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  1. iMarley

    So we're paying to live a healthy life.. Good Job EA

  2. Roisin Stacey

    EA, this wouldve been the perfect oppertunity to give us farms AND HORSES!!! Theres barely anything "new" in this expansion pack AND this whole concept was already touched upon in Island living! What a wastte

  3. Millie The memer

    y’all talking about paralives that’s how i know for SURE y’all ain’t see that sims 5 trailer

  4. Courtney Meyer

    Looks great! When will it be available for Xbox

  5. Lea_Angel

    I'm so excited for it to come out!!!

  6. Reza

    Cause of Get Famous pack and this, I would satisfied if they would include superhero pack, when the sims could be a superhero, helping people, and there would be a villain sims also then fight ‘em along others superhero sims, that would be incredible isn’t it? I hope they could consider this, we could create our own hero/villain/anti-hero, damnn. PLEASE EA CONSIDER THIS.

  7. Reza

    Cause of this trailer, I would satisfied if they would include superhero pack, when the sims could be a superhero, helping people, and there would be a villain sims also then could fight with others superhero sims, that would be incredible isn’t it? I hope they could consider this, we could create our own hero/villain/anti-hero, damnn. PLEASE EA CONSIDER THIS

  8. RiskyRachel

    10 years later :)

  9. Túlio Felix

    I love ameizey

  10. Slavo Ashur Knight Of Templar

    I hope ea made sure that people wont make multi purpose plots for the community lots. Yknow.. putting items on as if it was all of them combined? Also when ea makes those *fast forward put items into house* makes it look soo easy to furnish homes

  11. Slavo Ashur Knight Of Templar

    *hehe carrot couch*

  12. Gaby

    It doesn't matter what EA does. Ppl will never be satisfied. The comment section is what it would look like if Karen played video games. Smh

    1. Jaden Conner

      Gaby So true

  13. quod non est

    How do I get a sim to do the glowstick/glowstring dance at 2:05? I've only ever seen NPCs do it, but I don't know how to get the Sim I'm controlling to do it.

  14. Lea blue

    people fangirling over a sim, jeezuz. I hate his hair, he has that "I want to talk to the manager" haircut.

  15. TOMI

    They should really need to improve this expansion pack. One of the worst one.

  16. kamara ellis

    sims could you please make a game for pc wich you don't have to pay ,if you pay to me your kind of driving costumers away and I actually want to play the sims game but you have to buy it ,and basically what im saying is make a FREE sims game for every device from pc ,ios to android and iPhone I hope you can persuade these actions and yes it might drive you out of a bussines but you can make the character lok a lil older and yes I know what sims mobile and sims freeplay is but its not accepted for my device so please persuade these actions and might even put them on every pc,ios,xbox and iPhone play store thank you for your time reading this and if you agree say agree in the replied section thank you and have a wonderful game

  17. 秋ちゃん

    Kinda got TS3ITF vibes from this trailer which is GOOD

  18. Gisèle Ngimbi

    The only free update of this damn game.

  19. Natasha Brooks

    Am I the only one who is actually looking forward to this pack, it's like a relevant topic and its new gameplay. With no hate towards people in the sims community when were asking for things like cars for example maybe the creators of The Sims aren't able to do this. Just think we asked for ladders and were getting ladders. I have seen FRselrs like vixella review this pack with the early access they got and things like the build and buy items are actually really cool, we're getting lots of cool new activities as well, and a new town. I personally love the idea of this pack!

    1. Natasha Brooks

      we also are getting firefighters who come to your house once the fire alarm goes off, please just try to understand this.

  20. Izuku Midoriya

    i’ve already preordered it! i love these new packs🥰

  21. Anna Smith

    Oh, the disappointment

  22. Tuva

    i’m trying to focus on the trailer but it’s all time low ):<<

  23. Little Luci

    Wait.... can we talk about the fact she transferred schools just because no one believed her when she said robots were gonna take over the world?

  24. Maria Papazoglou

    Me: watches the trailer to the sims 3 Me in my head: i own this game, why do i watch this?

  25. Oseriös Andersson

    Why is everybody so negative about this pack? I think it looks amazing!

  26. Aniek V

    Hi EA, this trailer feels like you want to sell it to kids. A lot of sims player are teens and adults. I really love the sims and I have been playing since sims 1 since I was 8. All those years I.had al much fun with 1, 2 and 3. Sims 4 is different and has so many negative comments lately. I can understand why. It's not because I'm older now, I returned to sims 3 after playing sims 4 with 2 expansions. Still like sims 3. Because I love sims I want to point out what others are so saying so that sims will be a great game again . Take a better look at the older versions, sims4 is too much dollhouse and is missing so much. It's all too safe. Basics missing. It hurts to see what is happening , players will leave the game. That is why people are complaining so much. They see their beloved game going downhill. We care. A new fresh start with Sims 5, use this to win out hearts back. focus on somewhat older players, not children. The younger players will it. Just like i was 8, and so many other players rhat started playing at.young age.

  27. x

    still cant get over the fact that this is this an EXPANSION PACK :(

  28. VanessaGuerreiro

    Haha everyone is complaining (me too) but we all know we are going to buy this shitty game sooner or later 💀😂

  29. Enni Hartikainen

    ngl i kinda like this pack now that i’ve seen the items in build mode, cas and the world + the gameplay.... lowkey want it :D it’s not like i asked for it, i want the stuff others want as well but i’ll take this.

  30. Laura Kietz

    EA explain this please. Nobody in the entire community asked for this. We don't need it, we don't want it.

    1. StarrieMoonlight

      People asked for it in a poll and this pack won a few years ago

  31. Laura Kietz

    EA, what exactly are you doing? This is the actual literal downfall of the Sims.

  32. Jully Love

    WOW 😍😍😍😍



  34. pato25

    We voted for this guys, why are you whining 🤔 this pack is amazing and brings needed stuff to change the game play. Dont be mad wait and play for yourself but this toxic community is so trash at the moment

  35. Jesseca Stewart

    Love this!

  36. fygs

    love this! definitely a good last pack to buy before i switch over to paralives forever. x

  37. up - on

    I will be buying this dlc because the apartment.

  38. BlueIriz 0150

    They look just like their sims. Haha!

  39. -lurid ;;

    I really want to see an originally Sims 4 Royal mood

  40. AniDeMax

    The Sims 4 was supposed to upgrade to Sims 3 but instead its downgrading heck Sims 2 looks better than this.

  41. Animation Chan

    0:16 I literally thought that the dude with blond hair is Morgen (the sage of the untamed in the sims 4 spellcasters)

  42. Animation Chan

    Bob maybe a boring sim, but at least his got art talent,lmao

  43. mint

    This seems like a good town to torture my sims in. Not worth 40 bucks tho.

  44. Hollie Kirk

    out of all the things you could’ve chosen...

  45. MeepOrp

    I have a lot of animal loving sims and eco friendly sims who would love to fix that place up


    I cringed super hard when she said crunchy insects as an alternative to meat. What the hell has happened to EA? The Sims 2 Is a Chad compared to The Sims 4. The Virgin Sims 4 and The Chad Sims 2.

  47. Dhekanegara Suardi Memet

    After watching this, im sure to buy pirated version of the sims 4 series through local game sellers here in Indonesia, im done with nonsense expansion pack and im not going to spend money for EA, besides i don't have any expectations for sims 5 because im sure it won't be launched since sims 4 is a failure, so I am also moving to Paralives.

  48. Magic Shadow

    It's Only funny when the bum buns had fun in the trash like dude, seriously, you gonna rock your partner in the trash😂

    1. niduoe stre

      I'm a ps4 console player spent alot of money to not be able to play my expansion packs my gamer name geegee2505 please help!!!!

  49. Neda Fazli


    1. niduoe stre

      Looks cute but I have one major problem before the pandemic got serious I'm constantly getting kicked out of ea!!!!....#sims4team help!!!!! I restore my license and restart my

  50. Señor Nada

    businessman: nice space you have here...

  51. Señor Nada

    Yes ... ¡¡¡we will burn the world!!!

  52. Sofia Vitug

    Forever iconic 🥰💕

  53. ZERVII

    tbh I kind of just want a new sims game that does not take away features and bring back shopping for food and clothing,cars , open world etc.. while adding fresh new features obviously. But that's my opinion

  54. McKayla Gamez

    Everyone is complaining about this pack when not only does it send a good message, but we literally asked for this pack years ago in a poll of what pack we’d like to see come in the future. Yes it’s been years since we voted for it but we should learn to appreciate it. Also to those who compared it to Island Living or any other pack like that, those were minor things you could change, with this pack you can change the entire world. So stop complaining and just don’t get the pack. It’s not that hard to keep your opinions to yourself. If you don’t like the pack, DON’T BUY IT! Just because you won’t buy a pack doesn’t mean EA is gonna stop giving good messages via packs.

  55. Pdc Ent


  56. Geraldine Lewis

    Ok this was really cute

  57. Maria Rodriguez

    All ya'll hating on the pack watch lilsimsie's video about the patch coming with the pack then tell me your bot happy about the pack

  58. Maria Rodriguez

    All ya'll hating on the pack watch the video Lilsimsie video about the patch coming with the pack and say that your mad that were getting this pack

    1. Analee Adkins

      The patch is a free update to all players. Has nothing to do with THIS pack.

  59. yandere ester :3 oralia oyoy

    Alguen en 2020

  60. Tommy Konrad

    “Weird flex I know. Just go with it.” - is she on about the price of this garbage pack?

  61. TheWhiteLion011

    para los que les gustaron la Cancion se llama Fire Escape // for those who liked the song is called Fire Escape

  62. TheWhiteLion011

    even if 3 years have passed this does not cease to excite me sincerely the best trailer in life♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

  63. Peer Kristijan

    I hate this and definitely never getting this. The community voted objects expansion pack was pretty cool and looking forward to that but if other simmers like it it’s fine

  64. Hi i like games

    i love this trailer

  65. Tiffany Gomez

    Y'all couldn't do better?

  66. Allira Tooth

    What happened to our craft stuff pack 😢

    1. Jack M

      That’s coming soon

  67. Romanian Robber

    Hello! You guys can make an version of SIMS like sims 3 wii edition? Without loading screens or something else. For PS5 (when they will release it) or Nintendo Switch. It will be very fun to play. I was have the old version of sims 3 on wii and it was very fun!

  68. Jania Cooper

    This game play is honestly fun if u love solving things

  69. GameGal123

    I never had the chance to play the Sims 3 on PC, only the PS3 version. Which of course isn't the same, but I STILL enjoyed it more than the Sims 4 on PS4, and I have multiple dlc for it. I could play the Sims 3 for hours and not get bored. Time would fly by.

  70. ilustra Martins

    Want to teach people to be good? Stop doing a mercenary game.

  71. Doggie Eilish xO

    Y’know...I wasn’t going to buy it cause it’s kinda unnecessary . But then I saw the CAS options and the fact we have latters’re just torturing me at this point-

    1. Jack M

      Ladders are a base game update

  72. FireFoxXD

    Dafuq is this? Where are my cars?

  73. ABDULLAH Serafi

    Hello The Sims I am one of the strongest love of Hve Alabh beautiful but there are some problems such as stupid Alsaz eating unhealthy food and sleeping in the McCann and another Hve Almashkl bother me too Please reply

  74. luke rose

    this is such a cute idea!!! i get why some people don't like it, but i love all of the environmentally friendly elements and packs that the sims have come out with recently! :) the eating bugs and dumpster woohoo i could live without, but i'm really excited to see opportunities for more garden-based and recycling gameplay !

  75. JOMAROGA 2.0

    0:21 :)

  76. Julia KO

    아 진짜 돌았냐고

  77. lilyium

    why did this come up in my recommend, it was literally released 7 years ago i-

  78. Paige Seguine

    The little toddler in the beginning is Supriya Delgato

  79. ilyutasm

    people: *asks for farming in sims 4* EA:

  80. amber feather

    In speaking from the heart here. If the creator of paralives earns alot of money and it gets very popular, The creator his mind will change. Eventually a company starts. With the creator of paralives as ceo of it. That company will make even more money. Their minds will switch clicks and they start to ignore what the fans want, The same came clear with EA when ts4 came out. Dislike this comment if you want because you are a ungrateful little sh** if you do

    1. amber feather

      @Jack M oh

    2. Jack M

      amber feather sorry I misenetriped

    3. amber feather

      Besides mermaids in ts4 look even better than ts3 mermaids. Think deeper and look at the good stuff you got now. Instead of only looking at the bad side of ts4 all the time.

    4. amber feather

      @Jack M You ungrateful little sh**s got a university expansion pack. You got pets and season why are you still hating anyway. We can share our creations in the gallery and we have a better detailed editing mode in the sims 4 too. Be grateful god dang it

    5. amber feather

      @Jack M Im saying that the same happened with EA because many people nowadays just trash at EA. I personally think most of the packs are great but on the ps4 if you dont play for a long time you will have to redownload your packs and theres a chance a stuff pack will be lost and you will have to buy it again.

  81. jaiana

    why are y’all complaining. dont buy it weirdos its just a game

    1. LiamSageFox

      People dont need a reason to complain, they complain because the comment section is available to them. Everyone's proper bitchy. 3.5k commenters, split that in half, a large percentage of these comments are trolls, the genuine comments are probably around 400 commenters. There are so much awareness of trolling and bullying yet these trolls keep trolling cos something inside them is missing

  82. Szymon Nowak

    Pls cars in The sims 4

  83. Regina Ortiz

    Looks cute but I have one major problem before the pandemic got serious I'm constantly getting kicked out of ea!!!!....#sims4team help!!!!! I restore my license and restart my game and still....none of my sims can go to work not get a promotion I contacted ea and I'm always reporting this to the down dector and still nothing I have all expansion packs I'm a ps4 console player spent alot of money to not be able to play my expansion packs my gamer name geegee2505 please help!!!!

  84. amber feather

    Sadly i lost this stuff pack when i finally played again because my brother got our playstation on his room. Now i just play on his room i dont care that he hates the idea of me using his tv

  85. Dip Shit

    Yes now my sims can makes babies in trash, that's all i ever wanted

  86. Jakub Kubica

    An interesting addition

  87. MKDarko

    I understand that many are really frustrated and upset with this pack. All I can say is that the Sims Team try their best and even if it seems like they don’t listen to us well then that’s wrong. We’ve wanted university and an island pack for so long and people were so mad at the sims team for not making one. This is because they want to release other content before. It still came out. The sims team wanted to spread awareness about this issue. This pack is very realistic and awesome. I don’t understand why people are coming for the sims team. They try their best and all I can say is that we have to be patient, not demanding. The sims team is sooo stressed out. Plus, this pack isn’t that bad, I actually really like it. The world is beautiful and awesome. The gameplay is really realistic and unique. Everybody has to understand about their stress, their imagination, and the fact that they will release what the community wants one day.

  88. Nel Liddell

    За то что нет поддержки 32-х битной системы

  89. mercy

    this'll fit perfect if you wanna do your hobo challenge instead of time travel

  90. samara S2

    cool idea but I think it doesn't have to be a space but a package but ok

  91. Skips H.

    just realized ive been pronouncing it wrong this whole time. could have sworn it was my-ush-no lol

  92. Alissa Musgrove

    you all do know paralife isn't coming out for another year right? people see the reveal and suddenly seem to think its coming out next month


    I'm impressed 😱✌

  94. SpookyBread

    This was the first expansion I ever got for the sims and it will always be very special my my heart because of that, if only they could have recreated it for sims 4. Ngl I miss the strollers, I love sims 4 but the little things like that made things so much better.

  95. Taku x Chris

    *Looks at this video and gamepack $40 price tag* *Goes to Paralives patreon and donates the same amount of money*

  96. niduoe stre

    Recycling. What they've been doing in this whole Sims 4 series.

  97. Aaron Matthew Jeppesen

    Seasons, tiny home living, cats and dogs, get famous, university life are some things I think would go well with this expansion pack and am I the only one who got reminded of island living when I saw the trailers?

  98. Mariama Toure

    I really miss this

  99. Julia

    Can we just take a moment and aprechiate how this pack is advocating for eco friendly living and literally showing you how to do it in a way like- good job sims

    1. niduoe stre

      for ~20$ now. I am sorry but i do get the message and i am absolutely pro eco lifestyle but i don't have to pay that much money for it...(my opinion)

  100. mehreen ullah

    I always wanted sims 4 but for what is it able to play ?? can so meine please answer this question ??