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    ai sim negooo <3

  2. Mia Dela Cruz

    The talent? Overflowing

  3. Top 7 ventas tips host trade Mejores productos

  4. Top 7 ventas tips host trade Mejores productos

  5. Delopiper

    Too short remy

  6. Isis Cruz


  7. Boluwatife Dada


  8. Matthias Nowak

    Beat by IHPMAN!!!

  9. Vienna비엔나


  10. 노수민

    2020. 05?

  11. Bongani490

    Hi sho majority

  12. Keka Kashyap

    'if life is a movie your the best part'

  13. Bratz X aesthetic

    This did not age very well I will be leaving now

  14. Brandon Cat

    Black cap WITH NO BRIM?!

  15. Dineo Kgoladisa


  16. Daniel Shadow TV


  17. SyckRich Waters

    Why is the producer of the beat not mentioned at all ?

  18. Richard Ngata

    Oh no! They got Rema!

  19. Panda Boy

    Rema was just floating on this beat

  20. benja krapchik

    Quien escucha esta canción en la cuarentena yo dejen un corazón si lo asen

  21. Beans

    She is so tiny that the draw strings reach her knees 🥺💗💗

  22. Ansray Thomas

    I love the progression, the outstanding voice and instrumentations

  23. Kaila Love

    My mom used to dress just like this when I was little... nice to feel the looks from back then is coming back from during my mom’s time to now in 2020... reminders of the center of my world all around me 🥰

  24. Serges Quavo

    That's crazy...that's Rema go ahead big boy

  25. Sucat77

    ...Sweet voice...reminds me of Jamiroquai...but I don't care if some voince fills my heart so nicely.... Thank YOU Dean...!!!!

  26. Poinciana B

    Mixed feelings on this one...but intrigued to hear more

  27. Ansray Thomas

    So awesome

  28. Martin Nicolas

    Rema way creative give him props

  29. Eweka dessyril

    🥴❤️❤️❤️ I love this

  30. Margriet Pruijs

    Autotune.. 🙄

  31. grace v

    I love his voice ❤

  32. Enzo Ngoualem

    Je suis le seul qui parle français

  33. grey Jay

    where do i find this jacket!!!!

  34. Mattyhaimbili Haimbili

    Another BANGER

  35. Sxnxstro oficial


  36. TRILLGiven Masemola


  37. TRILLGiven Masemola

    I wish I was in the Colors studio when they recorded this one!

  38. Beking zone


  39. cebisa

    😭😭😭 young legend 😭😭😭

  40. Vitor Emanoel Borges

    Zeca sempre com uma voz de um esplendor surreal

  41. Bowa Journey

    Money affi mek money on my mind!

  42. Matha Kway

    Rema you blow my mind, can't stop to watching you

  43. me

    I want a 3.00 min song from this Rema🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

  44. La PAIX

    There's no need, I just want peace #Backseat #LittleSimz #PEACE #LONDONISOPEN #LONDONFORPEACE #2K20Q2

  45. Lucas

    Africa to the world

  46. YumiTM

    he really deserved this COLORS ENCORE such a talented guy

  47. Shiva Ananda

    They are the modern Beatles

  48. Achilles Amberson

    All I understand is Jonh cena

  49. Delphine FORESTIER


  50. deondionne

    I'm in love ... Like let me get my wine and light some candles and listen to this steamboat lol all night long

  51. Umakor Chukwuma obaro


  52. anne derat-carriere

    thank you so much and lots of love

  53. Flip Town


  54. peanut with a cashew

    2:40 these Marshmallow guys can groove- no doubt!

  55. Erin Joseph

    Yes 😍😍😍😍😍😍

  56. Anton Vasiliev

    Чёртов гений

  57. vliduu zeeb

    This beat sounds just like “Big Havi ft Lil Baby- 9 times out of 10” knew it was sounding familiar 😂😂

  58. altangerel bataa

    Oh Yukimi, your voice is an amazing!!!...melting my heart ...

  59. Bling Lee

    Imagine if Joji was Pink guy

  60. Luis Mendes

    splach splach Doums la menasse

  61. mayowa ojo

    She cool 😎 like Erykah badu Like a psychic using music to trap ones soul ..

  62. 079 079

    Vous savez que Angela ce ne francais....pardon pour mon francais...mais ne suis italienne....lorsque....

  63. namhla magwaca

    Bongeziwe !

  64. Fatih Carter


  65. tom lupin

    True masterpiece ! 🙏🏼


    big layfullstop ... you come far Namaste

  67. Emeline Cosse

    La reine

    1. Emeline Cosse

      Une reine du chant

  68. Brandon Bernard

    please tell me those are henna

  69. CinCoCent CC

    Damn this cat needs to get well known love all his variety of stylos. Real artist right here. Well rounded 2. Raps and produces! Keep hitting those levels

  70. Brittany Baez

    I like this 🙌🏽

  71. Munyabagisha Louis Loïc

    🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 much love from 🇷🇼

  72. Asherlee Downer

    Look how this song start her career she really talented wish her in life wow 💥💥💥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  73. Ivan Blaze

    Wya Cole we need A @LyricalLemonade video

  74. i animate stuff but fails miserably

    Why is my last name in this song? Thats amazing.

  75. Erick López

    Beatiful!! ❤️❤️

  76. Russell Ramos



    sooooooo good 2 see you song's here man

  78. Melissa Sanchez

    Am I the only one who gets reminded of 'Hotel California' when listening to this song? It vibes though~

  79. Russell Ramos


  80. Kree Chiwerere

    L ,m ❤👂sho m

  81. Bianca Morissette

    This song makes me feel like falling really deep really slowly or just being underwater

  82. Victor Avila


  83. luis Enrique Peña Pérez


  84. Seradam Frampton-Oyamot

    Omg this dude can spit and that beat tho... Hottest song of 2020

  85. Constance Idemudia

    🔥🔥🔥🥵🥵🥵🥵world best

  86. Sean Jones

    This the real hip hop Pin ball rolling

  87. Enifromtheville

    Love this, love you

    1. vliduu zeeb

      Rema is one of the best artist in nigeria. Hes consistent and he's versatile. just a mini legend. he's one of the artist i hope to make songs with someda and one my favorite ar

  88. Reteid Garcia-a

    Duuuuude está súper perrona la rola

  89. Abril Arias

    Siento que su voz está cansada :(

    1. KillerBee Yeah


  90. Adassady

    my gf showed me this and told me it reminded her of me

  91. Maninderjit Ghotra

    this is siiiick. should've provided a pop filter.

  92. Neuhaus

    Pra onde a insônia me levou...adorei

  93. carlos paillavil

    eres lo mas rico que he visto te quiero no cambies nunca!

  94. 방찌

    딘 솔로버젼 love 절대 안 내주겠지 ㅋㅋ 일 존나 천천히 하니까 ?!!?! 흑

  95. Karol Margolis

    Spencer Shay canta bien chingón JAJAJAJAH

  96. Yongeasy

    I am an Rnb/soul artist 🇳🇬 I am trying to get my sound heared by more Rnb/soul music lovers 🙌🏾. Please give this comment a like so more people can see it❤. ❤I really appreciate the support ❤

  97. Francoithom 090

    he has to drop this there's no way he can just keep this locked up

  98. Onfroy Silva

    why so short