Cardinal Sessions was founded in the summer of 2010. They challenge the classic music video and try to replace impersonal footage with immediate and emotional snapshots.
Bands from all over the world with their different genres present their songs reduced to the essence of the musical spectrum - only vocals and unplugged instruments. Due to the spontaneous live-aspect and the approach to record every song without any additional rehearsal, songs emerge that often sound significantly different to their album versions.
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  1. Freedaaa

    from temporary to permanent ? Hopefully not! Well done... Love the flow. Best wishes!

  2. Danger Dave

    ☯️✌️👽🙂🔊🔥💪Timeless, good music 💪🔥🔊🙂👽✌️☯️

  3. Joanne Lucille

    I fell in love with Alexi's music in the movie Away We Go. It's how I discovered indie folk. The one genre that resonates with me completely. 😊

  4. chAN's beat

    2020 ?

  5. A1trade Skills

    love to see live😀😀😀😀😀in TAS

  6. Rudy Klobas

    This is so great. Love this dude 🙌

  7. renee barber

    Thank you

  8. Luis Vedder

    The most beautiful vocal "symbiosis" since Layne Staley and Jerry Cantrell

  9. emilia fernanda garay arroyo

    Jake kiszka?

  10. балбес собакин

    Мне понравилось..

  11. Onasurftrip

    The solo in We Never Had a chance” is quite possibly the meaning of life in those chords

  12. Gransun Briber

    Glen what is your guitar tuning can we have a tab please

  13. gramoukdoom gramouk

    Dan is a fkin metronome. Man I miss that drummer. This song is eternal.

  14. Mauro Grana Padano

    El mejor VIVO que he visto de esta banda tremendaaaaa!!

  15. sally hanks

    Einer inteligensten Menschen der es schafft Gefühle so perfekt in Sprache zu bringen "yo peng" ich bin dir so dankbar <3

  16. Dan Fufel

    when i'm listening to songs of this band, i imagine gangsters of 1930s or junkies from 1960s. Am i only?

  17. Jerome Akar

    Can I get this somewhere? I'm afraid cardinal will take it away from me one day. I cannot live without that. Please

  18. Josh Stanley

    I love you Nigel! Awesome performance. New album is killer. Thanks for the dope tunes

  19. Роман Атанов

    круто исполнили

  20. Charin

    loved it

  21. Melanie Frei dhof REVOLUTION VERSTANDEN

    Super Mega Hammer geil Ober Affen Titten Geil. ⚠️🚧🐇❤🧡💛💚💙💗💖💕💔👀👁

  22. Ask me for technology

    Control z?

  23. Jaguar Jonze

    Thank you so much for having me Cardinal Sessions x

  24. Angeli Cardozo

    Thanks control Z

  25. Usagi Runescape

    I've seen you twice in San Francisco within a year. Hopefully we'll be able to soon!

  26. Oju Aditya

    Kapan maen di event " besar di bandung, bandung need music penyegaran mantap diar

  27. Tough Guys TV

    Incredible recording. No better way imaginable to capture this song. Beautifully done, and Noah as always is breathtaking. 🙌🏻

  28. Dana Alk


  29. Eforsheezy

    Great work solo, and superb vibe! First time I heard you was today.

    1. Jaguar Jonze

      thank you <3

  30. Maël Blondel

    That's definitive. I'm late, but i'm becoming obsessed with this song. All those instruments together, those harmonies. Gives me goosebumps all the time and makes my body move <3

  31. fakefuy

    someone knows the chords ? i wanna cover this masterpiece

  32. jesuisravi


  33. Israel Antonio

    Sickkkk indeed y I love you man!

  34. jim Haut

    An Ole saying, a Lie can travel half way around the world, . . while the Truth is still putting on his boots ! Be JOO WISE!

  35. Havva Esra

    One of the first concerts of AnnenMayKantereit :)

  36. Kyle McCormick

    The seams on his buttons match his socks. Respect.

  37. Евгений Светомузыки Гений

    Сидят как отмороженные.... Я б в пляс сиганул с первых нот🕺🏽🕺🏽🕺🏽

  38. Евгений Светомузыки Гений

    1:03 -wtf with her eyes????

  39. Tony Hurt


  40. Ruth Lown

    Love your style and singing,,love the passion you put into your music,,thank you🙏🏽🦋🇺🇸✝️

  41. Gfds Kshzjshhz

    Aşık oldum ben bu Boğazlıya beeee Seninle çatır çutur yiyişmek istiyorum

  42. Lena Fuentes P.

    So this is the song I heard in The Good Doctor.

  43. Gnocchi mit Pesto und Feta

    Ooooh those memories. I discovered this video 7 years ago and seeing and hearing it again now brings back so many feelings...

  44. Jon B Baca

    Seven years ago??? Cmon, I can't be that old!!! But I still adore this song

  45. Dean Whitworth

    I miss live gigs

  46. ded sec


  47. Jimini John

    I can say right now that the ones disliking this video should meet my fist

  48. Wessel

    I want this on a vinyl :O

  49. Bboy Shenayder

    The Good Doctor .. The Good Songs ❤🌹

  50. Алексей Петровский

    мне 42, до сих пор немецкий язык вызывает во мне неприятные чувства, это эхо войны моих дедушки и бабушки, но вот эти молодые парни дают надежду что мои дети будут любить ваш язык, ваших актеров, вашу культуру и ваши песни, удачи друзья

  51. Vitória Ferreira

    que preciosidade ❤️

  52. Emma Knopf


  53. Baseball Fury

    What are thoooooose?

  54. Elizabeth Newton

    Haunting beauty...

  55. Emily Maleah Tench

  56. J.E. Ayers-Brooks

    Unknown 0:01 Johnny was a chameleon when it was predominantly shrapnel shrapnel from the chapel of the cab man. Johnny kissed the groom and go join the killing while Britain was watching her Watson headed down the tenement but I Terry enough times to listen to the world turn told me that she is are watching scratch ticket Jesus and salting the salt in but we got an offer the lesson the lesson learned like kissing cousins kissing out of turn, but if you're going to play Unknown 0:26 you got to play Unknown 0:27 the party lines Are we going to take back this town if it takes us on? Hey kid you look like you could be found. But for the moment we are the fall line our mind but our time There's too much by the brains of intolerance it's our lives a hard fight to be done to be done to be done to be done A It's the United States of discrimination the school's freedom in the prisons where corporations more powerful than the government give a teacher a banker salary see how that goes. See If you form the land farm the land of Kilimanjaro with snows asleep Unknown 1:07 And your Egyptian linen 500 count thread what's the count of the deadly I have the eye of the needle fixing the men that spilled the lies the lies ripped up on our bed We're coming in quick we got the like angels of David's on our lips and Mindell in our head but we got an offer the lesson the lesson learned like kissing cousins kissing out of turn Unknown 1:25 but if Unknown 1:26 you're going to play you got to play the party lines Oh Whoa, we're gonna take back this town if it takes a song. Hey kid, you look like you could be found but for the moment we are the fall line, our mind but our time. There's too much by the brains of intolerances our lives a hard fight to be done to be done to be done to be done A I lost my religion along with my innocence. It's our lives hard time to be done to be done to be done to be done to me dun dun dun dun dun This transcript was generated by otter.ai

  57. J.E. Ayers-Brooks

    #smellycolognegood#homersmelly #plato

  58. Lee Hyland

    So sad, but so beautiful!

  59. Muhammad fawaid yusuf

    Love you marieeee 😘😭

  60. Jim Hastings

    These guys are fantastic. Can't believe I only just discovered this.

  61. silvia bravin

    Great song guys! It remembers me that feeling of Weltschmerz.

  62. Jane West Norfolk Radio

    I love this track. I need it on my playlist

  63. Neslihan Demirci

  64. Craig Van Stoudemire



    Happy mood song ♥️

  66. Meco

    Great sound!

  67. Fabio faforny Fornaro

    Bella ♡

  68. Vitaliano Criniti


  69. L_O_Him

    looool sounds like the back story for sharkboy from sealab

  70. Eugene Gallant




  72. Marc K

    They are all awesome and the drummer is even more awesome

  73. TBABlackPanther

    How Beautiful. Thank you for playing that. But a link to the band would be great!

  74. Jeffrey Arnold

    This guy is just so fucking good.

  75. Şule Korkmaz

    bu çocuk her söylediği şarkıyı 19534866435 kat güzelleştiriyor

  76. Darkbloom

    Cool crumb shirt

  77. Darkbloom

    1 unlike from her carbon copy lady back in highschool days

  78. Joe Nice

    Birkenstock rock when it's the best!



  80. huseyin eroğlu

    Biz yapsak okuldan atarlar

  81. Sarah Melodies

    Beautiful 💕

  82. Calembour Music


  83. silvia spagna

    Amazing!!! ❤

  84. Randy Smith


  85. Angela L.


  86. alollipopcandy

    does someone know the chords?

  87. Sydney Hodgson


  88. Jack Burton

    These guys should’ve been so much greater...i [email protected] love this...

  89. Rob Vi

    This charisma !!

  90. Denisse G

    His voice is gold! How can it exit from such a frail looking body? 🤩

  91. Santiago Rojas

    Chingona xd

  92. Brian Berlin

    I simply adore this track off Lost in a Dream Its blowing my mind literially.

    1. Stephen Redman

      me too dude absolutely love it

  93. дима туг

    Просто охренительно. Май 2020. Почему раньше не слышал?!!

  94. kiki ardyan

    Lea:Fvck me this night shaun..

    1. Cristian Lopez

      Carly (Thinking): Poor Lea, she doesn't know that took me weeks to convince him. Shaun: Ok. Carly (Thinking): Seriously.?



  95. Jay Tee

    un-obtanium. Will never happen again. Rock n Roll is no longer. No matter how many need it.....it is gone, again, forever.

  96. Jerusalem Basurto-Soto


  97. Ivy Ferrer

    her lips were so pale

  98. Ivy Ferrer

    Marie im a gay for uuuuuu

  99. Michel Rodelo

    Shaun and Lea Song

  100. looserz baree

    Best lyrics !!!