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  1. MrBlactye

    I'm glad to see the Spurs take care their own. Timmy, Manu, Parker was drafted by Spurs. Thank you Spurs Organization for recognizing the greatness of Tony and others.

  2. Walker Texas Ranger

    Goat James

  3. Gogo

    Why they do thon maker like that lmao. He only appears when he getting dunked on

  4. Josh Dreiss

    I'm not even a Raptors fan but damn Boucher's block was hands down #1. Disrespectful putting it at 8


    Back whe jr was actually clutch!

  6. MORTHS _10

    0:03 it's clearly a Greek fight Koufos vs Giannis lol

  7. Apollo Mayaimi

    I think Wade might comeback

  8. Curtis 23

    Cavs looking good

  9. cleveland cavaliers

    Btw Im a lakers fan

  10. Ippang Galak


  11. Faithless

    At 1:06 you see Jeff Epstein. Jeff Epstein didn't kill himself

  12. Alessandro De Luca

    Merci Tony 🏀🏀🏀🏀

  13. Alex Sandoval

    5:13 you can hear some 10 year olds freaking out

  14. that ninja420

    When that jersey retirement comes it's going to hit hard

  15. King Asero

    Im in big three...ilove spurs because of those three..manu tim tony....god cant imagine they are all retired...i grow watching them ....go spurs go...forever..

  16. Rishon S

    Brown lookin like Harden

  17. Ntapz Gan

    hai my name is ghozi im from indonesia my favorite team is gsw im bandwagon, my favorite player is stephen curry and kevin durant i love you all. much love from indonesia <3

    1. Ntapz Gan

      please like

  18. darin terry

    That nigga diangelo russel a problem

  19. Jermaine Legging Man

    Parker waz cold i played wit em on the game nba 2k20 an he can shoot them 3s frm deep

  20. MOI

    TP serait-il un fan de U2 ? C'est ce que l'intro de City of Blinding Lights suggère à la fin

  21. Rob

    0:46 nice Timmy

  22. Nena Pappas

    He did that to Hardaway and few years later he jumps over him!! I mean... What's next? Τον παρακολουθουμε από την πρώτη στιγμή κι από τα πρώτα παιχνίδια. Και η κορυφή του ανήκει. Μόνο πρωτάθλημα πλέον

  23. showstoppa01

    "You said that we wouldn't win at your place..Guess what Kobe dunked it in ya face"

  24. Rob

    No shout out to the Barry's

  25. maxthereof

    Where's the Croatia veteran Luka Samanic and good ole Drew Eubanks ???

  26. lυкєє !

    1:40 Woooooow !!

  27. PorjectKristali

    This is why I'm a Tomboy. I love doing things like Basketball and Videogames, but i love NBA 😃😃😎😎😎😎

  28. steph wes

    Caught a body

  29. I only comment No srsly

    Ho Ho Ho, green giant!

  30. Rafael Hernandez

    Demar Derozen, Lamarcus Aldridge, Trey Lyles what a bunch of losers

  31. Marc Knight

    Merci tony

  32. Angelisa L

    best video

  33. Tyree Collins

    DeFrozen chokes at the free throw line 🤦🏾‍♂️

  34. Cribb

    Jay z and puff dick head. No sense oh humour. Too cool I expect. Fucking pricks

  35. BleedBoston

    Man, that was such a fun team to follow at the time. So many legends (most of them were past their prime, but still) and so much personality. It's too bad Ainge traded Perkins that year and they went in the shitter after that

  36. nationofmillions

    I'm a Nuggets fan but Trae Young is my favorite player Nuggets Hawks [email protected] Pepsi Center. Let's GO

  37. Melik Beverly

  38. Melik Beverly

  39. Melik Beverly


  40. Quinton Onezine

    I bet JH can beat Kobe 81 point game

  41. Adrian Ashby

    Is D Rose having a quiet week

  42. P Smith

    So good to see Johan go to a classy organization like Utah. Utah fans are awesome!! He will be missed in Indiana

  43. Melik Beverly


  44. Brad Fielder

    Hearing Tommy just yelling Kemba’s name makes me laugh every time.

  45. quickchaos2009

    Gracias Tony from a spanish spurs fan

  46. IsMa115

    Look at Tim Duncan's hair!

  47. Rafael Hernandez

    Tim, Tony, and Manu made Spurs basketball exciting. They brought 4 championships to San Antonio. Now, that era is officially over. Now, Spurs basketball is boring. We have a team that lacks a real star. I don’t even think this team is good enough to make the playoffs but I think that’s a good thing so we could get a good lottery pick

  48. Corbin Shaddock

    0:19 Why did that shot look so glitchy going into the hoop?!😂🔥🏀

  49. Hereathome7

    That boy loved that 💧 drop

  50. Dre M

    Man we really forgot how great this kid was

  51. Howie Zhong


  52. Rafael Hernandez

    This is officially the end of an era

  53. Chris Miliaresis

    As a heat fan i salute one of the biggest players in nba history and one of the biggest organisations.spurs was magical back there to our fights.

  54. DreamWarrior

    glad to see so many empty seats, shit is fake like "pro" wrestling

  55. Jacob Langley

    I thought this was full gameplay.. the first 1:30 of the video was back to back buckets.

  56. Royal Me

    top 50 salt.

  57. cikif

    Thank you, the least important part of Spurs' Big Three. Your contributions to our glorious Spurs are appreciated.

  58. Israel Wayne

    Merci Tony

  59. Taimoore Yousaf

    Love how they zoomed in on the Shamet injury but didnt give a shit about the OG injury

  60. Slam Dunk


  61. Isabela Ortiz

    @0:41 it’s literally looks black and white😂😂🤦🏽‍♀️ all I see of color is the green MIL thing that says the score

  62. Dropdeadpvp

    fuck Carmelo Anthony.

  63. blasty137

    Why did he put on so much weight? I only watched him in the latter half of his career, he was dominant but uninteresting to watch, he just relied on raw power. He seems to have been so much more exciting to watch in his early years...

  64. YoungBlood

    maker getting his ass beaten every time he's on the floor :'(

  65. SharkTv Corfu

    Michael Jordan - The First point and the Last point in the NBA

  66. Mathias Cavalcanti

    Case of the mondays, yet it is Thursday

  67. Troy ling


  68. Kyrie Irving


  69. AlmightyMe

    Maaannn he went off...he need to be at the 2 this expands his game alot more!

  70. AlmightyMe

    One of rose best games ever!

  71. !?

    1:49Wow, three picks 😂 no one can touch Curry!!

  72. cristopher carcamo

    Kpay os trash steph is way better

  73. OnTheChainwax

    He went straight at Shaq in his prime who was ready and waiting and shot a perfect teardrop.

  74. Spacecity stunts

    Classy classy classy & god bless you Mr Parker !!✌️🤘💪🙏🙃


    As a lakers fan the clippers are the team to beat they destroy the raptors and my lakers couldn’t beat them

    1. Taimoore Yousaf

      "Destroy" do you hear yourself? If we were fully healthy then we would have beat the clippers the way we were defending Kawhi and everything. Salty Lakers fan, Clippers are better


    Let’s go Boucher!! Played fkn amazing last night

  77. Wesley Blalock

    ahllstar I know right


    The best thing is going thru these comments now.

  79. Chase Terrones

    What is #20?

  80. Leek Leek

    No staredown ? No Javale Mcgee poster ?

  81. Jamie Holmes

    2:22 NBA got no chill putting the double dribble on a highlight reel.

  82. Youngboye BAM

    Playoffs should be fun this year

  83. Starz 49

    Le's GO!!!

  84. Jalen M

    the knicks made a highlight 😯

  85. Tom Johnson

    People are saying that Marcus smart is a great shooter but I think he is better known for defense and getting under people's skin

  86. Manpreet Kaur

    Kawahi is cold a musfit here!

  87. خالد الصيعري

    1st not deserved

  88. 12 Parsecs

    Thank You Tony and Vive la France !

  89. Seb Astien

    Etant un grand fan des Spurs depuis l'arrivée de Robinson, je me souviens avoir détesté ce gamin à son arrivée. 18 ans plus tard à regarder cette belle cérémonie, je viendrais presque à verser une larmichette. Merci TP pour toutes ces années, que ce soit avec les Spurs ou les Bleus. T'es un champion, une Légende!!

  90. Red King

    Wait 3-2 & the warriors still have klay steph green iggy & cousins WOW

  91. golderp

    Giannis, Joel and Victor.... Africa in the house.

  92. Red King

    Maybe kawhi has lupus

  93. The One Who Is Better Than You

    And 1 ex-teammate’s wife.

  94. WillY Productions

    I watch this at least once a week. Still.

  95. T Shady

    Cavs vs Suns 2020 NBA Finals.

  96. Maarten van Zuilichem

    Blandmentator could have added some more spice. Not that difficult to add something like "delivers the rim shaker on thon maker" right?

  97. DJ Hasta

    Pushoffs, eurosteps, and step backs are not crossovers.

    1. shane

      Was just thinking that....hardly any real crossovers

  98. Stefan Stefanov

    Anyone that has seen Forrest Gump more than once must've 'lol-ed' watching this.

  99. Yvan raizo

    Kyrie Irving 😨😨😂

  100. SO BO

    Dude siakam just had an ankle breaker on ad and Davis didn't even fall cause of the screen how was that not even a top 10of the day that was crazy