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  1. Robert Dunne

    Adam Sandler is such an incredibly nice person. I was an extra in his movie where we actually ended up doing improv together on camera. (A big no-no for an extra to speak! You'll be thrown off set!) But we kept riffing off each other until I got the request to speak in the film. He came up to me after and told me he thought I was funny, asked where was I from, etc. It was an amazing experience and I have the utmost respect for him.

  2. LoveMarnie&Anna

    Cute. Love seeing them together...

  3. Robert Dunne

    All these actors looking at De Niro as the Godfather of the table is so fitting.

  4. Eric Kolkey

    Also Death Proof is an AWESOME film! It is one of my top five favorite films! I could watch it every day!

  5. Mellie Dela Cruz

    This is just another attempt to demonized the Marcoses! Too late, the Pilipino people already know the truth the media,the Liberal Party and the CIA brought down the regime!

  6. Pasta Qahl

    This is amazing. You don't get to hear people like this otherwise.

  7. Eric Kolkey

    I love Zoe! We need to see way more of her! The next film should be called "Zoe Bell beats the living shit out of everyone. You'll love it!"

  8. Astrid Hale

    It's demotivating to see only one female...I can only imagine it might be more demotivating for people that aren't white.

  9. Christina Rippentrop

    Shia listens so intently to each one of these great actors. Like really listens. Hanging on every word, really taking it in. Always learning. Love him.

  10. Pride fighting Championships

    3minsin and Fox i think is at the wrong table

  11. Legal Eagle

    Judd Apatow is a PIMP! He has daughters and yet he trashes the President of the United States of America. You, Mr. Apatow are an ugly hypocrite.

  12. Suramya Singh

    This is super fascinating, love hearing about this part of the industry

  13. Christian Monroe

    wow.. this is extremely boring...

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  15. CLove

    I am such a fangirl of Lupita she is so talented and incredibly smart and so elegant

  16. Menapho

    I think this is one of the best Actor’s Roundtables because these Actors kind of ignore her and have a conversation amongst themselves. And Billy Bob Thornton is so chill and real.

  17. Amadeo Moja

    "Django Unchained.." hahaha Sam was on Will's head bruv!🤣😭

  18. Alan Watts Library


  19. Suramya Singh

    Paul and Gabriella seem like such chill people, I’d hang out with them

  20. Josh

    live let live express your truth who the fuck can do this .... i loved this to learn from people who have experience with as a job, is is to express feelings n emotions, and portray humanity, and the difference to being human. BTW let shia talk more i can relate to him with his past. I learn something from all these amazing people.

  21. Kevin T.

    Hell yeah he plays Dig Dug. One of my favorite games.

  22. Diego Crusius

    Sonic 2 one of the best games ever made

  23. Suramya Singh

    Marvel fanboys need to fuck off

  24. Hikato Shohe

    She stole my heart in Nice guys

  25. Anjolique Soleil

    There's always an outsider everywhere right?!.... Guess who's that outsider here😜...

  26. Gili Halevi

    That’s really ducking cool setup! Phoebe Waller Bridge, Maya Rudolph and Natasha Lyone! Fucking mind blown

  27. Mahmudul Islam Chowdhury

    The tension between Jim Carrey and Sacha Baron is vivid. Cheadle is actually the coolest on the table.

  28. Muhesh Mg 79456962 Muhesh Mg CAM you CALL ME ok


  29. shawn bla

    I needed to watch this. I am feeling more enlightened ❤️

  30. Moritz L

    I wish i could see mulan and winnie the pooh together lol :P like the REAL winnie in beijing lol

  31. College Student

    The truth is the real people of Germany didn't find his flop funny. I didn't even knew it existed until a few days ago when I saw a trailer for it running on a TV display in a Target store. It's available on Blu-ray and DVD but no one appears to be buying it as its place on the shelf is fully stocked.

  32. Huitribe Wang

    Crystal Liu can fight really well hence it's a must watch movie on my list.

  33. Kevin Mooneyham

    If you haven't watched "Jean Claude Van Johnson on Amazon... DO IT NOW!!! Probably the funniest thing on tv!!!!

  34. pamella EE

    Liu Yi Fei, being an american, you can never imagine how traumatized HK ppl were on 721 and 831 because of police.. and now you support police

  35. Boo Uno

    Only at 62 comments and there are already some bots spamming the comment section LMAO check out that guy traptownNMH definitely not a real account. And there's a guy with 11 in his name. c'mon be more creative with your fake account

  36. mike Davidson

    Lol didn't easy think Dre was a flamer? He really thought they would work together hehe Like maybe dre would make his gay pride parade song He would remake village people song I'd that what dre thought?

  37. Suramya Singh

    AMC dude seems like such a funny normal guy. And the A+E lady is very articulate. I'd hang with them.

  38. Brian Y

    Ana is one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen... absolutely stunning!!!

  39. Suramya Singh

    A+E and AMC executives' voices are super soothing

  40. Ayesha Salsabila

    Everyone is done with Jimin😂😂😂

  41. Morning Dew

    They need to do a movie together!

  42. Enda Fallon

    Haven't watched this yet but, on a scale of 1 to 10, how badly does Stephen Galloway ruin it?

  43. wai kit hung

    I love Mulan but not liu’s Mulan #boycottmulan

  44. mrbam88

    Hollywood should lobby against the NRA. It hurts movie sales when there are mass shootings every other week.

  45. Magnus Zwisler

    How much Talent do you want at the Table? Yes Damn that hour went by quick...

  46. Kim Townsel

    Jessica Lange's final statement was the perfect and profound ending. Great roundtable.

  47. Moodown

    Matthew Belloni... you lucky bastard..

  48. Kendrick Keener

    Why did they use that photo of Mary?

  49. maggie ma

    Mulan is both gorgeous and powerful. Dig deep into who you really are and be your true self! 😎😘

  50. imri haque

    Pharell way of understanding things is on a different level. Justins talk is not cutting through

  51. t Relax

    Japan is just like a sinking ship. The earlier you get out from Japan, you make your life more safer.

  52. dusdee

    damn pete got her on that one no cap 💀

  53. Anjolique Soleil

    What a show!!!! Congrats... I haven't seen anything alike in so many years... I enjoyed it tons. Awesome 👍🎉 Awesome selection of this round, perfectly balanced 💕

  54. Danni Simmons

    Those are great directors, however to me, one of the greatest if not THE greatest director and movie maker will always be Tarantino.

  55. Russell

    I almost didn't watch this because it advertised a discussion with Adam Driver, Shia LaBeouf, Robert De Niro. No Thanks, don't care about Transformers or the shitty Star Wars behind the scenes. I felt bad for De Niro to be apart of this dumb thing. Then there are like 4 more of my favorite actors. F off The Hollywod Reporter.

  56. Darko ND

    Still to this day it's pathetic how some people come out and say "I was raised as a catholic and I needed to be nice..." etc. While the fact is the catholic church did the most evil deeds in the world, they slaughtered the world and pillaged it just because someone didn't wanted to support their parasitic ways. They are the roots of most evil things and have the decency to say how they are a house of God. What God?! More like house of Satan then anything else! People still like lobotomized sheeps say how they are catholics like it's some most saint organisation. Come on it's the 20th century time to move on from all your parents and grandparents stoneage fairytale garbage and see the world as it is and stop supporting evil so we can survive as species and let other species live in their own bio harmony.

  57. Marvin Dorfler

    Jean claude wearing deontays costume

  58. Healing Dog

    Says, the man who enjoys his 10 cents portrait on the wall as an art. Watch out Americans, There may be a few secret holes in White House for this parasite to hide-in after 2020.

  59. Csongor Fagyal

    Sooo... you can't work for Hollywood Reporter without a speech impediment, it seems.

  60. GHOUL Ap

    I loved her..... unti she began the *feminism cringe*

  61. devine999

    oh, they think their making good movies. That explains a bit.

  62. x pac

    I dont know how Pam will gonna react to this

  63. Paul Davis

    Mel Gibson is an antisemitic, alcoholic, wife-beating racist fascist....and a totally sh*t actor too.

  64. Time Traveller

    he looks like nate diaz dad now

  65. christmas9lights


  66. Panda Brown

    What did you get in trouble for when you were young? Rob: Lyin' Thats my Bruce Wayne!

  67. Albert Bremner

    BTW, i loved Mr. Driver there. I guess i can identify. He's very deep.

  68. Hoang Long Le Chi

    Macaulay Culkin in AHS: Home Alone!!!!!

  69. Albert Bremner

    "Perhaps you'd like a tour of the installations Mr. Bond" I spilled my tea there

  70. Anthony B

    Half shitcunts half great ones

  71. theNotorious KO

    Stoked to see Evan Peter's back but Mac really? I dunno how I feel about that.

  72. Cyba IT

    57 mins of corporate pr bs? no thanks

  73. Leo Gardiner

    I just realized Greta Gerwig looks a lot like Louisa May Alcott.

  74. steve gordon

    Ridleys very quiet!

  75. Komplexity

    Wow. He did a interview with Hollywood. LITERALLY Hollywood.

  76. Penny Pizza33

    i wonder when max will found out that zoey has a gift with peoples thoughts its such a good show to watch

  77. Rodshark75

    Most sources I have seen say he was fired. But I suppose it was one of those "You can't fire me, I Quit!!" situations. Can't say I blame either of them. He was terrible in the costume (because he isn't used to performance in massive costumes) and probably miserable as hell in that outfit in an actual tropical jungle.

  78. hobbypotter

    54:48 - 55:15 Robert De Niro sharing his words of wisdom and Shia LaBeouf eating up all starstruck... I thought it was precious.

  79. Cam Williams

    I'm currently binge watching the entire Diff'rent Strokes series on Starz tv. It is such a great show, rip to all shows deceased

  80. Judy P

    somone needs to stand up against them

  81. Judy P

    democrates destroy u when u dont agree with them

  82. Judy P

    when u kill viable baby explain that to kid

  83. if6was9

    I'm so mad they litteraly start with me too shit

  84. Delia Alonso

    This was not JLo's thing, she came across do full of herself, not nice angle from her.

  85. juan zuleta

    the hosts on this show are horrible

  86. sam conigliaro

    you have to see all creatures here below .you can see how deep this guy is a great actor he is gunna be big......

  87. Crystal Pistey-Lyhne


  88. Fara Leigh

    This is a white peoples wet dream about the “mystical and mythical” Chinese culture. But the fact is these guys eat bats and spread Wuhan Coronavirus.

  89. Happy Dayzz

    Jerry lewis is FUCKING PRICK good riddance sometimes nature just takes the trash out on its own ........wasnt even funny when he was younger cause he could pull a stupid fucking face a make is voice talk high pitched, how gives a fuck lots of people can do that he was a fraud and people knew it cranky old fuck probably shit his diaper and was pissed cause he had to sit in it self absorbed old asshole.

  90. Susan Sirianni

    Yes we want to watch you be real life "Friends"!!!

  91. Gerald O'Hare

    They were moral cowards.

  92. Trick Gulinao

    I love you so much Liu Yifei! I will watch MULAN 100x on March 27! 😂😂

  93. Lara Maui

    Emma Thompson is brilliant, articulate and grounded. There are few actresses at this level who convey a sincere conviction for truth and change. On the other hand Meryl Streep has remained pretty quiet about this HOG. Great actresses are not necessarily great women.

  94. shernigz

    Leonardo Decaprio, Keanu Reeves, Christopher Walken, Morgan Freeman, Jim Carey, will Ferrell

  95. Mountain Rigi

    About 99% of people cursing Japan are Korean disguising in English language. How horrible people they are.

    1. Cumulus Humilis

      about 99% of people cursing koreans are japanese disguising in english language. do not complain

  96. Crystal Pistey-Lyhne

    I💝 😘😍🌴🏞🌈🎶🎥

  97. THEMAX00000

    love him....hate THR

  98. Sam Krygsheld

    My dude literally wrote the 2 best C3P0 lines.

  99. ForceMaximus84

    The greediest and most creatively bankrupt CEO in Disney’s history, along with the legacy of trashing both Lucasfilm and 20th Century Fox. Good riddance.

  100. T St

    Cocaine the Devils drug so strong took Van Damme down