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  1. Carissa Hanson

    I honestly like this part of the book I think it has a lot of insight and love in it I just wish she didn’t speak so much stuff about Nick because it opens up old wounds and also can create contention in both of their new marriages

  2. Celeste Dupree

    Ok maybe I'm crazy but what is the C word?

    1. Celeste Dupree

      I was thinking a term used to refer to a woman part...but so confused but the bleep out when people say f you and bitch all the time

    2. Faith c

      I am like you WHAT IS THE C WORD

  3. Raquel T

    The voice in this....🤦🏼‍♀️

    1. My meds give me mood swings


  4. Lilianna Mathers

    Oh yay. Monotoneyness. We allllll knew that Joe was everything that came out in the book. Jessica was his only "client" (until the brief Ashlee Time), and he only made money if she did. That's a toxic start. He's not a real pastor either, he just took a "Youth Ministry" job because his dad was a preacher and it seemed easy. What kind of jerk unloads on their daughter, who is about to give birth to her first child? Getting out from under that had to improve her life and health so much.

  5. Susie Kissane

    I feel your pain my husband died in a cat crash as nd left me with 4 young baby's it was hard but together we made it love to all you are in my prayers.

    1. Susie Kissane

      I ment car crash

    2. Susie Kissane

      I ment car crash

  6. sarah pacholick

    She fired him because she didnt feel comfortable being in a sexual relationship with him and Nick at the same time

    1. My meds give me mood swings

      @sarah pacholick How do you know this?

    2. MultiCowgirl22

      A young girl not her father

    3. sarah pacholick

      @My meds give me mood swings he was homosexual yes but he was and is still sleeping and having sex with his daughter jessica

    4. My meds give me mood swings

      Her father is homosexual. Truthfully, I think he, Joe, wanted to be Jessica.

  7. Lucy Combate

    Future wnba koko go for your late father kobe And sister gigi...

  8. Gloria henderson

    It sounds so weird how her dad treats her, she was the money maker not him! He kept putting her down, trying to break them up & putting doubt in her heart all the while making it hard on Nick too. Her dad shows up & just ruins everything good in her life? I am glad her husband stops him!

    1. Kelly

      Gloria henderson he was always jealous of Nick. Nick was protected Jessica from the wolves: her dad was afraid of losing control over her and her career. This is why he kept driving a wedge between she and Nick. She never did “leave and cleave” like the Bible says too. As a pastor her would have know she was to do that, and yet he refused to allow it and instead was meddling constantly and on purpose. Once nick was out of the picture, the wolves like Adam Levine and John Mayer took advantage, and she became an addict even through her second marriage, up to a year ago. Nick was her soul mate, her dad made sure to ruin that. No way she is happy with a Eric, she was addicted from before she met him through their entire dating, kids, and eventual marriage

  9. Marie Iacullo


  10. Pamela Solomon

    Something like this will test your faith in God and humanity. We are all going to Die. Live, Love and be kind while your here

  11. Bigbaby


  12. Nan Matau

    The daughters don't look anything like Kobe. Are we sure he's the real father?

    1. OldSchoolLad

      you're blind

  13. Angel Girl Lam

    God! Dog! Beth hasn't even been dead for a YEAR! Let yourself GRIEVE for Crapsakes!! & YES, your daughters are RIGHT, *woman ARE out to use you for your money & fame. Face it! & NO, Moon Angel should NOT be controlling your finances. It's WEIRD that you WANT to be with her when she already slept with your son! Aren't you worried she'll compare the 2 of you??? Hire someone else or take care of them yourself! Sh***t!!!

  14. Zina Shepherd

    Ya whatever. but who are these people in thumb nail?

  15. Toya Woods

    I'm so discombobulated by thinking about how Vanessa felt on Valentine's day. My heart goes out to her😭😭😭

  16. Grace Erb


  17. MM XYZ


  18. Marlina Caroline

    Vanessa wanita hebat

  19. Kaye Tinker

    God bless there family

  20. Football Breaking News

    Ridiculous way of robotic voice never be able to get monetization fot you.. Keep it in mind!!

  21. Angeliquelovely

    It his been proving time n time again that Kenya Moore Daly haven't lied about anything but many lies on her all the time

  22. Angeliquelovely

    Tanya IS NO ANGEL! YOU PPL keep believing she's an angel, Tanya is a wolf in sheeps clothing. The way Bravo edit this show makes Kenya look like a bad person. Keep in mind we saw 4 minutes of a 2 hour meeting.

    1. catmo59

      @Memphis RaisedMe with that response I see why you like Kenya. That was beyond Petty

    2. Memphis RaisedMe

      I can tell, she tries to blind with her high end luxury tea party clothing.nope I've seen her kind before.

    3. catmo59

      Prove it. Prove that Tanya is evil

  23. Tommie Martinez

    I do not like the computer animated takes away from the video...

  24. K B

    Kenya tried to discredit Marlow hair care event but when she got outed for her wig she got so bothered Kenya should know you reap what you sow and that Kenya wasn't as forthcoming with her hair as she wanted everyone to believe there's nothing wrong with switching up your hairstyle you want to wear a wig then wear it's ok and where was all that energy when you and hubby was together and he just shut you down why didn't you read him and 🤷🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️ and come for him where was the bear cause he sure was poking the bear and the bear was quite as a mouse maybe she met your match

  25. Julius Besonia

    Salma Hayek literally made Eminem wet.

  26. Kim Harrison

    So her dad really is gay??

    1. Becky's Balcony

      Kim Harrison yes he really is gay

    2. Kelly

      Lilianna Mathers her dad ruined their marriage on purpose. Read the comment I wrote above: nick had ever right to say that- it was honest. Joe specifically targeted that marriage. And he still manipulates Jessica to this day. It’s always been about controlling her/ he is back stage at every interview and she sent him every chapter of her book to review before she sent it along to publisher...... that’s not her husband, It’s her dad! Not normal

    3. Laura Larrabee

      There’s pictures of him and his lover online

    4. Lilianna Mathers

      He's not out, so I don't know if it's right to label him. I think he is, Jessica was very careful to not say that in her book, but it's kind of a " Looks like a duck, quacks like a duck" deal. I thought it was so rude of Nick to say that Joe "played grab ass under the table" on Andy Cohen's show, because seriously? His father in law was inappropriately touching him? That's a serious accusation. But who knows if Nick actually meant that? Before you ask, yes I have too much time on my hands. xD

    5. Linda T.


  27. Pam p

    Tanya, won't to be like Marlo ut it didn't work. Tandy was smiling and playing a round with Porsha and Marlo. With the hair going around the room.

  28. Tena Bros

    At the End, Eminem Said "I got to hug Salma Hayek" no "I need to hug Salma Hayek" actually, this vídeo replaced many words lol everyonw go to Salma's instagram and read exactly what she wrote

  29. Floyd B

    She's all over him

  30. Prithika Swar

    Kobe and Gigi are always with Vanessa she won't feel alone

  31. julia johnson

    Girl bye

    1. Judge Sarah Heidel Is A Racist

      Bye! Can you watch my video to Wendy Williams. Please share your thoughts.

  32. Daniel Beavers


  33. Dorothy Gray

    Yes I do

  34. Dorothy Gray

    Love kobe

  35. Mima C

    omg, what a stupid video...

  36. Shawn Golmes

    Smh shit is ridiculous this is a boy!

  37. Robin Butler

    Kobe’s baby daughter is beautiful, just adorable! My condolences continues to go out to Kobe’s wife and family. May God comfort you in your time of loss. May Kobe RIP! 🙏

  38. Nadine Papazian

    shes the one that cried about r Kelly that he cant read

    1. Nadine Papazian

      then she should get off the air with her show about nothing

    2. Judge Sarah Heidel Is A Racist

      She is going through some things. Can you watch my video to Wendy Williams. Please share your thoughts.

    3. Nadine Papazian

      what if he wont be granted bail

  39. ymc m

    Cynthia should have sent the cookie lady on her merry way.....even if Paul did hit on the cookie lady so what? the cookie lady has never been hit on before....this seems like it was set up to bring was caught on camera and not edited it was set up to bring some seems like Tanya might be getting a peach...maybe replacing Nene? or Eva? Nene can go she has too much attitude since Kenya is back and gaining popularity and Nene's lap dog Cynthia is now Kenya's best friend....Kenya is making it look like Cynthia was in on cookie-gate with the cookie-lady....Nene is not nor has she ever been hot or interesting to me...just ugly and messy...Women like the cookie-lady will always be around trying to make it look like someone's man is after them...or she is looking for ten minutes of fame..or is it fifteen minutes? I think Kandi is the only female on here that can be a real friend to Cynthia and maybe Tanya...the rest will dog her every chance they get...including Kenya...Kenya cannot be a real friend to no one...she is damaged from her issues with her mom...when you do not have the love of a mother you can be damaged...her grandmother was there...however Kenya's mom did real damage...she may need to talk to a professional to get over that hurt...I know Kenya would love to be different from her mom with her daughter...and she is...but I think she will need to get some help to really be the mother she would love to be...i hope Nene is gone!!!!! Nene has a toxic personality and it is very ugly...someone else not raised and loved by her mom....

  40. Campaign Scripting

    i hope the bryant family and all other families involved know that there are millions of prayers surrounding them every day. be grateful for the time here, not just because of this incident, but because we never know when it will be our time </3

  41. Theta Young

    So Kenya should be leaving the show right? I thought the “C” word was just as bad as the “N” word.

  42. loveforanimals33 Shourbaji

    Such a awful tragedy for her and the other families as well. I wonder how she will hold up. I feel like when you lived your whole adult life as a wife and mother , and something like this happens. It will defiantly be a struggle for awhile.

  43. I’m Me

    Naw, Kenya felt some type of way about her way before the wig incident. She imitated her multiple times and was looking at her funny on that Toronto trip. She hate that Tanya is so nice and people love her personality she wanted Tanya to be as miserable as she is.

    1. Glamorous BAILY# LOVE

      @MegMG SCCPHIL Bye Felicia...😃😄😃😄😂😅😅😅 Hurt people, hurt people..

    2. MegMG SCCPHIL

      Misery loves company. Kenya is a foul human being. She tears down ppl bc her own life is in shambles and she wants to see happy ppl as miserable as she is. Oh, and why is Kenya and the "Cookie Lady" talking about how beautiful and gorgeous she is? She's just another basic chick trying to get a piece of the RHOA pie. Bye Felicia 😛

    3. Glamorous BAILY# LOVE

      Hurt people, hurt people... She hates the fact that Tanya is always bright eyed and bushy tail...

  44. Cup Cake

    The daughters will Keep her strong. Thank god she still has 3 left❤️

  45. Sharon Singh

    She's such a beautiful little girl. All of their kids are beautiful ♡

  46. Queen B


  47. M Beauty

    Why is she posting videos on social media regardless of who the video is of instead of spending time grieving?

    1. M Beauty

      Today's Rules make me

    2. Today's Rules

      Everyone grieves differently. She just opened her Instagram account for the first time for Kobe's fans. It is HER prerogative.

  48. Peggy Sullivan

    So sad 😪

  49. Linda C

    Kenya was finally one of my favs this season until now. This is that old evil Kenya from earlier seasons. She did a Nene talking loud and not letting the other person say a word. She went to far 🤦🏽‍♀️

  50. Rosa Delvalle

    What beautiful family.God bless them all.She beautiful.Prayers to your family.Rest in peace kobe and gigi.😓

  51. Sumia Quraishi

    i just love how vanessa is heart broken but she know that kobe and gigi is still alive because legends never die just look at her she is a girl : ) :(

  52. Glamorous BAILY# LOVE

    Kenya need to leave Tanya alone... She is a messy bully... She cannot speck to her so called husband in that manner because she is well aware of the fact that he will not hesitate to check her... She need to take couple of back seats.... 👎👎

    1. I’m Me

      Glamorous BAILY# LOVE exactly just like a bully pick on someone you think is weaker than you but when there’s someone who can mar your energy you’re the victim Kenya needs to be stopped.

  53. Patricia Caruana

    She looks like gigi god.bless her

  54. uche julian

    lovely family Vanessa Bryant, be strong God will see you through

  55. Glenda Turner

    Looks like a fool

  56. Christina Dreams

    God please send your peace and healing help to his family. This is unimaginable the pain these families are feeling

  57. Missperfect

    She looks like her daddy 😍

  58. Angel Corazon

    What a beautiful most precious baby Capri....hermosa bella, BLESSINGS TO YOU V.

  59. Robin Powers

    Okay and this is spectacular how usually all children do it at that time what is so special about that

    1. joanne jones

      Get lose. People need something to hang in to.

  60. Just Suzie

    She definitely looks like GiGi

  61. Jennifer Hewitt

    So happy family is coming together at a time they can depend someone will help when it feel like the earth has just collapse in on them and the video koko standing up seems to help this family breathe for a moment koko just a doll baby so horrible she nows grows up without a father but family can grow with family to help ease some pain god bless all the families feel pain from this unthinkable tragedy

  62. Bobby

    Sorry but we can do without the woman robot talking totally disrespectful

  63. Tikila Gray-Rennicks


  64. Marie Jackson

    RIP ❤

  65. Doreen Ambrose

    God bless the entire family...stay strong

  66. Lorena Quesada


  67. yours truly

    We love youuuu just know that we are here for u

  68. Christian All Smiles

    She looks like Kobe too OMG 😍😍😍 u have Dem both still

  69. Juan Dela cruz

    koko eyes look like kobe... kobe legend never die🏀🏀🏀

  70. Liz J.

    I cant imagine all the pain she’s going thru😢😢

  71. Dorothy Aguilar

    What a beautiful baby girl 💕 My Condolences to you and your family 🙏 God grant you strength and courage to continue being strong for your children 🙏. My God"s grace be upon you.

  72. mari878618

    Baby capri will be the next kobe and gigi in the basketball sport..

  73. YouTube Trollers Anonymous


  74. ariella lianna

    God blessed her and the family. I hope God brings her peace and strength especially in these moments. God is going to get you through this and light you in the right path Vanessa, and give you strength for your beautiful girls. Stay strong and blessings to you the bryant family.

  75. Martrice Malveaux

    God bless 🙏😇 them 💓💓 all and give Vanessa strength though it 💯 all.

  76. crossros

    2 is Gigi , 24 is Kobe and 2+24 = 8 the beginning ... SOULMATES 🙏🏽😔

  77. Tanner Tanner


  78. sharon cobb

    Dosen't matter about the race, she is beautiful, the truth is the light of the world! Be blessed family!

  79. Cjb

    This is so sad I would love to see capri carry on there legacy

  80. E. H.

    God bless you and your children ✝️🙏🏽❤️💐

  81. Duane Edwards

    I am so sorry for your loss stay strong from the kids do not watch TV don't worry about what people are saying CBS is so full of s*** Galen Oprah should be ashamed of themselves this is not good God bless the family

  82. All R Libz

    She said I really love you. Not like

  83. Gaet Lee

    My question is why didn’t she twit these before kB “supposedly” died.

    1. joanne jones

      Because she didn't want to and he's dead dumbass. Don't ask anymore questions because you don't make sense. And what has this woman done to you

    2. Ella Umejiaku

      Cause she is just lost them. Her emotions are all over the place God y'all gives this woman a break

  84. Dakilang INKITERA

    "She looks just like my gigi...with her daddy's eye" -vanessabryant

  85. Latisa Wooten, MSN, BSN, RN

    Hate these robot voices!!! 😡🤬

  86. Miss Miss

    That video was really good and uplifting and heart touching thumbs up

  87. sponge bob

    1996 was the year that kobe brayant enter NBA and after 24 years he died. -#24 jersey

  88. Joyce Hewitt

    She is so bright for her age

  89. Michele Carter

    Reading was too robotic!

  90. Cynthia Z

    Can we at least watch the video without the voice? Smh

  91. Ivelin Ivanov

    Poor families. So much people lost relatives :(

  92. Theodora

    A Taurus woman is a strong woman who will conquer anything that comes her way. She will have her moments but she will be ok. She loved her man and she will be loyal to him even in death Kobe Bryant can't be replaced.

  93. Vanessa Padilla

    It's been 2weeks still feel unreal 😢

  94. Vanessa Padilla

    She looks like gigi

  95. Mr. Mac

    I won't be even shocked when Vanesa will be having a new husband. Not that i disrespect her decision but sometimes when grief, sorrow, 'broken', comes at you like a train and hit you in the face. There' just something you can't go in life alone and only an 'other half' can accompany you. Im not saying she's alone many people are supporting, worried about her but when you lost a husband and a child you raise through all the time and watching her growing up and the next day you just heard that their gone.. Sigh that's life. Well i hope if she ever find one it'll be a decent guy not just one hoarding all the 'wealth' that has been accumulated through 'Kobes' name. Bless their life and all the Widows all over the world.

    1. Mr. Mac

      @joanne jones Chill bruh. Dont get mad knowing kobe's going to get cucked. It's part of human nature. We won't even know if vanessa going to be with someone to cope her grief. I'm just stating scenario's that are possible in her current situation. That's why im hoping if she will be with someone new it should be a decent guy that would accompany her in her journey in life. I bet Kobe would be happy on that knowing she wont be alone and be happy again.

    2. joanne jones

      What's your problems nobody is thinking about a damn new husband. Maybe that's what you would do. And you are being disrespectful

  96. orphan 200

    Did she attend the funerals of the other victims?

  97. Faith love to Praise

    More Grace and strength to your family ❤

  98. IllMatic95

    This lady sounds like a knock off SIRI

  99. groovy yaz

    Yes I have been saying this...",dead stamp" of Gianna...Sending love and light her way ...🔥💕

  100. Ana Reyes

    Capri looks like Gigi