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  1. patricio vargas

    Q ermoso la música

  2. 100k subs without videos

    DonkeyKong: Am I a joke to you?

  3. Toni Fontanella

    Amei 😍

  4. H i

    pubg is a challenge. fortnite too boring

  5. Goldenjackson07

    Just a scratch

  6. Roblox FunLisa

    1:38 is what your here for

  7. Darjoy 18

    Who else saw the middle finger

  8. mary brown

    The robot part us super cool

  9. mary brown

    Pepe should be the boss in this🐸

  10. Green De La Welchert

    I like how they used the older designs for Sparx and the Spyro 2 characters (minus moneybags) because the new designs suck

  11. Death At A Rave!

    Shit ends like "Prepare yourself.. FOR OBLIVION!"

  12. mateusz grzyb

    tf2 is god game

  13. Doge Tijolo {DT}

    tf2 is better than overwatch

  14. 사람

    진짜 옵치같다 정치하는것 조차

  15. Planet-light353

    So when we going to be making World War 3 edition.

  16. Safer Murderweapon

    Did they nerf the Sonicor? I remember it used to do that. Now it won't anymore.

  17. BiometalOmega

    0:16 Fortnite characters on stakes in hell. All is as it should be.

  18. AboTurki

    Thanks to this fucking song we're stuck with 2 2 2 forever.

  19. Guillermo Ponce De Leon

    Wtf XD

  20. Panda_Rolve

    Is it a coincidence that I got a Yu-Gi-Oh Ad while watching this?

  21. Omni Charlizard

    This is why I love the internet 😤😎

  22. Tomy Tomas

    Jugando competitivo hago más bajas con mercy que los de daño y en mi equipo son pocos los que mueren :v Al q muere revivo 🤣

  23. Guilherme Antônio

    2:55 remembers me of Coro from Akame ga Kill

  24. Guilherme Antônio

    Fear the Goombas

  25. My Moonchild Joon

    1:37 is for the ones who only want the TikTok part! I came here for the real song so I saw nobody do this so its whatever.

  26. Guilherme Antônio

    Super Bizarre Brothers

  27. Guilherme Antônio

    That Full House reference was cool

  28. Phuc Minh

    I love this song want like

  29. anônimo 1

    1:20 samurai Jack:^)

  30. Supermage

    I only disliked because he threw away the picture of Zelda lol


    Thank God there is role queue now

  32. Anne Garcia

    No mercy me hace familiar left dead 1

  33. Jack Solidus

    Demons: Finally , one more hit , and he is dead , ahahhahahahaaaaaaa!!! *one of the demons is glowing *Doomguy manages to glory kill him Demons: Oh you've gotta be kidding me- *RIP AND TEAR!!!!!!!!

  34. Zhiamer Acha

    I can't stop laughing in the Yu-gi-oh xD

  35. Sir Lancelot

    loved that me and the boys at 2:51

  36. Brent Seymour

    So that is how the photocopier got possessed by an evil demon!

  37. Joseph Torres

    Mario and Luigi’s Bizzare Adventure

  38. GSM22

    What cartoon have I seen this animation for its driving me crazy

  39. Witherbrine 205

    0:58 Gentelman! I think team fortress 2 greater that this crap!

  40. L’Angolo Sovietico

    What about the psvita or psp?

  41. A.m_streets_0 8


  42. Nonya Buisness


  43. raheem cruz

    0:57 People that type *blushes* And other bullcrap into the game chat

  44. Orion

    So, Mashed decided to follow in Deathbattle's steps. Sergeant Shoulders = Wiz Dr. D-pad = Boomstick

  45. Firestar FilmsYT

    Why where they so buff

  46. Galaxy


  47. Peotr Climenco

    This is how you drive - cant you see, I won't touch people with H.IJESUS

  48. Aleksei Brusilov


  49. A. Bower

    Honestly the Megaman one is pretty fantastic, could even be used as a reboot to a whole series, I mean ya the whole ‘I am your father’ thing is slightly clique, but the could work.

  50. diggbro420 69

    Luigi and Mario saying Luigi sounds like goku

  51. Luka Rešetar

    “Have a lovely day"

  52. Alex Sultana

    i think that warframe would great also like a cartoon

  53. Aguleon Urra Pinto

    Theis is a pop 😠😠😠😠

  54. pocketplutonium


  55. Lion Heart

    I always need to get a crunchy snack after watching this

  56. Terri Kelleher

    wth did i just wach?

  57. it'sJustDepressing

    "VEGAN DEMONS" *Hmm...hmmmm...yes*

  58. Silvia Álvarez

    Me encanta esta canción UvU

  59. TheStormingmonkey

    Since when was mario the greatest anime of all time?

  60. donnie b

    Pokebusters needs to be made into a real thing

  61. Space Cat Jeff

    Someone needs to reanimate this but with Apex for the "Always moving" limited time game mode.

  62. Iniciar Sessão

    Finalmente alguém usou o meme da Nazaré Tadesco hehe

  63. Leon Don

    Epic can't wait till part 2

  64. Alpha Dragon1337

    Nice xbox joke but a bit to much hate

  65. Mr. Nonsense


  66. Mikson PL

    1:20 XD

  67. Hasley Susan

    the good will always overcome evil

  68. KawasakiNinja

    Ah, it's nice to think how Railjack could have been. Instead we got the buggy incomplete mess we did...

  69. Tank Skullrex

    I'd love to see a sequel to this video. Except instead of poker, I'd like to see them play Uno.

  70. Owen Jolley 3

    Me: *sees the thumbnail* Also me: “NOAH, GET THE FUCKING BOAT!!!!!!!!!!, TRUMP, PUTIN, KIM, NUKE THAT FUCKING THING TO HELL!!!!!!!!!!!”

  71. Ghouldusk

    this just shows that in the end of day, we are all assholes

  72. Flight Recorder

    Dr. Contex

  73. Lost Noob

    0:35 Genji commits seppuku

  74. brkndr

    Did they actually show TF2 as a FUCKING DOWNGRADE to Overwatch ?

  75. Mathias Dubus

    Gg guys for your song

  76. Denise Juntunen

    When i first saw this, i didnt understand that much. But now, everything is just obvious

  77. I'm Obnoxious 618

    Why are Yu-Gi and Steven Universe playing Poker?

  78. Max Manuel

    Banana 🍌


    What have I just watched

  80. Mr.PaNDaStiCk

    I remember how op was mercy now shes useles

  81. Dr. Teygo

    i loved it <3

  82. Cancerous Cucumbers

    You lied i clocked on this because the thumbnail looked like tentical porn

  83. Rasol Kadir

    Luigi mario Luigi I didn’t know there was 2 and another mario

  84. Phoenix

    No one is asking how a 5 year old is looking healthy, has clear weather conditions, has surving friends, plays outside and has no mess in his room during the zombie apocalypse.

  85. koen YT

    Bad time intensifies

  86. Conner Scott

    ...................................SHIT tails

  87. 「 Honey 」

    Lol rip off of Dragon ball Z

  88. YouSeeMeNowYou Don’t


  89. Jad Haya

    Pretty amazing

  90. Tydoseroblox26

    I fell bad for Dr.Wiley the real reason he’s bad because Dr.Light took his son and turned him into a Terminator

  91. phone gamer

    So this would kill even me 0:24?

  92. Burakku Ren

    This is a really good animation. Good job!

  93. Logan ?

    Dude wtf is ur racket made of to get rid of Ryu and ken

  94. Jimmy Pareja

    who heard this when it can out

  95. Jimmy Pareja

    how hearing this in 2020

  96. Mr. Liberti


  97. Revenge_Dev Gaming

    3:02 kids would learn this song XD


    Do doctor Egg man Moto bug pls?

  99. Kyle Campbell


  100. Logybol

    Teem fortress 2 a good GAME!!!!