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  1. Alpha z3ro

    hoppefully it will get more attetion and the first michael myers game in this centuary will show up

  2. mehmet alihan kayabas

    You should avoid moving up your cursor that much. It is really hard to focus on.

  3. TopShelfGaming

    Holy shit!! I knew this was gonna be killer! definitely grabbing this up today for Pre Order! especially since its 25% off right now for PC on Green Man Gaming!!! LEGIT!!

  4. Wookey -

    Does a game like this with like 0 zombies exist?

  5. G-Man

    Difficulty level = Journalist

  6. Alexander Jones

    Reminds me of the surge cross with dead space

  7. Professional _Retard

    Re3 devs did the unthinkable. Made Mr.X seem like a total pushover

  8. あデザイン

    このゲームめっちゃ面白そう This game is going to be so much fun.

  9. Xeonus

    No youtubers gays comentary thanks :)

  10. Kanmar Valoto

    Jill’s voice is milla jovovich?😱😅

    1. Mitchob1012

      Nah, she’s way too good for Milla in those movies

  11. LegendPlays93

    The graphics of this game is amazing!

    1. LegendPlays93

      @pretender xxx Yeah!

    2. pretender xxx

      Even better than RE2

  12. Kelly

    6:20 gave me Resident Evil 1 vibes

  13. Cesar Espinosa

    Why does Carlos sound like Keanu reeves...

  14. Dyna 182

    Carlos is just damn hot ! I like his attitude. That is not another ordinary game! 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻

  15. Sora Keyblade

    I thought Mr. X was bad. Jesus Christ!!

  16. cgRui34

    The old Hunter Gamma looks like a cute pet compared to the new one.

  17. tharbk01

    once the nemesis grabbed her head as she was climbing up the ladder...that should have been the end of her story lol. roll credits.

    1. pretender xxx

      No shit.

  18. TheJackal917

    Train section a bit non kosher.

  19. Seth Grey

    Looks amazing. Just wish the main character didn't look like Mila Jovovich half the time though.

  20. Ace Hardy


  21. Aibo2387

    Yay no people talking in the back during the gameplay! Finally just gameplay that most people are looking for! 😉👍Beautiful game as well!

    1. EhCloserLook

      I hate to nitpick, but I could go w/o the subtitles as well.

  22. Evren G.Nez

    Everythings looks great except a few characters. especially Jill. Jill here becomes rude. and She don't looks cute anymore. RE 2 remake with Jill (Julia Voth) mod is better than this new Jill

    1. cissV

      Enough of Julia Voth, get over it.

    2. Daniel Devora

      Evren G.Nez nah

  23. Tiago Dornellas

    I like how Jill is super pissed and probably suffering from ptsd But also ultra angry Like a origin story for DoomGal

  24. Chi Dude

    99 is over ... bring it own!

  25. Punish

    Click here for 13 minutes of new Resident Evil 3 Remake Gameplay:

  26. jerongordon

    Omg this footage is scary. The hunter gamma is terrifying, the nemesis fights are going to be a problem, the emergency dodge looks GREAT. Oh man I cant wait to play this

  27. johntfast

    5:53 well Jill lets wait till the nude mods get out

  28. I’m Weird

    Jill calling him a creepy fucking stalker is too funny they could’ve done better with these lines

  29. иiитеивоу

    Looks terrible, it’s mr x with a tentacle! What a injustice to the original Nemesis 🤦🏼‍♂️

    1. Daniel Devora

      иiитеивоу man shut the fuck up

  30. иiитеивоу

    Looks terrible, it’s mr x with a tentacle! What a injustice to the original Nemesis 🤦🏼‍♂️

    1. zufgh

      @vMac 89 I think his grievance is that it looks too much like Mr. X, NOT that it has a tentacle. In this case OP regards the tentacle as the one distinguishing trait and thus a positive in itself... Dumbass.

    2. cgRui34

      WTF you talkin' about? Nemesis always had tentacles, and Remake Mr. X didn't chase you down as bad as this Remake Nemesis. If anything, this is Nemesis stepping up his game 100x more than the original.

    3. 90hpin

      Simple, don't Buy it

    4. vMac 89

      He had a tentacle in the original dipshit... smh

    5. Marcus Brown

      иiитеивоу go away. You try making a game

  31. Super Crazy

    Did Jill tell Carlos to fuck himself 😂 that's our girl

  32. Super Crazy

    Everything looks good Nemesis, Jill, Carlos The environment, nemesis boss fights looks freaking awesome.

    1. Nahuel Ahpa

      it looks very faithful to the original (something i felt 2 lacked kinda), but this footage is just awful, the person playing sucks and they should have just shown one tense sequence instead of several, and i hope that it mantains the atmosphere that made the original so special

  33. bombfanatics

    Looks sick af

  34. ViN NY

    Holy shit this looks really good

  35. josh g

    Stupid kalishnakov


    This looks clean as hell

  37. Bass Town Ncs

    epicly awesome

  38. Hawkknot

    You play as a single armed dude? Why can't you use your torch in your left hand?

  39. An Thái

    Thanks for this nice walkthrough, but I'm not really impress with a game copy too much ideas from others

  40. siva gopal

    man you wasted much time just walking around for nothing, especially in the mansion

  41. Plum Darkness

    You can always tell a bad game when the launch price on console is $56.99. This game is maybe a step above Agony and that game launched at full price and is now at 4.99 lol

  42. John Doe

    Thanks Punish, this is exactly what I needed. I was stuck on the last puzzles and this video helped a lot, I'm surprised this video does not have many likes!

  43. Hassan


  44. Murat Celis


  45. Vasily Markovitch

    2:10 this is when you'd want a minigun.

  46. Lisa Barry

    What the hell why was Jason in this game.


    It's not on PS4, yet or never will be, because of Sony's bullshit with games like this, also why is the game on Switch, Switch is a kids platform, not geared towards adult games

  48. Bpjs Stars

    thank you ❤️

  49. GhoST Squad

    Wait, I thought this channel is all about showing new game trailers. Not walkthroughs...

    1. Punish

      @GhoST Squad Thanks man, I appreciate the support!

    2. GhoST Squad

      I didn't notice that but anyway, keep up the good work 👍

    3. Punish

      It's usually both.

  50. Maxim Thebear

    Is it good for original silent hill fan?

  51. Jakap _Chr

    Rated M for Masterpeice

  52. Malachi Paul

    Goddamn the idea of choices is gay.

  53. Yohan_ animator

    When the little human was sleep she's not alone because she saw a statue moves. The little human finds the way to get out of here. But the nightmare has started. The little human saw a four monsters in the ship. But she needs to survive from the monsters to hide and run and flee the ship to the end. She was very brave.She needs to escape before the human get eaten/caught by a monster

  54. Blue demon127

    You used the dead by daylight Michel myers

  55. Alexander Posey

    0:33 me walking up for school

  56. Trevi Pisha

    He killed his sister when he was 15 years old

  57. aNaKoNDa

    This seems a bit different

  58. Сергей Протасов

    Uncharted + Fallen Order + Sekiro, nothing new from the mechanics. Just good looking and contains lots of interactive movie.

  59. Koi Lake

    I hope there's an option to keep the oni mask on 🤞

  60. Điền Khưu


  61. Geoff Thomson

    I see, it's a Witcher 3 minus the signs and with Japan thrown into the mix. It's a shame this is a PS exclusive.

    1. Koi Lake

      For you yeah😋

  62. stefan diaconu

    where is this game i want in giger world

  63. Dimitrov505 Z

    2020 and we still love it

  64. OfficialLiLMicK

    They should make this Halloween game for ps4 that would be Awesome.

  65. Amazing Friday

    Is there a way to make it less scary?

  66. tokis garcia

    Tenchu + red dead + sekiro

  67. Pinea1perfecti0n

    3:28 music is very Batushka sounding.

  68. FlapJack0512

    im kinda annoyed that we have to play as someone who is infected again

  69. Indian tigerZ Cave

    Wow.. i m excited

  70. Eptig

    Check out my chanell!!!

  71. mahnu172002

    Dude! I would totally buy this game! When is it coming out?

  72. Gillan Baclayon

    This is like The Evil Within

  73. Young AndDangerous

    Zitie zitie zitie zitie zitie sitie sitie ... stfu

  74. giuseppe sorrentino

    The stealth part really looks Like batman arkam series, i would improve that just abit

  75. danny mccormack

    for honor characters love to cut peoples heads off

  76. ben wa

    Imagine this game on next gen RTX enabled PS5!

  77. Roman Duel

    8:10 missed my bus simulator

  78. TGCyanideGrave

    "Coming when it's ready" wish more company's followed those word's now a day's lol

  79. Aurthur morgan

    Oh my god im so excited!

  80. Đạt Đoàn

    Tuổi thơ

  81. Chris C

    I need a copy

  82. Diamond General

    Sure, nazi zombies and zombie hitler is always talked about, but what about russian zombies and zombie stalin?

  83. Hunam

    Our stamina level seems to be low to open the door. Let's jump around and parkour this bitch.....

  84. Dandy Dook

    Ah, yes, my favorite TV manufacturer - Shillips! On a serious note, this demo looks pretty good. The "children" don't look particularly scary, but they can be improved. The environments look pretty good. Seeing stuff like "Цой жив" written on the walls is pretty cool.

  85. Hattan AlShutaifi

    I think doom eternal will be the game of the year

  86. akind user4

    Thank you for the gameplay.

  87. Dante Hellsing


  88. Kerch T

    I've also been wanting a game centered on American Indian culture for years. I'm really excited about this. I'm surprised no one's attempted it before. The subject matter is perfect for an RPG, where you begin as perhaps a young brave, need to improve your skills in various areas, interact with other tribes ... there's so much amazing NA lore that even magical abilities could be a part of the experience if they wanted to go a more supernatural route. I so hope this will be good.

    1. Michael Pierre

      As a Native from the Pacific Northwest, I can soundly say that this game does not do Native Americans much good. Ever since I found out about it, I was also curious. But then I learned that the makers are not Native at all, and they drew inspiration from Karl May. On top of that, they thought it was a good idea to have one Native American character represent basically every tribe. I will tell you straight up that that is a fantasy. A fetish even. I’m not interested in reimagining what my ancestors and the ancestors of other Natives lived through because it’s fucking angering. Historical accounts detail warriors trying to embark on killing sprees to avenge who and what they’ve lost, and ultimately we all paid dearly for it in the end.

  89. Mundo Jurassic

    Muy padre es lo mejor mucho

  90. Pablo Cordon

    Tbh the melee combat looks like crap! Otherwise it looks... average.

  91. Jesse Kramer

    OH MY GOD I NEED THIS GAME! the movement looks so smoth and the fighting system is wonderfull

  92. Mifelahim Kain

    Жалко в нашем мире нет таких контрастов .

  93. MarcLloydz

    $40 for this POS game, lmao

    1. Bruno Ribeiro

      Its 54 dollars on Playstation store hahaha

  94. Moto Magic

    This guy must have some powerful ass leg muscle to be jumping and running that far and long

  95. Joseph Pierce


  96. goost 12

    I think it would be more epic of they use Japanese voice instead of English voice

  97. Faris Ayman

    4:27 scared me

  98. Air Force 95

    Man there’s is a shit ton of game assets here.

  99. Hallo Freunde

    When comes it ozäut

  100. endersblade

    In b4 duct tape mod