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  1. Abdimuse24

    Lakers fans acting like they won the NBA finals, but they don't remember that bucks beat them this season too. Lakers Vs Bucks 1-1

  2. Malaysian Man

    4.38 is Kobe's most spectacular dunk imho.

  3. Citron Pressé

    He knew you were open before you were even born... he is also one of the greatest, crazy not to hear about him when hearing the stupid goat conversation:)

  4. Robert Zurawski

    Christian wood had coronavirus during this game

  5. Maddux Albert

    He is really good but Ja deserves ROY

  6. ElFamoso Art

    Wade is such a great player! Never hated the guy!

  7. Kingmaxmillian

    Worst day ever

  8. BuyMyMilk

    No one mentions how close speights shot was lol

  9. Rahul Menon

    Great perimeter defense from the Cavs but Curry and Iggy had many chances to put it away. Smh, they should have won

  10. frederik legoff


  11. Sean McSeanson

    He should spend quarantine just shooting. JUST SHOOTING.

  12. nate long

    kevin love with the absolute clamps

  13. Yasser Jalal

    LeBron's between the legs of Tristan Thompson isn't a high IQ play it was a freaking lucky play!! 😂

  14. Ryler978

    Istg luka has hof space creator in real life

  15. Syed Abdul Wahab

    If only someone gave Jack an axe....every player on the field would be sweating profusely and hide in the locker room....

  16. jeebs9

    Can we show Bulls vs Heat game 5? That was a crazy close out.

  17. Prince Boadu

    9:22 goosebumps

  18. Hano Kohatsu

    RJ can get up

  19. Yeshiah Grant


  20. Tadas Indrelė

    At least half of these are common basketball sense

  21. Jermaine Houston

    Wall & Westbrook for sure!

  22. Geralgi Amsi

    The stepback three over Capela is what made me love Luka

  23. Gustavo Bolsson Bilibio

    Number 3, and 71.

  24. Steven Gonzaga

    People say random things to get likes so... Pineapples

  25. Antonio León

    Why tha hell you need to spoil the outcome of the game

  26. FrequencyOo

    Then the camera pans and Shaq is Godzilla compared to Nate.

  27. Polixenia Graf

    Super !👌😊🏀

  28. Body's World Productions

    I don't overstand how that move against Keith Askins is honorable mention...That bitch top 10 on footwork alone!


    Woow woow y vs Jordan pff 3:20

  30. Simone


  31. jacek kowalczyk

    amazing player

  32. Andrew Fleming

    VIDEO TAPED EARLIER . you don't say.

  33. Hchetta 11

    Where is Fox off the rim to himself @ Minnesota to tie the game (that the kings ended up winning) this season?

  34. Help me reach 500 subs please

    0:58 his legs be having a seizure

  35. Wyeth Purkiss

    1:45 Marcus Smart with that defensive iq and effort. Mans underrated defensively

  36. Tim Gehrsitz

    Most of these aren't High IQ plays lmao

  37. niu ben


  38. Xiaomeng Le


  39. tr3l

    2:37 the whole pelicans team like did he jus do tht

  40. Reece.beenpoppin

    My fav player‼️

    1. Reece.beenpoppin

      Cuz imma kings fan😭💜🖤

  41. Flaming365

    I think it's unfair to compare Zion to Charles. Williamson might be a better 3 point shooter but Charles was blocking shots and running the court way better.

  42. Sumo Pullen

    If he start shooting more he gone be dangerous

  43. moab1996

    15:00 - that's probably a misedit?

  44. Charlie Martin

    Damn I would be MJ at this

  45. ʜᴏʟʟʏᴡᴏᴏᴅᴅ3ᴍᴏɴ !

    I wish this commentator would stop saying bingo omg

  46. AitLin Of The Rebellion

    Sorry but I don't see any high iq things on 21:55 You can say that Thybulle is played well, but it's still not a high iq

  47. A normal boy Named Osman

    Surprising That Paul George Is Not An All-Star

  48. ZacWithaC

    Petition for the NBA to start calling these “Big Brain Plays”

  49. Alejandro Otazú

    Why 24.2 seconds?

  50. Abas Mohamad

    1:53 That was David stern lol

  51. SusejSinegra

    1:49 Iggy wasn’t having it

  52. B-ball Beast

    Kings commentators If yOu DonT LiKe tHat YoU doNt likE tHaT YoU DonT liKe NbA baSkEtbALl

  53. SUP3RBOB

    Where's JR the goat??????

  54. black black

    So easy i Can Do that

  55. ʜᴏʟʟʏᴡᴏᴏᴅᴅ3ᴍᴏɴ !

    Drummond be hitting half court 3s but not regular ones

  56. Sidi SC

    The only bad thing in this video is the cheerleaders

  57. Jest Club

    What’s the name of the song playing during the timeout ?

  58. Tyler Mills

    Wade's shot at the end I'll give it a 9/10.

  59. LaMillion !

    That pass from Adams tho

  60. whiterondo34

    Marcus smart is an absolute animal and he doesn’t get near the credit he deserves

  61. Lenard Racaza

    USA is just too advance in this game..

  62. BYM The Greatest Man Alive

    I wish the Celtics actually beat the Rockets in that game!

  63. Andre Henry

    That was dope, thanks guys

  64. Brian Johnson

    Lebron may be the best Heat of all time, but Wade is the greatest Heat of all time

  65. john 8181818

    If Mavs end up playing Rockets in playoffs, then Rick Carlisle MUST put Porzingas in the post. I get he wants to spread him and make him shoot more 3s but if your 7'2" guy is not put in a position to score on 6'5" guys then you don't deserve to go to the next round.

  66. Claudio die Legende

    3 dislikes - Bosh, Wade, LeBron still salty! 😂

  67. Luis R

    Look at Larry man

  68. Derek Wang

    lol i saw lebron blink when the cavs were doing the manniquen challenge.

  69. AitLin Of The Rebellion

    lol Harden's "steal" on DeRozen in fastbreak is "High IQ" moment? I can be his fan, but man, I don't really think that it was a serious move. But on the other hand it may be true.

    1. Lord Cryer

      Lmao I loved Harden's expression as he stripped Derozen

    2. David Xue

      AitLin Of The Rebellion nah, he faked derozan, because he knew dereozan would’ve draw a foul or something, so he faked him 😂

  70. Kyle Cantinella

    Bro how could you lose that bad in a game where ur season is on the line😭😭 idc if I had to die on the court to win, u ain’t beating me that easily

  71. Nic Delos Reyes

    Mavs are great when choosing floor generals (Nash, Kidd then Doncic?) 🤞

  72. Kyle Adrien

    Bird's Celtics last run before Detroit took over the east

  73. Chris Clark

    Draymond 5:00 and people still think he’s ass 🤦🏾‍♂️

  74. Basketball LiFe

    The best crossovers of this season, king James was humiliated by Harden .. lollll