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  1. Mahmood Shuvo


  2. cory may

    All the people complaining here obviously don't understand Pixar. This is obviously not Inside Out. Even if it was, Inside Out isn't just a simple over-the-top kid's flick. Beside the point, Pixar is going for something entirely original, thoughtful, and artistic here. Go through the catalog and review, this isn't Dreamworks. This is Pixar. Have faith.

  3. JaySpazZ

    He’s gonna be that blue thing for the majority of this movie ain’t he? 😔

  4. Shaira Narido

    Ayy bet

  5. Taborlin

    I was really exited until the cringy dance joke came.

  6. Ana Hoffman

    They had me until they dropped into the sewer.

  7. faroshscale

    God this looked good until

  8. Dirvinator


  9. Mike Arsen

    Is it only pixar production or Disney involved too?

  10. Salmon 42 Times

    The second he fell down that manhole cover I hoped with every fiber of my being that his stupid little blue spirit thing fails at everything

  11. Daniel Farrugia

    Finally, a movie that isn’t a remake

  12. SwesomegamerX

    you just had to get weird with it didn’t ya pixar

  13. William Hefner

    Animal abuse is a thing Animal abuse is a thing Animal abuse is a thing Animal abuse is a thing Animal abuse is a thing Animal abuse is a thing We need to stop it

  14. SHootER z9

    Actually... this looks like a great movie

  15. Chris Samuel

    Am I the only one that lost it when the dog got kicked out with cuts all over it?

  16. William Hefner

    This is good

  17. Noodle

    Who else gon get the subscription watch everything in 1 week and forget that you're paying for it

  18. He'sGoingOverThatCliff AUGH

    Trailer: "Don't waste your time on the junk of life." *Me: K, I won't watch this then.*

  19. Jakob Warren

    Basically sing with instruments and humans not animals

  20. aiko ponce

    Disney: masters of creating a movie centered around a Black-American character, and morphing them out of their identity for the plot... we love representation 😍

  21. PaNiC! Kermit

    I was really excited on the first half and then got super disappointed when the blue guy showed up. I’ll give it a chance though..

  22. Brandon Goldstein

    Pixar: has good concept for movie Manhole: hahaha you’re so cute

  23. YouTube Hero

    That bike couldn't not have crashed onto something or gone down that hole. Why is there a continuity error in the trailer...

  24. Brandon Goldstein

    Sonic Movie: gets hate Deja Vu: Remember me?

  25. Brandon Goldstein

    I say we boycott the cowboy dance!

  26. Narendra Mnr

    Why would you have to contribute something meaningful to the world? These Cliche movies brainwashing kids from a young age...🙁

  27. John Mantor

    0:50 shouldn't the motorcycle have hit that hole???

  28. PrairieRockz

    This is one of those r/yesyesyesyesno moments.

  29. Phoenix Borealis

    I'm not crying. You're--okay I'm crying.

  30. Dopo

    "You were on the verge of greatness, you were this close!"

  31. niamh

    I think the people in these comments are forgetting this movie is aimed at a younger demographic lol

  32. JumpMan64

    Just like the frog the black character have to always transform

  33. Richard.X

    Can’t wait for Pixar to play with my emotions

  34. jamietech

    0:45 that guy didn't fall into the hole🤔

  35. Ethan Mau


  36. wArot

    Someone please help disney for its existencial issues

  37. Marcos Antonio Santana Sánchez

    0:45 how didn't the guy in the scooter fall down from the hole?

  38. Ronpaii

    At the beginning i was like "This looks a like cool movie, about music and life, i'mma share it with my friends" Few seconds later, man falls into a sewer and turns into a blue spirit and I'm like "Nope"

  39. Happy gachatuber

    Please tell me im not the only one who hated inside out

  40. DrLimbic

    How great is this!? No white characters!

  41. Toons Studio

    Toy story : what if toys had feelings a bug's life: what if bugs had feelings Monsters inc: what if monsters had feelings the incredibles: what if superheroes had feelings Ratatouille: what if rats had feelings Brave: what if princesses, and bears had feelings Cars: What if cars had feelings Inside out: what if (emotions) feelings had feelings Good dinosaur: what if dinosaurs had feelings Finding Nemo: what if fish had feelings onward: what if mythical creatures had feelings Soul: what if... you have feelings. Believe 😂👍💕✨🙌

  42. Blame The Reed

    I was excited at first honesty Now not so much

  43. BeTaTrEv217

    They name dropped UP, Inside Out, and Coco in the trailer. Y’all know we bout to flood that theater opening weekend 😭

  44. Piece0fShit

    Everyone: 1:20

  45. DizzyFeminist

    What a fast way to change my mind about a movie

  46. Eli101Gamer

    At first this looked really great, but now I'm just immensely disappointed.

  47. NolanDavid

    Listen, I'm not gonna judge based on this trailer alone. But what a shame it'd be if the just first 20 minutes was the beautifully animated real life, and the rest of it was whatever junk was at the end there.

  48. Biggie Cheese

    90s Disney: Toys feelings 2000s Disney: Cars feelings 2010 Disney: Feelings feelings 2020 Disney: Black people’s feelings



  50. Mr Nepe

    So this short is saying don’t be yourself

  51. D.J.A.

    Can everybody chill until we see the movie to judge it

  52. games reviewer in India

    Pixar studio always make movie that make sense of learning and find your true self

  53. jazzy forever

    IS NO ONE TALKING ABOUT PIXAR • DISNEY USING A SONG FROM AJR?!! (I mean this in a positive way)

  54. DAMN DAN070

    This is dumb

  55. Red Orb Pikachu

    For Pixar this looks so generic

  56. Miguel Morales

    I thought I was finna listen to some Chuck Berry, but Disney said yeeet and added water girl

  57. Danny Tran

    I’m pretty sure the inside out blue girl was white We all knew that right

  58. Lafayette

    Is that ouverture 0:00

  59. Brigand

    I actually was thinking about watching it and then they just ruin it. Thanks Pixar, whose ever idea it was to make this inside out 2.0, fire them

  60. Liam YW


  61. Ali Alidrissi

    I think he is in coma in 0:50 and he is dreaming

  62. Your Dry Blazer

    Me: *Sees the blue characters* Also me: 1:20 (Apologies for outdated format, I swear I'm not usually like this)

  63. Jaebez Bleah

    The rotten tomatoes score will drop faster than he fell in the manhole.

  64. Ali Alidrissi

    I wish that I stopped watching the video in 0:54

  65. TheLastAwesomeOne777 and Springtrap

    sadly, that probably _is_ what they'll be remembered for since it was literally the first impression

  66. Rexy Chungus

    It was good at first 40 seconds in so so then it reminded me of the emoji movie

  67. SQW0

    Soul is the stuff your boss Disney feeds on.

  68. Alejandro Bedoya

    this movie trailer hooked a lot of us. Until it became an Inside Out 2.....

  69. Pokee

    do the little people get controlled by other little people

  70. Awesome Guy

    Even though it turned into *blue spirits* really fast I think the visuals itself look great and it shows how far pixar has come.

  71. van exel peralta

    They had us in the first half I ain't gon lie

  72. RafukaMillan

    They got us on the first half not gonna lie

  73. Awesome Guy

    Really had us in the first 53 seconds.

  74. ctrl alt

    A movie about black music? Or inside out

  75. Jay Tee Kay

    Wow this looks really - *funny cowboy dance* oh right nevermind

  76. Awesome Guy

    I really hope it turns into a jazz movie and not a movie that mimicks something like inside out or something kind of child demographic. I would like to see some aged maturity in Pixar:))))

    1. Awesome Guy

      Teaser trailer is amazing, though

  77. Cesarin Hurtado

    Shut up and take my money Disney!

  78. Jay

    You could tell it was gonna be music related from the title

  79. P4IN

    New inside out movie,not seeing it.

  80. Classical Penguin

    So close, Pixar. So close.

  81. Timber wolf

    this is so sad but in thee d my heart melted.

  82. ki1l m3

    You were doing so good, why those blue dudes?

  83. ok thisisepic007

    Wow This trailer is more disappointing than my grades

  84. maidofthemisty

    "I call it spaceshire 7".....thats what this is.

  85. craszy gamer

    Finally they discovered ajr song the name of the song is overture

  86. Rayan Ayaan Adventures

    Is this a series with episodes or a special or a movie?

  87. Jithesh Dsouza

    Toy story : what if toys had feelings Ratatouille: what if rats had feelings Car: What if car had feelings Inside out: what if feelings had feelings Finding Nemo: what if fish had feelings Soul: what if black....

  88. Fernando Huereca

    I was getting excited, chale

  89. KeepRolling1000

    I want to see it!

  90. EzquimaCore

    Inside out 2: puratory XL

  91. arclovrr

    Makes first lead black Disney princess: *is a frog for half of the movie* Makes first lead black Disney-Pixar movie: *is blue half of the movie* IM SPOTTING PARALLELS

  92. Mo 11

    Shoulda Known He wouldn't Stay Black The Whole Movie...Jus Like Princess and the Frog...

  93. Warhead Recon

    Its the first time I see people agree a Pixar film looks terrible

  94. The World Akira Fudo

    0:16 isn’t that a big smoke song by flyingkitty?

  95. Ayden Davis

    Me: This looks awesome! Disney: Um... How about no

  96. Morty Smith

    I gotta see this

  97. Jared McKenzie

    I don't get it... Did he die?

  98. Quietbeest

    Everybody's gotta have a "Dori" sidekick. 😒

  99. Reanu Keeves

    Coco and Up are probably the best movies disney made but when you put it together with inside out it just kind of ruins the whole thing... Its a shame because it seemed promising in the first half

  100. wlogan0204

    pixar:* forgets that minors legally cant do anything they want * pixar: lets make a movie telling kids to do whatever they want because their lives are short