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  1. Noël Laurie

    Degusting this men homosexual kiss 🤮🤢

  2. Arisugomez

    Eres un deleite hombre hermoso. 😍💕

  3. Mark Dennison

    A sequel to English Rose by the Jam

  4. mert talay

    İs this song about homosexuality homofoby or something like that I asking for 3:42 I mean I don t understand this clip.

  5. reyko66 roca

    Pongale mas ritmo mas rapidoooo

  6. Antonio Pagano

    Adoro le sue occhiaie scapigliate e narcolettiche....

  7. EsenJolie

    yo what instrument sounds like Squidward saxophone in dis masterpiece ?:) sorry i dont know shiet :)

  8. Mauro Brooks

    Wack in ya truism Pete we needs it

  9. Mustafa Cengiz


  10. Agustin Garrido

    Siempre e pensado que esta cancion deberian de haberla terminado !

  11. Ea Åkerman

    🇦🇺🇦🇮🇰🇾🇨🇰🇫🇰🇲🇸🇳🇿🇸🇭🇬🇧🌹🥀 💚💜

  12. zoeken dcuo

    He’s a Chinese man I don’t get it

    1. Figur Winzig

      zoeken dcuo 😂👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  13. c o

    She knows her tit from her tat

  14. JLSXXX

    The best loved from the start always in my heart.x

  15. Stephane Difolco


    1. Lili Hippie

      idem c'est un génie ce mec!!

  16. Therealmagic unicorn

    if a cat could be human,maybe it could be pete

  17. Dennis Remes

    the real animal

  18. L.D.S.S

    I’m 13 and the other day my mate said listen to wiz Khalifa so I did when I wasn’t out and I threw my phone it’s so bad so I but this song on instead now my mates got an 8 hour playlist of the libertines babyshambles and Peter Doherty 😂

    1. arthur wallis

      Good lad

  19. Abel Zarbel

    Remix Creole 974 frsel.info/video/video/sKlmnY7ZkGnMlIw.html

  20. S

    This is and forever will be a class tune Thanks P. Doherty

    1. EsenJolie

      please check EsenJolie - Magnolia :) i luv The Libertines and i luv 2 do musique:)

  21. By Ali. M


  22. Romain Pierres

    Cette chanson enfin l'ère,les sonorités c'est comme une suite à la musique que faisait BLUR dans les années 90's.Enfin ça y ressemble

  23. Mut Room

    Kinda started nice and then just turned into more whiny English suicidal crap.

    1. c o

      If by listening to this you have come away with feeling suicidal you must have some underlined depression issues,

  24. 3 1 5 7 3

    Good day for it 🤗

  25. john lochrane

    Modern day poetry

  26. Jasmin Klüß

    kate moss

  27. Jasmin Klüß

    kete moss😍

  28. Keith van Keimpema

    Right Pete we'll be filming tomorrow try and have an early one

  29. Jazz Purr

    Carnival music.. Wierd gypsy music

  30. Rola NCH

    en la velocidad de la luz falto esta y hubiesen sacado varias de las asquerosidades que pusieron y mas encima se separan,,, conchetumadre

  31. Asya Musina

    So for this peace of crap Amy died?

  32. Carlos Maqueda

    Estoy enloqueciendooo

  33. Carlos Maqueda

    invitame a cantar joaquin los fui a ver a tratienda, hice un turf despues pero volvi, escucha algun demo flaco

  34. Giuliano Cavallo

    Gran tema...

  35. Badass Xoxo


  36. James Jones

    If this video takes any longer to load im'ma kill a reindeer

  37. Bigfoot Is Out There

    Looks like the evil kid from children of corn.

  38. bzzr51

    Pet doherty, you are a sob... Killer of cat

  39. Edgie

    Ta mère la pute ton père le client et toi l accident mon pauvre avec ta gueule sale merde

  40. el imparcial

    Suena como a musica telón de viñas del mar... Que adelantados estaban estos pibes

  41. Jam Pablo

    Very underrated especially in the Philippines. He’s incredibly talented, it’s crazy how people don’t see it. Love u pete, been a fan of yours since i was 14

  42. FILES TV

    Je suis avec ibra ma vidéo flotter lol c'est pour commencer ma chaîne avec son accord ,crois pas tous ceux que tu vois ,surtout avec nous les tchetchens

  43. JLSXXX

    The best

  44. Ronaldo R9

    Bloke’s a genius!

  45. Dara st.angelo

    umm that mouth...yummie !!!!! fruity tootie 2:11

  46. Alexandre Juillet

    cmon man ya gotta help me out ...

  47. Dave Brown


  48. R.L Levin


  49. E Cowman

    He truly is one of the great songwriters and we should all feel privileged to witness this first hand, the critics will kick themselves when they wake up..


    me hace acordar, a cuando lo echaron de ese programa de mierda

  51. Andrew Shev`art

    Heroine and a footbal - Pete`s love recipe

  52. Lou Deplus


  53. Tom Filho

    Congratulations of São Paulo City,Brazilian Fans of English Rock and Britpop.Thanks só much.

  54. angel caravajal

    q tiene la u nada una hinchada q mas tiene? grande sapito

  55. jkris205

    A wasted life of a musical genius!?

  56. Runner Tyler

    One of the Most talented underated musicians..

  57. Summit Yourself

    Hey, check some good rock music, write "Needle church" in youtube, yeah, support us!

  58. Natália Lopes

    Brasil <3

  59. justine ashby

    Is this about an ageing good time girl or a cross-dresser (well, could be the same person I guess)? It's tender and reminds me Lautrec's crayon drawings of the prostitutes in Paris in the 1890s/1900s.

  60. Monkey Revolution


  61. Rose Sonne

    fucking soccer

  62. Rose Sonne

    sorry, not sorry, I think this is f'in shit .. too you I might be the problem in this situation

  63. Willian Inacio

    Can someone explain to me about the gay kiss in the final of the video? Like, he's gay or bissexual or thats just something without any mean behind it?

  64. Nogah Lerman

    Liam Gallagher of 2000's

    1. J J

      Liam Gallagher is nothing compared to Pete. Noel wrote all the good songs lol

  65. Sòphìe

    I think his style is absolutely top notch.

  66. abxyz

    really wonder if this is about an english or a german girl. because the title says english roses but he lived in germany from 89 to 95.

  67. Gaston Arbitro

    Another video of him walking toward the camera in a dumb hat. What a shock.

  68. N S

    Why is Pete kissing a dude?

    1. N S

      Ok just realized that ain’t Pete

  69. Denis Ivanov

    Ну зачем, зачем такое гейское окончание, а, ну зачем?

    1. эмэй зинг

      Питеру задавали этот вопрос в одном из интервью и он ответил, что подобного рода поцелуй порой способен произвести куда большее впечатление и "сказать" больше, чем, если бы, у чувака во рту был член, например. тогда эта сцена не возымела бы того же эффекта. вообще, гейский аспект не является в случае этого клипа принципиально важным, ибо просто само запечатление поцелуя было призвано передать "медленное, интенсивное тепло" - цитата

  70. Shawn David Clare

    I thought great songwriting was almost finished...glad to be so wrong....keep em coming p.d.

  71. Diego Escanlar

    Damon Albarn influences

  72. jc10000

    El bajista de esta cancion sostiene todo el tema , un genio total !!!!!!


      jc10000 buen comentario. Pienso lo mismo.

  73. justine ashby

    A beautiful poet. It's boring to be normal...

  74. Theo M

    His voice and style are so unique.

  75. Josh Wileman

    I am willing to admit I love him just a little more because the mainstream hate him. That's rock n roll

  76. stephane stephane

    I love you ❤️

  77. IT'S R-KIDD

    World's most famous smackhead

  78. EDf Crusade

    scumbag wasters who claim 2 be professional photographers do there utmost to get a snap of this guy when he blinks so they can go brown nosing to there dickhead editors and claim to have the very latest Pete Doherty snaps of him fucked up on herion.one day someone will spike 1 of u wasters and get some snaps 4 ur editor to flick through.so Mr pap if ur reading this then don't let it be you,

  79. Omar Bevilacqua

    Cut last 15 sec video please.. music perfect and amazing

  80. Ivan D


    1. Matthew B

      Ivan D so gay people=terrorism? Jesus Christ we have found ourselves a genius. Stephen hawking is shaking.

    2. Ivan D

      mythic bitch yes it's disgusting and why English people are being over run by muslims in there own country.. pussified men

    3. grandma bigballs

      Ivan D and is there a problem with that?

    4. e l l a

      im glad you chose pop tart, thank you.

    5. Ivan D

      What is Frank Imao I wish you well In the future as a human pop tart soft in the middle.. study philosophy and history now buzzfeed RIP English Roses

  81. Ivan D

    The new English roses are of pakistani heritage and know nothing of what he speaks.. I hope they allow this music under sharia law

  82. Apocalipsis Under

    Se la jugaron con un disco dentro d todo bueno ..despues q la multinacional los deje en banda..los vi alla en buenos aires no duerme y alto show

  83. Prc401

    he is almost unheard of in the US. I'm on the east coast and have been into Pete , Baby Shambles , Libs for years and almost all the people that i turn onto him like it also. But they have never heard of any of it. Pete is a great artist.

    1. Dara st.angelo

      true but anyone from nyc with any good taste of ny music(ie..ny dolls /bad brains) should know about Pete ..AS i do

    2. Positive Comment

      ...Like most of the UK's best artists then.

    3. e l l a

      Prc401 shame,, he is amazing right.

  84. vikinga85

    Esta canción es preciosa pete tiene mucho talento. Saludos desde España pete.


      vikinga85 pete no habla español ;) asi que no leera tu comentario jaja

  85. Amanda Souza

    Eu ainda te amo Peter

  86. M.Royee White Chocolate

    Thailand Always Wellcomes you.! #Pete

  87. Stolen dance

    I wish i looked like him when i dressed up

  88. Heroin Girls

    Pete in QPR hoops. I like it.

  89. mix

    Sounds like Lullaby

  90. Sandrine Rousseau

    k8sss my bb

  91. Screamifyoumeanit

    Re-live this!

  92. zday glo

    Keep on Pete(r) 👍

  93. TheGooners11

    Hes made a bohemian life and he is himself the last of our great rockstars

  94. TheGooners11

    I have to respect him. Proper bohemian.

  95. Rominita Caruso

    Hombres hermosos si los hay! Turf: una de las mejores de este choto pais!

  96. federico allegro


  97. Midge Crossman

    Your all gonna think I'm lying but I might be moving into a house he has lived in 😂 we have to refurbish the whole thing and even the attic is a cannabis farm

  98. Claudia 75

    Indietro nel tempo.🖤

  99. Julian Luna Arecha

    What the fuck is this shit?