The Strokes are an American rock band formed in New York City in 1998, consisting of Julian Casablancas (lead vocals), Nick Valensi (guitar, keyboard, backing vocals), Albert Hammond, Jr. (rhythm guitar, keyboard, backing vocals), Nikolai Fraiture (bass) and Fabrizio Moretti (drums, percussion). Met with wide-spread critical acclaim, the Strokes' 2001 debut, ‘Is This It’, helped usher in the garage rock revival movement of the early-21st century-and ranks number eight on Rolling Stone's 100 Best Debut Albums of All Time, number two on 100 Best Albums of the 2000s, 199 on the 500 Greatest Albums of All Time and number four in the NME Top 500 Albums of All Time.

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  1. Boomer

    I love how Fab just blankly stares as the entire drum set is pulled away

  2. lorenz0


  3. Callum Fisher

    Im glad to see Tobias Funke, analrapist, finally found success in the entertainment industry.

  4. Random

    I gotta take a diarrhea

  5. Raulito Jimenez

    They be back 😃😃😃❤️❤️❤️ ¿who had reloaded this new record the strokes ?🖤🖤🖤😊😊😃😃

  6. Solaceboy

    Visual wise, this video looks great.

  7. crossrecon99

    What happened to the quality? We gonna need the HD footage from this video...

  8. Katya Jurado

    Por qué carajos no encuentro ningún comentario en español?xd Esta canción es de lo mejor que he podido escuchar en toda mi vida.

  9. Jon Stark

    I can't escape it Never gonna make it Out of this in time I guess that's just fine I'm not there quite yet My thoughts, such a mess Like a little boy What you running for? Run at the door Anyone home? Have I lost it all? Struck me like a chord I'm an ugly boy Holding out the night Lonely after light You begged me not to go Sinking like a stone Use me like an oar And get yourself to shore Bang at the door Anyone home? It's just what they do Right in front of you Like a cannonball Slamming through your wall In their face I saw What they're fighting for I can't escape it I'm never gonna make it 'til the end, I guess Struck me like a chord I'm an ugly boy Holdin' out the night Lonely after light Banging on the door I don't want to know Sinking like a stone So use me like an oar Hard to fight what I can't see Not trying to build no dynasty I can't see beyond this wall But we lost this game So many times before I been on a cold road I'll be waiting, yeah I'll be waiting for the old times Waiting for the tide to rise I been on a cold road I'll be waiting, yeah I'll be waiting for the old times Waiting for the tide to rise

  10. Bryant Vazquez

    Goid thing they stayed away from their original band name: The Backstrokes. Would've been embarrassing.

  11. Dre S

    Dealing with chronic illness, autoimmune disease, inflammation, depression. This song speaks to me on a different level. The world can be very unfair to some of us. It doesn’t make sense but it’s our reality and we just hope for everything to get better but unfortunately it doesn’t for some or most . It’s a sad reality :( but this is the battle that we face daily .

  12. ickythump333


  13. Luke Schmidt

    A top five Strokes song.

  14. Mario Rocha


  15. Francesco P

    My father used to have this as his ringphone theme. Since he died in 2009 I can't stop thinking about him when I listen to this masterpiece. Love you Pierluigi

  16. Authorized Personnel

    the bass player looks like Richard Keel

  17. elliswhitworth

    Wonder if Jules will keep his hair when it goes grey???

  18. Asm Shariar Chowdhury

    The first 10 seconds of the song sounds like “I Want to break free” by queen.

  19. kind kid

    anyone saying this is a copy of “dancing with myself” needs to listen to A LOT more new wave/postpunk. the sad thing is this sounds NOTHING like billy idol or dancing with myself. people need to educate themselves on music of the past so they don’t make such precise statements off of nothing. if by billy idol, people mean “80’s” that’s sad :/

    1. kind kid

      hernanblv heard it 1000 times. valley girl 😍

    2. hernanblv

      for educational purposes listen modern english i melt with you.

  20. jeremy eaton

    I read Nick Valensi actually wrote this song while they were recording Angles

  21. smith williams

    Please go back to this style

  22. Carl G2431

    my favorite Strokes song

  23. jose jesus joaquin angulo

    Alguien que hable español <]:"v

  24. tom r

    I see this as a commentary on family life. Making bad decisions may not lead to a stable family life, but it's a hell of a lot more fun. These guys are getting a bit older and it seems they miss the "bad decisions" that were a bit more exciting than raising a kid.

  25. Porrus Baby


  26. Porrus Baby

    ❣❣Para siempre en mi corazón❣❣

  27. sukekiyo6

    i was listening to this while applying manic panic to my hair...back then...

  28. Nur Farysa

    Can't believe this song is 15 years old This song is 18 years old wtf

  29. Emery Nebraska Martin

    Perfect 😃😃😃

  30. Will Lim

    every single member in the band is cool af

  31. skatetron

    heavy metal/ralph bakshi vibes in this video.

  32. Pablo Gimenez


  33. blendernoob64

    This song has grown on me so much. I went from thinking it’s okay to it being one of my favorite Strokes songs of all time. Julian has never sounded better!

  34. hernanblv

    thanks also to billy idol, for inspiring this beautiful strokes song, with his "dancing with myself"

    1. hernanblv

      and obviously modern english "i melt with you" for the others parts haha

  35. Alan Yammine

    No puedo dejar de escuchar esta canción

  36. Jorge Legorreta

    Good song, i'll love the Strokes forever 🤙💕

  37. Pablo Romano

    A mas de 1300 reguetoneros no le gusta esta cancion !

  38. Jefferson Silva

    Perfeitamente Strokes !!!

  39. Adam Iam

    Back to old days is the best way

  40. Adam Iam

    Back to old days is the best way

  41. Juan Durruty

  42. juan gabriel ojeda

    2:38 wow motorola!😂

  43. Kantasan

    Modern English - I Melt With You

  44. Hadi Abdullah

    layan the strokes dar sekolah rendah lagi. lepas abg aku campak kaset suh aku dengar. masa tu kaset album room on fire. dgr pakai walkman tiap malam. mulaw tak leh layan. tp dah selalu dgr. jadi minat smpai skrg.lagu dia semua aku boleh layan. mmg the strokes no 1bg aku. kwn2 lain ade minat jugak. sempat jamming lagu 12.51 jugak dlu. harap the strokes masih teruskan music diorg. terbaik. from malaysia. i love the strokes

  45. GeniusImmortal

    The Strokes always have that something extra. That extra color to work with. They are far above the pack, both lyrically and sonic-wise.

  46. siddhanth manjunath

    Marvelous Mrs.Maisel brought me here.

  47. AXELICC 1999


  48. CFA

    I think thw main riff sounds a helluva lot like Ceremony from New Order

    1. Kantasan

      Modern English - I Melt With You to me


    Mum's fighting cancer I'm 24 got manic depression I guess stuck in a dead end jobo feeling lonley and abused in a world so numb songs like this can perk me up too see the perks of a world so cold like not giving an actual fuck. Cheers lads go easy ey

    1. Tom Carberry

      Hope things get better for you mate 👍

  50. Dandy Ahmad

    3:12 when my friends invite me to play ranked match

  51. Mrc Starf

    This nostalgy... (especially starting at 4:12) when the neverending story meet the secret of NIMH, the black Cauldron and Dark Crystal!

  52. max gershfield

    this was my first taste of the strokes. It came on late one night on MTV2. I fell in love with them within seconds. I bought room on fire shortly afterwards. My parents didn't understand when they walked into the kitchen one evening and I was inches away from the family stereo, with Reptilia at full volume, basically crying. I would hit refresh on the strokes fansite hundreds of times, just to see if they'd uploaded any other stupid film footage (that's what Insta's there for today lol.) To this day The Strokes still carry such strong sense memories of my early teens and I still think that the band (Julian in particular) are the coolest dudes ever.

  53. Taufan Laksana

    can't believe they really use 144p format

  54. isirisbee


  55. Chris Delgado

    Who’s that guy in alberts spot for most of the vid?

  56. Elieser Gonzalez

    What it sounds like when I sing in the shower: 4:49

  57. Bayu Satria Putra

    Para pemabok

  58. jensssskljhdkhs

    This video is R A D I C A L !

  59. Francisco Aurélio

    Strokes and Guided By Voices.. amazing!!

  60. Udopia Records

    Idk what it is with the Strokes, its like their songs and I were meant to coexist and understand each other, but its literally vibrations coming into my ears, how do I feel so connected to them

  61. jbsamakis

    And I'll sweat, sweat, sweat, sweat

  62. martinka279

    maybe strokes liike listen to that Nuvelle vague album ....with the cover of both "dancing with myself" and "stop the world and melt with you"... isn'it?

  63. yeehaw yeehaw

    god mutha fucking damn i feel like i am on another plane of existence when i listen to the back end of this epic of a track. such a great synth beat

  64. Sebastien De Caste Vax Templates


  65. hyper nova

    i finally found it!! i have this on my nokia when i was kid

  66. Miguel Olmedo

    the strokes :3

  67. *Derick Shipman

    Who's still listening to the strokes in 2020? 🔥🔥🔥 They said we will only do it, if it's rum & coke......not a bad way to drown really!

  68. Carlos ernesto Uribe Ulloa

    20 years later the strokes make me happy

  69. Norman Garcia

    Under cover of darkness Tired of all your friends knocking down your door So long friend and adversary So there is this friend who at night goes out and does something stupid by influence of friend. While other person is waiting and watching there other half ruin what might or what they do have. Awwwhhh Jules. You are a poet and philosopher

  70. Vend Erre

    Im glad Razorfist offhandedly mentioned The Strokes, otherwise i never woulda came here. owo fun video.

  71. TheChatero YTR

    Guitar hero 3... ?

  72. joe

    I wanna kiss them I wanna kiss them I wanna kiss them I wanna kiss them I wanna kiss them

  73. Andy Aranda

    Wiwiwuwuuwwuwu chigadamadre

  74. Andy Aranda


  75. AshfordAH1Z

    Wait... Mariah Carey wrote this fucking song?

  76. Enyel Mora

    Nine Years ago

  77. Martín Abásolo

    El ultimo disco bueno de estos wnes.

  78. Rusty Rench

    He looks so bored

  79. Camila Belén

    At the door= julian's vibes Bad decisions= albert's vibes

    1. hernanblv

      i think youre so right

  80. Curco Vein

    this is one of the best songs ever made

  81. Emiliano

    Mi life = bad decisions.

  82. Ryan M.

    This song gets better and better each day

  83. Eli Storlie

    those synths sound like otamatones

  84. Desert Music

    I love the strokes but as a guitarist I die a little inside everytime I see those guitars go under

  85. Dorky

    _Even if the song doesn't hit for ya, the animation in the video is pretty fucking awesome._

  86. Mikael Schoanz

    Vim aqui só comentar: que música, meus amigos... Que música!!!

  87. Dorky

    Alex Turner hesitates to buy a strokes copy after watching Bad Decisions


    Me encanta!!!

  89. Frederick Core

    So fucking good, this is my song of the year right now

  90. Fabricio Novaes

    Sim ficou ótimo ❤️

  91. cammalion punk sukri

    jump what last come help model ok choose perfect ok.

  92. Lauren

    This is giving me Muse vibes??

  93. Alberto Valls Mulero

    Billy Idol.

  94. Gabriel Melgar

    ok... whats going on with theese videos?.. its 7th time i watch it in a row.. does anyone feels that there is logic and a hidden secret behind all this..

  95. jeff tee

    The Strokes, Proud sponsors of Marlboro and Bernie Sanders

  96. Schuyler Silverstein

    I'm just going to say it... I LOVE ANGLES. Twas their most underrated album

  97. Friedrich Blackbear

    i love it <3

  98. Randomnerminox

    They're selling Mr. Meeseeks Box: The Strokes Edition

  99. isn't anybody there?

    this is such a work of art