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  1. bill hawk

    1 of the ugliest sum bitches alive

  2. Iwona Madej-Wood

    v pretty xxx

  3. Наталья Сиротюк

    Этой Жади,до красавицы далеко,я не смотрю подобные сериалы(просто буйство красок марокканских )привлекло!Там актрисы намного красивее ее были!!!!!

  4. Genadij Zhuk

    А что она " неземная"?? Такая же как и все.

  5. Alma Alianza

    She is soo beautiful❤️ lover her

  6. TheFavourGaming - RoBlox & Stuff

    That's not Urie Thats Robbie!

  7. Lizzie Rod

    Lmao to all the boys angry bc she have tattoos? She's beautiful with ir without tattoo what's the matter?👀

  8. Yasmine R

    Vanessa est très charismatique. Elle a un charme fou.

  9. Riastrad

    In her prime she was one of the most beautiful women out there, to my mind. She has strong, womanly features. I love that. Neckbeards and jealous women just like to hate on her because they resent class and femininity.

  10. Edwin Orantes

    50%Hispanic from El Salvador(Her mom side)

  11. Michael Horn

    This dude definitely looks like a lady! An ugly lady!

  12. Christer Åhs

    Still much more beautiful then you'll ever be shithead.

  13. Aden Albian

    She's my exgirlfriend.. I love pussy her

  14. Миха загрздин


  15. Didier Al Capone

    So cute ♥️🌹😘🇨🇵

  16. Renato Guerra



    Que fait la photo de Catherine Deneuve à 3.40 ?

  18. Vin Goldblum

    Definitely style is there

  19. Russell williams

    did the final pic stretch her head ?

  20. sheri frushay

    So. Is it true?

  21. sheri frushay

    So is it true?

  22. Jack Sparrow

    She's wife of my dreams!

  23. Salina Hussain

    I still love the 80s style clothes hair makeup 😍

  24. Sandi Small

    The most beautiful man on the planet!

  25. S. Rose

    A man

  26. Алексей Никитин

    она лапочка!

  27. levi grey

    This woman is a goddess of sex.


    Если посмотреть какая она в 2020, там такая бабища страшная, никогда бы не подумал что она такой станет

  29. Елена Ш

    Выглядит классно, но внешность очень на любителя.

  30. Aysha Mohammed

    My favourite actress👍👍👍👍👍🥰🥰😍

  31. Julie Rajan

    They are all lovely even without makeup

  32. Siddharth

    He still looks really good for his age inspite of drugs and alcohol!!!!

  33. Susan Koch

    Odd, I looked up who it was because I thought there was something strange about her face that made her incredibly homely....so much so it distracted me from watching the show and here every body is saying she is beautiful. Just goes to show we all have different tastes

  34. Freya Fiennes

    Anyone in 2020? I love him for 12 years now :)

  35. Maddison Jones

    You look so cute

  36. Amazon Prime

    The second pic is so scary like people use it for scary vkdeos

  37. Dragana Udovicic

    Prelepa si zelim ti sve najlepse u zivotu polj

  38. Tolga K

    0:42 The trucker manson! 😂

  39. наталья Петрова

    Темный цвет волос намного лучше, светлый сильно её старит.

  40. D Larson

    Steven likes his botox lol

  41. Phyx Succs

    Rest easy king..

  42. Marie Baini


  43. Daniella Quezada

    She was kinda creepy

  44. Crunchy Cleaning by Kathy

    Lovely. At :30 seconds, it’s his oldest son, not him. They look so alike!!

  45. Cecilia Isabel Licona Villagomez

    Cuando lo vi por primera vez, se me hizo el típico chaco creidito y presumido por ser guapo, sin embargo lo seguí en su carrera y me retracto de mi mal pensamiento, es un ser humano increíble y esa belleza es el reflejo de el alma bella y noble que tiene, mis respetos y toda mi admiración para Thomas Anders!!!!!

  46. Patri Gomex

    Hermosa!!. Siempre la he admirado.

  47. Omre Ahmad


  48. Сергей Дворников

    Отличная чернобурочка!

  49. Geraldine Gallegos

    Makeup artists can make anybody look good,they are all ordinary looking

  50. DiTech

    Mute the sound watch this video and then listen Ed Sheeran - I See Fire from the middle

  51. Leon Kennedy


  52. Airbus A380

    Didn't age well

  53. Любовь

    Замечательный актер. 👍👍👍

  54. Софья Ниязова

    Шоу уродов! Смотреть противно! Тьфу-тьфу, срань Господня!

  55. Elena Stavreva

    0:12 ugly.....

  56. Mater Cicero

    He was so handsome and hot. Now he looks good, he's 71.

  57. anton genkin

    Что за музыка???

  58. Mersedes Zambrano

    Bien bonita

  59. Ana Larissa

    Esse tem história! Muitas luas 😎✌👍👏❤

  60. Zahra Lamin

    Magnifique 😍

  61. B. M. Kilian-Benz

    I don´t see shocking photos, WHY???

  62. Zenaide Ferreira

    Kevin ,Muito lindo desde criança até hoje.Parabéns

  63. Jetztwirdsluschdig

    Wow wow wow wow! Ornella Du bist immer noch der Knaller!

  64. Таня Сухова

    Чего только стоит ее улыбка, она очень красивая! Обожаю ее, для меня она эталон красоты с самого детства

  65. EdTimTV Live


  66. Ketrin Boris

    В конце, такая пачка 🤣🤣

  67. Mindfulclarity

    The uglies: Tori Spelling, Cameran Diaz, Uma Thurman, Vaness Hudgens has gone from alt right to alt-left, Mila Kunts, Adele, Pam Anderson looks like she has a moustache, Heidi Klumsys eyeballs are misaligned, Kate Winslet has gone Amish wallflower, Jenifer Garner looks like a pretty boy, Britney however still looks ok as she isn't bald and angry looking.

    1. Mindfulclarity

      @Tyrone Umbilical you should learn not to speak when you are having periods. LMAO.

    2. Tyrone Umbilical

      You should learn how to use periods! . . . <<---these things. So your comments make sense. Thanks...

  68. Erik Grospič

    Great but it makes no sense. When you want to make a video about how some man have changed over the years then you should put photos in chronological order. You mix his 50s photos with 60s and 60s with 70s. For example in 2:50 there is Elvis in 1974 and then next photo is from 1969. Just for the next time but I have enjoyed your video.

  69. dan winright

    Dude looks like bearded lady

  70. Márcia Cristina Viana de oliveira ramos

    Sempre linda e talentosa.

  71. Leonardo Condor sotil


  72. Juan A Martínez

    His androgynous face was too artificial. Too much makeup

  73. Mikhail Shcherbakov

    Американки мерзкие и страшные телосложение у них ужасное, в отличии от наших девушек русских, но мерлин исключение.

  74. marcio inacio

    Linda de mais, o foda é que encheu o corpo de tatuagem

  75. Елена Домарецкая

    У меня нет слов!!!Одно восхищение какая она настоящая.Просто богиня 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖

  76. Lady London

    Those eyes.....mesmerising

  77. Lars Krüger

    Solch schönes anmutig Ding! -sowas sieht man einfach viel zu selten!

  78. Мария Андреева

    Как она красива!

  79. Юрий Ермолаев

    Красота страшная сила это Томас !!!!!!!!!!

  80. only pimps eat tacos with their hoes DA DANNN DA DA DAAAA....WALK THIS WAYYY😂😂💯💪

  81. Rafid Ahbab Samin


  82. Mosa Fayomi

    Christogram christogram LG Sy Sy, x LG.. M. L.. M l 9 9,

  83. Wyzysk

    From childhood to 2018? He died in 1983 !

  84. αΝώ δυΝος

    What a great beauty of the past. Time passed anyway and, in her case, with grace

  85. christopher hinkle

    I can't believe such a weird looking dude got so much pussy such is the miracle of rock and roll 😎

  86. politexchangeofbullets jenny-Tuohy

    That picture is the ugliest little girl in the world ..its on all the ugly kid videos. Why am I not surprised.

  87. Daniel Esteve

    Soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo damned hot!

  88. Jules

    so beautiful

  89. Andrew Vail

    One of the last of such a glam era... and she is in her mid-80s...still working...still glam as hell...still beaming with stardoms. Well done Dame Joan!

  90. ميمي

    خرا مبقات معيشة في هاذي الكرة الارضية دك هذا نص راجل ونص مرا ايا قودو ڨاع تفوووو على مريكان واتباعها مفسدون الارض هم ودجال جزء لايتجزا من بعضهم 😏😏😏

  91. SkyNet

    Très belle !

  92. ياسمين ااشام

    شاكيرا احسن منهم ظلت متل ما هي

  93. Mimi Miro

    تستحق الاوسكار بكل معنى الكلمة

  94. Немирова Алевтина

    В юности -особый шарм: свежая, естественная, манящая...в более зрелом возрасте -тоже хороша, но уже не то...Тату - не ее путь, слишком грубо на ней смотрятся...

  95. Hameera Thakur

    Nicee 👍

  96. Rob G

    2:13 who the fuck is that!!!!!???!!!!

  97. Mike Borg


  98. Ana Rosa

    Pucha era una hermosa mujer pero cómo. Cuando hay dinero de sobra y no ayan en que gastarlo hizo lo que hace la mayoria. Se metió al quirofano. Y cómo todas. Jodio. Ahora parese un monstruo ya se acabo la bella Meg Ryan. No quedó nada sólo el pasado de su belleza. Sirry la jodiste. Deberias haberte quedado. Cómo Dios manda.

  99. Светлана Линнас

    Бесподобная красотка!!!!!

  100. Timothy Schnell

    Happy Birthday Cybill