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  1. Mayo Luck

    Haha her "you talk to much" face looked like she smelt a fart...

  2. BANGTANj-nope

    Poor Duolingo :(

  3. Bryan Phelps

    Sharon you have the most soothing voice. Never stop rambling and whisper on!

  4. Kat589

    It's 4am and i read the title and my immediate thought was 'where we fallin from?' ... i-

  5. Kirk W

    I’m officially quitting the internet!

  6. Mekhet Montsehgour

    "You are my first patient ever" And here we go, covid! Thanks for your videos, always so enjoyable! Hugs from Brazil, Kelly.

  7. Charlie Pearton

    Anyone else watch her videos just because she is a pleasure to look at 😍

  8. **

    Who’s else is here watching strictly to fall asleep?



  10. Fable of Four

    i love your whispers

  11. Fable of Four

    you are my favorit asmr person ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Kenny Crawford

    Where us from

  13. Richard Johnny

    Oh Ophelia! Heaven help a fool who falls in love. I'm from a history family as well that fell in love with Anastasia, I had a crush on her and Dimitri. I don't usually enjoy history Asmr because they need too much attention, but your combo of just soft rambling with history was really nice.

  14. Addy Payne

    where did you get those claw rings? they are so pretty 🤩

  15. Lorenzo Milantoni

    She's the most delicate and genuine human being... So blessing 💫

  16. Malec Fanatic

    I'd commit serious crimes if a lady that had snake hair told me to. That's terrifying. I'm scared enough of snakes when they're ON THE GROUND AND NOT EYE LEVEL.

  17. Aadrienne

    Nooo you took the peaches from your own tree lol

  18. Shady150

    This is so relaxing, it's hypnotizing.

  19. Le père Castor

    Pas livrable en France, dommage

  20. Lovebird Draws

    “I don’t like to call it dirt” Just call it People Powder the message will get across

  21. the mischief

    i think the audio is on the wrong side 🤭

  22. Sharon Agazzone

    your pronunciation of "estrella" was really perfect⭐

  23. sarah 123

    You look like Catalina from Jane the virgin!

  24. Will 011

    I’m willing to die just to take a peek of ur beauty.

  25. Dayanne Veet

    This is THE ASMR I never knew I wanted but I always needed

  26. GhANeC

    Khaleesi of ASMR

  27. Καλλιρρόη

    Could be in a horror movie

  28. Kiwaldo

    Shit. I was so relaxed and then you dropped that bomb on us think we're like Joe Exotic? Believe me, we're all going WHAT THE FUCK right there with you.

  29. Mansa Musa I

    You Never Talk Too Much!

  30. MDrummer

    you talk too much! lol just kidding you're awesome =)

  31. Wanting One Angel

    I LOVE your earrings because they are all so beautiful:)!! I like the way you do the ears, nice and gentle sounds:)!! Lots of tingles and relaxation:)!!! I pray that you stay healthy and safe!

  32. 정국bellakookie

    I rlly loved the make up 😍😍😍


    I love the video but hate those gloves, to much unpleasant sound

  34. DanuDeOtaku

    Anyone else hear someone saying hey at 5.30

  35. capri sun

    ur japanese was sOOOOOOO good :)

  36. Justen Webb

    You’re very beautiful. First time watching you. Instant connection. 🥰👌🏾

  37. valentin lebailly

    30:45 I heard "pot de crème" in French x)

  38. Valle srk

    Du sprichst besser Deutsch als manche deutsche. Excuse me i can't write very good englisch. Your asmr is incredible and so tingly ❤

  39. spa kellogs

    ohh seen just the video, opened it and ma brain started throwing sparks. Genious Sharon, like how you scratch xD So don't forget, be like Sharon. Eres adorable ;) Khris

  40. CT2272

    Sir I’m gunna have to treat your wounds Me: no I’m fine don’t worry Sir your bleeding Me:it’s fine I’ll sleep it off

  41. Kira l

    Aphrodite next. Aphrodite next!

  42. lily m

    This video is just what i need to watch and listen right now... Thank you Sharon, you are the best 💜

  43. CreeperDiPongo

    Pennywise: what'a your biggest fear? Me: When i step on a lego and when lego pieces are all stuck on eachother

  44. Doktober

    Sleep up and take the ASMR

  45. LegitLegendary0

    How did you manage to up the gain without slight static, what are the microphones

  46. UHIS

    TIL vomit icecream is a thing. good thing i never eat icecream

  47. ProPuddingBoy

    As a swede, I kinda' cringe a little when i listen to swedish music, swedish dialogue in movies and swedish asmr. (For some reason I just cringe at everything "swedish"). But I enjoyed this vid, and ironically enough I actually liked your swedish asmr. Good job!

  48. Arturo Torres

    i realize that i'm late i was in Frivvis clutches and she would'nt let me go LOL jk

  49. sadmarcia

    Je me sens violer quand je vois des commentaires d'anglophones qui commentent en mode "je comprends pas mais j'adore ahahha" voilà c'est dit jsp je me sens voler je suis bizarre 😭😂❤️ mais on vous aiment qnd mm ✨✨

  50. Kings slayer

    Try watching rise of empires, ottoman.Its about how the byzantine empire fell( roman empire) to the turks.Good blend of documentary and drama.B

  51. Rylus

    Wait wait wait, if you let me go I... I'll force athena to undo the curse. I promise. she won't be the first God I have broken.

  52. Lars Hügel

    Sylvanas 😍

  53. Yusef Mumshtip


  54. Bryan Kelis

    Her laugh was so damn cute

  55. Bryan Kelis

    She is so gorgeous!

  56. xXJAMES666Xx

    I really liked your spontaneous ASMR video and the blowing into the microphone was a great trigger. 👌

  57. Kristen C

    I never comment on your videos....but you look really beautiful here! Good work ❤️

  58. Kings slayer

    Good to know glow is a history nerd like me.

  59. Finton Nicholas

    That made me so relaxed

  60. ASMR Vidéo Relaxation Massage Détente

    Super celle-ci. Merci beaucoup glow

  61. Jamie A

    Her Dutch sounds a little like Flemish, which is a compliment even though I can’t really stand it hahaha

  62. Nathalie Debard

    Je t'appelle "ma prof d'anglasmr (anglais,asmr) tu m'a appris beaucouuuuuup de chose en Englais ! Merci ❤❤

  63. Punk Princess Sarah

    I’m obsessed with this makeup look 😍

  64. XTHWOS

    elle est vraiment magnifique c’est incroyable

  65. Sofia Rajčáková

    Omg yes, I loved Anastasia when I was a kid.. still love it to be honest🙈😁❤️

  66. Michaela Manolaki

    Hello from Greece!!! 😁❤️👋 Loved this!!! Thank you so much ☺️❤️💙🇬🇷 p.s. You look incredible!

  67. Kewin Kalleu Salmo 91

    That you do a lot more videos #asmr #glow, about what you talk about on a daily basis.❤😇

  68. Kayla Vzqz

    I never liked it. 😑😑😑😑😑😞😞😞😞😷😷😷😷😷

  69. ლ•Little Bxtsh •ლ

    I’m french and your accent is really nice 😊

  70. Jade S

    Yes, Nicholas II was not a very good ruler not so much that he was unkind, necessarily, but that he didn’t want to be the tzar of Russia and didn’t really care for his people, he was more reserved :) I forget what it was after, (possibly Bloody Sunday? It was a really big deal) 30 min after he was playing dominoes 😂😂 ALSO THE STORY OF THE REAL RASPUTIN WAS HILARIOUS I SWEAR THAT MAN HAD NINE LIVES AHAHA 😂

  71. Russell

    Relaxing, but I think you need to brush up on your history. A lot of what you said is wrong lol

  72. Cookie Gacha

    My name is phoebe haha

  73. Matilda

    the way you pronounced lugn was so nice <3

  74. Kamna karan

    This is exactly what I needed! Two of my favourite triggers 💕💕

  75. matchley500

    The camera will never be close enough

  76. Chloe Davies

    i swear half these views are mine 😅 love this video so much ☺️

  77. Epic Voice

    There it was again, a sound like a kettle preparing to whistle, a breathy hiss and an almost imperceptible flicking in his ear. It wasn't his lover whispering sweet nothings; he could hear her next to him, snoring, and felt her gentle rhythmic sleeping breath. It was just his imagination, or the sounds of the old house settling, or humidity, or air conditioning, or... "S-sweetheart?" His lover's voice, sweet and groggy. "Sorry, did I wake you up?" "What time is-ss it?" He loved her speech impediment. He loved everything about her. He loved to touch her everywhere, except the places she wouldn't let him, except for her hair. She told him she didn't want the oils in his skin to ruin it. Women, he thought to himself. So vain about their hair. He pressed a button on his watch. "Three thirty AM" the watch announced, in a calm, digital voice. "I'm sorry," he said. "Go back to sleep?" "I'm feeling pretty awake now. Let's-ss make love." He kissed and touched her and reveled in her body. He kissed, ever so gently, the top of her beautiful head. A sharp pain. He drew back, lip bleeding. What kind of hair product was she using? "I'm s-sorry," she said, near tears. "It's fine," he replied. "Just a tiny little cut. I'll go to the restroom to wash up. Wait for me in bed." His placations didn't soothe her. He could hear her crying. He felt her face and wiped away her tears. "Honey, it's fine!" he said, or thought he said, or tried to say. He put his hand to his mouth and felt his lips turning to stone. Copied from u/like-an-almond

  78. djchristian82

    You really fit as a nurse both in profession and looks (great looks by the way)! Keep it up!

  79. J S

    How I view about talking, is that if for sleeping I’d prefer not for my mind to engage in thought with speech. I enjoyed you speaking about random at home crazy rambles. Umm to say speak less or more of a person, is kinda, we watch a persona to enjoy whom. I think also to consider is introvert and extrovert minds. You remind me of a high school girlfriend, you are also from another country/culture so it helps to have a different unwind. I failed school because my at home studies were more entertaining to me. Documentary and historically, scientific learning that isn’t so basic or challenging enough to think further on. Allow the imagination, make the invention, create history, or bang my head unto the school desk of boredom. Heh, I am creative, neat. ☺️

  80. Gnana Prakash

    15:27 lol what is even that loud sound? I have never heard such a loud series of sounds i all of ASMR 😂😂😂 As for recommendations, could you do a bed time story type thing where you tell us your fav story growing up. May be you can put a twist on it or talk about the diff perspective as an adult to make i more interesting? I honestly would LOVE a lullaby but I know soft singing may not be your thing.

  81. de man

    Anyone wondering, the serie is called the last kingdom, and it’s actually really good

  82. poodle noodle xo

    You give me Nina Dobrev vibes idk why😂❤️

  83. Izonica Martinez

    You ruined the ASMR by talking so much I can even here you scratching the mic

  84. Gaming News tv

    Medusa catches you Me : don’t worry bro if you don’t show fear they won’t smell it Me: wait am thinking about dogs Me: OR MAYBE IF YOU CANT M- Medusa: just stop it your screwed either way

  85. sabua sadiki

    Hans..... Get ze Flammenwerfer!

  86. kevin dujardin

    Bonjour a toi, je débute dans l'asmr sa me ferais très plaisir que tu y jette un œil merci😘

  87. Ilona Sohilait

    Honey I love when you talk too much! Don't stop talking 😘

  88. Swhedha

    This helped me do my chemistry homework sm, usually I don’t listen to talking when I’m doing homework but it was interesting enough that I managed to pay attention while doing some nomenclature haha. My interest perked when I heard you mention Anastasia and then eventually the conversation went to BTS, I love them both! I recently rewatched Anastasia, it was such a throwback I miss when movies were animated like that. Listening to Once Upon a December is so nostalgic. As for BTS, welcome!! They’ve got so many songs within different genres, so I’m really glad you took the time to listen to one. It becomes all consuming from here :) I wish I can give recommendations, but the amount of songs out there are so immense idk where to start. Their most recent album featured some really good songs: Louder Than Bombs, Filter, ON, Black Swan, Friends, Moon and We are Bulletproof: The Eternal are some good ones I can name off the bat due to how many times I’ve listened to em haha. Their older stuff is also great, popular songs are great, and this comment has gotten way too long.

  89. Mme Magi Fanny

    💜 army here

  90. E A.

    Hello new Army✨

  91. _ trxshboi_

    So beautiful

  92. 117

    Just wanted to say I love your videos! They help us all in the current worldwide issues and you keep us calm and allow us to take our mind off things. So thank you so much, keep doing what you do!

  93. Paul Basta

    I'd do her

  94. emi loo

    If you like historical/period shows then you should DEFINITELY check out Poldark! Great show and Aiden Turner is just 😍🔥

  95. LtdJorge

    The reason I like this channel more than the rest is because you whisper a lot. Don't stop doing it pls!

  96. N K

    Anastasia is my favorite animation too! I still think she is the best portrait of a brave & amazing princess & an amazing role model for girls! She was never dependent on a prince to come and save her!

  97. drew kroeker

    I was tingle-immune for quite a while, which was disappointing. And then I watch this video and oh. my. god!!! My ASMR is back! Thank you so much for posting this! :)

  98. Béa Croft

    People : "what do you like watching on FRsel ?" Me playing this before sleep : "ehmm...its complicated" 😅

  99. anonymous Gamer

    I wish that you start a video with "sup bitches " ....that would be amazing

  100. Alice Southall-webb

    She looks like charli damelio in a way