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  1. crazyazzbeech

    shes so adorable

  2. Aditi Tanti

    Beware of the plastics 🤦‍♀

  3. Rust Jones

    No hats in school!!

  4. First World Problems

    These kids are good at acting cx

  5. Oliver

    I though it was david dobrik

  6. Jessica Wemyss

    Wtf- I literally watched this last night and all of a sudden a video abt it is on my recommended, i-

  7. Panta Rei 83

    They fight like 5 years old in this movie!

  8. _Be.57_

    why some boys are sitting in the "fat girls" table?

  9. Aura

    When I was younger to me the kids didn’t look that young but when I look at them DAMN THEYRE YOUNG THEYRE LIKE FOUR!! To me they were like 7 or 8

  10. abadazbuchwatuluku nat

    *what an icon.*

  11. Kara Savvinova

    plastics' thriller version

  12. Silver

    Is that chick from two broke girls?

  13. Belobini The personity

    "you totally out gayed yourself!"

  14. Addie Belcheva

    This was like I watched the whole film in 7 minutes

  15. mia dean

    sorry but how did their parents just let them like wOndEr ofF iNtO tHe uNKowN

  16. abby

    i always wanted to slap this woman as a kid and that says something

  17. jonathancuitzillo

    You're really lucky! Most people your age they get left off by themselves and that can be so sad XD

  18. dew cat

    how could someone make a classic movie at that year and manage to legitimately travel it across the time

  19. Jenny Caldwell

    I am very, very, very, very upset about this 😀

  20. Book Enchanting

    I'm the only one that actually ship Janis and Demiand?

  21. It's Feyikemi

    The manhole part kills me every time I watch this movie ( 8:21 )🤣

  22. Christine Bailey

    Why do I feel like I just watched the whole movie

  23. V Nha

    Nowadays I can see most of them look like they are in their mid 30s or more, but when I watched it as a little kid I thought all teens looked like that.

  24. Ishika .K.B

    still not over the fact that they had us believing a 33 year old was playing a teenager

  25. Strudel and Pie

    You should do Fran’s outfits from The Nanny!💗🙌🏻

  26. bek s

    okay, thankyou for blessing my day. This is my childhood favourite movie and I’m literally too young for this movie, and it’s still my favourite to this day.

  27. Allison Holly

    My favorite movie line ever to this day is : “Droughts are for poor people.”

  28. JJ’s Shopkins

    Oh my god I watched this when I was younger and now their 7yrs kissing and dating 🤮

  29. JJ’s Shopkins

    Oh my god I watched this when I was younger and now their 7yrs kissing and dating 🤮

  30. kelly booth

    If I met her I would walk into a pack of zombies and die

  31. ღ sxndxxe ღ

    *why is Gina me as a friend-*

  32. ღ sxndxxe ღ

    *y’all literally talking about how a kid is unfaithful,keyword KID*

  33. Felicia louisiana girl

    I nicknamed my friend rizzo

  34. Gina Malba

    So..all her moments 😍😍😍

  35. Kev Martinez

    What's the into song title at 0:11?

  36. Jay Allen

    I still don't know how grease is pg

  37. Aldair Cortes

    The OG

  38. club_pauline

    I love her 💖💖💖💖

  39. Jay Allen

    I am still disgraced at some of the reviews with no good point, the wit, the soundtrack and the plot are all perfect.

  40. Pamela Cordova Natividad

    Awww Darla es tan hermoosa y tierna 😍😍

  41. kkmadi1

    I just realized that Cady took down her ponytail after Gretchen told her that she can only wear a ponytail once a week

  42. Jean Leon

    You know what. It's been 16 years now. Wow, can't believe I said that but I think that when Fiona fell into the arms of Sam's father, it wasn't accidental. I think that Fiona is, of course, smart and strategic, she knew that man was rich and made a plan to seduce him, marry him and take all his money.

  43. Brooklyn Rose

    roses body is just..gorg

  44. your creepy emo cousin

    Bold move to use the words "Daphne Blake" and "straight" in the same sentence because those really don't go together

  45. Hannah Banana

    1:37 why does that baby look like the ice age baby tho

  46. ღ sxndxxe ღ


  47. Irridessa Amore

    i forgot how funny this movie was lemme go rewatch it

  48. J. Alexander

    “But that chicken’s not alive.” The whole scene with her and that guy was comedy gold.

  49. Nancy Martinez

    Marie Antoinette was just a misunderstood girl

  50. Trashy Moo

    nobody: comment section: LaNa DeL rAy

  51. Emily Morales

    5:09 wait what I didn't pay attention to this line until now .wow they made her say that SMH 🤣🤣

  52. Blue Diamond

    I don't know why this video ended up in my recommendations ... Maybe it has to do with my middle name but Idk.

  53. Egg Boi

    I thought this said Lizzo

  54. S Lee

    It's weird seeing the people you once looked at as being so cool and intimidating, and now they just look like adorable fresh faced babies.

  55. Joana `Jamolin

    10:14 I love how gomez looked so confused HAHAHAHHA

  56. Callie Estra

    These 5 year olds act way better than y’all please take note child actors of 2020

  57. N. Roberts

    fiona is an absolute icon idk what you talking ab

  58. Molly Rose

    She has the best nose ever

  59. Laëtitia L.


  60. Laëtitia L.

    Rizzo my best girl with Frenchie i love them 💕

  61. dani

    5:54 listen closely to the music, you will hear Into The Unknown. 😂😂

  62. WaywardPhoenix

    The live action Daphne is a really awesome

  63. zelo green

    I love her.. Especially in school of rock.. . I love fester in piranna 3D.. 💩💩😂🙈

  64. frz3rbRnotaku1

    I actually found it hard figuring out what the voodoo guy was saying. "I thought he was saying "Do you just want to see it?" So thanks for the captions lol

  65. La vie en rosé

    *Im a woman.. sort of* how I feel a lot

  66. airashii 108

    Her voice makes me want to commit murder.

  67. JLew

    What about a stardoll ??? Remember dressing your favourite celebrity ?.. Also can we put gay princes in the guide title too ?? 🤣😂

  68. maryfrancess93

    Honestly when she was like "hey, I'm badass now" the entire movie I kept waiting for the payoff and when we finally got it it was so over the top it was actually so fun.

  69. WithUr Shield

    I would like to see a Rascals all grown up with rascals of there own. It would be cute to see Alfie’s and Darla’s kids.

  70. Calea Dennis


  71. squiddy boi

    aka every scene with Darla in it..ever

  72. Mhel Pernito

    It's Anna from Frozen Lol

  73. Yvng Tino

    Why’d I think that was David dobrik

  74. Loganatorexit

    I thought the thumbnail was *David Dobrik*

  75. Adrian Villeda-Ledesma

    I thought that was David Dobrik on the thumbnail.

  76. Melissa Zelaya

    I really wish she could have actually fallen for him they would have been so kooky, mysterious and spooky

  77. Suzanne Nsimire élève

    im dead when she was saying innocence at 11:13 the husband was just thinking what in the hell is wrong with this woman

  78. chill out

    i either wanted to be rizzo or date rizzo. No in between.

  79. Arden D

    Leeets be honest fiona is a mooood

  80. minh nguyet

    It’s amazing that the actors that played Daphne and Fred are married in real life too and still going strong 🥳

  81. Fergu Fettuccine

    The og mean girls

  82. Maria MP

    Rose Mcgowan it's perfect <3

  83. Yan L- 1485

    I can't! I love her so much. She's hilarious. 😂💛

  84. Julie Ann Marley

    Rizzo (Betty) is my favourite character ever x

  85. Toaster_ Strudel

    If 7 minutes is all we got from darla then I’m sueing

  86. Ceonee Moore

    Sis don’t need a nigga to get the bag 💅✨

  87. Natalie Fritzen

    I never realized how young they looked

  88. kholoud ashraf

    The music is just amazing chef's kiss

  89. Emily Morales

    0:43 that's the noise my last braincell makes during the test .

    1. The Last Braincell

      Please. Let me rest. I need water. FOOD. Not cheetos. Fucking VEGETABLES!!!!!! There's no one left but me. Please Emily, I beg you.

  90. frogradar

    Lmao, that news report though

  91. That’s.A.Sketch


  92. Anteroization

    then it came "precious" and took her roles......

  93. Isabel Chetwood

    Give me a kiss, give me a twenty😂😂 such a good line

  94. Lumorniel Sycamore

    You have gone too far. You have married Fester, you have destroyed his spirit, you have taken him from us. All that I could forgive. But Debbie... Pastels?

    1. Nyah M. Glass

      I love that Morticia insulting her interior design is what sent her over the edge of anger

  95. Mandy

    She is a b**** but I looooove the way she dressed ^^

  96. YOU DID WHAT?!?

    “I have never seen my husband’s hidden will before” LMAO 💀

  97. Jay Banz

    Wow I can’t believe you’re still under 10k I can see this channel being so popular the bad bitch demographic just needs to find this channel ❤️

  98. Dana Müller

    The main character looks butch

  99. Sweetheart

    Wait i dont get it if debbie ended up being only dust, why her hand came out of there? Or maybe she didnt died, and they buried her alive as a punishment for trying to commit homicide without an appointment

  100. chiakicore

    i look like Velma but act like daphne lmao