=mauve 100 corlers safiya get the muave to the cow OH YOU THINK IM LEAVEING NOPE I GOT MORE mauve the cow mauve can moh here for the mauve beautifull mauve purple/mauve epic purple purple power lilac is mauve k i can't have no more TwT

  62. Leonie Voss

    I look up to you because you don't care about what other people say about your looks.While I always think what others say to my fat legs and other parts of my body. Love ya.

  63. Mikayla Johnson

    The three colors are the pan flag 😶😶

  64. Ada Grace

    5:56 on sale realy you can bey a shirt for round 1£/€ in Uk or Ireland 🇮🇪

  65. iDannyism


  66. Clemintine K-D

    Power puff girl looking nail polish set

  67. Ada Grace

    I am a Ireland Uk gal and I love Primark it is cheap and cute!

  68. Ada Grace

    🌸Your hair looks very soft and shiny I would say it’s worth it🌸(Love you)

  69. Yuki Flake

    You should do another bath and body works video where you mix all the lotions together, even the retired scents from online I feel like that would be awesome and smell so good. Idk it’s your channel though so you do you and I’ll watch it

  70. Zoe Mcgowan


  71. Kat.Rose

    Wow I didn’t realize her channel was such a big hit. Shit ! Go Saf

  72. Trippin artz

    i ordered something from wish like a couple years ago still has not come

  73. VoidedMirror

    Why didn't Tyler get a K-Pop makeover?!

  74. Alex Kr97

    "Simply Mauvefiya"

  75. eimileeimile

    How did you not go for "SAFfolding"

  76. Katelyn Eleana

    Nail polish name: Mauvulous Dahling

  77. ohiocuttie09

    Cristine aka younger Jenna Marbles 6:12 This is for my boyfriend 16:51 We don’t test on animals..just Sofia 🤣🤣🤣 tooo Funny

  78. Ruari Mcdonald


  79. Priscilla Dany

    Frankin mavae

  80. gtoss chddy

    Is 25 and literally had to have a friend explain the "it's the angle of a banana that reminds you of Ben" and I regret it

  81. Spunkymunky

    I grew up in LA. We outsource everything--organization, cleaning, working out, cat therapy.

  82. ko.

    Oh! Unprofessional but still interested here, about the napkin shoe hack I’ve done that but with sneakers, and it works, but you have to separate the pattern from the napkin completely (napkins usually have more than one blank paper layer), and to paste and top coat it, mod podge, but a very thin layer, making sure it sticks. When it’s dry, spray it. Im not sure if it would work with ‘plastic’ or leather shoes, but at least with shoe fabric, it very much does ☺️☺️

  83. cebad4

    7:55 “almost seems like hot flaming cheeto dust” little she know she was naming two shades from de conspiracy palette

  84. Emily Rae

    Are you and "Syd's Vids" relate? ya'll look alike


    Berrt wonderland

    1. gtoss chddy

      Mauv by night

  86. Bre McCoy

    Omg the MCs were soooo adorable. I also love that MC also has double meaning in the MCdonalds environment haha

  87. Natalie Dukes

    The fact that she fact checked her 1300’s fashion reference is high key prime example of why I feel so seen/represented by Saf lol

  88. Jennifer S

    WhO iS tHaT mAuVe Like who is that man

  89. Nightmære Recøvers •

    I think the polish should be called "Simply Safiya" And OOF im late

  90. Amber Rhoades

    *I know it's been a while since this video was published...but... WE NEED A ROUND 2!*

  91. Amber Rhoades

    *WE NEED A ROUND 2!*

  92. Rachel J. Anderson

    Nope, I will never do this!

  93. Jasmin Würtz

    Oh wauw, I am so happy that you went home empthy and followed that sense of what you had initially wanted. I got a bit mushy, when seeing you in 'The Chosen One' and yes, it's perfect. Congratulations Saf & Ty!

  94. Rachel J. Anderson

    Do we need to measure our blood?

  95. Andzia Inna niż inne

    “All in”

  96. Enbaplays -w-

    Me: in my period Also me: if it works I want it!!

  97. Brian Baum


  98. chronicfish

    *The bells are for those wanting to reenact that famous Handmaiden scene ...*

  99. rohan sharma


  100. Davishni Coodien