Cardinal Sessions was founded in the summer of 2010. They challenge the classic music video and try to replace impersonal footage with immediate and emotional snapshots.
Bands from all over the world with their different genres present their songs reduced to the essence of the musical spectrum - only vocals and unplugged instruments. Due to the spontaneous live-aspect and the approach to record every song without any additional rehearsal, songs emerge that often sound significantly different to their album versions.
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    we need an acoustic album of some their songs

  2. Gleb Kolobkov

    University of cologne , Hörsaal Gebäude, Hörsaal B. Had a lecture in that lecture hall last week😂


    Круто! Странно что просмотров мало

  4. Anita Sills 11 : 11

    Sweet!! Nice place to sit down & jam ; )' Hey, Do you know WTF is up with YT?? They are unsubbing me to channels but I am getting notifications??!! Peace, friends.

  5. colorblind643

    Love it

  6. Monish Kumar

    Extremely good, I totally liked it!, See this New Album 'Monish Jasbird - Death Blow', channel link frsel.info/a/v_x5rlxirO-WKjLIyk6okQ , you can try :)

  7. Tadze

    This is great

  8. Geht dich nichts an.


  9. Ben Skinner

    Does anyone know what make of guitar Anton is playing at the start of the gig?

  10. MARINA

    just magic :-)

  11. Borsten Hörnchen

    die version ist ja mal maximaler schrott.

  12. King Farn

    This song brought me here. ❤ from Kuala Lumpur. frsel.info/video/video/y8mRpqGYvZOnl3Q.html

  13. David Beta

    No puedo no hacer el chiste de que eso ya lo hizo Menem, perdon. Anton genio cosmico

  14. Kilian Nickol

    Does someone know the chords?

  15. Ben Skinner

    Best band in the world. Just WOW.

  16. Stuart Hillary

    anyone know the chords?? :) thanks

  17. Jessica Johnson

    Fucking legends

  18. Noah Williams

    Wow, Elon Musk is really good at banjo

  19. Sanchito BOC

    Fuck yea dude.

  20. Gene Hagmt

    That guy's voice is so burning.

  21. John H-H

    Big Thief are pure love

  22. DoomsdayAdam

    So damn fuckin' good! ^^

  23. Fabrice Boraschi


  24. Skylar Houchin

    Been playing this song all day. Its sooo hard to play that rythem with the palm stop and sing using vowels to signal chord change.

  25. Nicolò Retis

    Can I add the superlike? Or is it possible only on Tinder?

  26. Adam Berry

    lol garbage!

  27. Jamie

    Huge respect to Laura.

  28. Irisay2011

    Какой голос! Просто наслаждение для слуха! Успехов!

  29. Solveig Desirée

    beautiful ✨

  30. Ro C

    I fucking love the album and this is one of my favorites for sure

  31. Ashwin Prasanna

    steve jobs

  32. Richard Gorman

    Outstanding live performance

  33. 64leonjard64

    AWE fucking SOME

  34. Oleg Avramenko

    ahhhhhhh! beautiful

  35. Артем Зайцев


  36. Jhusua Celeste


  37. yannickmoon.

    Met these gents at the Edward Sharpe Big Top in LA several years ago, and hands down some of the nicest people ever.

  38. Steerpikey

    This sounds like Brian Molko in an avant garde tavern in19th century Bruges

  39. JayBigDadyCy

    Been a fan of Conner for a long time. Just discovered First Aid Kit on accident last week and man. .. they have immediately become one of my top 10 favorite bands of all time. Absolutely in love with them and their music.

  40. Maria Lyagun

    so good

  41. Thiago Vinícius

    i'm trying to kill the worst of me to be the best for you to be the best for u

  42. Larry Fisherman


  43. Fanne

    gibt nichts schöneres

  44. Stefano Leone

    Fantastico !

  45. Blood Red Shoes

    💚🖤 Listen to our new album "Get Tragic" here: brs.ffm.to/gettragic.oyd

  46. 588482a

    holy shit this is amazing. what a treat!

  47. Mitch Dumas

    They gotta keep playing this song till that table is clean

  48. Ryan Roundabout

    Cole looks like a rip-off version of any of "Charlie Brown Jr."'s members

    1. Tiago Moraes

      R.I.P ‎Champignon, bass player! 1978- 2013

  49. kenscapes

    Very very good. I hope they are as super-loud and soaring, as I imagine.. . and like how they stay in the "peak" a long time!!

  50. Jethro Pugong

    I just want to share this A guidance counselor who RAPED a 14 year old girl LOVES this song.

  51. Emily Flores

    This song brings so many emotions, even more with the setting. Without this song, my lonely day’s would go by a lot slower.

  52. Jessica González


  53. poke frosch

    This is the textbook definition of beautiful.

  54. profaneLakeman

    Is there a title for that last track? Eye-opening end to the set.

  55. joe williams


  56. Claire McCallum

    Very healing music!!!

  57. Cinder

    They are amazing !!!

  58. flimbe74

    Sehr schön! Danke!

  59. Cape Cool

    i can’t believe diiv is actually using chords

  60. Christoph Loges

    Aktueller denn je... was für ein wunderschöner Song. Ich hab so Gänsehaut oO

  61. DerRockWolf

    Very beautiful song!

  62. Melissa Sümer


  63. UnderGrawd

    U made me Türk

  64. Robert Roberts

    He sings so good that there's something weird about it.

  65. julian schulz

    Saw them in October at the Paradise in Boston, GREAT band. And they played my jam: Take your time.

  66. Kirby Ehler

    Change this to Midwest and you've 100% got the story of me and my now Fiance!!!

  67. Nolan Kurtz

    It's really neat to see Cole's personal growth reflected in the new material he's creating.

  68. hiichbinânna

    Jetzt geht er bald durch die decke <33

  69. Lucian V.

    I hit that save button with such Joy.

  70. robert cullins

    Anton's Dope Fiend move on his girlfriend in Dig; she's sick, scores, and shares it to him. He snatches it & locks her out.

  71. occvrs techno

    nice black guitar and great song.

  72. Tesla Media

    "It's gonna rain , build a boat" Noah's Ark Reference But also means "Trouble is coming, prepare yourself" That's why the chorus is " im just waiting for the storm to die out" referencing waiting for the trouble to end

    1. demogorgon music ltd

      The lyrics are so bitterly sad but utterly beautiful :(

  73. ember!!

    I will always love diiv

  74. varethika

    Gotta love the ending

  75. Ismael Pineda

    I like the beginning of this song then it quickly puts me to sleep. I’d hope for a pick up somewhere like they did to dopamine.

  76. Jay Tee

    This band is still the best kept secret of music lovers in 2019. It's time we let the world in on it. There are enough now that won't pervert it, but they will die out if we don't support them in mass.

  77. earthboy2k

    Cole looks so healthy!

  78. Zehra Uçan

    Ses tellerindeki her hücreye kurban olayım

  79. André Filipe

    Brasil !!!!!!!!

  80. M//M MM

    Wow this is beautiful.

  81. thebestever475

    first hipster band i cried to

    1. thebestever475

      @Darth Revan hahah good one

    2. Darth Revan

      Hipster? I wouldn't say so.

  82. Luc

    DIIV continua tocando forte no meu peito

  83. Emma Sherman

    kill me

  84. demogorgon music ltd

    Does anyone know what model Martin acoustic Colin is playing.

  85. demogorgon music ltd

    Simply amazing.

  86. José S


  87. Sharin Fool


  88. WestcountryDude

    Has a Nirvana vibe, at least for me. Really like this band.

  89. Juancito Limon



    dashboard confessional cover?

  91. Pablo Harduin

    That song really speaks within me. Loving the album.

  92. Sean Casey

    Damn Colin Caulfield rocks backup vocals live!

  93. 도경

    I miss 2012 ver diiv

    1. CPotter Vlog

      Oshin was like pre heroin or at the very beginning. Is The Is Are is smack (no pun intended) in the middle of addiction and Deceiver is post heroin. 2012 will never exist again because you can’t go back. Shouldn’t go back

    2. The Oddest Thing

      @RetroDrew I don't hear much with their new album but Like before you were born is God Tier song

    3. Evan8D

      RetroDrew I slightly disagree. Diiv was always god tier each album they just changed their sound a bit.

    4. RetroDrew

      2012 DIIV was weak, 2016 DIIV was Top Tier, 2019 DIIV is God Tier

    5. 도경

      IAmRedherrings I've already listened to Deceiver several times, but for me it feels like something's missing compared to their debut

  94. Konrad Plasota

    ok i'm sorry, very tender and emotional performance here, but WHAT happened to DIIV?? This ain't it, chief...

    1. Kevin Uribe

      “ Sober albums “

    2. Luis Enrique 07

      It happens everytime, bands change, I mean, I miss the Oshin era too, but this album it's amazing, quite hard to listen the first time 'cause it's completely different from Oshin or Is the Is are, kinda heavy, MBV style, but that's music, it's always changing

    3. AbstractMan23

      I can’t get into the new album at all. Sounds like a totally different band.

    4. Tomáš

      they are sober, this time for real.

  95. Ilkyaz Yagmur Ozkoroglu


  96. Chad Jeremiah

    This is the best band I've ever heard in my opinion

  97. robert will

    Beautiful Music.

  98. Haley Bechtel

    She has a Jack Thackray vibe. I dig it

  99. The Gabriel Guitar

    Somebody please help with the lyrics, Barnes brought me here

  100. recteen

    ""post punk band" ?

    1. Alejandro Venegas Rabah

      Space punk bachata

    2. Evan8D

      “Djent-dreampop-melodic-post hardcore-rap rock”

    3. yim ahmad

      fuck your all generally

    4. fanJUVENTUSa

      "Surf Noise rock jangle post punk shoegaze dream pop band"

    5. Raaven Stark

      "Surf Noise rock post punk shoegaze band"