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  1. Maha Juma

    For the uneducated swines in the comments go look at her recent insta post it’s all a misunderstanding

  2. Patrick Kosewe

    Anyone else here interested to see the bloopers of this recording session

  3. 月島暁濃

    I heard this one time and it's been in my head ever since I had to come back.

  4. weezy slice

    Only virgins can sing this song

  5. XO



    Check out some more chill beats here please

  7. Armani Kid VI

    Cancelled 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  8. Samerter 1

    Virginwood 😅😂😂

  9. lil jay

    I’m xo4L but dojaaaaaaa ):

  10. Anthony Dirosario

    I love this song and the other one hurt you the weeknd.i use headphones always.

  11. Rhianon De Silva

    im kinda not liking The Weekend anymore 😷😂

  12. Rhianon De Silva


  13. Michael Johnson

    The fact the song is a banger is even funnier



  15. Hyper Bunny

    Who else just smiles when u hear his voice 🤣🤣

  16. Ionut

    Leaves Cardi B in the dust

  17. Emier Hewitt

    he fr did voice acting for american dad abel is such a legend

  18. Rosidi Amri

    Nice music. Come to my channel

  19. V


  20. silas

    i love the 80s vibe this has

  21. Swaggy P

    “And I know youuuuu” Hits so damn different

  22. Wolfie The Wolf

    Just for your info, she’s no longer being cancelled. Stan Doja back, wait a second... you guys never even stanned her. Y’all just haters

    1. Kyran Roberts


  23. Syed Faruk Haider

    Celibacy Anthem

  24. POE LWE

    Y’all not gonna score ladies 👉👌

  25. POE LWE

    1:29 Best scene

  26. POE LWE

    I have mix emotion listening to this

  27. ImmortalMolly

    This sucks

  28. silnei eduardo de sousa soares

    Leťs you drinks

  29. Kazz

    2020 really is the future... We are using technology more than we ever did before

  30. iicloudies.honeyii


  31. Norsyaza Edmiza

    still my favorite song

  32. Kevin Agüero Pedernera

    Lo escucho todos los dias de san luis argentina

  33. donja

    Steve definitely wrote this for him.

  34. Jake Butler

    these two just sound incredible together, combined with the instruments. what a banger

  35. GameXManiac

    Shut up and take my money, time, energy, heart & mind

  36. Jay Love

    i miss old hair due

  37. huntingbird ً

    Just when I thought this song couldn't get better. I loved this ft.

  38. Jay Love

    i ment 0:38

  39. Jay Love

    when jeff comes out 3:13

  40. Zara Pico

    No si y que bring the drugs, comprate tus drogas tu

  41. The LimeyLime


  42. Ozkn Mahn

    Mad remix!!

  43. blasted

    " VirginWood "

  44. AliensAnonymous


  45. toleen kilani

    this still gets stuck in my head daily

  46. Diffensive e

    Doja Cat Being Canceled The Weeknd: In your eyes, you lie but I won’t let it define you

  47. Wanda Simms

    Damn it, now I can’t vibe to this song because of Doja 💀💀can somebody make a version with just The Weeknd

  48. Mari Vern

    I want this on Spotify.

  49. Wira Setiawan

    After hours hits different when you drunk and driving at 3 AM

  50. CrusadeOfShadows 2.1

    @TheWeeknd please make this a Spotify song

  51. kima B


  52. Issac Whaley

    Song fire

  53. Ashikur rahman Rafi

    Salute bro From Bangladesh 🇧🇩.Love you

  54. B. Baynard

    I love him

  55. Mr Tar Tar

    this was not good timing

    1. Doja kitten


  56. Simple edits

    the problem the things she is getting cancelled for are just allegations from someone online with no actual proof to back it up she even addressed the song as well ppl misinterpreted it and there is no proof of the room being filled with white supremacists when it comes to cancel culture you to have solid proof before canceling not just statements from some random bitch

    1. Supersonic bro

      So true!!!!!!!!!!

  57. quoraw nah

    *how to be virgin and lit*

  58. nomkii

    I don’t support Doja’s actions but this song is fire idc

    1. nomkii

      Xavier Ros She was racist and said the hard -er and even admitted to it in her live try again ✨

    2. Xavier Ros

      she did nothing wrong

  59. B Blanks

    Hardest song ever on this show. I wish this banger was longer, lol

  60. Faerhad Targaryen

    John Travolta is his driver in the limo

  61. Cadence Stump

    I’m 10 but I don’t give a f***

  62. members only shit

    But... how is this so good?

  63. Kottemi Soto

    Nunca me han gustado los remixes, pero este, definitivamente me encantó, amo las dos versiones.

  64. containtheword

    Whatever happened.. She has a talent. This song is great. With and without Doja In your Eyes remains a great song!

  65. Nghiax

    man this song is really good tho

  66. misolou fout

    Cancelled or not her voice is amazing 😌🧚‍♀️✨

  67. haziq jik

    Who’s eye in that pic?

    1. Supersonic bro

      Doja ...😍

    2. Matthew Anthoni


  68. Bonny Cake :D

    The song is still fire y’all just appreciate it 😔🤚

  69. Shubham Pahurkar

    The Weekend- when I come back to my city , I fuck every girl I know . Also, the weekend - I’m a virgin:)

  70. Darth Maul


  71. Sibongiseni N Bhengu

    Please release this to streaming apps😩. This song slaps 💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽😁😍

  72. Marianne Duong

    Don’t know what drama is going on and don’t really care. I’m here for Weeknd and Doja 😀

    1. Jaycee Esteves

      don't worry about it anyways, doja is not even cancelled anymore. she apologized for her actions and that's all that matters. she's human like us and we can't be mad at that forever.

    2. misolou fout


  73. Letticia Delgado

    Is he actually a virgin??? He made so many songs about sex.... It’s not a bad thing if he is but it’s kinda shocking

  74. LAKOTA Akicita

    This song is dope af! I fasho ain't got no business catching feelings anymore. I just want to be alone but, this song makes me think of you.